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  1. Probably similar to how the first one did. Disney princess movies are quite western. If you look at all successful hollywood animation in China, the ones to break out are ones featuring non- humans. exception being Coco. e.g. Zootopia, Kung Fu Panda, Despicable Me.
  2. the best part of the film was the KFC advert at the start.
  3. I just watched it and what a pointless 160 minutes. Literally. Nothing of note happens for the entire runtime except the random ending. I heard this was a movie about Manson Murders, well if I hadn't been told that before, I wouldn't have been able to tell. What was Margot Robbie doing in the film? So much screentime and yet nothing happens except she says hi to Leo and then movie ends...? Maybe movie makes more sense if you know more context of characters and story but I was just confused for the whole thing pretty much - didn't see the point of anything. I don't mind films where nothing happens but this just did not hold my attention and i was super bored. Brad Pitt was quite good. I was SO close to walking out near the start when there's some lines about how amazingly terrific Roman Polanski is. Characters don't talk or behave like human beings, just like thoughts in Tarantinos head. Lots and lots of scenes and shots which were unnecessary and added no value. Scenes of watching TV, I don't want to fuckin watch TV when i go to the cinema! Also all the foot fetish stuff I ve seen in memes online, thought it was all overexaggerated. Nope. And some really awful shots where the camera just stares at someone's arse. No thanks Movie needs a Not Cool react.
  4. Why do you think onward is more likely than Soul... ?
  5. rotten tomaoes is operated by Annapurna Pictures and they will consume all movies and only give elli$on movies good RT scores from now on.
  6. Guys guys guys. Take it to the spoiler thread. Don't want to ruin anyone else's enjoyment of this beautiful film.
  7. Quite an odd comparison given that the audiences are completely different.
  8. I saw that dumb film Ad Astra last night... but the moon isn't even real, so the film makes no sense??
  9. Reminded me more of Apocalypse Now. (Along with all the other hundred million things in this that reminded me of that film)
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