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  1. perhaps Universal is afraid of angering Disney maybe they think that the empire will strike back at them - maybe even with a Star Wars movie
  2. and when are they starting with an Universium where all there main characters assemble together to fight a common enemy?
  3. Mexico is even more into men wearing colourful costumes than the USA. Just look how mexican wrestlers are dressing up.
  4. Of course a holy country like Tyrol is interested in a hooker.
  5. I have learned sell-sold-sold in school. Normally I would ignore grammar errors, but you people constantly change irregular verbs, that I wonder: have they been put to rest in internet fora or has English changed so much since I left school?
  6. The only way to save HV-sales would be to come up with a system that can't be digital copied. (The analog copy (filming the screen) can't be prohibited - but poor quality that could be even downgraded, if people set their minds to it). I know it is hard, because hackers are very clever, but I am sure it can be done. My idea is to make hardware depending codes, that are only playable on a specific screen. To get people to buy these, you have to offer ways for people, who change their screen, to get new codes for their collections of old digital copies (maybe hundreds). There could be offe
  7. I doubt that they exist as most of the profit is of American companies. Maybe a few retail chains have sale figures of their stores.
  8. But if you overdo it, you can kill the market. Speaking for myself. I had to have every silvercoin the Austrian mint produced. When I started, there was one 25 Schillings coin and one 50 Schillings coin each year. Later they added one 100 Schilling coin and 500 Shilling coin an dropped the 25s and 50s. Later they had up to 4 different 500s each year. Then they got crazy and had several 2000 Schilling coins every year. The silver and gold values for the older coins was always higher than their face value. But than silver prices tumbled the Euro was introduced and people sold their old coll
  9. For those huge franchises people probably bought a higher percentage of more expensive digital media. More Blurays, more 3D versions and collectors editions. Could these numbers maybe be misleading? Are average adult movies still suffering from piracy?
  10. I have an old Variety-based statistic, where it says Star Wars made $193.5m in rentals and Empire Strikes Back made $141.6m. This statistic is from the 1980s, so it probably doesn't include a lot of reruns.
  11. Has not Interstellar scored a new record for IMAX gross percentage? If AVATAR2 becomes an event film, even Americans will open their wallets to buy premium seats.
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