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  1. Goffe

    Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018)

    I thought it was terrible. Could have gone directly for the 'Let's find Penelope a home in the Internet' instead of stalling us with the 'Let's go to the internet to find this thing'. Screams Dad Tackles Stuff Out-of-his-Time and all the cringe that comes with it. Dialogue is deliberately written for and only 10-year-olds. The OhMyDisney advertisement is absolutely shameless and insidious, and for the alone people should rip this movie apart. 2/10
  2. remember when BvS made it above CW? good times, when BOT still did the right thing
  3. Didn't even know people remembered this movie still.
  4. At least BR made it above IW, and I'm happy that I helped that happen. Still, IW made the list.
  5. Endgame will pay lip service to it and Marvel stans will praise for how thought-provoking the movie is. I'm still laughing about the colonialism essays that came out of Ragnarok.
  6. Actually, it doesn't? Gays identify with straight people in movies all the time since we are all humans and we go through, more or less, the same life obstacles and stuff. Why the reverse wouldn't be also true? It might alienate homophobes, tho.
  7. Not hating on Frozen or anything, but does anyone think the character's design/animation feel super cheap? The environments around them look gorgeous and expensive of course but the character themselves feel like something out of a subpar animation.
  8. Voldemort did it, tho. His main goal throughout DH1 is to get the Elder Wand, which he does.
  9. The argument is dumb, and clearly stems from this notion that Thanos is the protagonist, which he is not. Which protgaonist appears in only 20% of his own film? Actually, the movie is about a collective of superheroes, whose individual characters already had tons and tons the screentime in their own movies, trying to stop the mega baddie; IW very much ends where the second act of a complete movie would.
  10. info of the day right here. here’s a ⭐️ sticker.
  11. First time I went drunk to the movies I went to see First Man (instead of Venom which was the other option). Not very wise of me. I fell asleep, betraying Chazelle’s trust, whom never let me down.
  12. This better not be a waste of my NYT free articles quota
  13. am I the only one who thought this was from a videogame cutscene? (i saw it before watching the tv spot)

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