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  1. You are right ! I couldn't think of any films which had weaker legs but I'm being an idiot, of course both SW sequels did. My bad
  2. Why does this prove Multiverse of Madness be huge? For one thing we know almost nothing about it. And Doctor Strange is a way less popular character/franchise than Spiderman.
  3. Not sure why you've corrected me. 3.4x is what it needs to reach endgame. Not 2.4
  4. The Force Awakens should have been extremely frontloaded but still managed to reach almost 4x multiplier to $930M. That was the same weekend. No personally I doubt it will beat Endgame but its correct to say that it's a possibility. Endgame is only a 3.4x multiplier, which would be record(?) low for a 50m OW in December. With the holiday season & no competition, it's very possible.
  5. This definitely cements Tom Holland AS spider-man imo. Having all three together solidified that for me. Andrew is ofc the better actor but Holland just suits the role so much better than either of the other two. I watched half of it on opening night and then again in full on Friday; evening showing which was sold out in the largest auditorium... no one cheering or gasping... no one even laughed at the Scientist Myself gag. wtf. Second time around the film definitely drags a bit. It doesn't need to be 2.5 hours long, even with the large cast. I liked doctor
  6. cinema is not dead yet ❤️ I didnt actually think the film was that good but it's wonderful to see proper big numbers for the first time in 2 years.
  7. well that sucked.. was enjoying the first hour and half or so, then I had a panic attack. so left the cinema and went home. disappointing ill be back to see it at the weekend hopefully i watch the whole thing. audience seemed to be enjoying it, there were quite a few cheers and claps (and having now read the rest of the plot on wikipedia, sounds like we hadn't even got to the good part...)
  8. i'm stunned at how busy it is, especially considering it's a week day and not even a school holiday. Looks busier than Bond at least where I am in Milton Keynes right now.
  9. Spider-verse in the cinema (at least in 2D) was like having a seizure. The fake 3D effect was legit painful, it made my eyes physically hurt. Something which I dont remember happening in pretty much any other film. So yeah I don't like that film at all. Maybe its better on a small TV screen but when I saw it, I hated the experience.
  10. 1. Spider-Man 2 2. Spider-Man 3. Spider-Man 3 4. Amazing Spider-Man 5. Spider-Man: Far from Home 6. Spider-Man: Homecoming 7. Amazing Spider-Man 2 8. Into the spider-verse. ASM2 and spiderverse are the only ones that I haven't enjoyed at least on some level. Though I have a feeling that if I rewatched ASM2 I might like it for its stupidity. Havent seen it since it released. Imo none of the spider-man films are that great, we are still waiting for a truly great spider-man movie. (And it probably wont be this next one)
  11. Both venom movies are fine, I can see why some people would think they're decent and others think they're not good... but I just can't see how anyone comes away from either venom with a really strong feeling either way? Dont see how anyone can think they're amazing, or "appalling", tbh. What is in them that could provoke anger or amazement?
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