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  1. I said "90% of people could catch it and be fine". 500k dead out of how many who caught the disease? Apparently you have 30m cases. So 1 in 60 dies - I make that a 96% survival rate, so tell me how I'm wrong? The vast majority of people are at no risk from the disease. So as long as the people who are at risk have been vaccinated, there's literally no reason to keep the dystopian rules.
  2. Avengers Endgame sold 300+ million tickets in box office. Disney+ currently has 95 million subscribers. They haven't even cracked one third of the potential Marvel audience, let alone the wider audience for other movies/shows. Don't really see why they would hit a ceiling soon. Netflix has had the same rate of growth for 7 years and it will continue in the same upward direction. Don't see why Disney+ can't do a similar growth.
  3. Because you know I am correct? Do you think populations should be stripped of their human rights and locked up in the name of protecting against "horrible coughing" and "tiredness"? You think that is proportionate?
  4. Netflix hasn't been interested in sequels in like... ever? That's just part of their business model. Aside from their #1 show, they cancel every single TV show after 2 seasons, max 3, even if it's popular. Their business model doesn't benefit from continuing successful IPs, it instead relies upon making new, new, new, and more new content. Not sure what your point is with mulan/ww84. Like I saiid they were not straight-to-streaming, they were premium VOD, there is a huge difference. The overwhelming majority of audience clearly are not willing to pay $30 for a movie at home.
  5. How has the UK coped badly with providing jabs? In just 2 months, UK has vaccinated 18 million adults, out of 65 million population. The UK is ahead of basically every other country in the world. What are you on about? If the current weekly rate of vaccinations over the past few weeks continues, from today until 21 June, then that would be 48 million vaccines by 21 June. i.e. the entire country population adding the 18 million already done. The June/july target is not unrealistic at all. Also why would it even matter if most under 50s aren't vaccinated? They aren't at significant risk of hospitalisation. So why does it matter?
  6. Good news or bad news isn't going to change anything. If a studio wants to release a major film in 2021, the film WILL be released on streaming. Whether it's released March or December, it will be on streaming. IMO there is no decision of "Going to theaters vs. going streaming/hybrid". It's "Release it streaming this year, or delay it another year for potential full theatrical release" And do you think disney wants to release Black Widow this year, or delay it another year? It will soon be 2 whole years, 24 months, of no MCU films. (Which feels crazy!) I would imagine Disney wants to keep the MCU audience actively engaged. So I think they will release it sooner rather than later. Black Widow can be utilised as the first "premium" blockbuster film to be released to Disney+, could be really effective in getting people subscribed to the service. I would bet there are a lot of MCU fans/audience who haven't got Disney+ but would subscribe for an Avengers related movie. (I am one of them.. I'm letting my Disney+ subscription expire next week, but I would re-sub for Black Widow)
  7. Those movies were paid for VOD. Netflix has been quite happy spending $100m+ on production budgets and they continue to do so. They clearly believe they get a good return on their investment. I don't think cinemas are going anywhere though. Netflix & co. were massively mainstream and "in every household" BEFORE covid and box office sales in 2019 were just as strong as they were 10 years ago before streaming. Covid is the only reason cinemas have struggled, I really don't believe the competition from streamers has had any real impact.
  8. No one should worry about the virus unless they both: 1) Are vulnerable (conditions or old age); AND 2) have not been vaccinated 90% of people could ignore all the rules and it wouldn't cause any health issues. The fear mongering has been successful tho, it's sad how many perfectly healthy people feel scared of catching it at the moment.
  9. what the fuck I know we have a tradition of giving every Nolan film #1 but still what the fuck
  10. I mean... obviously? If you vaccinate the group of people which the virus affects and kills, then they will stop dying. Would be a bit worrying if there wasn't a drop lol
  11. The Simpsons Movie (2007) Theatrical Performance Domestic Box Office $183,135,014 Details International Box Office $343,936,008 Details Worldwide Box Office $527,071,022
  12. I don't see any evidence whatsoever that box office will be same as pre-covid. Why do you think this ? Look at how few people cared about cinemas when they were open. Every streaming service has boomed. Studios are expecting business to go down, which is why many of them are continuing to put movies on streaming services instead.
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