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  1. what will be on my list: Star Wars Apocalypse Now Halloween Jaws Duel Close Encounters Alien Monty Python and the Holy Grail Life of Brian Rocky Horror Picture Show* Mad Max Can anyone recommend some films for me to check out before the submission deadline? *I have not seen the rocky horror picture show but i will make sure to watch it before I send my list in.
  2. I was planning to do a Top Villains shortly to coincide with Joker release, and Top Heroes next year. If you are intending to do villains next year then @grim22 I may do Heroes soon instead. Novemberish/Decemberish time, to coincide with Star Wars release.
  3. For real? LMAO. Pathetic. Are they gonna market this like Endgame?
  4. this was quite amusing and somewhat sweet but very forgettable.
  5. We're not all cinephiles who've seen every movie from every year. You could quite easily have watched 50+ films from 1970s and only come up with a 10 movie list. assume he means himself.
  6. There have quite obviously been women in movies forever. I'm not sure what point you are making. You seem to be just pointing out that lots of films have women in important roles. Yes, duh. That's not the point. There have not been that many female-focused movies been so front and centre as before now. Comparison between Captain Marvel or new Star Wars, and Tomb Raider or Charlie's Angels -- it's a lot to do with the actual role of the character and how audience responds to them. I have heard loads of people celebrate Captain Marvel as a movie hero that "my daughter can be inspired by". I'm not saying this is impossible but I really doubt there are many parents who say the same thing of Lara Croft or the Charlie's Angels. And in terms of major films i.e. blockbusters/tentpoles, female led ones really are quite rare. Again, you cannot possibly point to Avatar as being a female led film in the same way as Captain Marvel or the new Star Wars movies.
  7. Okay, so if you agree that they have spent $320M-350M then how does that equate to it breaking even theatrically at $450M? You are confusing yourself. No idea what marketing budget have to do with TV licence deals.
  8. uh... you have been around here long enough to know about marketing budgets. Universal will have spent best part of $400m on this film so if it only grossed $450m it would lose a lot of money.
  9. Out. Also you may want to put in the first post how much enemy of the state made / the target of the club.... ($111m)
  10. Why would they make it lower budget? General attitude is that if you make something successful and it cost X, and you're happy with that, then that's the cost of getting that success... no point lowering budget and risking losing success. That is, assuming it does do well in China. We'll have to wait and see. As for character driven story, is that what made the previous F&F films so big?
  11. Leia is progressive from today's POV? I wasn't there at the time, maybe she was progressive back then for being independent and kick-ass. But from today's point of view? I mean... Leia in first 40 minutes of ROTJ, you think that is "feminist"? That her costume was made for "girl power"? I think not. And saying Leia "wasn't the first action heroine" because of Ripley and Sarah Connor... you do know those characters/films did not exist when Star Wars came out, right? Laurie Strode? Hardly a feminist icon. Am I going crazy? Halloween was seen by many people (i'm not sure at the time or retrospectively) as quite misogynist film as it's essentially, the young women who are 'sluts' for premarital sex get killed, but Laurie survives because she is a virgin and pure. Yes, Captain Marvel took advantage of the Girl Card. They didn't pretend like this is the first female superhero, but major female superheroes are a new phenomenon, and the audience clearly sees it that way. Why not take advantage of that marketing perspective while they still can? Once audiences are used to female superheroes it won't be so much of a selling point, but at the moment, it is. This will continue for a little while, who can say how long it'll last for. But I mean, even Marvel's future lineup is still heavily male dominated so we'll see. It seems quite juxtaposed to say there are "successful action franchises led by women" and point to Tomb Raider, Underworld and Charlie's Angels...? Underworld & sequels made 40-60m. Charlie's angels did OK but sequel not as well & bigger budget. There's a reason there was no third movie... same for TOmb Raider. the sequel which outright flopped. Also worth bearing in mind these were still aimed at male audience - Charlie's Angels and Tomb Raider are just the same as other action movies except it's women in skimpy outfits. The suggestion that Pirates of the Caribbean and Lord of the Rings are female-led/centric hits, I don't even know how to respond to that. For what it's worth -- I agree that the female group shot in Endgame was dreadful.
  12. don't know what metrics being used but bear in mind, the above tweet is in NZD, not USD. (USD = 1.56 NZD) i.e. the movie opened to $0,5m You know what's a cure for insomnia, it's your endless posts attacking citizen kane.
  13. the time travel stuff works fine in endgame imo. And more importantly, it is fun - going back through and celebrating old MCU scenes was an absolute blast and totally not what I expected from the film.
  14. But he clearly doesn't dislike the genre, since he said he loves The Dark Knight? Not enjoying individual films does not mean you should avoid all films in that genre. What would be the point in exclusively watching films that you're confident you'll enjoy, anyway?
  15. @baumer is there a minimum length that our submission must be? I really have not seen very many films from 1989.
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