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  1. Yea, that's what I don't get. I'm sure it'll be a well-acted, entertaining, and solidly directed movie, but meh...after her death in Endgame, seeing her in a timeline between CW and IW sounds lame. What a shame Hawkeye character is still alive...god, Renner has such a punchable face.
  2. Speechless is still easily the best song in any of the live-action films.
  3. Toy Story 4 was nothing more or less than a decent film. Well made, but lacking any impact.
  4. I want Frozen 2 to win because I love the first film...but I still want RoTS to do well...I still can't wrap my head around the vitriol hate. Why was it so hated?
  5. My favorite scene in any Disney animated film is Mulan's Decision, the absolutely stunning music with her cutting her hair and leaving the flower head pin on her parents' bed is just perfection. Apparently, in Chinese culture, a woman cutting her hair off represents cutting out her identity and family, so it wouldn't work in a live action. Interesting. Anyway, Mushu being replaced by a phoenix is great in my book.
  6. I saw Toy Story 4...it's decent, and has a good ending but has nowhere near the emotional power of TS3. I'm a little perplexed at the raves it's gotten. Pretty funny, though!
  7. It's doing $120m OW...what fatigue? lol
  8. I will say that Endgame took so much hype from Pikachu.
  9. I predicted TS4 to end with mixed reviews and a gross below $300m. Its fantastic reviews and a likely OW of $130m is great...I never understood people thinking it would challenge I2.
  10. Emma Watson in Deathly Hallows Part 1...Perks of Being a Wallflower...Noah... she was critically acclaimed...
  11. No matter whats she does in terms of acting, she fought so hard for women. @filmlover she was the best heroine growing up...I hope she grows up to be the best.
  12. I do believe a huge mistake in the film was killing Leta Lestrange - a character most people enjoyed. Her being a prisoner and having a longer story arc would have been more interesting. At this point, they are going to REALLY have to make Credence more interesting. And the only way to do that is by making him become more independent/powerful as well as hopefully making his Obscurial the one of Ariana's - it would make for great conflict with Dumbledore. But we'll see. I'm VERY curious as to how they're going to handle the time gap. The end of the second film was in 1927...the next three films have to take place between 1927 and 1945.
  13. Glad to hear good things about the film...the first film is so effortlessly endearing. The test screenings last year for Crimes of Grindelwald were very very mixed...and the reception it received then turned out to be very accurate for when it was finally released.
  14. I still never quite understand baumer's hatred for Pixar lol
  15. The Jungle Book, Aladdin, and Cinderella are the good ones. The rest range from mediocre to bad. Anyone hating BatB confuses me...it's so vanilla I don't understand how anyone can hate it. It's just...there. So workmanlike.
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