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  1. Looks like absolute dogshit...unbelievable that a cast and crew worked on this for over a year and THIS is the end result? A horrific crash...but for the ages. Jason DeYEAH It's disturbing how terrible they all look...weirdly enough, only the lead and Taylor's CG seems passable. Everyone else's looks disgusting. Could be the visual effects team is on crack...you never know.
  2. Sonic looks better, sure...but the film itself looks like a fucking joke. Holy shit at that godawful cinematography. Bomb written all over it.
  3. TFA's gross OS was an enormous anomaly. Anyone who's followed box office knows this to be true...the Star Wars movies were always really big overseas (with the exception of AoTC) but they never came close to the mammoth numbers that Potter, Rings, and Pirates did. TPM came closest. Star Wars is a franchise, even with future instalments and different adaptations, just won't do very large business in most of Asia and Latin America.
  4. Its WOM is decent...and that's the problem. It needed to have great WOM for this to have any sort of staying power. Decent WOM for a film in a franchise where the last two films received tepid WOM is not going to convince anyone to watch it....especially for a franchise that's been irrelevant for two decades.
  5. Can someone explain to me why someone would honestly waste their time fabricating a false story? Obviously tons do it but it has never been able to fully register with me. Also...there are millions upon millions who are looking forward to this film...how sad and pathetic do you have to be to try and spread negativity? What a sad, little, lonely life they must lead. I really hope this film does really well critically and at the box office just to shut up the naysayers and haters...actually, I'd like to see them get even more pissed. It's a joy to watch such petty people have meltdowns.
  6. Joker is such a memorable film, but the score hasn't registered whatsoever.
  7. There are countless scores that are way above the Joker this decade. I honestly feel like you're joking. You gotta be...because if not, then you probably have listened to no more than 10 scores this decade.
  9. With the plethora of stories and potential projects out there that's just dying to be adapted, they go with fucking Ghostbusters - an utterly irrelevant franchise.
  10. From the Disney Renaissance films, I love Mulan and Tarzan the most by far. I really like Aladdin, TLK, and BaTB. Little Mermaid is good/decent. I'd easily argue that this decade was better than the Renaissance. I absolutely love Zootopia, Frozen, Tangled, and Moana. WiR was a massive surprise for me. I wasn't expecting to enjoy it so much. Big Hero 6 was mediocre and completely forgettable, but everything else they have been on damn point. Hopefully Frozen 2 ends the decade on a bang.
  11. I believe Wonder Woman 84 can increase on the first. One of the rare sequels to do so from a $400m first film (ala Catching Fire). Overseas is where I expect it to increase very significantly.
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