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Saw this last weekend and found it to be a fun time at the movies. Bloody and silly in equal measure while generating just the right amount of suspense, with a game cast led by a scene-stealing performance from young Alisha Weir as the eponymous ballerina vampire. If leaving the revived Scream series means more ridiculously entertaining horror flicks featuring exploding people between Ready or Not and now this, then a new Radio Silence joint will always be something worth checking out.



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Alisha does a wonderful job, she sells me on wanting to learn more about their entire deal. The pacing is a little odd, I checked my time like "Wait what are we doing for the next 45 minutes",  but they flesh things out enough to entice you and I'd be open to more.

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I hadn't seen the trailer, I just had heard of this as a vampire horror movie. So for the first 40 minutes I thought I had got the film mixed up with something else cause this is actually an action thriller with no vampires.


I enjoyed it. I thought it was pretty tense, the humour worked well, whole cast was great, especially Dan Stevens and Alisha Weir. Some nice gory practical effects and good music choices.

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