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  1. Kravitz is on fire. She looks fucking beautiful and mysterious. RPattz looks like an exhausted emo ready to strike and slash at the world with his bangs. Farrell's Penguin is unbelievable. My only qualm is why hide his real face?
  2. I can imagine how stressful that must be...but don't worry, I'm sure you'll be okay in the end. It'll be tough but you'll get through it. Sending you positive energy. Good luck!
  3. Tom Holland playing Nathan Drake? LMFAO what a joke
  4. Looks stunningly beautiful. My only main issue is that they need to stop with fucking songs...just keep epic and haunting music instead. This actually does feel like a Part 1. You can feel that.
  5. If studios are intent on filming during these times, then you have to expect the crew to get infected.
  6. Cheetah looks really good...although I'm surprised at how unrecognizeable Wiig is when she transforms. I thought she'd look more like the promo that was leaked. I thought she looked phenomenal in this leaked picture, but I still love this one too. I think this one loses more of her femininity and looks more animalistic - which is definitely more menacing.
  7. Honestly much more excited to see Kravitz than anyone.
  8. Rowling's words, which was what got the transgender thing happening...are actually very valid in a lot of ways. Gender roles do change. That is a fact of life in every corner of this planet. But to dismiss biological sex in how it informs VERY much about everyone's life does our development a disservice.
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