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  1. Courtney really needs to lay off the lip fillers.
  2. This was a fucking blast. Just so much fun and so damn bloody. The Scream movies are really violent but not scary at all - not a knock against it at all. The cast was great, with Jasmin Savoy Brown (Mindy) and Mikey Madison (Amber) being the MVPs of this film. The former was fucking hysterical and the latter was just fantastic.
  3. This is one of the few films that hugely depends on the status of COVID. I would say if things are back to normal, it should hit around $500m-$550m. Otherwise, I can see this dipping below $450m.
  4. What do you guys expect from this? I think if reviews are just okay enough with decent WOM, I can see it hitting $300m OS. My current prediction is $315m OS.
  5. DH1 is the pinnacle of Potter films. Top four for me are DH1/DH2/PoA/HBP.
  6. Didn't you ask for spoilers a month or two ago for a film?
  7. I might even argue that TLOU2 is the most powerful story told in the last ten years, and not just in video games - but in any medium. It's a stunningly beautiful and intimately realised story that captures what it means to be human.
  8. Not at all. I think the HBO show has the potential to be astounding television, and more importantly, I believe The Last of Us 2 will be utterly gripping and could become a classic. But I'm getting too ahead with that. Now, the problem with this movie is that it needs to do three things: Have relatable, engaging characters Have fun action sequences backed up by at the very least a solid enough story with interesting puzzles Travel to beautiful and strange places Get those done, and you essentially have captured the magic of Uncharted. Instead of t
  9. Goblet of Fire was PG-13. For some reason, Half-Blood Prince was rated PG while everywhere else around the world it had the equivalent of a PG-13 rating.
  10. Antisemitism? Racism? Elaborate. For someone who wants her to go away, you sure talk about her a lot. And think of her even more.
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