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  1. you slice the apple and dip it in honey? Also peanut butter is vomit inducing....
  2. They should do the decent thing and just delete the film from their servers so it never has to be inflicted on the public.
  3. Thanks for explaining. The tweet made it sound like that's what he eats for his breakfast ! Incidentally I just started Homeland, only seen a few episodes but I actually love Mandy Patinkin. He seems so wholesome.
  4. There is no evidence. The streaming services deliberately make it very difficult for the public to obtain data.
  5. Batman trailer is split across multiple videos. If you search for "The Batman trailer", the official video (22m views) is third down. The top two videos from third party uploaders have 13m and 7m views, respectively. Whereas if you search for "Dune trailer", you only get the official video. The next video below that is the trailer for the 1984 film.
  6. And equally, Black Widow has far more to gain by getting a theatrical release than Mulan did.
  7. Anyone else looking forward to watching Le Mans 24hr tomorrow? @SchumacherFTW
  8. That would be a lot more likely. Literally no way that 30% of Disney subscribers bought Mulan. 0% chance of that.
  9. Or it's very possible that they're using common sense and know that the movie would gross more money if it releases at a later date than March 2021 as box office numbers are still going to be significantly down in March (6 months away).
  10. It's not really about public perception - the success of TENET has demonstrated that people are happy to go to cinemas. It's just down to whether cinemas will get closed, which no one can really know until the moment they're told to close, sadly. Also, off topic but I can't click Post until I tell you that you're wrong to suggest closing pubs. Pubs are an essential pillar of this country and the government has done enough damage to them already. IMO there is no need to do any lock down restrictions at all. Yes case numbers have spiked tenfold in the last couple weeks, but deaths are still extremely low, so nothing to worry about at the moment. But thats just my opinion.....
  11. we will have to wait and see. not saying I'm sure that cinemas will defo close; but rather, when you look to this time last month, there was no concern about cinemas closing again - whereas now, the % chance of that happening is going up, not down ...
  12. (this equates to 9 million purchases = $260 million revenue) I personally don't believe that 30% of subscribers paid for Mulan in week #1. Sorry but that seems incredibly unlikely and not in line with any of the other tracking estimates. I thought that according to Disney it was not even the most watched film that week. Which would make this number impossible.
  13. Question, do you think Bond would still release in November if its home market, its strongest market, is shut down? BBC is reporting that they are expecting Govt to announce next week some lockdown measures. Cinemas have not been named but I think it's a very high chance that UK cinemas will be forced to shut down before Bond is scheduled to release.
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