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  1. Found out yesterday CoG, under WB's previous chairman, was pressured not to exceed 135 minutes...which is why we had 46+ scenes being cut. That's a shitload of content...obviously many would not have made it but 3+ scenes of Queenie/Grindelwald, Tina/Leta, etc...shame. But not having a title yet means that it will most likely sound similar to CoG. Also... @ViewerAnon, did you hear anything about Nagini?
  2. The title for CoG was released exactly one year before its release along with a synopsis. This has nothing...not even a single official picture!
  3. Where did she keep saying trans women are a threat? Because she made a statement that anyone who simply identifies as a woman can go into bathrooms can be a big risk? That's it? I believe the majority of trans-identified people not only pose zero threat to others, but are vulnerable for all the reasons I’ve outlined. Trans people need and deserve protection. Like women, they’re most likely to be killed by sexual partners. Trans women who work in the sex industry, particularly trans women of colour, are at particular risk. Like every other domestic abuse and sexual assault survivor
  4. I don't know why I believe this will do well...the kind of movie people would watch in theaters.
  5. Nobody remembers any character from that movie (including Will Smith's character) aside from Harley Quinn and to a significantly lesser extent, The Joker.
  6. So, essentially...if this didn't have streaming, it would have likely done over $110m easily.
  7. According to multiple reliable sources who know people that went to the screening, I don't blame Rowling for exploding and getting furious when so many people claimed she was queerbaiting when she previously said it would come later.
  8. I have a feeling the title and some cast photos will be released on July 15...same strategy they did with Crimes of Grindelwald.
  9. If F9 was able to open to 70m, Black Widow should have no issue hitting at the very least 85m.
  10. Really fun film with some memorable action set pieces...and the performances were uniformly great.
  11. Hancock was not before her rise. At all. Plus, didn't she star in a horrible comic book movie? And she's been a villain for 4 years in the Fast&Furious franchise...yeah, no. I doubt she gives a hoot if it's a superhero movie or not.
  12. I'm convinced that Ariana being within Aurelius is true...at least for the fourth and final film.
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