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  1. yep heavy rain in the summer is always good for box office 😁
  2. I watched this last night, really enjoyed it. The other ppl in the cinema also seemed to enjoy it, lots of laughs mixed in with the nasty crunchy action.
  3. Bumblebee had no big names but was still a modest success and it showed people there was still life left in this franchise. Giving the franchise a clean slate can be a good thing.
  4. After 20 years and what, 15 hours of this franchise, that tank-on-the-road sequence in number 6 is still the only thing I can remember from any of these movies.
  5. Nice to be back in the cinema. This was better than the abysmal King of the Monsters but still has many of its problems i.e. zero interesting characters or reasons to feel invested, and bad CGI fest fighting scenes. There's no sense of weight or size like in Godzilla 2014. Hollow Earth scenes would be cool and have some awe if it weren't for the bad CGI. The kids & Brian Tyree Henry side-plot served no purpose and I dont understand why its in the film. I was very conscious throughout the film that I had no clue what any of the characters' names were. How are we mean
  6. I'm really impressed with this opening. Really glad to see a film succeed in the disastrous times we're in.
  7. Great news for Cineworld today, as with Regal above. All WB movies being shown in the cinema for a month. Sooooo much better than Disney putting their shit exclusively on streaming.
  8. It should still hook you though. Was so bored for the whole thing I just started a rewatch of Breaking Bad aka Greatest TV Series Ever, and the first episode sets thing in motion while being extremely gripping
  9. That was a... misfire, to say the least. Really poor storytelling, felt like Iron Man 2 with the references and trying to set things up. Nothing in it was interesting in the slightest. Really disappointing for MCU on TV format. Don't think I will watch further episodes.
  10. LOL what. Now that would be a movie worth watching. @charlie Jatinder - I didn't realise it was 2 years after. Timescale wasn't clear but it seemed to be pretty soon after his death since everyone is mourning.
  11. Really enjoyed the first 3 hours. Cared about the characters, scenes of action & interaction were strong. Going into more depth with Flash and particularly Cyborg really elevated it. Cyborg goes from being the least interesting part of the original, to the best part of this version. The character stories are strong. The religious element with Superman is really great, that's something that clearly Zack Snyder had on the agenda for "his" justice league, and with it being a recurring theme through the movie, I thought it really worked. On the bad side: The
  12. Cinemas are gonna be more or less empty until Christmas at the earliest.
  13. He is one name in a large cast, and he's not a household name. Don't think the film would be badly affected. Like all 2020 films Death on the Nile is doomed to flop anyway. Defo no reason to change the film or cut him out or whatever.
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