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  1. I liked Alita but it had several problems. Really happy that at least it's doing much better than the initial tracking, seems like Fox made a good choice by moving it away from Christmas season. Box office this year so far seems really low (and I don't think HTTYD3 will change that) but once Captain Marvel opens there is going to be a lot of interesting weekends until mid-August (Captain Marvel, Us, Dumbo, Shazam!, Avengers, Pikachu, Aladdin, John Wick, Godzilla, Toy Story 4, SLOP2...)
  2. Reading all these coments about how people will boycott the movie if they "make" Elsa gay is disgusting. They are usually followed by "I'm not homophobic but..." and seriously I don't know if people realize what they are saying, why no one complains about 99% of movies with straight relationships but they do when there is a possibility that one could be gay? Stupid. Seriously i highly doubt Disney will give Elsa a girlfriend, first of all because they will loose a lot of their audience (unfortunately) and second of all because they will not know how to handle it (Le Fou in BATB was a joke) . I would love Elsa to be gay, but if their original plan was to not give Elsa a romantic interest then go ahead and continue with that, you don't have to give her a girlfriend to please part of the audience. If Disney/Pixar wants to be the first one to have a lead animated LGBT character then plan a proper original movie and treat the character right from the beginning, who knows maybe the movie will do amazing business (I would for sure go watch it), we are seeing lately that if a movie has good diversity and representation and treats it with respect the numbers can be amazing.
  3. I actually think a live action The Sword in the Stone, Atlantis, Tarzan, Hercules or The Hunchback of Notre Dame would me amazing but that is just my opinion.
  4. I have mixed feelings about this. I love the original Aladdin and I always thought that it's live action could have a shot at +1.0b WW but unfortunately they got many things wrong here. First thing Will Smith's Genie, it's like the effects are half way done (and i hope they are) and that the body and the face don't match, it's like the snapchat filter that you flip your face with somebody else. Second big problem is Jafar, I was excited for hot Jafar for several reasons but damn...that voice is bad and the costume is not really that impressive. Final problem is Aladdin, many people criticize Brie Larson as Captain Marvel (I think she looks fantastic) because she doesn't "smile" but Mena Massoud IMO is way worse, also why is he not shirtless? No one had any problem on the animated one so this shouldn't be a problem either. Now there are many good things as well, Jasmine looks great, Agrabah looks stunning and the animals and the carpet look good (specially Rajah). The musical numbers seem to be on point as well, except that Prince Ali performance looks way smaller than in the animated one. I think that a full trailer showing some musical performances, Aladdin and Jasmine speaking/singing, some action and a modified and better Genie will bring people back on board, but so far my predictions: $73m OW / $204m DOM / $708m WW
  5. AN9815

    91st Academy Award nominations

    I absolutely loved 'Incredibles 2' but I think 'Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse' is a superior film and deserves it more. It was such an excellent and well constructed movie!!
  6. I've seen 'Mary Poppins Returns' and I understand why it is not making a lot of money. The movie is actually ok/good but the soundtrack is really bland and forgettable, I mean I don't think I'm gonna listen to any of the songs like I did with 'The Greatest Showman' or 'La La Land' although 'Mary Poppins Returns' being a superior film quality wise. The Greatest Showman had songs that really connected with the audience. As for 'Aquaman' the movie is a lot of fun and really glad audiences are liking it, hope it can cross 300m DOM, truly deserves it
  7. I think this will slightly decrease DOM (600-630m) but increase OS for a total number around IW. Endgame faces a lot of competition from Detective Pikachu, John Wick, Aladdin, Godzilla...plus March and April are going to be much bigger than 2018 with Shazam!, Dumbo, Captain Marvel, etc. If it would have faced IW's competition I'd say +700m DOM would be pretty likely
  8. That trailer was ok, it got me excited but didn't show anything. Honestly, this is what I was expecting, they cannot show too much so...maybe Captain Marvel will appear in 2nd trailer? Can't wait for Avengers: Endgame!!!!!! As for the title, I really don't know why they hid it until now but ok
  9. While I do agree that this christmas season is a bit too crowded I think that there'll be enough space for everything. Last year we had The Last Jedi ($620m), Jumanji ($404m) and The Greatest Showman ($176m) which were all huge hits. Now that is $1.2b combined just from three movies, if we divide this by the main contenders this year which are Mary Poppins, Aquaman, Spider-Man and Bumblebee, each one of them would do $300m. I am not saying this will happen but there is actually room for all of them to do well. My predictions 1. Mary Poppins Returns: $345m DOM 2. Aquaman: $320m DOM 3. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse: $202m DOM 4. Bumblebee: $136m DOM 5. Mortal Enigmes: $55m DOM I know i've missed a couple of movies like The Mule but don't really know what to predict for them.
  10. I feel like Pikachu will do well DOM but it will be a monster OS. $255m DOM / $1.143b WW.
  11. My Disney remakes ranking: 1. The Jungle Book (No question) 2. Cinderella 3. Beauty and the Beast (I know you hate it around here but I actually really liked it) 4. Pete's Dragon (Really good movie) 4. Maleficent 5. Alice in Wonderland 6. Alice 2 (It was so bad)
  12. I absolutely loved the trailer. When the music came it took me back to my childhood, this is going to do very well. I feel bad for Aladdin, I think it is going to get completely overshadowed by surrounding blockbusters and underperform (but not flop like Solo, obviously). In my opinion Disney should release only two remakes max per year. Something like this would have worked: 2019: Dumbo + The Lion King 2020: Aladdin + Mulan 2021: Lady and the Tramp + The Little Mermaid 2022: Pinocchio + something else
  13. When is the trailer dropping? It's 23:22h here and I want to sleep but I also want to watch the trailer. Dammit Disney, think about the European students who have class tomorrow. I guess I'll watch it tomorrow having breakfast
  14. AN9815

    Toy Story 4 | June 20, 2019

    May and June this year are absolutely insane, I really think they should have spaced the movies a bit better, the way they are, they are going to cannibalize each other. Just like Solo this year I think we'll have a big underperformer next year as well. My predictions: May: 1. Avengers 4: $630M (will move to April) 2. Detective Pikachu: $255M 3. Aladdin: $205M 4. Godzilla 2: $180M June: 1. Toy Story 4: $310M 2. The Secret Life of Pets 2: $295M 3. Dark Phoenix: $135M (doubt it releases on that date) 4. Men in Black: $95M
  15. I saw this the other day and it was pretty bad. I liked the beginning part but once it got to the Nutcraker world it was just a mess. Not surprised it is not doing great. As said above the problem is not feminism (actually it is really stupid if you think that is the problem) but just that the movie is baaaad.

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