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  1. HT2 seems to have an exceptionally high percentage of its OS coming from China 44.7%. Does anyone know of higher percentages (or the record)? TF4 had 37.3%, Titanic(incl.3D) had 12.4% Spectre has 72.9% at the moment, but that will probably come down
  2. Job's biopic shows that critics and some yuppies in NY and CA don't represent the US as far as "I want to see this movie" goes.
  3. A big animated movie, that makes less than 60% of its WW in OS, is an oddity today. This year we have 3: In side out 57.8%, HT2 58.4% and Home 54.0% Is Hollywood losing its touch with overseas markets? I was questioning this with last year's Lego Movie with only 45.0% (most of the OS coming from the English speaking world. Last year was also the first time in like forever that no animated movie cracked the Top10 WW.
  4. also totally agree with that - I hate it when I must see the xx-th version of a story I know since decades definitely the first DM was the best (there are very few franchise where it is otherwise- maybe Godfather 2)
  5. chances are that it will be only No.4 movie of 2015 nobody predicted that - funny
  6. the Despicable Me/Minions - franchise is the new Ice Age for the International market The progression is awe inspiring : 300 - 600 - 800 compare this to other top-franchises: Shrek: 220 - 480 - 480 - 510 - 400 Toy Story: 170 - 240 - 650 Madagascar: 340 - 420 - 530 - 290
  7. 2015 has really bad OS numbers for the animated movies: SpongeBob 148.6 Home 193.0 IO 117.3 (will grow but not overwhelming either) 2014 was even more terrible BH6 429.6 (not so bad) HttyD2 441.9 ( a lot less than predicted) Rio2 368.7 Lego 211.0 Penguins 290.2 we need Minions doing well OS badly
  8. In Vienna/Austria I can watch all movies in every format ( in English and German) I want. I read that making a movie not available dubbed in the national language, was done to hurt the BO of that movie - and the country to "invent" that praxis were the United States. There are no foreign movies dubbed in English there. During Silent Movies aera they needed material and foreign movies made a lot of money there. When the talkies came, studios killed foreign competion by prohibiting English synchronization - very succesful What is the reason for doing so in your country?
  9. perhaps Universal is afraid of angering Disney maybe they think that the empire will strike back at them - maybe even with a Star Wars movie
  10. right, but what Pixar movie had to compete with a monster, we all think will make between 85 to 110?
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