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Why are we not able to state our views?

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I just got warning points for my post that was deleted in the Snow White thread. I literally got 2 warning points because I said that the decision to remove the dwarves was awful and that it's when wokeness is taken to extreme levels. That is a view stated by both sides of the political spectrum on mainstream and social media.


And then Eric said I used the word woke to start flame wars? What? Why does he get to fucking state what my intention is (and he could not be further from the truth)? It's absurd and creates a toxic environment where we are being treated like children.


Enough is enough.

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@Noctis if you are unhappy with a warning recieved from a mod or an admin the.best course of action for a resolution would be to escalate it via pm to one of the higher ups. So in case of a mod warning you escalate it to an admin or in case of a warning by a junior admin to @Cap  Such threads is not an appropriate avenue for resolution. Thanks. 

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