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  1. I believe she and the Nova actor are uncredited. Not sure if the other cameos are uncredited too.
  2. you may view it as diversity, other people may view it differently.
  3. bored of your supermodels?
  4. any time you think tracking and numbers and stuff are loopy and "you're feeling 70m" just remember:
  5. no not forever but you know what I meant I don't know anything about american TV though.
  6. or maybe its vice versa -- the content that goes out for free is the weaker stuff, you pay premium if you want premium content. kind of how network/cable TV has worked since... forever? Next thing you'll be telling me that game of thrones is higher quality than CSI Miami.
  7. 94 critics rated it bad. 551 users rated it bad. audiences clearly 6x harsher than critics!
  8. I'll give it to you jimbo, it did indeed blitz the domestic prediction in its opening. Nicely done. It's nice that the year's first proper overperformer is Alita. My 280M prediction in your club is toast. it really may not lose all that much money.
  9. I feel like Predator is a much more broken film than Cloverfield Paradox. I thought it was stunning that such a big budget tentpole film could be so broken, an absolute shambles that makes no sense and horrificly stitched together. hot take.
  10. I'd say yes they are a good example of the opposite, because audiences did not particularly like those films either. 2012: AUDIENCE SCORE 46% liked it Average Rating: 3.2/5 User Ratings: 508,263 day after tomorrow: AUDIENCE SCORE 50% liked it Average Rating: 3.2/5 User Ratings: 32,749,383 33 million user ratings on DAFT seems a little unlikely lol. but yeah I'd say those are films people don't really like much. You are quite correct the successful disaster / monster films which the main selling point is something non-human, the film will only work if there is a human element successful.
  11. for every movie which has a disconnect between critics and audiences... there are five which has no disconnect. (But "critics are out of touch"!!)
  12. if someone thinks "meh" that is a negative reaction, clearly not the reaction that 60% i.e. the majority of critics had. the majority of critics liked it. Just looking through RT critics (not sure how the site lists them), I see loads of 7/10, 3.5/5, 4/5, A-, B+, these are not "meh" scores. a lot of critics liked it not thinking it was "meh". what is your point, anyway?
  13. I imagine the most recent one is SpiderVerse with 94%, for some reason american audiences just went head over heels with that movie. baffles the mind.
  14. that's my point, and apparently in most of the forums opinions, mission impossible is a better film than annihilation... Its an arbitrary list. doesn't matter what wins or loses , its all meaningless.
  15. in your opinion. in my opinion MI:Fallout is magnificent and Annihilation is dogshit.
  16. That first question mentions three cameos, I forgot yes there was a JC cameo, I laughed a bit when he appeared. And the interviewer clearly missed out a fourth cameo....
  17. Avatree

    Happy Death Day 2 U

    I can't quite believe this, but I walked out of it. about 40 minutes in. I believe thats the first time I've ever walked out of a film.
  18. I don't care for any of this BP award backlash shit but yeah the VFX in black panther are really naff at points. that whole train sequence, also loads and loads of scenes where green screen is incredible obvious and distracting. subtly???

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