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Issac Newton

DC: League of Super-Pets | $58.3M DOM | $51.4M OS | $109.7M WW

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Not such super pets

In its fourth frame, Warner Bros.’ animated DC League of Super-Pets falls -18% to $5.7M and fifth place.

Through 24 days in cinemas, it’s earned $67.4M domestically. Through the same point in release, that’s:

  • +18% above 2014’s Paddington ($57.1M)
  • +5% above 2016’s Pete’s Dragon ($64.1M)
  • +1% above 2018’s Smallfoot ($66.3M)
  • +1 % above April’s The Bad Guys ($66.4M)
  • -19% below 2018’s Peter Rabbit ($84.0M)
  • -31% below 2016’s The Angry Birds Movie ($98.0M)

Overseas, League stands at $62.9M, for $130.47M globally. Top market totals to date include:

  1. U.K. ($12.9M)

  2. Mexico ($6.3M)

  3. France ($5.3M)

  4. Spain ($3.5M)

  5. Germany ($3.0M)

  6. Brazil ($2.4M)

  7. Argentina ($2.0M)

Major markets still to release include Japan on August 26, Italy on September 1, and Australia on September 15.

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On 9/10/2022 at 4:35 AM, Flip said:

Probably around 190, it doesn’t have too much left domestically (10M at most) and I’m pretty sure it has opened in most international markets already


In theory it still has to release in Australia (15 September)

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Warner Bros’ DC League of Super-Pets scurried to another $4.9M from 76 offshore markets, boosted by Australia’s $2.6M debut including previews ($1.2M without). The overseas cume is $89.7M for $177.6M worldwide. In Oz, the start is tracking above Encanto (+45%), Sing 2 (+74%) and Paw Patrol (+610%). School holidays have begun in 47% of the country and will expand to 94% next week. New Zealand, the final market to release, joins the pack on September 22.


Tops to date are the UK ($18.2M), France ($7.7M), Mexico ($7.5M), Spain ($4.2M) and Germany ($4.1M).

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