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  1. AABATTERY's Top 25 of 2017

    I am pretty late to this, but still great list AA. Like all your choices. DUNKIRK for the win.
  2. Movies you have cried during

    for me in 2017 it will be. Gifted Before I Fall
  3. SOLO WW UNDER 700

    I thought the thread title said Solo Wonder Woman under 700.
  4. Tele's Year in Movies - 2017 | Top Ten revealed! (pg3)

    here is a great video essay on TFP for anyone who cares.
  5. Tele's Year in Movies - 2017 | Top Ten revealed! (pg3)

    Baumer The Florida Project is really a great film you need to watch and IMO it should be on top 2 of everyone's list this year. I think it should have been nominated for BP and BD and won both this year.
  6. The fact that it’s trumps tiny dick.
  7. Grubhub sounds like either a porn site or some torrent based site.
  8. Love The Night of the Hunter. Definitely going to make my 10 movies of BOT.
  9. Looks really good.
  10. What makes you special for that certain woman to think you the man for the job? Have you replied to her?
  11. What kind of work do you do for that to happen?
  12. I didn't know that combination existed but I am glad I do now, because it might just come in handy.
  13. Nothing wrong with that. I like him much better than that overated Gazele something, i am pretty sure I got his name wrong, but don't wanna put the effort in looking it up.
  14. I didn't see it when I was on the hunt for it, but found it thanks man.
  15. Who would join me in a Denis Villeneuve appreciation club if I created one?

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