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  1. there should be a reaction every positive raimi + spidey post would get one from me
  2. Can’t say MCU fans meltdowning is not fun. I’m enjoying it.
  3. Go home folks, here the definitive and only acceptable list. 1 The Dark Knight Rises 2 The Wind Rises 3 Watchmen 4 Spider-Man 2 5 Batman Begins 6 X-Men Days of Future Past 7 Superman Returns 8 Scott Pilgrim 9 The Dark Knight 10 Hulk 11 Speed Racer 12 Spider-Man 13 Only Yesterday (Ghibli) 14 Iron Man 15 X2 16 Spider-Man Into the Spiderverse 17 The Wolverine 18 Xmen First Class 19 Hellboy 2 20 Spider-Man 3 21 Batman Returns 22 Logan 23 Man of Steel
  4. 3 4 2 1 1 really is the only one not very good.
  5. This is great. Cried a lot. Never really liked the music in any of these, but it’s pretty amazing here.
  6. There isn’t a better score with Zimmer’s name on it than Pirates 3.
  7. It's gonna be a bloodbath. Brazil is pretty into X-Men and there were like 15 people in my screening.
  8. Editing is so bad in dialogue-heavy sequences. Only accentuates the flat performances and first draft dialogue even more. Everything character-related, apart from Xavier's arc, feels perfunctory, stripping away what distinguished the X-Men franchise from the other, current, franchises. Every good X film was interested about its core characters. As someone who thought Jlaw was acceptable to good in the previous movies, she was phoning it in hard in this one.
  9. the build-up to the sequence and the first few minutes are well done, I agree, but it gets tiresome after a while and the final showdown is terribad.
  10. Yikes. There are seeds of good ideas here, but they are executed so poorly my god. Dialogue exchanges and performances are mostly painful. Haven’t seen a bigger disconnect between a score and a movie scope. Chastain’s villain is horrendous. It’s bad.
  11. Oh well, there it goes the only tentpole I was excited for in a while.
  12. Corporation fanboys are certainly the worst. No doubt about it. Also, bummed this is most likely not good.
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