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  1. mother! (2017)

    I was enraged by Jlaw’s passiveness even if I understood that was within her character. It makes the movie’s first segment, which is before she gets pregnant, feel long as fuck. I also went knowing mother! was a religious allegory, but couldn’t quite connect the dots until the crowd broke the baby’s neck. That was a bit frustrating at first, but after sleeping on it, I’m kinda strangely happy with that aspect of the movie? Didn’t get the point of that shakey camera trick they used whenever the focus was on someone. Anyway, mother! feels very much like a masterpiece even though I didn’t like it much.
  2. The Classic Conversation Thread

    I thought the point of film schools was to make connections? So, bigger, more influent film schools would probably be the way to go. I can’t see the point otherwise. Plus, if they can afford it, living far away from your parents during college is great. You get a smooth transition from teenagerhood to adulthood; all of the freedom and little to no responsibility that comes with being an adult.
  3. Prisoners, Arrival and Incendies are pretty fantastic looking movies. Sicario and Polytechnique are nice, too.
  4. The Classic Conversation Thread

    in the telegram chat group right now *
  5. The Classic Conversation Thread

    Pretentious is a terrible word and you’re a bad, bad person for using it to describe movie. Talk about a term that says more about the person using it than the movie itself.
  6. Half Blood Prince - 250m budget, why?

    Budget went up cause WB had negotiated the trio’s salary only for 5 movies. When the sixth movie came, they had to renegotiate the contracts, and the three actors had a loooooot leverage. I even remember rumors Watson threatening to not do the following movies.
  7. What is it with my opinions that triggers everybody in this forum? You all make it seem like I do it for attention when it’s really not the case. Besides, my criticisms of IT are echoed in various other reviews, so it’s not like I’m alone on the points I made.
  8. the teaser has already sold me on it. not watching the second trailer.
  9. Hot Take Alert 🚨 Everyone keeps fawning over the visuals, but I think they look like Deakins weakest work in ages. I definitely not a fan of this ‘one color scheme dominates the frame’ thing, the foggy and darkened exterior shots put me off a great deal and some of the interiors in the trailer are so poorly lit it’s appalling. IDK maybe it will work on film...
  10. The Classic Conversation Thread

    what a boring movie to remake. the swedish film is already so been there done that.
  11. One of my biggest problems with the movie is that it should have reduced the Losers club to just ~4 kids. Movie suffers for sticking with 7 kids because 1) most of them are underdeveloped 2) since every kid must have one big individual scare scene, the first act ends up being 60-70 mintes long, fucking up the act structure. Also, it’s kind insulting how bad the adults and bullies are written.
  12. Not my fault they are all so mediocre, and that people can’t see that.
  13. Structurally problematic. One hour in and Pennywise was still making its first appearance to some of the kids. The Hunted House sequence feels like a finale except it isn’t and you realize there still a half hour left. And how laughable is that movie tries to scare us with PG crappy CGI creatures? Also, so painfully overscored. I liked the kids and most scenes with Pennywise. The Photo Projector scene is terrific and the only one even remotely scary.

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