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  1. I really want this to break out and increase from the first one. If it is as good as the first one it'll deserve all the money, and if they focus on the AIDS crisis somehow then it'll deserve even more
  2. I have never been a huge Toy Story fan and this movie seemed like too much for me, don't get me wrong I think Toy Story 1,2&3 are pretty excellent but I have always preferred The Incredibles, Finding Nemo or Ratatouille. Now after these reviews and after loving Incredibles 2 I am really excited to watch this. Now please Pixar after Toy Story 4 bring me a lot of original movies + Incredibles 3 until at least 2025
  3. Spain and Italy love Disney Live Action movies. Dumbo did amazing in Spain, a bit less than half of what Endgame is going to end up with. Not comparable but it's like if Dumbo would have done $400m DOM
  4. I watched this the other day and it was pretty solid. Has more quality than Bohemian Rhapsody but this last one feels more like a crowd pleaser. Really didn't understand the controversy with the gay scenes, like do those scenes really create that amount of controversy? People are stupid.
  5. I am really excited about this movie, I think it can be as good as Zootopia. If the quality for the new Pixar and new WDAS movies for next year are as good as their latter original films (Coco, Moana, Zootopia, Inside Out) then I think they will be big hits.
  6. I'd watch a remake of Brother Bear since I loved that movie, but I think it'll work better as a potential Disney+ film. Remakes such as this, Lady and the Tramp or Fox and the Hound would be nice for Disney+.
  7. The problem with Disney's 00 movies is that ones that could need a live action (Treasure Planet and Atlantis) were financial flops for the studio so I doubt they remake them. Lilo & Stitch could work but I doubt it'll make a lot of money
  8. For me Aladdin's most difficult task was to bring the Genie into live action and put musical performances like Friend Like Me or Prince Ali into live action. Ironically that is the best part of the movie. I know many of you hate Disney live action films but for me as long as I enjoy them I will watch them (and yes I watch a huge amount of original movies as well so I don't just watch remakes or sequels). I'm interested in the following live action movies Disney has confirmed or could make: - The Little Mermaid - Mulan - Tarzan - The Hunchback of Notre Dame - The Sword in the Stone - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - Pinocchio - Hercules - Atlantis - Treasure Planet - The Black Cauldron - Sleeping Beauty (evil Maleficent this time) - Peter Pan Maybe I'm forgetting something but those are the movies I could see doing well in a live action, the rest are difficult to pull off IMO or I have no interest and it's damn to early for movies from 2010 onwards.
  9. Aladdin deserves to make money, Will Smith and Naomi Scott were outstanding in this. Too bad Disney fucked up with marketing and release date, this could have easily been a +300m DOM movie. The budget is $183m, almost same as Maleficent ($180m) and Dumbo ($170m Wtf). Maleficent did $758m WW and was considered a huge success, I agree this movie should have made more (specially when BATB made $1.26b) but it's not going to be the bomb some of us were predicting a few weeks/months ago
  10. Everyone says 2020 looks like a really bad year at the Box Office, which is true, but I am actually really excited for next years. There are a lot of new original movies (Onward, Tenet, Jungle Cruise, Scoob...) that thanks to a not so good year they can have the potential to be really big hits. Another good thing IMO is that we will have a lot of surprises, even the sequels to successful movies (WW1984, Venom 2, Minions 2, Fast 9) are not guaranteed to increase over their predecessors. Even Marvel movies are a wild card next year (I hope The Eternals breaks out). Lastly, I think Cruella is going to do really good over christmas if they pull it off. My Predictions for 2020 DOM (Of the movies I can remember now, will update later): 1. Wonder Woman 1984: $419m (I see a small increase, similar to THG:CF) 2. Onward: $347m (I could see this doing similar to Zootopia) 3. Mulan: $282m (If they keep the songs of the original) 4. Black Widow: $277m (I see TWS numbers adjusted for this, although can go higher, really depends on details of the movie) 5. Cruella: $261m (No competition over Christmas and can co-exist with The Croods 2) 6. Tenet: $253m (Nolan) 7. Birds of Prey: $248m (Suicide Squad was pretty disliked so I think it will hurt it, but again it has Harley Queen so big it'll be a big hit) 8. The Eternals: $240m (This would be my initial prediction but really want +300m DOM for this) 9. Dragon Empire: $236m (Disney Original Movie) 10. Godzilla vs Kong: $234m (This will be big OS) 11. Fast 9: $223m 12. Minions 2: $202m (I see a huge drop from Minion's $336m DOM, but will be insane OS) 13. James Bond 25: $195m 14. Venom 2: $189m (Small decrease DOM, small increase OS) 15. Jungle Cruise: $176m (Could do decent, depends on budget) 16. The Croods 2: $160m (Too late for this movie IMO, but we shall see) 17. Scooby: $141m (I want this to break out, don't disappoint me WB) 18. A Quiet Place 2: $130m (Decrease)
  11. I do remember both 1996 Dalmatians remake and Pete's Dragon. I didn't include the first one because for me it is not part of the new live action remakes since it was 14 years before Alice started this trend, plus next year Disney is going to release Cruella. As for Pete's Dragon it is not part of the animated Disney Classics so I did not include it. I used to love 1996 101 Dalmatians as a kid and I really liked Pete's Dragon, so i haven't forget about them.
  12. I saw this yesterday. My expectations were pretty low so I was actually surprised at how entertaining it was. I never felt bored and the movie was actually good in most moments. The Genie, Aladdin and Jasmine delivered, everyone else is kinda meh and I didn't like Jafar at all. The movie has some flaws but not even close to the negativity it's been getting over the internet. For me the most important things were the musical performances and I think they nailed all of them and Speechless was good too. My audience liked it a lot so I think this is going to get a good response from general audiences. Updated Live Action rank: 1. The Jungle Book 2. Cinderella 3. Aladdin/Beauty and the Beast 4. Beauty and the Beast/Aladdin 5. Maleficent 6. Dumbo 7. Alice in Wonderland Original animated movies rank (only those that got a live action): 1. Aladdin 2. Sleeping Beauty 3. Beauty and the Beast 4. The Jungle Book 5. Cinderella 6. Dumbo 7. Alice in Wonderland
  13. Of course 700 would be nice for this movie. It has a $175m budget so it'll actually be a good result but kinda sad that it could have made more with different release date and director. This could have dominated 2020 with how pale next year looks in respect to other years (although I'm really excited about having Pixar and Disney animated originals).
  14. It's not that weird that all his friends got snapped, really convenient but not impossible. Most of the guardians got snapped and O6 didn't, of course this is for plot conveniences but still. In a world with 7,5b people it's not gonna be evenly distributed everywhere. Some places might be 70% snapped and others just 30%. Plus, we still have to wait and see how they'll deal with this in the movie, if they don't mention it at all then it'll be really stupid but seems like they are really dealing with the aftermath of Endgame so I'm sure they'll explain something.
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