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  1. I honestly am at a loss for words when I read something like this. I'm no SW fan (liked TLJ though) and I can't comprehend how some people just hate it on such a visceral level.
  2. RoTS not finishing above TLJ would need catastrophic WOM and a very muted OW. I can't see it happening...too easy of a club?
  3. Even if it does, that just shows how bad America is at dealing with mental illness, and more importantly, the hundreds of millions of guns in the country.
  4. I'm honestly at a loss...does he truly think that this movie is going to cause mass shootings? Even IF this movie inspires a nut to start shooting...that says far, far, far more about America's monumentally idiotic gun laws and their general outlook on mental illness than what the film supposedly incites.
  5. I wish It2 did more...it deserved to at least hit $40m. Anyway, it'll still make huge business for WB.
  6. I honestly loved this. This and its predecessor truly feel like one of the very few horror movies that can legitimately be called epic. For such a long movie, I thought it moved by quite fast but it could have been trimmed down a bit. The cast is perfect (with the MVP being Bill Hader) and the last act is just so goddamn satisfying. Catharsis is so rare in horror movies because they usually end on either such a depressing or stupid note and often they just discard the characters for the sake of cheap thrills. It and It 2 are the gold standard for horror movies IMO...the characters and stories, not the scares, take center stage. Congratulations to everyone involved in the making of these films...they will undoubtedly become classics and essential viewing for anyone who likes horror. The friendships in these movies are honestly some of the most endearing in cinema (and they are easily the most thoughtful and engaging characters in horror). Great effort.
  7. Good enough trailer. However, anyone who thinks that Rey is actually turning to the dark side is fooling themselves. This is clearly a red herring from a man who clearly loves to throw people off.
  8. The movie will jump I think at least 5 years in the future (I really don't know how that works out for Queenie/Jacob) since it's confirmed it will be set in the 1930s. But how many more time jumps are gonna happen? The fifth film is supposed to take place in 1945.
  9. It should be illegal to have Rachel Weisz's face look faded.
  10. JK Rowling, who used to be insanely prevalent on Twitter, hasn't been posted anything since March. I truly feel like that aside from the fact that she's reworking hard on the script, I believe the criticism and jokes made about her last year has really got to her. I'm not saying she's depressed or anything, but I do believe that social media has taken its toll on her. It's weird how we haven't heard anything about it. Also...it shows how Leta's death was a last minute decision. If it were planned long in advance, they could have at least made her duel Grindelwald and be the one to take the blood vial from him before he killed her. The film has so many great themes that are inundated by such a lack of clear focus. They are REALLY going to have to make Queenie's arc very strong and believable in this. Anyway...surprised that there is no news whatsoever about this.
  11. Liu Yifei, in all honesty, should have kept her fucking mouth shut. I'm sorry, but you are literally playing a hero (my favorite one in all of Disney) who represents strength, courage, and compassion in the face of adversity. You are beyond privileged to be in a position where you can speak your mind, so the utter ignorance of posting something as stupid as supporting the Hong Kong police against protesters shows how out of touch with reality she really is. Everyone can speak their mind, and she has a right to her opinion, but she seems woefully misinformed and where the hell is her PR manager? Such a massive mistake. People underestimate how insanely restrictive China is. Even Saudi Arabia, one of the most oppressive places in the world, still has access to YouTube and Twitter. China has none of that. They have effectively eliminated most of their connection to the outside world and instead feed their citizens a barrage of propaganda daily. I'll still watch it, but this is going to be a PR nightmare for the film. And the lack of response from Disney is just one of the many examples of how corporations can impede on human progress.
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