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Season 2 Week #1

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Week #1

The time has come for Season 2 to offcially begin! 16 players are battling it out for top honors as the lone Survivor! Who will join last season's winner Frankenberry as the true leader of them all? The tribes have been made and let's see who won the first week.

A couple of new rules this season:

- Due to their only being 16 players from the start, a player will not be eliminated if they miss two straight games BUT the three strikes rule is still in effect

- Every player will get to have their predictions still count JUST ONCE THIS SEASON if they submitted their predictions within two hours of the deadline (The Creator will be able to use this pass today)


Weekend Grosses

Ice Age 4- $46.63 million

The Amazing Spider-Man- $34.63 million

Katy Perry: Part of Me- $3.801 million

Savages- $9.394 million

Magic Mike- $9.021 million

Ted- $22.41 million

Tyler Perry's Madea's Witness Protection- $5.584 million

Brave- $11.16 million

Madagascar 3- $3.670 million

Moonrise Kingdom- $3.705 million


The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel- $1,904

The Hunger Games- $1,320

Safety Not Guaranteed- $1,864

Take This Waltz- $3,134

Caped Crusaders

4815162342- 89.56%

acsc1312- 84.76%

Alfred- 90.43%

DoctorWho- 86.32%

Iceroll- 79.92% (placeholder)

Lost24- 86.68%

riczhang- 79.93%

Totem- 79.92% (placeholder)

Average- 84.69%


The Creator- 85.73%

Fakhir- 89.04%

Hallowed Prince- 79.92% (placeholder)

Infamous- 79.92% (placeholder)

SantanaLopez- 79.92% (placeholder)

Spaghetti- 92.23%

SuperBatman- 79.92% (placeholder)

XenoZodiac- 81.66%

Average- 83.54%

Top PTA Predictors

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel- Spaghetti (96.06%)

The Hunger Games- Spaghetti (99.32%)

Safety Not Guaranteed- Fakhir (96.57%)

Take This Waltz- DoctorWho (95.72%)

Overall- Alfred (92.42%)

* For each win above, the player received an extra 0.5% to their score


Hallowed Prince (1)

Iceroll (1)

Infamous (1)

SantanaLopez (1)

SuperBatman (1)

Totem (1)

Congrats Caped Crusaders! You won the first week of Survivor! Webslingers, one of you will be eliminated this week in Tribal Council. Spaghetti can not be eliminated since he has immunity. You can win second immunity if you have the highest amount of votes from your teammates but have the highest average based off the predictions for the films below. Everyone should PM me a vote as well.

Tribal Council Week #1- Predict the Friday grosses for the following films

The Dark Knight Rises

Ice Age 4

The Amazing Spider-Man



Tribal Council predictions are due by Friday @ 10 AM ET!

Tribal Council votes are due by Monday @ 1PM ET!

Survivor Week #2 Game- Predict the weekend grosses of the following films

The Dark Knight Rises

Ice Age 4

The Amazing Spider-Man


Magic Mike


Tyler Perry's Madea's Witness Protection


To Rome With Love

Moonrise Kingdom

Optional PTA's


The Intouchables

Men in Black 3

Your Sister's Sister

Predictions are due by Friday @ 9PM ET!

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Does someone have a rank of players from last season, from first place to 21st place? There's a lot of threads to sift through, and I just want a quicker way to see those rankings.

I think I was 20th :lol:

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Guys...I say we just do it with a new host. I'm sure there's someone who wants to host the game and has time to do it. Jmovies obviously doesn't have the time, so someone can take over the reigns from him, because honestly it would be fun to play again.

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