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  1. I'm really impressed with this opening. Really glad to see a film succeed in the disastrous times we're in.
  2. Great news for Cineworld today, as with Regal above. All WB movies being shown in the cinema for a month. Sooooo much better than Disney putting their shit exclusively on streaming.
  3. LOL what. Now that would be a movie worth watching. @charlie Jatinder - I didn't realise it was 2 years after. Timescale wasn't clear but it seemed to be pretty soon after his death since everyone is mourning.
  4. Really enjoyed the first 3 hours. Cared about the characters, scenes of action & interaction were strong. Going into more depth with Flash and particularly Cyborg really elevated it. Cyborg goes from being the least interesting part of the original, to the best part of this version. The character stories are strong. The religious element with Superman is really great, that's something that clearly Zack Snyder had on the agenda for "his" justice league, and with it being a recurring theme through the movie, I thought it really worked. On the bad side: The action scenes are easily the worst part. No weight or physicality or even general physics to them. Just feel like a videogame cut scene. Extremely boring and difficult to pay attention to what's happening. Steppenwolf is shite. Like.... Thanos, this ain't. Embarrassing CGI and he is just so generic. The last 10 minutes are nothing more than fan fiction and got no idea why it's in the movie. Music was good. Some of the performances were poor. Ben Affleck never seemed like Batman, just Ben Affleck in a Batman costume. Jared Leto is beyond awful. Ezra Miller is annoying. It's a real shame that the last hour is so bad. I watched the film in two parts - I watched for around 3 hours, and took a break just before they left Gotham (or whatever city they were in). The first part that i watched, I was really pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. Unfortunately the third act is just as bad as the original theatrical cut, and it ruins the good 3 hours before it. 😕 Side note: Why does Lois Lane have a pregnancy test in her apartment? Should we expect mini-Supe?
  5. Cinemas are gonna be more or less empty until Christmas at the earliest.
  6. He is one name in a large cast, and he's not a household name. Don't think the film would be badly affected. Like all 2020 films Death on the Nile is doomed to flop anyway. Defo no reason to change the film or cut him out or whatever.
  7. that's literally a cartoon drawing of President Xi. What the hell are you on about lmao I didn't know that, that's interesting. I was specifically talking about mass shootings though and research like this - Seems to show that mass shootings have occurred much more rapidly since the 21st century. IMO, people who are racist, or have other xenophobic beliefs, have felt increasingly under attack in the last 10+ years, and felt isolated, which causes them to act with this violence.
  8. I didn't even say America was good, but the suggestion that China is "no worse than the US" just shows a complete lack of awareness. Yes I may be wrong that identity politics create division, that's my opinion but whatever.
  9. How is that "blatantly racist"? China is the only remaining communist power in the world. It's the largest, richest, most powerful nation, and yet it still has elements of dictatorship and tyranny; it has concentration camps; it has a State that controls its media and its corporations. China is extremely powerful and has a massive impact on the US (along with the rest of the world). Those aren't "rAcISt LiEs" that's just the reality.
  10. Plz excuse my ignorance but when has Trump attacked Asian communities or individuals? Apart from criticising "chiyna". I think social media and millennial/GenZ's pushing of identity politics is what has created division. The idea that everyone is different based on their nationality, skin colour, sexuality, etc. and it's "Us v Them", this is what encourages people to hate each other. Mass shootings have only really escalated in the last decade or so I think? In the 70s, 80s, 90s etc you guys in America did not have anywhere near the level of shootings and hate crimes that happen today. And this awful trend did not start during the Trump presidency, but during Obama presidency. It's very easy to just blame Trump for everything bad in America but I don't think it is true, or useful, to say. The problems run much deeper and are far more complex than that.
  11. hoping this will get a theatrical release when cinemas open in june. fuck PVOD, long live cinemas.
  12. this nontroversy about removing boobs from a cartoon rabbit is so funny. how are people actually upset at this? for real
  13. love taylor swift as a musician but she should learn to take a joke... someone shows her a tv episode that jabs at her and she takes to twitter to complain lol also calling netflix 'not woke enough' for insulting her while ignoring all the problematic softcore porn shows on netflix?? like taylor swift's ego is the embodiment of women?
  14. Was really looking forward to this but refuse to watch movies on disney+ 😕
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