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Favorite James Bond Scenes from Any James Bond Movie?

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Probably the chase scene at the beginning of CR. But I also love the tank scene in Goldeneye.Honorable mention would be the "You've had your six." scene in Dr. No. So atmospheric and probably the single best depiction of the Bond character on film. No gadgets, just Bond doing his job without remorse.

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I watched A View to a Kill last night for the first time in ages and its as below par as I remember, but I did enjoy the scenes in City Hall and the Fire Truck, plus Zorin using his machine gun on the workers.

My step brother's uncle was a SFX guy and he worked on the City Hall and Fire Truck chase scenes. Me and my step brother got to sit in Roger Moore's limo for a few min. I barely remember it, but I do remember him being charming and funny.
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