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  1. TTVOMJ you are the living definition of OSTENTATION.
  2. I will check it out after I am done with this movie Attraction from 2000 that I am struggling with right now.
  3. Or why not go by those initials as display name, saves you the hustle of typing it after every sentence.
  4. Yeah like Jimi here says, anyone can use that signature and act like it's you.
  5. Why must you include your signature in the post? It's not like we will not know it's you who made a post, with your display name attached to every post you make?
  6. People remember it was also higher than AIW’s Monday number last weekend and it still fell bellow AIW’s other weekdays.
  7. That would be great of course and I would love anything above 2.5x it’s opening weekend. But the possibility is there for it to do even more as the 2nd one proved bigger OW is not an issue to bettering the 1st movies multiplier, which in itself was huge.
  8. John Wick 1: 43,037,835/14,415,922 = 2,98x John Wick 2: 92,029,184/30,436,123 = 3,02x John Wick 3: 56,818,067*3,00 = 170,454,201 John Wick series has not only been bettering it’s OW, Domestic and International performance with each movie but also it’s multiplier. If we would use the average of the previous two movies we get 170m.
  9. Is it like one of those religious movies (Gods Not Dead)?
  10. I heard it's the only movie with 0 on both the critics and audience score. That's how I found it and I am interested now.
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