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  1. Glass is actually pretty good and entertaining. Very good final set piece. Shyamalan is the absolute best composing a scene and that in itself is enough to make it interesting. Not sure about the twist, but doesn't ruin the experience. McAvoy feels less like ACTOR DOING ACTING here. Better than Split for sure.
  2. let's be honest people, origins is the only really really bad and no good x-men film (unless you enjoy so bad it's good stuff).
  3. If TRS does indeed retcon TLJ, that would actually honor the spirit, what TLJ was going for, which was trying to be the best film possible even if that meant ignoring it was part of a larger, well-established franchise (in TRS's case, TLJ).
  4. sounds perfect to me. none of these superheroes need to be +120 minutes long.
  5. Kingberg did say, ages ago, that they were reshooting the third act to make it feel more like a closure. The original ending apparently had the x-men on the run or something, a cliffhanger of sorts.
  6. It’s actually pretty good? Color me surprised, the best of the 3. Shyamalan still rocks the art of blocking. Breathtaking visually. The lengthy closing setpiece is very entertaining. 7/10
  7. Awful, just like its predecessor. It’s all fanservice and time travel exposition. Sad moment followed by Sad Violin cue happening so many times was comic (especially the one at Thor’e cabin). Liked Cap Marvel. 0/10
  8. that's why it's a huge cop out. 20 movies leading to an event, then when consequences happens, they go all "well let's just time travel". of course that feels exactly like something the mcu would do.
  9. The excessive fanservice complaint seems to be a constant in all negative/mixed reviews I read. Yikes. The whole time travel thing sounds cheap af and a huge cop out.
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