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  1. You asked "why are people predicting 350M when that would mean 3x legs"? Well no that doesnt mean 3x legs because not everyone has the same opening prediction as you.
  2. I think a lot of people are so used to living in this world of endless huge franchises that they forget you can make two movies, or you can make 3 movies, and stop while it's hot rather than running it into the ground. Of course Jurassic Park is more limited than Avengers or Star Wars because its main stars are the environment, non-characters. Even other monster movies such as Godzilla and King Kong have much more room for sequels and continuing the story because those monsters are sentient. The dinosaurs in Jurassic Park are just wild animals. There is only so much you can do. Nothing wrong with this being a hugely successful trilogy. We used to have trilogies, you know... a long time ago.
  3. you know not everyone shares your opinion right? If it has same preview:Weekend ratio as Jurassic World, thats a 135M opening. Which seems reasonable. Only 2.59x legs to 350M is not particularly hard.
  4. yes, I know that glorious post has been quoted several times recently. In fairness I still stand by what I said... the ODDS looked better for JW but Avengers managed to overcome the odds and manage what was very unlikely! So I am not wrong.
  5. Avatree

    Back to the Future

    So because I think it's really great as opposed to amazing, that means I have bad taste?
  6. At this point so late in. Can you please explain how you think it will go under 1B?
  7. Your opinions never fail to stun me.
  8. Nice to hear something from the real world of the cinema audience as opposed to the TROLLS and WRONG-UNS on this forum who HATE JURASSIC PARK
  9. I may have been slightly off with that one.
  10. JP1 broke the OW record. JP2 broke the OW record. JW broke the OW record. JW2 will break the OW record. Just wait for the WALK-UPS.

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