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  1. Love Simon looks like the worst movie ever made, like Wonder did before it. Shit looks poisonously middle-brow.
  2. YESSS!! I was waiting for the concert to show up here since november. Life is complete.
  3. I guess I’m just a little ashamed it took me this long to feel anything of the sorts lmao. Also, no.
  4. Ok, while we are posting personal stuff, let me ask you guys something. It’ll sound very Han/TOG-ish, but fuck it. Recently, I went out on a date with someone I met via Tinder. We got drunk and I bought him home. It was a successful date. Then in the following days, while I’m trying to study (which is pretty much all I do these days), I keep catching myself smiling, remembering the cutesy stuff we did while we were in bed, how I woke up in the morning with him cuddling me despite me changing beds in the middle of the night because it was too hot sleeping with him on the same bed (there are two beds in my bedroom). I keep pulling out on my phone the pics he sent to me. I feel great when I’m texting him and I feel great in general, singing while driving and all that stuff. Is this how love feels like? I’m 23 so I’m a little embarrassed asking you people this preteen question.
  5. Never been to a famous one, but theme parks sounds super boring if I’m being honest. Would rather spend 800$ on literally anything else.
  6. I know I’m pretty much a noob when it comes to normal people’s music, but I’ve been listening to John Grant’s discography in the past few days and I think I’m a fan now.
  7. Tis will make A LOT of money; it just has to be good. Can’t believe how high on production values this looks. Feels like an event for a movie not based on a #brand tbh.
  8. I didn't even need to rewatch Logan for my appreciation of the movie to plummet. Movie was like a 9 when I saw it and a year later it’s problably a 7. It’s pretty basic stuff unfortunately; I find The Wolverine a lot more focused and good on what it’s trying to say. Plus Logan looks below average visually in many spots whereas TW is more consistently pleasing to the eyes. On WW, it’s a shame that they got such a mediocre craftswoman to handle the enterprise, because that movie had ambition, and having Pine as your leading man is always a great asset, but the happy meal packaging of the whole thing is just too overwhelming.
  9. I shall exile myself until I repent for this grave misstep.
  10. such a triumph i still can't remember this plane crash scene you're talking about. actually, i don't recall any scene taking place in a plane or showing one.
  11. it says a lot about the genre that year when some people ironically like BvS the best of the bunch.
  12. i agree with this post, but i can’t bring myself to hit the like button. sorry, chewy.
  13. Not a fan either, but Apoc does have a few qualities. Singer craftman skills for one; he can direct a scene, unlike most of the superhero directors. Plus, Jlaw/Fassbender/Mcavoy combo, a score that doesn’t act like background noise and dat Oscar Isaac ham which makes every scene he’s in somewhat enjoyable — he’s a goddman presence in that movie. It’s an unfortunate it doesn’t come together as a whole.

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