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SURVIVOR PANDORA Episode Twelve: "Beware of the Grinch"

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@AN9815 @DAJK @Fancyarcher @ZeeSoh


For this challenge...








ZeeSoh: Ah! (punches The Grinch in the face)

Grinch: Ouch! (runs away)

SLAM!: Wow! We have our winner!




SLAM!: Let's see the results!


ZeeSoh wins immunity with 77.06%!


DAJK - 74.27%

AN9815 - 70.23%

Fancyarcher - 65.98%


But ZeeSoh has an unprecedented power...


You see, in the current Survivor seasons, the winner of final four immunity picks one player to save, and the other two players battle by making fire. The loser of the fire challenge gets eliminated in fourth place.


This season, we're doing something similar.


AN9815, DAJK, and Fancyarcher will all predict for Tuesday immunity as per usual. But they will not vote.


ZeeSoh... You must PM me your choice for which of the other three players you're bringing to the finale. The player you pick will be safe from this week's elimination.


The two players you don't pick will immediately go to a sudden death battle. Out of these two, the player with the higher Tuesday score progresses to the finale, and the player with the lower score gets eliminated in fourth place.


This is a big decision because the finale's weekend challenge is a 1-on-1-on-1 battle where the highest scoring player gets crowned Sole Survivor!


You can pick a friend for loyalty's sake...


...Or you can make a strategic decision.


The choice is yours. Who will you save?



(tribal and weekend challenge)





Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

The Fabelmans

Spoiler Alert: The Hero Dies

Strange World


ZeeSoh's pick (on who to save) is due on Wednesday around 7 PM EST.

Second Immunity Predictions are due around Tuesday, December 13th at 11:59 PM PST.






Here's the films you'll predict weekend grosses for next week:

Avatar: The Way of Water

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever


The Fabelmans

The Menu

Strange World

Violent Night


Predictions are due by Thursday, December 15th around 11:59 PM PST. Good luck!



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@AN9815 @DAJK @Fancyarcher @ZeeSoh


Shortly before the tribal...


Fancyarcher walks up to ZeeSoh.

Fancyarcher: Hey, can we talk for a minute?

ZeeSoh: What's up?

Fancyarcher: I want at least one of me and AN9815 to make it to the finals. Just cuz we're best friends an all. But I want you to pick AN9815 because I think I have a better chance to win.

ZeeSoh: Uh... Okay.


Fancyarcher walks out. DAJK walks in!

DAJK: Let's... Discuss something.

ZeeSoh: Okay?

DAJK: I want to battle Fancyarcher. Now's the time to split up that duo, and now's the time to get a big threat out of the game. It increases both of our odds at winning! What do you say?

ZeeSoh: Hmm. Sounds convoluted. But all right.

DAJK: Please doing business... 😈


DAJK walks out. AN9815 walks in!

AN9815: Hey, I want to tell you something.

ZeeSoh: Go ahead.

AN9815: I challenge you to not pick me! The way I won that race on my bike, I know I'm great at challenges! So save Fancyarcher and let me play the challenge! I'm hungry for this!

ZeeSoh: Uh...

AN9815: See ya!

ZeeSoh: Wait–


AN9815 runs off. ZeeSoh sighs.


ZeeSoh: What am I going to do...




SLAM!: Welcome to this season's






SLAM!: Let's get right to it. ZeeSoh, please stand in front of everyone and reveal your decision.

ZeeSoh: Hey guys. I've done a lot of thinking and I've taken everyone's statements into account. For my game, I've decided to save...




AN9815: What?! But I wanted to beat DAJK!

SLAM!: Technically, you might not have beat him... Your score was 89.49%.

AN9815: ZeeSoh! You chose me because you think I'm weak?!

ZeeSoh: I mean... I'm doing what it takes to win...

Fancyarcher: Don't worry, AN9815! I'm sure I can beat DAJK!

AN9815: You really think so?

Fancyarcher: Of course! How hard can it be?

DAJK: ...


SLAM!: It's time to reveal you survives and who gets eliminated in fourth place...


Between 97.20% and 96.75%...


That's a difference of 0.45%...





DAJK: Mwa ha ha ha ha!

AN9815: No! Fancyarcher!

Fancyarcher: It's okay. You win this for the both of us! Prove ZeeSoh wrong!

The Wheel: My arrows are pointing in the direction of loserville, buddy.

Fancyarcher: Here's what I'll say about that!

(Fancyarcher roundhouse kicks The Wheel, shattering it into pieces.)

SLAM!: (snuffs torch) Time for you to go.

Fancyarcher: Good luck ZeeSoh. Good luck AN9815. ...DAJK.

(DAJK grins at Fancyarcher as he walks off.)


SLAM!: That means AN9815, DAJK, and ZeeSoh represent this season's final three! Who will be crowned Sole Survivor? We'll see you at the finale on Monday! Don't forget to turn in the weekend challenge predictions!




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Aargh blagh, I've been beaten. My final stand. Well making it the top four is admirable, but it was close, and it could have been much more. Sayonora and best of luck to the last three. @ZeeSoh @AN9815 @DAJK


Thank you @SLAM! too for playing a good game. 

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