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Pakistan/Nepal other South Asia region’s box office thread

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I try to cover Pakistan in Indian thread at times, but cool can have separate thread.


Nepal used to be reported in India till 90s but has changed now. The data is not really available, some ridiculous numbers go round on internet.


Nepal is usually 60-70% of Indian states of Bihar + Jharkhand.

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Breaking. Despite Cricket Final On Sunday, #TheLegendOfMaulaJatt Has Recorded Biggest 5th Weekend Ever. 5th Weekend Is Bigger Than 1st Weekends Of Films Like #Thor2 #BlackPanther2 

Week 1. 20.3cr
Week 2. 16.46cr
Week 3. 16.27cr
Week 4. 14.15cr
5th Weekend. 5.38cr
Total. 72.56cr

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Exclusive. #BlackPanther2 Got Hit By #TheLegendOfMaulaJatt Wave & Non Release in Rwp/Isl. World Cup Final effected it on SUN As The Film Raked In PKR 2.6cr approx On First Week. The first #BlackPanther  Had Grossed 2.62cr In It's Opening Weekend In 2018

Note:- PAK Biz! Estimates

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‘Wakanda Forever’ earned Rs 1 crore 17 lakh in Nepal on Friday and Saturday. Whereas ‘Uchai’ earned only 65 lakhs in two days. An aggressive opening was expected for Marvel Studios’ film Wakanda Forever, which received mixed reviews. But the film could not open relatively much in theaters other than multiplexes.

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#TheLegendOfMaulaJatt not only pakistani film it's a subcontinent's First ever punjabi Film To cross 200cr Mark  Worldwide 
Boxoffice breakdown 
Pakistan.. 80.42cr
Overseas.. 122.79cr
Total.. 203.21cr

congratulation team TLMJ 
@AmmaraHikmat @blashari

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Breaking.. #TheLegendOfMaulaJatt Crushes Records By Clocking Biggest 6th Weekend Of All Time Also Crossing Historical 80cr Mark In Pakistan

Week 1.. 20.3cr
Week 2.. 16.46cr
Week 3.. 16.27cr
Week 4.. 14.15cr
Week 5.. 8.31cr
6th Weekend.. 4.93cr
Total.. 80.42cr


Breaking.. #BlackPanther2 Had Steady Weekdays Registering Respectable Opening Week. The Film Will Need To Pick Up Again In 2nd Weekend!

Weekend.. 2.6cr
Weekdays.. 1.5cr
Total.. 4.1cr

Note:- PAK BIZ! Estimates

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Breaking.. #TheLegendOfMaulaJatt Crosses Historical 90cr Mark In Pakistan Registering Biggest 8th Weekend Of All Time. Now Racing Toward Century Mark!

7 Weeks.. 87.47cr
8th Fri.. 63lacs
8th Sat.. 1.03cr
8th Sun.. 95lacs
Total.. 90.08cr

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