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  1. Xaviers theme Hope is just amazing in this and the scene where it starts playing.
  2. Ooh! This place really sucks, how could V for Vendetta and A History of Violence be out of the top 10 or top 5.
  3. Rewatching the prequels back-to-back. I am on Attack of the Clones now. Forgot how annoying Hayden Christensen is.
  4. Forgot the 2D era of disney animations from specifically the 90s. I need to get down with Miyazaki's animations before that list.
  5. Yeah, she is but this is strangely the only picture out there in google with her featuring a cat. Edit: This is also a photoshoot, so celebs will suppress anything for money shots.
  6. So you are saying you are not waiting for the two original pixar movies that are going to be released in 2020.
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