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  1. some of the dialogue was very stilted and acting sort of wooden. I assumed that was a deliberate choice, like the characters sounding emotionless was indicative of the harsh world they inhabit. Didn't really bother me.
  2. This was really impressive to watch on a visual level, some of it is breathtakingly beautiful, and the world feels alive. All the creature, costume, location, structure/vehicle design is fantastic. You really feel transported to this world. The action setpieces are really well done. I saw it in IMAX and very glad that I did. But aside from the central character of Paul, and I guess his father, I really struggled to understand the character motivations, and the faction drama. Why does Dave Bautista's gang hate the Atriedes? And why does the emperor want to kill them off?
  3. just rewatched the trailer on my TV (watched it on phone earlier) and I stand by my earlier comment regarding darkness. I'm sure it will be fine in the cinema. But on youtube, films that are really dark, just look crap. Lots of details that you can't make out at all. Just appears really poorly lit. Youtube compression sucks particularly in dark videos. Also... andy serkis as alfred! is awesome. I wasn't aware of that casting choice before.
  4. trailer is too dark 😕 can't see what's going on. bring back dark knight rises where everything happens in daytime please.
  5. @Cmasterclay Dune: 20 million book sales The Hobbit: 140 million book sales Lord of the Rings: no one knows. Probably upwards of 200 or 300 million.
  6. why would godzilla v kong have done 100M OW pre covid? is that the calculation we use now? Whatever something grossed in pandemic times, multiply it by 2 to get the "real" figure? what nonsense...
  7. Ah. Didn't realise that. Thanks. Yeah that's a lot worse
  8. Why is everyone so negative about $6.3m previews? That's 20% higher than Spectre... ($5.2m previews) which opened to 70m... ?
  9. You don't need to have seen any of them imo. The film works on its own.
  10. yeah my cineworld had 35 mins of adverts for the film, really taking the piss tbh.
  11. Is that true? Both Shang-Chi and Black Widow grossed 170-200M. They should have been significantly higher than that pre-covid. Fast & Furious 9 still had a reasonable drop from previous installments. Cruella grossed less than Dumbo and imo had a lot more going for it. Conjuring & Purge both dropped by 30-40% from previous films. Family films in particular seem to be really struggling: Boss Baby 2 dropped by 70% from the first film. Peter Rabbit dropped by 65% from the first film. Jungle Cruise completely floppe
  12. Halloween was a strong hit but calling it the biggest horror movie of all time is really pushing it... wasn't even the biggest horror movie that year
  13. OK My bad, I thought you were talking about the second one, I misread your post / your point
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