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  1. Yeah worked 120 hours straight! 🤣
  2. Got home from a full week of work. I have not done that in 6 months. I feel great.
  3. I started going to the gym this week and after two days I took a break cos I could barely move my arms they hurt so bad. And now, maybe I'm going crazy but I can already see a noticeable increase in the muscle. I did not expect this at all, thought it would be many weeks before I saw the first change at all. If it goes like this then imma hit the gym every day. Ofc could be placebo.
  4. 174M from China should not be a let down at all... some people really need to check their expectations.
  5. Lmao my phone wouldn't load the name of posters and I read this and thought 'i bet that's Napoleon'
  6. Saw it a few weeks ago and just watched it again. It's even better than I felt the first time. Easy to forget just how good the first half is, when the second half is so perfect, but really the whole film is great. The mating ritual scene truly, best film scene I've seen in ages. I strongly suspect this will be my film of the year.
  7. Alita is almost 55M and the weekend is only just finished so what's the difference? Who is to say that next week, Alita cannot become the movie of a generation? Who is to say that next year it will not sweep the Oscars and break the record number of wins?
  8. well it's never gonna happen anyway because spider-man cannot open that high no way. Captain Marvel wasn't the problem 😛
  9. I can think of another movie that opened to 28M... 🤔
  10. It's a shame All is True done so badly, I really wanted to see that film. @terrestrial @Boxofficerules terrestrial yes you're correct. the BFI releases the most comprehensive data for the public. it's only done by weekend so there's no Mojo-like system to search or keep record, just have to look at individual weekend. If you want to keep tabs on it, the webpage is: https://www.bfi.org.uk/education-research/film-industry-statistics-research/weekend-box-office-figures so for example it look like this:
  11. Avatree

    AD Astra | 24th May 2019 | Sci Fi | Brad Pitt

    Dude. money is immaterial to Ad Astra. 24 May 2019 will mark itself in the history books and its legacy will live forever.
  12. it's still 59-60% which is a majority positive regardless of "rotten" or "fresh". No not "critically acclaimed" but please some of the people in this thread talking as if critics were targeting the film and shitting on it, talking out of their aaaaaaaassss.

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