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  1. There's really no positive spin you can really put on it. Warner Bros superhero movies have been on an absolute roll, back-to-back billion dollar movies of characters that on their own weren't expected to be popular at all. And then Bombs of Prey comes out and just straight up does poorly. this could potentially end up at, what a -40% drop from Shazam. That's pretty bad. Given that Harley Quinn is a known character in this universe and the previous Margot Robbie Harley Quinn movie made $750M. to plummet to 200-250m is shite. There's no way around it. sorry.
  2. he's the second unit director of the film.
  3. That's actually not as bad as the razzies usually are. Not sure why/how Bruce Willis got nominated for Worst Actor in GLASS, don't recall people particularly disliking his performance?
  4. call me optimistic but I really doubt it misses.
  5. it doesnt make a lot of sense to say marketing has nothing to do with audience interest. You can make any movie, no matter how uninteresting, interesting to people with effective marketing.
  6. Yes, it's very explicit and very violent. If you search details on your country's ratings website I am sure you can find details. I just looked it up and it seems very violent.
  7. every other post in this thread be like
  8. Disney had spotted the movie at $140M+ Jun 21, 2019 1 $120,908,065
  9. dude you weren't threadbanned for predicting a low box office gross, you were threadbanned because you kept repeating over and over again how much you didn't want to see the film. it's called poisoning the well and it's a bannable offence on these boards. (rightly or wrongly)
  10. gemini man is a great example of that, really awful looking trailers that don't sell how amazing the film experience was, although I will say that I don't think you could project the brilliance of Gemini Man in cut trailers.
  11. what has the coronavirus got to do with birds of prey? This isn't even getting a China rlease.
  12. Fantastic Four (2015) Theatrical Performance Domestic Box Office $56,117,548 Details International Box Office $111,731,639 Details Worldwide Box Office $167,849,187
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