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I haven't seen much marketing for this other than the trailer playing. Over here October is crammed with horror movies, The Ritual, Double Date, Happy Death Day and The Snowman (not horror but attract similar audience) all open before it, not to mention Thor will be out. Lionsgate need a win over here I guess since those Tyler Perry movies don't open here, they don't have any guaranteed hits.

Also this opens on Thursday rather than Friday.

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4 hours ago, FantasticBeasts said:

Not easy to predict. May do the typical franchise numbers of the last ones or even decline. But i can see a small possibility of it doing something better.

I can't see it increasing anywhere, the buzz is nonexistent, and the fanbase moved on to better things. $50m OS at best plus $25m from DOM for a $75m WW, second lowest for the franchise and the definitive end for this franchise. 

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I don't think they're gonna release another trailer for Jigsaw. It's better this way. I don't want more spoilers than what I already have.


Anyway, the marketing is starting to kick in. Numbers are unpredictable, but at worst, this movie can perform like Rings ( 27 million domestic + 55 million overseas = 82 million worldwide ). I have no idea about numbers or even this movie's budget.


That being said, I can't wait for Jigsaw. XD

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1 hour ago, Boxofficerules said:

I'm fairly sure it would have made it by now had it not been for the onslaught of major movies like Thor and Justice League taking theatres. Would have hit $40 million domestically.


That's for sure. It's a R rated movie that faced a ton of competition ( Thor, Justice League, Murder on Oriente Express, Coco, Wonder ). It's insane!


Doing 100 million ( and possible a little more ) worldwide is insanely good for a movie ( 8th movie ) of the franchise, that had a small budget.



I'm curious to what happened to the dude who made this topic. He hasn't posted for a while. Must be hard to see Jigsaw really performing well at box office, after everything he said about it. lol. :)

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