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Eric Duncan

A Very Merry Christmas to All of BOT: 2021 Edition - By Eric

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Another year has passed, and after all that happened in 2020, things are...interesting. Everybody's 2021 is different. Some had a happy one, some were miserable, and for the majority, they were complicated. I was lucky enough to have a happy one. I left my stressful, exhaustive Bed Bath and Beyond job in favor of a very comfortable and relaxing analyst role for a local recruiting agency. One that was far more flexible with my schedule and deadlines, and have a whole bunch of new friends to boot. And while I didn't do anything else too exciting, pandemic and all, I got to enjoy the movies again, enjoy some Hulu and Disney+, and be one step closer to financial independence and my own place.


Of course, my experience doesn't match everybody. And at least for our purposes, 2021 was a very mixed bag at the box office. Theaters are alive...but streaming is still the dominant form of entertainment. Marvel's big...except everything else isn't. It's okay Marvel is the only big thing...except it's really not. But we can all agree that within this hellish landscape of NFTs and climate change that capitalism will still kill us faster than the virus will. 


But like I said last year, the hardships of 2021 will still leave scars, but we still made it through the end. And we can soon start anew with a whole new perspective, a whole new set of life goals, and hopefully an improved box office that is diverse and exciting for everybody. I know it may seem like I'm very jaded and frustrated a lot, but know that I really do appreciate every single one of you for making my life interesting, exciting, and always dramatic. It's always fun to crack jokes with you weirdos and I hope you love what I and the staff do everyday to make this forum a fun environment to be in. So thank you all for making life great.


And to end things off: get vaccinated or boostered, wash your hands, wear a mask, trans rights are human rights, all cops are bastards, Stop Asian Hate, and Black Lives Matter, and happy holidays to all. We're all in this together folks!



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