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  1. Gotta say wasn’t impressed, at all. Speaking from a visual standpoint I think it looks pretty drab and cheap (NOT BECAUSE OF COLORS IF THAT’S WHAT YOU GUYS ARE STILL ON ABOUT).
  2. Thinking about it, I appreciate it more for the technical qualities and deliriously fun performances than anything else.
  3. but otherwise it’s fun? Could have been less on the nose for sure. there are some excellent shots here as well. at some meg calls x and it’s absolutely fantastic how it’s framed.
  4. I expected more after all the controversy? Awful, but in a really really mediocre way. 15/100
  5. I’m sure this terribly unintuitive residing will only further my disinterest in box office. What a shame.
  6. Go home folks, here the definitive and only acceptable list. 1 The Dark Knight Rises 2 The Wind Rises 3 Watchmen 4 Spider-Man 2 5 Batman Begins 6 X-Men Days of Future Past 7 Superman Returns 8 Scott Pilgrim 9 The Dark Knight 10 Hulk 11 Speed Racer 12 Spider-Man 13 Only Yesterday (Ghibli) 14 Iron Man 15 X2 16 Spider-Man Into the Spiderverse 17 The Wolverine 18 Xmen First Class 19 Hellboy 2 20 Spider-Man 3 21 Batman Returns 22 Logan 23 Man of Steel
  7. This is great. Cried a lot. Never really liked the music in any of these, but it’s pretty amazing here.
  8. Pretty fun up until Aladdin has to win Jasmine over as Prince Ali. Ffell asleep during the climax. Smith absolutely kills it. The Americanism of it is annoying.
  9. they are not giving it 200m after 3 underperformers. my bet is something like 100m, 130m at most. that's what it looks like from the trailer.
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