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  1. 48 hours left for this. I have to go back to 2011 with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows. Part 2 to remember a movie I was this excited about.
  2. Seems pretty clear that Endgame is taking the WW #1 spot by a large margin. In 2017 everyone was saying it'll be between this, The Lion King and Episode IX. Now it is pretty much impossible for Episode IX to beat Endgame and The Lion King would have to break out massively, even more than the higher predictions i've seen around here.
  3. I liked a lot that trailer but the title sounds weird. Lately Disney has been doing strange title choices between this and WandaVision. Curious to see how this trilogy ends, for me it's been a really good trilogy.
  4. How do you think this will perform? I absolutely loved the first. I can see this increasing similarly to what Catching Fire increased from Hunger Games, although not that much OS. $149m OW / $425m DOM / $964m WW
  5. OMG Yaaaaaasssssssssss!! Really difficult to be as good as the movie though
  6. Well of course is not the same people in both cases (although sometimes it is). What I am trying to say is that Disney will always have complains no matter what they do with these live actions. I agree that I actually appreciate when they try to expand the story or make it something different but the remakes that have done that so far, Dumbo and Pete's Dragon, haven't really done really well at the box office. Cinderella and The Jungle Book are my favorite remakes so far because they got the essence of the original but went more in depth on the story with high success critically and did not fall into adding absurd scenes like Beauty and the Beast. As for the new Lion King we don't know if it'll be 100% a shot by shot remake. Of course they are gonna put famous scenes from original on trailer but mainly to attract general audience. Jon Favreau directing it gives me hope it can be another Jungle Book
  7. I didn't book a ticket for Infinity War and I went on a Saturday at 16:00 and got the last three seats for the 18:30 showing. For comparison the Endgame one is almost sold out by now (19:30)
  8. It's crazy how Infinity War turned things around in countries like Spain. I mean for comparison Black Panther pre-Infinity War opened to $2,3m OW or something like that, then Infinity War exploded to a $6,8m OW and now Captain Marvel opened to $4,1m and Endgame has a real shot at $8m, I don't think we see a weekend like this since The Impossible ($8,97m) back in 2012. Superhero movies have also not been extremely popular here either except original Spider-Man saga.
  9. Disney: Does a remake shot by shot of the original People: This looks dull, literally a copy of the original. Disney has no new ideas... Disney: Does a remake changing the original story People: Fuc* Disney, how dare they change the story, not going to watch this... Now seriously, this looks amazing. Simba looks so cute and the CGI is perfect and it is not even finished. I think this will play really well during July and August. I expect great legs, this doesn't have a rush factor like Avengers or any other franchise. Everyone knows the story, people will watch this but won't be there on opening weekend necessarily
  10. I am so excited for this, literally counting down the days until the 24th. I got my ticket on the 2nd of April, the cinema app went down for those trying to get tickets for Avengers so in return they gave us one free medium popcorn.
  11. What I love about Endgame is that we have no idea on what is going to happen. Is Thanos going to be defeated in the middle or at the end? Are they going to go back in time? Are any other villains going to appear? How will the final battle be? I mean it's kind of funny that the most predictable thing is who is going to die. Infinity War trailers were amazing but I remember some people on internet had the movie already unravelled and were really close with their theories.
  12. I don't think Dumbo is flopping but it isn't doing great either. I always thought this remake could bring some money (smth like $150-170m DOM / $400-450m WW) but only if Disney kept the budget "low". After watching the movie, they could have kept the budget similar to Cinderella's ($95m) and not $170m. Also Disney really needs to space out these remakes a bit more (2 per year), promote them as events and make sure the movie is going to be loved by audiences like they did with 'The Jungle Book' and 'Beauty and the Beast'. Yes I know this last one is hated around here but audiences loved it, I mean it made $504m DOM and $1.2b WW and legs were really good, people may have forgotten about it but it was huge when it came out and helped to increase popularity for the Disney classic. Off topic: I'm getting really tired of these Wonder Woman-Captain Marvel comparisons. Can people not just like both? I mean I though one film was better than the other but really happy both of them did so huge cause I am a fan of both.
  13. People are going to watch this movie no matter if it's 2h30min or 3h30min, so I don't think a 3h runntime will hurt it at all. I might take a couple of millions off from OW but the amount of people that are gonna watch it is not gonna decrease just because the movie is 30min longer than IW. I usually enjoy long movies . The Fellowship of the Ring and Return of the King are my favourite movies and they are 4h long each (I always count the extended version when it comes to LOTR)

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