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  1. I don't see any evidence whatsoever that box office will be same as pre-covid. Why do you think this ? Look at how few people cared about cinemas when they were open. Every streaming service has boomed. Studios are expecting business to go down, which is why many of them are continuing to put movies on streaming services instead.
  2. Early Last year, there was a strong possibility that after the box office is "on hold", they could return to normal BO takings. But It's become clear that box office gross is going to be less than pre-covid, even once this is all over. It will take several years for the box office to fully recover. If it ever does. No point delaying it forever. E.g. in 2019 this would have grossed 1 billion. In 2020 it would have grossed 400 million. In 2021 it would gross 500 million. In 2022 it would gross 600 million. In 2026 the box office is finally back to it's 2019 position and this will gross 1 billion. Wouldn't be worth the wait. The difference between this year and next year won't be great enough to justify a years delay. Just take the hit, accept that it can't be worse than 2020, and get to work.
  3. He's not wrong though. Struggling to think of any other reason why Paramount would have hangar doors as their poster for a Paramount Plus streaming announcement event.
  4. Not sure if you were referring to a different thing I said but in the part you quoted, I am talking about customers, not employees. Let me give you another example. You are looking at buying a car and you go to your local car dealer. They tell you that if you want their business, you need to provide a drug sample. They also require your medical records to prove you are not an alcoholic. They claim it's a safety precaution. Is this fair and appropriate? Or is it invasive? Yes, strictly speaking, if you were an alcoholic, you could crash the car and be a threat to public safety. But in reality, I think most people would say this is overreaching and the car dealer does not have the right to demand your medical records.
  5. I understand that and agree. If it was the case that for example, the vaccine only worked on myself and not the rest of the population - then I can absolutely see that I would have a duty to not harm others. That is why for the past year, when we have not had vaccines available, if you test positive, you have to isolate yourself for 2 weeks - because you have a duty to not harm others. When vaccines have become available for everyone to use, I completely fail to see how an individual choosing not to vaccinate themselves, can be considered a threat to harm someone else. The only people you could harm by spreading the disease are the vulnerable people who have chosen not to take the vaccine. As we know, coronavirus has very little effect on the majority of people. The crossover of People who are vulnerable to Covid-19 & People who will not take the Covid-19 vaccine when offered to them is going to be REALLY small. I don't believe that would be sufficient threat of harm to claim that people who don't vaccinate are a threat to public safety.
  6. Firstly, a drug test is not the same as seeing your medical history. As an employer, if your employees have agreed to drug tests, then yes you can drug test them. However, at least in most jobs, you would not be allowed to force an employee to give you medical records that would prove drug history. For example, a couple of years ago I lost my job after multiple instances of being tested positive for drugs at work. This is not information that I have shared with my current employer and it's not information that they are entitled to. If they had access to my medical records then they would see that I have been to rehab and that might make them inclined to fire me. For exactly this reason, they aren't allowed to request/demand my medical history. Obviously if there are potential safety issues, the employer has a right to do this. If I was a trucker, my employer would require this information as there would be a potential danger to public safety (DUI), and the employer has a legal responsibility to ensure that their employees do not pose any safety threat. The same goes for criminal record checks / background checks. It's relevant for certain jobs, but in other jobs, the employer can't require them. But someone not having a vaccine is not a safety threat. This would IMO be an over-reaching policy and it's sensitive information that is not necessary for an employer to have. The context of the discussion we're having is at a point in the pandemic where vaccines are widely available for everyone. Anyone who is at risk from Coronavirus will have already had an opportunity to get vaccinated; so if I haven't chosen to take the vaccine, there is still no risk of me transmitting it to them, as they are immune. Secondly, the relationship between an employer and an employee is different from a business and its customers. In my opinion, a company should not have the right to ask medical information of its customers, unless it is completely necessary / relevant. And it should not be allowed to discriminate customers based on medical information - in just the same way that they are not allowed to discriminate based on disability. Although I appreciate you guys in the US have a more open view of businesses being allowed to "choose" (i.e. discriminate) their customers.
  7. What a bizarre comparison. A business should not be allowed to demand you to produce your medical history. I feel pretty sure in saying that you could take a company to court for them asking to see proof of your medical records as a customer. Although it is not explicitly illegal, it is, more generally, illegal for a company to ask customers for information that does not pertain to the custom.
  8. Yes, you had vaccinations as kids without any issues... because you're a kid. You don't have any clue about what medical procedures actually do or mean. I don't see the relevance of a kid having a vaccine and an adult who has the mental capability to choose. I'm also not sure what relevance those vaccinations are to this - I am talking about mandatory vaccination. Just like you can choose to vaccinate your kids, you can choose to vaccinate yourself right now as an adult too, for various diseases. FWIW, I would not necessarily be against a mandatory vaccination policy for children. Government is in a better position to make informed medical decisions for a child than their parent is. Like the various cases of a parent refusing medical treatment for their child who is in critical care because of religious reasons and then the child dies. My issue is with mandatory vaccinations for adults. Adults should have the right to choose what medical procedures they undergo. The government has no place to enforce this. Im not sure why you both call me an anti vaxxer. Am I anti-HumanRightsBeingBreached? Yes. I am not some conspiracy theorist who thinks vaccines cause autism or whatever stupid shit those people believe. The company I work for, we have produced 2 vaccines for Coronavirus. I know they are safe, and I have no issue or question whatsoever about their (or any other Covid vaccines) safety. I just have a massive moral issue with a compulsory medical procedure. You simply cannot force people to inject something to their bodies. It is amazing how some liberals will scream from the rooftops about a "Woman's right to choose what she does with her body", but now think people should not have any right to what they do with their body? Tell me how that logic works please ?
  9. So because a policy was considered right in 1800, it is right to use today? There are all sorts of laws that were made in the past that today would be considered a violation of human rights. At least in modern Europe, governments are no longer allowed to mandate any kind of medical procedure on the population. It goes against the European Convention of Human Rights, and when the issue has arisen in a country where the government mandated a vaccine, the Court of Human Rights overturned them as they determined that the government was violating the ECHR. I can't speak for America but I imagine you must have some protections in your Constitution, that give you bodily rights/protections? How is it not dystopian? The government controlling what you must do with your own body? I grew up understanding that as an adult in my country (UK) I am treated as an autonomous person. I get to make my own choices about what happens to my body. No, neither the government nor private companies should be able to mandate vaccination or otherwise discriminate based on vaccination. IMO. What do you mean "Mandatory vaccine is more likely than treating non-vaccinated people differently"? That's a contradiction, not sure I understand what you mean, as the whole point of making vaccination mandatory would be so you can punish the people who refuse vaccination.
  10. Armie Hammer has always seemed like a creep/weirdo though? Those texts are cringey more than anything. I'm sure he thinks it's very arousing to read but it comes off as funny, to me. People have all sorts of fantasies. I imagine no one wants their sexting to be made public.
  11. And so it begins. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-55654229 A large London plumbing firm plans to rewrite all of its workers' contracts to require them to be vaccinated against coronavirus. This is what's really concerning, and what I dread we will see as this year progresses. Creating two classes of citizens: those who have had this medical procedure, and those who have not. If you have the medical procedure, you get to keep your citizenship. If you do not have the "optional" vaccine, you can keep your normal rights and go about your life. If you don't, you will lose your employment; your ability to go to public venues, shops, pubs, music gigs etc. Even though private companies have no business asking about your medical information. A genuine dystopia As the article states, it's illegal for a company to force its workers to have a medical procedure. But that may be only a matter of time before the law is changed. I hope equality and human rights are too strong for government or business to compel people to have this vaccine.
  12. I'm not saying they should be a protected class. But whether you wear a mask or not has nothing to do with your custom of the bank. The bank is completely overreaching.
  13. I didn't say that though, did I? I said it's crazy to have your BANK ACCOUNT taken away from you just for not wearing a mask. when the two things have nothing to do with each other.
  14. HSBC telling UK customers that if they do not wear face masks in branch, HSBC will close their bank account. Insane. https://www.fnlondon.com/articles/hsbc-threatens-to-close-accounts-for-people-who-refuse-to-wear-masks-in-branches-20210113 “If individuals put themselves or our colleagues at risk, without a medical exemption, we reserve the right to withdraw their account” The hypocrisy of these scumbag companies, this is a company that was recently fined $2billion for laundering money for drug cartels, and they want to claim some kind of moral authority? Fuck them.
  15. I doubt it has anything to do with his fame, he has always been known to be right wing and right wing people seem more inclined to be against the fascist rules that have been brought in.
  16. That's one of the great things about the cinema experience is that it is completely isolated from everything else in your life. You don't pause it, you don't get facebook messages you want to answer, there's no distraction. I really don't find any appeal in watching films at home, only in the cinema. at least not new films. I like watching movies I already love, at home, eg I've done several Star Wars marathons this past year in lockdown, but dont enjoy straight to streaming movies, or films that i "missed" in the cinema. my provisional top 10 i guess is something like: 1. Borat 2 2. The Trial of the Chicago 7 3. Birds of Prey 4. Wonder Woman 1984 5. Unhinged The only other film i've seen was Tenet but I'm not putting it on here as I didn't think it was any good. Every year I watch 100+ new films in the cinema... and this year I've seen 6 total... @grim22 is Weathering With You eligible for this list? It was theatrically released in the US in Jan 2020 but I'm 99% sure that some people submitted it on last year's Top 25 / Boffies
  17. The current #CancelCulture combined with people's moral superiority has turned really nasty over the past year, trying to shame people (whether famous or otherwise) for breaking the rules. Rules which are not based on any consistent scientific evidence. But people just believe whatever their government tells them. I think some people actually get erotic pleasure from telling people who break the rules how evil they must be, while the person making the accusations is all high and mighty.
  18. I didn't even realise those films were in wide release. My bad.
  19. you're seriously judging drops % in the current climate which is completely unprecedented, is changing every day and every week, and while there's nothing else to compare it to other than TENET ?
  20. Every facebook group Ive been in the last few days, I've seen some people make comments about Wonder Woman 1984 glorifying rape? Is there some backlash to this movie I've missed ? They are those typical dudebro comments like "rApE is oK wHeN iT haPpEns tO a mAN" like what the FUCK are they smoking? Anyone know what this is about? I've literally seen like 15 different people say this in various forums/posts since the movie released on christmas day.
  21. I saw this on 16th december and 3 days later suddenly announced that we are in lockdown. Glad I went to see it. Go and enjoy this film while you can
  22. why is that sad? critics enjoyed Birds of Prey. what's the issue with that? (so did I btw)
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