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  1. All of the racing footage was real. There is no CGI in the film, at least not in terms of the cars/racing. IMO that was the best part of the film, the racing sequences were utterly thrilling. The shots where the camera was on the front of the car were genuinely, *genuinely* breathtaking. I don't know how well it translates on a small screen (assuming as you've reviewed it 1 year after release), but in the cinema it actually felt like I could feel G-force. Was like a rollercoaster ride. Proper awesome.
  2. This is the fourth Muslim terrorist attack in a week in Europe... this is getting seriously out of hand and I wish something would be done that's more than "Thoughts and prayers" and "Standing up against hate".
  3. so we are about to have another so-called lockdown. I just hope I can still go to the office as of next week... I fucking hate working from home so much.
  4. For anyone in the UK, all these are on Netflix: Jurassic Park Jurassic Park 2: The Lost World Ready Player One The Terminal Schindler's List Bridge of Spies The BFG Hook The Adventures of Tintin No Spielberg movies on Disney+ or Amazon Prime Video.
  5. I watched Jurassic Park in the cinema a couple of weeks ago. The "Welcome to Jurassic Park" scene is so beautiful. Honestly like top 10 film scenes ever. Raiders will obviously win this list but will be interesting to see how high up people rank some of the other stuff.
  6. I was pleasantly surprised by this. Expected it to be a cheap cash in. But I accepted from the start that it wasn't going to be on par with the TV show, and that is fine. Plenty of laughs, even if they are easy targets. For the first half of the film I felt like everything was played by actors, but at around the half way point I realised that actually most of it was real. The Rudy Giuliani scene is as disturbing as it has been suggested in the news. But this is a comedy, and Sacha is at his comedic best when he's getting people to do/say stupid stuff... not when he's getting them to do sexual stuff. For me the highlight is definitely the rally. The Wuhan Flu song is catchy as fuck. Like said above, this was quite heartfelt. Particularly the black lady & the Jewish ladies, that came off as very genuine and sincere. It's a nice contrast, between the people who get "duped" and the people who can't be duped because there is nothing bad for them to get exposed. They are just good people. OBAMA, WHAT WE GONNA DO? INJECT HIM WITH THE WUHAN FLU! INJECT HIM WITH THE WUUUHHHAAANNN FLU! HILLARY CLINTON, WHAT WE GONNA DO? CHOP HER UP LIKE THE SAUDIS DO! CHOP HER UP LIKE SAUUUUDIIIIIS DO!
  7. That's simply not true. There is not a single Covid case that has been linked to cinema attendance.
  8. Netflix can buy pretty much whatever they like. They have demonstrated they don't care about racking up debt as long as they get More Subscribers.
  9. I'm watching Long Shot (actually pretty decent movie) Fox news: "Are women mentally fit to hold presidential office? With us now to discuss this are Chris Brown, Jeremy Piven and Brett Ratner." 🤣
  10. It's sad that people get bashed for simply holding an alternative political view. It's not like being conservative is some crazy extremist stance, it's approx 50% of the US population.
  11. Think it's more to do with there being no films getting released for the entire year... this being a box office forum after all... For what it's worth, yes the moderation has tightened up on the forum. That is not in itself a bad thing necessarily.
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