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Issac Newton

Napoleon | $152.5M OS | $213.4M WW

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Some OD Numbers..

  • France - 121.840 admits ($1.019M)
  • UK - £789K
  • Italy - €407K
  • Thailand (Bangkok) - ฿1.59M WED / ฿1.16M THU (฿2.69M in 2-Days)
  • Argentina - 23.015 admits
  • Peru - 13.000 admits


From @Variety


“Napoleon”‘s French box office on accounts for nearly a third of the $3.578 million grossed by the film internationally since debuting on Wednesday. So far, the movie has grossed $11.303 million globally. 

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‘Napoleon’ Rides To $21M Global Through Thursday; Now Looking To Conquer $70M+ WW Bow – International Box Office

 On Thursday, Napoleon added 40 more markets, upping the running offshore cume to $8.9M through the first two days. Majors launching on Thursday were Oz, Brazil, Germany, Italy and Mexico – all release markets to date are opening Napoleon at No. 1. Today brings Spain, among others, on board to reach 56 hubs. In total, this weekend will rep 85% of the international footprint. Significant markets to come are China and Japan on December 1 and Korea on December 6.



Through Thursday, the top markets are the UK ($1.75M), France ($1.74M), Germany $530K, Australia ($493K), Italy ($447K) and Mexico ($424K).


The expectation is for the mature European markets to lead play.

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Ridley Scott’s Napoleon has exceeded expectations with $78.8M global across the five-day opening frame, including $46.3M from the international box office. This is higher than the Friday estimate (see below), and well above pre-weekend projections


From Apple Original Films and Sony Pictures, the action epic started worldwide release on Wednesday and expanded to 56 offshore markets through Friday. 


Overseas, the Joaquin Phoenix-starrer doubled both Killers Of The Flower Moon and House Of Gucci, and is 86% ahead of Elvis in like-for-like markets at the same point in release. The bulk of play is coming from Europe with $33M, led by the UK’s No. 1 $6.6M and France’s No. 1 $5.6M (critics be damned, evidently). Germany, also at No. 1, grossed $3.4M, Spain did $3.3M at No. 1 and Italy took $3.1M


Most of Asia is still to release including China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines.

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In holdovers, Ridley Scott’s Napoleon added an impressive $28.6M this frame from 63 overseas hubs. The Apple Original Films produced/Sony Pictures distributed action epic now counts $90.9M international for $136.6M global. Holdover markets dropped by just 46% as the film sees strong performance offshore. While it was a low opening, which is to be expected these days, China led new markets with $2.8M. Japan debuted to $900K, 65% ahead of the launch of Killers of the Flower Moon. Korea is still to release. 


The Top 5 markets are the UK ($11.8M), France ($9.9M), Germany ($6.2M), Spain ($6.2M) and Italy ($6.1M). The worldwide IMAX cume is $12.6M.

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DeadlineRidley Scott’s Napoleon has crossed the $200M mark globally, getting to the milestone with Tuesday’s numbers included. The worldwide tally for the biographical epic is $200.7M, of which $141.1M is from the international box office. Through yesterday, the domestic cume is $59.6M.


Overseas is led by the European majors. The UK is the top market at $16.7M, followed by France ($14.4M), Germany ($10.9M), Spain ($10.1M) and Italy ($8.4M). Rounding out the Top 10 are Mexico ($7.5M), Australia ($7.3M), Netherlands ($5.5M), China ($3.9M) and Brazil ($3.9M).

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On 12/27/2023 at 11:23 PM, PlatnumRoyce said:

Do people know good france/spain/italy (Mexico/Aus/Brazil would be cool too but I don't think they exist) specific box office sites like Mojo or insideKino? I want to do a bit of a larger dive


Well for Italy we have Cinetel to check the daily, weekly and yearly box office but the data disappears after the end of the period


Then I use mymovies when I want to quickly see how much a film has grossed in Italy but the it isn't always perfectly precise

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