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  1. Thank you. And yes...not to sound biased, but she was by far my favorite performance in Crimes of Grindelwald. She deserves the best.
  2. A credit to Rowling's ability - particularly the past few years!
  3. Far worse movies consecutively in every single franchise released, and they ploughed through. Crimes, for all its faults, was still a thinking person's film.
  4. I'm sorry...this might be one of my most important posts here...I truly do love Rowling. Rowling was a place of safety for me growing up, but recently, I have to realize that there are trans people who suffered immensely because of her words... I try to be a good person, and I TRULY believe Rowling is and that the transgender issue has been significantly misinformed...but I need to say that if anyone has been hurt, then I am sorry. Please forgive me...but she has been a place of home for me.
  5. Does anyone else believe she doesn't mean to be anti-trans in the way some people make her to be? Not that I blame any trans or anyone who has trans friends/family...they are the more important factor here... But I genuinely believe she actually is pro-trans but anti-sex labeling below 18.
  6. I'll say this, though...and focusing on the topic itself solely. Rowling had every right to explode and get aggravated when people claimed she was queer-baiting when Yates said Dumbledore's sexuality was "not explicitly" stated in the second film. Even though it was far more explicit than people expected. She expressed there were more films...and she was right. I don't care if it's a spoiler, but
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