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  1. This thread is a mess, why can't people treat other people's opinions with respect. Dude, it's fine if you don't like MCU movies as well as it is fine if you love them and enjoy them, you are not superior based on your opinion on this. I personally don't like the Fast & Furious or Transformers franchise but you are not going to see me in those threads insulting those movies or those who watch them, if you like them good for you. I also love the MCU, Pixar and WDAS but if you don't like any of their movies I am not going to start arguing with you or calling you "this" or "that" because of your opinion. Everyone is allowed to have different opinions, specially in movies.
  2. I usually would agree on this but Zootopia was my favourite recent WDAS movie and thanks to the world building they created and the amazing characters I would be interested in a sequel and I think it would have potential. For example I loved Wreck it Ralph but I did not think a sequel was necessary, same with Moana, Frozen, and Tangled, I liked them but I don't want to see a sequel (although I have to admit Frozen II trailer looks good). I thought Finding Dory and Toy Story 4 were really unnecessary and did not work for me but Incredibles 2 was a sequel I had been waiting since the first one was released and I think it worked. It is just a matter of sequel potentials and chances of improving/expanding on the original. Sequels to movies like Ratatouille or Up (two of my favourite Pixar movies), even if they were good, would feel unnecessary to me, sequels to Spider-Verse or Zootopia, even if they wouldn't match the original, wouldn't feel as unnecessary to me as the other two. Anyone can have different opinions on this obviously but this is how I see it.
  3. My bets for this D23 expo: - WDAS update with titles for movies on 2020 and 2021 and maybe (fingers crossed) a Zootopia 2 announcement. - Marvel Phase 4 update with release dates for Fantastic Four and Blade and more info on already announced films. - More information on Onward and Soul from Pixar and maybe future projects. - All Disney+ stuff (Lady and the Tramp and Mandalorian trailer, etc). - News on Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and future movies. but what I would really like would be for WDAS to confirm their first movie with an LGBT character as the main lead (one can dream).
  4. Honestly people are quite stupid with this "not handsome enought" thing. He looks hot to me, beauty is relative and he can top me anytime if he wants
  5. Doubt Disney will leave Christmas 2020 with just West Side Story, my bets are on The Eternals being moved there or The Little Mermaid being released there.
  6. Both companies have something to loose with this break up, I would say Disney has more to loose on the short term and Sony on the long term. Under MCU Spider-Man could have at least 5 movies as he grows up leading up to the Sinister Six, Norman Osborn, Gwen Stacy and even an older Peter and maybe Miles Morales which would give Sony with plenty of movies which I'm sure they could have also included Venom into this and let Spider Man grow in popularity with Avengers movies. If Spider-Man leaves the MCU I am sure that Venom 2, Spider-Man 3 and Venom vs Spider-Man movie would absolutely do +$800m WW but after that they would be back to where they started (unless they get rid of Peter Parker and use Miles Morales). I just don't see how this Spider-Man version can last longer without the MCU roots that they gave him. Peter Parker Spider-Man is a character that already has 7 adaptations and the general audience has seen a lot already, these interactions with other MCU characters were making the character popular and fresh again. I don't doubt Sony on giving good Spider-Man movies, Spider-Verse and Spider-Man 1 and 2 were really good, and despite the hate I enjoyed Amazing Spider-Man 1 and Venom. The problem comes when they try to expand the Spider-Man universe more, giving him more villains and stories and then something like Spider-Man 3 or The Amazing Spider-Man 2 happens (and let's not even talk about the Aunt May Spin-Off). Marvel Studios is going to have a problem trying to erase Spider-Man from this universe after all the interactions he has had, but they just bought Fox and have plenty of material for 10 more phases so they will be fine on the long term. I just hope they come into an agreement (not blaming any company cause I don't want to blame any with so little information) and continue with the deal they had. Spider-Man Ranking: 1. Spider-Man 2. Spider-Man 2 3. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 4. Spider-Man: Far From Home 5. Spider-Man: Homecoming 6. The Amazing Spider-Man 7. Venom 8. The Amazing Spider-Man 2
  7. I really want this to break out and increase from the first one. If it is as good as the first one it'll deserve all the money, and if they focus on the AIDS crisis somehow then it'll deserve even more
  8. I have never been a huge Toy Story fan and this movie seemed like too much for me, don't get me wrong I think Toy Story 1,2&3 are pretty excellent but I have always preferred The Incredibles, Finding Nemo or Ratatouille. Now after these reviews and after loving Incredibles 2 I am really excited to watch this. Now please Pixar after Toy Story 4 bring me a lot of original movies + Incredibles 3 until at least 2025
  9. Spain and Italy love Disney Live Action movies. Dumbo did amazing in Spain, a bit less than half of what Endgame is going to end up with. Not comparable but it's like if Dumbo would have done $400m DOM
  10. I watched this the other day and it was pretty solid. Has more quality than Bohemian Rhapsody but this last one feels more like a crowd pleaser. Really didn't understand the controversy with the gay scenes, like do those scenes really create that amount of controversy? People are stupid.
  11. I am really excited about this movie, I think it can be as good as Zootopia. If the quality for the new Pixar and new WDAS movies for next year are as good as their latter original films (Coco, Moana, Zootopia, Inside Out) then I think they will be big hits.
  12. I'd watch a remake of Brother Bear since I loved that movie, but I think it'll work better as a potential Disney+ film. Remakes such as this, Lady and the Tramp or Fox and the Hound would be nice for Disney+.
  13. The problem with Disney's 00 movies is that ones that could need a live action (Treasure Planet and Atlantis) were financial flops for the studio so I doubt they remake them. Lilo & Stitch could work but I doubt it'll make a lot of money
  14. For me Aladdin's most difficult task was to bring the Genie into live action and put musical performances like Friend Like Me or Prince Ali into live action. Ironically that is the best part of the movie. I know many of you hate Disney live action films but for me as long as I enjoy them I will watch them (and yes I watch a huge amount of original movies as well so I don't just watch remakes or sequels). I'm interested in the following live action movies Disney has confirmed or could make: - The Little Mermaid - Mulan - Tarzan - The Hunchback of Notre Dame - The Sword in the Stone - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - Pinocchio - Hercules - Atlantis - Treasure Planet - The Black Cauldron - Sleeping Beauty (evil Maleficent this time) - Peter Pan Maybe I'm forgetting something but those are the movies I could see doing well in a live action, the rest are difficult to pull off IMO or I have no interest and it's damn to early for movies from 2010 onwards.
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