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  1. I think your mom will win.
  2. Cloud Atlas is definitely one of the favorite blockbuster of the decade so far with only Interstellar ahead of it (which also has a 74%). Others I would mention are The Dark Knight Rises, Deathly Hallows Part 2 (DH1 is the MVP of the series though), Catching Fire, and Mad Max: Fury Road. Didn't mention animated films, and I feel like I'm forgetting a few other blockbuster films... OH YES GRAVITY.
  3. Whoa, what the hell happened? It's 71%...that consensus needs to change lol
  4. Patty Jenkins is the single best thing to happen to the DCEU. She single-handedly saved it from collapsing in on itself with the release of WW - which I still consider one of the most heartwarming and optimistic blockbusters of the 2000s. It has its flaws, but it's so full of heart with great characters. I can't wait for WW1984.
  5. Rowling's "controversies" is in no way a correlation of her abilities as a screenwriter. That is where she has fumbled upon. But the WW universe is fucking enormous...they can get a new director, a basic story approval from Rowling, and a new writer and create something completely new and it would do gangbusters. A genuine shame the Grindelwald-Dumbledore epic was shoehorned into the FB series. They should have been completely separate. Anyway, if FB3 is received with merely an okay response, then they should simply end it with the fourth.
  6. Box office, aside from some films here and there, has lost its gleam for quite a while. But yes, with the destruction of theaters and the hideous site BOM has become, my interest in BO decreased enormously. But with studios' movies now all moving to streaming? Yeah, box office as we know it is dead. The one we knew is definitely dead. Film will always be important to me, but I have not been nearly as invested in it as I once was. Not even close. But it's truly a shame that box office prediction is essentially done.
  7. I just recently played the games a few months ago and fell in love with them. They should be completely fun, escapist movies. What a shame with the lead casting and the director - with a talented director this could really be huge. Especially since escapist movies will likely become very appealing to audiences.
  8. A fun and entertaining movie with a great performance by Millie Brown. 8.5/10
  9. Yeah, he's done. After being fired from FB, he's never doing any big-budget movies ever again. Most likely all he can do right now are indie films.
  10. Oh...the sweet simplicity and boundless optimism of I miss it...
  11. This anti-Rowling/she's transphobic needs to put to rest. It was astonishing how one reviewer made it seem like she was transphobic and the entire universe went against her. She's not a hateful or deceitful person.
  12. Kravitz is on fire. She looks fucking beautiful and mysterious. RPattz looks like an exhausted emo ready to strike and slash at the world with his bangs. Farrell's Penguin is unbelievable. My only qualm is why hide his real face?
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