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  1. anyone know if there's a streaming platform that has any of these movies in the UK? Don't think I have ever seen any of them on amazon/netflix.
  2. I have really enjoyed Yorgos's previous films but I hated this. Patience testing. Not funny and not interesting. The second film is decent, the first and third are insufferable.
  3. Its honestly so sad if they put Ricciardo in. Yuki has more than proved himself worthy of the seat, and for the past 12 months has outperformed Daniel almost every single race. #justiceforyuki although on the plus side if Ricciardo moves up then that should allow Lawson on to the grid.
  4. If only there was another driver available who could sell Red Bull to Spanish-speaking audiences... maybe a driver that actually knows how to drive an F1 car...
  5. You have it the wrong way round. The only film he's tolerable in is Lord of the Rings. He's awful in everything else and drags the rest of the film down.
  6. Do I need to watch the second film in order to watch this?
  7. A teaser trailer is a trailer. Just super weird editing in this trailer. The music deafening the sounds. Strange cuts and then the abrupt ending. I'm not casting a judgement on the film, just saying this is a very poorly made trailer.
  8. shit trailer, looks like it was made by a 12 year old. but i trust kosinski after top gun 2. also I'm getting really sick of the F1 commentators talking/promoting this movie, they talk about it every single weekend for the past year and will continue to do so for the next year. super annoying
  9. dave grohl is 100% wrong, taylor sings live on all her shows and that's evident to anyone with functioning eyes and ears. i have a feeling dave's quote is taken out of context cause he has praised her as a live performer several times in the past.
  10. crazy weekend for inside out, is that 2nd best ever hold for a $100m opening?
  11. I see, thanks. Hadn't heard of that holiday before. Do you guys have any other bank holidays ("federal holidays"?) mid week? Like Labour Day and Memorial Day are always Mondays
  12. Just watched Fellowship Of The Ring in a packed cinema. Wow, what an experience. Lord of the Rings never fails to move me but being surrounded by 200 people crying at the end was pretty special. Can't imagine what it must have been like to watch these movies for the first time when they came out. Two Towers booked for tomorrow and ROTK booked for Monday
  13. Wow. An Eli Roth movie looks like garbage? I must say I am surprised.
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