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  1. Occurs to me that the live action Disney remakes that I've enjoyed are the ones that I have not seen the originals (Aladdin, Dumbo) so actually might quite like Mulan as not seen that either.
  2. dropped what ball? it opened to hundred million dollars buddy.
  3. saw it a second time, very good. The guy who puts his pint on Elton's piano in the pub and then asks a guy "You got a fag?" Those people are the worst, buy your own fucking fags ffs. Dickhead.
  4. wow just looked at the original men in black and it made 250m back in the day, $492m in todays money, that would be a $1 billion movie today. Crazy. had forgotten how big it was.
  5. Thanks, that's actually really interesting. I thought Shay was just off on his usual BS, I had not heard of that.
  6. jungle book live action is on TV. lmao @ ringing a cowbell to summon Christopher Walken
  7. yeah, none of those are guaranteed, nor is black widow according to some people on this forum. No there not many films that are LOCKED to make 200M - anything locked for 200M is probably making in the 350-400 range, by definition. All the films I named have good odds of doing very well. Some of them will go over 200m. Why would Minions "pull a SLOP"? The first 4 films all made over 200m, SLOP has had only one film and tbh no branding compared to Despicable Me brand which is huge. What a daft comparison.
  8. Fast and Furious, Top Gun, Minions, Tenet, Jungle Cruise, Morbius, AND the films you mentioned, and also there are "untitled event films". Think you're living in cloud cuckoo land.
  9. Call us morons or whatever but a lot of people on here believed it would do big numbers. Massive expectations is what Yourmother means. He is not wrong, its very similar to Pikachu in how overpredicted it was. I can see the argument @YourMother the Edgelord but superhero films just seem unstoppable. Mary Poppins was a sequel to a very old film. Pokemon had not been tried yet. There have been dozens of superhero films recently and Joker is just another. There is a track record unlike Floppins / Pikachu. Those crazy predictions made by many people only happened because none of us really knew what it could be like.
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