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Ezen Baklattan

Spaghetti Kitchen: Y4 (LIST COMPLETE!!!)

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Call Me Maybe - F

Hey, I just saw this, and it is crazy, but everthing sucks, Matt Reeves betrayed me.

The Homestarmy Invades - B-

As a childhood fan of the Homestar Runner cartoons, this film was a fun little nostalgia trip for me. I won't appeal to everyone, but I enjoyed it.

Maz3 3D - F

Nothing justifies the existence of this movie.

Sasquatch 3D - D-

Not even the target audience will really remember this.

The Immune - C+

For a lazy weekend in January, this Ryan Gosling action film won't cure the season blues, (ba-dum ching) but it's generally serviceable.

A Stark Knight - B-

This hilarious farce is sure to please Batman fans and general audiences alike. It's not quite "The Muppets," but James Bobin does a nice job here. I had a great time.

Columbine - C

The film tries to imitate a mix of Chronicle and United 93 in tackling the high school tragedy. However, the film suffers from a weak script, as well as an overload of pathos for the characters. Also, this is the kind of film that should give unknowns the chance to shine. I recognized everyone in this.

Lady Gaga: Born This Way 3D - C+

A fairly standard pop star concert/documentary. It's decently made, but only big Gaga fans will really get into it.

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Call Me Maybe - F

Hey, I just saw this, and it is crazy, but everthing sucks, Matt Reeves betrayed me.

XDD. Was waiting for a review like this. :P And the Stark Night review means you got just what I was going for with the movie. :D
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Bone: Vernal Equinox - B-

A fun and entertaining animated film, introducing us to a new world with big potential for storytelling.

Tyler Perry's Madea's Valentine - D

These films have an audience. I am no part of it.

Unbalanced - C- (Sorry Hiccup)

The film tries hard to creep out audiences (it sometimes works, too.) but some of the stories lack the payoff that the suspense would lead you to believe. It's a step up from most modern horror movies, but it still didn't do much for me.

Pokemon: Rise Of The Rockets - B

Now this is how you make a Pokemon movie! I kind of wanted Gary Oak to be more cocky as he was in the anime, but the film still makes for a fun and exciting adventure for all ages.

Forever Yours - C

Like Unbalanced, it's a step up from most films of its genre, even though it doesn't quite hit the spot. The film has good performances, but it follows many common romantic plot devices.

Six Souls 3D - F

A textbook example of "so bad, it's hilarious."

Army Of Two - C+

It's breezy and fun, with a more developed plod than most blockbusters. The acting is kind of "eh", though.

Phone Conversations With Mother - B-

Even with a main character who I didn't always root for, Phone Conversations is a well acted and well written comedy that should do the trick for most audiences.

City Of Darkness - C

Save some really cool fight scenes, this is a pretty generic and cliched action film, though it will certainly please some.

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I wanted to go against the grain and not have Gary Oak be a colossal dickwad like he's portrayed everywhere. Plus since I chose to go with a female protagonist it seemed better to have a more friendly Gary.That said, since Gary's gonna be gunning for League Champion in the third and final film of the Kanto arc, he's certainly going to be a lot more confident in going for the top of his game.

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That's understandable. Being a Pokemon buff, I like how the films actually are experiences in the actual games, not just adventures with legendary pokemon like the anime films.

Legendary Pokemon would make the films (at least in the RBY and GSC sagas) boring since it'd just be all about the Legendaries being super-powerful and doing stuff and some people wanting to catch them and some wanting to free them and it'd just constrict things.The second film here alluded to problems on Cinnabar Island and the Pokemon mansion being in trouble, and the third film might do some more allusions and minor info on that stuff, but at no point will Mewtwo show up in the film (though people who played the games will recognize that the stuff alluded to/mentioned involved Mewtwo). I prefer it that way since it makes more sense for the main characters to inadvertently get dragged into stopping Team Rocket shenannigans but never knowing the full picture of what Team Rocket is doing or how close Rocket got to doing some crazy-bad stuff. Edited by 4815162342
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That would be cool to see.

I think it's better that way because otherwise, what was a trilogy about becoming a great trainer and having a friendly rivalry with a childhood friend getting dragged into stopping some evil gangsters would suddenly turn into a story about OMG MEGA POKEMON MISCHIEF UNLEASHED!!!!!Of course, any films tackling the R/S/E or D/P/Pl sagas would have to incorporate legendaries since in those games the main plot actually involves the legendaries.
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The thing I really liked about your Pokemon films is that it's the same threat throughout the trilogy: and it's a villain that everyone who plays the games encounters.Black and White also involves legendary pokemon. In fact, you use one version mascot to battle the other at the game's climactic battles.

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I wanted to keep things true to the games where R/B/Y is about collecting badges and now and then Team Rocket does some crazy criminal scheme that has to be stopped. The legendaries in those games are just super-powered dungeon bosses.You may have noticed that a couple things towards the end of the second film are part of laying the groundwork for why Team Rocket still exists three years later in the Johto saga. Speaking of which, I'll probably do a version of the Johto saga a few game years after this trilogy concludes but then when that's done I'll release the rights to whoever would want to tackle films based on Generations 3-5.

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The 39 Steps - B

The plot becomes jumbled throughout the middle, but it's a funny and exciting film brilliantly done by Simon Pegg. Michael Giacchino's score was also really good.

The Conundrum - C+

A fun time travel comedy that should please audiences of most ages. And Stephen Merchant is awesome, so there's that.

Dawn Of Souls II: Rebirth - B-

It's technically fantastic. Everything about this film looks really pretty on the big screen, from the visual effects to the makeup. However, the story is problematic in with moments of cheese (especially the final moment.) and acting that wasn't quite solid. Still, this movie is decent entertainment, even if its main qualities are that of eye and ear candy.

On The Set - B

A solid documentary on an interesting subject. It won't really appeal to much audiences beyond film buffs, though.

Sylvarius - B+ (a case could be made for an A-)

Beautiful animation and a superb voice cast bring this magical story to life in an incredible world. The story and characters, especially Cobben the wizard and Sylvarius, are exciting to follow from start to finish. Also, the final act seems just okay in comparison to the rest of the movie. Sylvarius's lamenting of the humans destroying nature for personal gain is representative of a recently frequent environmental message, but it's important for our current state, and it's better handled than most other animated films. (looking at you, Lorax.) Also, the final act is not quite as strong as the rest of the film. Still, it's the best movie of the year so far, and also a potential leader for the animation category.

The Lost Planet Of The Sleeping Creature - D+

There's some fun moments in here, but it ultimately proved that Cabin In The Wood's success was much more due to Whedon than Goddard.

Illusiono 2 - B-

The story is just okay, but I'd be lying if I said that the action wasn't awesome.

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Hopefully, I'll get to April reviews tomorrow. I'll be busy on Tuesday, so I can't promise May reviews then. I should be at least beginning Fall by Friday night. I should have a Top 25 by the end of next weekend.As for my films, I will include them, but I'm going to be as impartial to them as possible.

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Wierd Al Yankovic: Insert Title Here In 2D - C+

Wierd Al is past his prime, but he's still pretty decent. The film is an enjoyable parody, ableit a forgettable one.

Mermaid - D

Bad acting. Bad script. Bad story. You would do well to avoid this movie.

Decker - C

This family film is generic and predictable, but it's harmless, and it should do well in pleasing the kiddies.

Best Friends Forever - B-

An anti-bullying tale disguised as a psychological horror, the film does have common tropes of the genre, but it's still a solid effort. I also give it credit for using AnnaSophia Robb to freak me out.

Paranoid 2 - C-

Again, horror movies aren't my thing, but it should be enjoyable for most audiences.

Death Of A Strawberry - D+

...what the hell did I just watch?

Service - C

Only moderately funny, but it's helped by its decent performances.

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Divisions - B

What it lacks in a really compelling plot, (It's certainly an interesting concept, but I've seen better from Abrams) it makes up for with superb visuals, some cool scenes, and a great performance by Matt Damon.

The Flash - C+

The Flash doesn't really do much that few other superhero films have done before - it's pretty run of the mill. The villian is also kind of lame. However, I'd be lying if I said that it wasn't a fun movie to watch. It's still sandwiched between two (better) summer blockbusters.

Call Of Duty: On Their Own Accord - A-

Finally! A summer blockbuster with a decently complex plot, some really good acting, and fantastic direction. And all of that is on top of the intense and exciting experience that was this movie. I was on the edge of my seat till the end credits scene, as the film's plot just kept getting more exciting. Also, Damn you, Shepard.

Once Upon A Mattress - B

A brilliant cast, fun songs, and clever humor make this an enjoyable romp for most audiences.

Battle: Mars 3D - D

A lame animated film. Why watch it when two better ones are just around the corner?

Bohemian - C

The idea sounded good on paper - an adaption of Bohemian Rhapsody into a feature length film - but it doesn't work. The film really drags, and a lot of the content felt like filler to pave way for what was in the song. There were some cool scenes, and the ending was great, but the film is unfortunately an overlong mess.

Our City - A-

One of the best movies of the year so far. The plot is simple, but it has moments of childlike nostalgia, light humor, and even honest emotion. The ups and downs that the city goes through is fascinating to watch, and the truth of the inventor was an interesting scene, though the uncle could have been introduced earlier. Still, It's recommended for all ages.

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