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  1. Yes. The Hanging Tree scene.
  2. The problem is that so many scenes from MJ1 could have been cut and nothing would have changed at all. Ironic that MJ1 has one of the most stunning scenes of the series...if not the best.
  3. If they had made Mockingjay as a single, 2 hour-45 minute film, it could have been an absolutely devastating movie and cause the series to be regarded among the greats of science fiction. MJ1 hurt the series' legacy badly. I was never worried about MJ2 as a film, but I knew they had way too little to work from with the first half of the book...and boy, did the film suffer badly for it.
  4. David Sakurai cast as one of Grindelwald's followers. http://movieweb.com/fantastic-beasts-2-cast-david-sakurai-villain/
  5. I've never been a fan of Illumination. DM1 is so forgettable too but I enjoyed the minions in it. Nothing else has been better than mediocre.
  6. Aronofsky sounds really fucking pretentious in the interviews.
  7. I just read every scene between MJ and Peter. Fucking adorable.
  8. Shift+F (search for gay) I read the conversation between Peter and MJ (a guy) coming out to him. It was really cute. THANKS ANGEL I WANT THIS TO HAPPEN.
  9. Me too. I think $330m is the absolute max if everything in the universe aligns for the film. I'm guessing $290m, too.
  10. This looks great. I'm in for anything Pfeiffer.

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