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  1. Rowling's words, which was what got the transgender thing happening...are actually very valid in a lot of ways. Gender roles do change. That is a fact of life in every corner of this planet. But to dismiss biological sex in how it informs VERY much about everyone's life does our development a disservice.
  2. You can't say mistakes aren't made. That's a ridiculously childish claim and the very opposite of the truth. You have children born every single minute around the world with horrific disabilities, compromised immune systems, cancer, STDs, neurological limitations, etc... I don't believe blurring the line between sex and gender will ever work, not even by the left. But you ARE aware that some people are born with both a penis and vagina, right? Some are born with reduced development of their reproductive organs. In general...that god doesn't make mistakes is not a valid argument whatsoever.
  3. I meant the people working outside the US. I could be wrong, but I remember reading how dire the conditions were.
  4. I honestly find Jeff Bezos one of the most despicable men on the planet. Unbelievable greed. Most of the people who work for him work under terrible conditions. He's literally a man who is truly able to change the world for the better if he wanted to - particularly his country.
  5. The second film did huge numbers overseas for its time, but the third and fourth were just gargantuan. $690m and $715m OS for each, respectively. Still surprises me. Also, is there something wrong with BOM? DH1 just went up $16m WW...from $960m to $976m. OoTP went from $939m to $942m.
  6. Age of Extinction better than Bohemian? I haven't been able to will myself into watching BR, but that's a pretty fucking low bar.
  7. You mean the establishment had nothing to do with it? Give me a break.
  8. The Star Wars saga (2015-2019) is a lesson in how not to execute a series. People have been dying for the series since RoTS ended...it was hugely unnecessary making spin-offs during the time of the trilogy. It dampens excitement considerably.
  9. Maybe the world needs an elightened, benevolent authoritarian...and throw these idiots in prison for purposefully fucking things up for everybody.
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