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  1. It's a trailer that gets better with repeat viewings. Beautiful. Mulan is my favorite Disney animated film.
  2. Cheetah is so important in how she's presented...it's very easy for a character design like her to get fucked in the process. But I have hopes she's gonna look great. Kristen Wiig is not at all what I expected but I love her (everyone else should too) and she's actually a great dramatic actress.
  3. It had a $12.8m second Saturday in China? How much is this heading towards, then? $110m?
  4. Have you seen Noah? She was regarded as one of the best in that film. She was excellent in DH1 (as it was Hermione's movie), Perks, and hilarious in Bling Ring.
  5. Endgame was easily the best for me. Not an MCU stan by any stretch of the imagination (I only love IM1, WS, and Endgame) but holy shit, the emotion in the last hour really hit me hard.
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