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  1. Is Easter usually BBQ season??? Either way... Enjoy the long weekend guys!
  2. Yes that's what I'm saying. It's funny to have weather like this on what should usually be a fairly busy weekend. The box office has been sacrificed to the Sun God, Ra.
  3. This weekend is a write off for cinemas. They should just send their staff home. Easter weekend and number one at the box office will probably gross like £27 total
  4. cinemas already dropped Missing link.... very sad I wanted to see it this week
  5. I would guess that Regal will make an unlimited scheme, since they were bought by Cineworld who have pioneered it in the UK. I hope you get that soon!
  6. Yes there have been a short string of big breakouts but for non breakouts they all tend to do between 90 and 130 million. for e.g. Wonder Woman, Black panther, Ant man 2, justice league, guardians vol2, spiderman homecoming, thor ragnarok, and Logan, all in the space of 18 months, all grossed around the same as Ant-Man (2015).
  7. yeah exactly, no one knows how much these films cost, all that matters is box office $, this is a box office forum not the NYSE. If we judge films success by how much profit the studio makes then of course Ant Man is a bigger success than the lord of the rings trilogy
  8. that is a very different comparison than specifically American import superhero films. just go on BOM and look at China grosses for standalone superhero films over past few years and you will see similar numbers
  9. Okay? Don't know why you quoted that bit if you don't care?
  10. No it hasn't. Superhero films are one thing that have not experienced much growth over the last few years in China. They usually gross around $100 million range, that was the case in 2015 and still the case today. that is the ones which don't break out.
  11. so this weekend just gone which we're talking about, that's week days is it? BTW don't reply to me because you don't understand box office and i have no interest in arguing further. Have a good evening.
  12. there's no way deep throat made $600 million or anywhere close to it.
  13. What a ridiculous excuse. Movies have different release dates, yes that's how this business works. So because people don't want to take the time to go and watch Shazam!, it's actually making more money? 🤣
  14. oh, duh, how could we forget Paranormal Activity. It grossed 13,000 x production budget. that other film is The Stewardesses btw. According to Wikipedia, it cost $100k, and grossed $25million. so 250x budget, not 500x, my bad.
  15. that 3D porno film from the 60s grossed like 500x its budget. can't remember what it is called but I mean really, that movie grossed more than Ant-Man and Shazam put together.
  16. is that intended as a joke? since when is a -53% drop on an empty weekend, "magic".
  17. Avatree

    2020 Box office discussion

    no that's the Eternals. Black Widow is May 2020, Eternals is November. Both are full steam ahead in pre-production currently.
  18. why are you removing the China money....? sorry but Shazam is not doing as well as ant-man. you're in denial.
  19. jeesus christ, $5 million OW for missing link. thats depressing.
  20. Shazam is not making Ant-Man numbers... it will finish 40+ million less than Ant-Man domestic.
  21. here schools have two weeks off holiday for easter. Not the case in US?
  22. I went to maccies yesterday bought 9 nuggets then got home to find they only put 6 in the box. extremely pissed off.

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