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The Lego Movie 2 - What went wrong?

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easy answer, first one was a novelty, second one was a Batman movie.


I would bet they could continue with the Bats sequel and it would make money but otherwise, there simply isn't enough interest in more lego movies. I think the problem probably lies in the characters, don't think people & especially kids are invested enough in the characters, and they're not distinctive enough - unlike say the different animal characters in Madagascar, Ice age, and even smaller hits like kung fu panda etc


also, maybe I am completely wrong. but - the lego movie was amazingly well received, by adults. The things that adults loved so much about lego movie, did kids love that as much and care about it after the fact? was lego movie any better to kids than the dozens of other animated films that come out since then?

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And people scoffed when we said "It took too long to come out and the novelty is gone."


If we didn't get the great Lego Batman and the Okay to bad Lego Ninjago in the meantime (Mainly, if we got no LNM or it was in Feb 2018), it probably would have been seen as a bigger deal.


The market for Lego Movies was both oddly oversaturated and weirdly behind the times. 


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27 minutes ago, cannastop said:

How so?


That's not necessarily the right word for me to use...basically, it's not a new concept, and they diluted it by leaving us with an underwhelming movie (Lego Ninjago) and then waiting for another year and a half.


And Warner Animation is such a huge fan of having their animated movies of multiple properties being self-referential that the novelty of it + the Lego format is minimal.

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