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  1. Newt is annoying. Maybe if he was a proper protagonist in these movies and not just another character among dozen, with real depth, maybe then it wouldn’t feel just like an actor doing a weird thing.
  2. Bayona is a very good technician, but he is just as bad as Yates, if not worse, at filtering out bad plotting. So, him no good.
  3. He directed 6 movies already. Why give him another shot? Should Yates stay, the next movie is gonna be either like this or an even bigger disaster if the higher-ups (or JK herself) decide to micromanage things as a mean of course-correction. Why not give others a chance to make this franchise soar above “fine”, which has been the consesus of most of his films in the Potter franchise?
  4. People can train to block mind-readers from reading their thoughts.
  5. So, exactly what I said? Lol I understood it all fine, just didn’t feel the need to go in depth to explain a plot thread so wholly unsatisfying.
  6. lol it goes nowhere. she puts a spell on him to make he stay with her. Newt breaks the spell. He wants to stay away from her. During the movie they are sad because they away from each other. At the end Jacob calls Queenie crazy for joining Grindewald.
  7. My theory is that he thinks the shit but he’s not, but that works too.
  8. It goes nowhere and its pillars are made of wretched fanservice; it acts like you know and is invested as much as a hardcore fan. And then, there’s David Yates, a director that can’t block one single scene right, a director that can’t direct a coherent action sequence, a director that places his camera in either inappropriate or simply awkward places, a director that does his best to spoil the shot by underliting it and using color correction to its disadvantage. Also, there’s no good, substantial performance to be found here, which is actually an incredible feat given the stellar cast. Some notes: - There is a scene where the villain kills a child. The scene exists only to show how evil and dark he is. I laughed. - In the trailer, Newt’s brother is shown saying “Let’s take him”. In the movie he does literally nothing after that; he stands there with Grindewald killing all of the Aurors. I laughed. - At some point, a woman enters a classroom and Yates employs shacky cam technique to make it more grounded. She is in a classroom inside of a School-Castle where wizards learn how to do spells. I laughed. I never thought the franchise would sink this low tbh.
  9. This is as bad as everyone is saying. It goes nowhere and cheap fanservice is thrown at you every few minutes. Crimes of Grindewald acts like you know things and is invested as much as a hardcore fan. Undoubtedly the worst in the franchise. I would give it a 3/10.
  10. Ok, since everyone is getting their nostalgia fix, where is my live-action Digimon movie?
  11. The biggest tv channel here is gonna pay a tribute to Stan Lee tonight; they're going to do that by showing.... The Amazing Spider-Man 2. L O L

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