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SOTM 6 Tom vs Adam vs M (Due by Monday...hurry)

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This one is a true definition of the term Spur of the Moment as it just came to me. I love it when this happens.There are three films that could ostensibly end up on the same trajectory, but might take different paths to get there.These three films are That's My Boy, Rock of Ages and Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.Your challenge is this:Tell me, by July 30th atuals (for the weekend) of these three films, which finishes closest to 60 million. What finishes closest to 50 million and what finishes closes to 40 million?Points for this are going to kind of be like a bonus round. There will be no points lost for incorrect answers. Call all three films right, get 10,000 pointsCall two the three films right, get 5000 pointsGet only one film right and you get no points. Now the caveat to this is that one film could be the correct answer for two slots. This is our challenge. For example, say Rock of Ages makes 60.25 mill, That's My Boy makes 35.5 mill and Marigold makes 47.25 mill, then ROA would eb closest to 60, Marigold closest to 50 mill and TMB closest to 40 mill. Cool? Your answer is due by Monday June 25th at midnight, or when i get up on Tuesday morning. :)Good luck to all of you.

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