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  • Disney Update: STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI Estimated for $220.05M Domestic Weekend

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  1. The Peanuts Movie OS Thread

    HT2 made $113m in China
  2. HT2 seems to have an exceptionally high percentage of its OS coming from China 44.7%. Does anyone know of higher percentages (or the record)? TF4 had 37.3%, Titanic(incl.3D) had 12.4% Spectre has 72.9% at the moment, but that will probably come down
  3. Job's biopic shows that critics and some yuppies in NY and CA don't represent the US as far as "I want to see this movie" goes.
  4. A big animated movie, that makes less than 60% of its WW in OS, is an oddity today. This year we have 3: In side out 57.8%, HT2 58.4% and Home 54.0% Is Hollywood losing its touch with overseas markets? I was questioning this with last year's Lego Movie with only 45.0% (most of the OS coming from the English speaking world. Last year was also the first time in like forever that no animated movie cracked the Top10 WW.
  5. also totally agree with that - I hate it when I must see the xx-th version of a story I know since decades definitely the first DM was the best (there are very few franchise where it is otherwise- maybe Godfather 2)
  6. The Jungle Book over Maleficent DOM Club

    So it is going to be a musical with Scarlet Johanson singing?
  7. The Jungle Book over Maleficent DOM Club

    I've seen several life-action movies of the Rudyard Kipling story. Why should a retelling by Disney be such an enormous success?
  8. You are right their trust in franchises will be reinforced and that is not a good developement. For Marvel Guardians and Iron Man almost won their years, and SpiderMan counts as Marvel too. Disney is looking into new ventures and has lost a lot of money with that (John Carter,Tomorrowland,The Lone Ranger, Mars Needs Moms, etc.) Lets hope they don't lose confidence in finding something new instead of buying established content like Pixar, Marvel or LucasFilm. Other ComicMovie productions are very risky: SpiderMan is heading south, Fantastic 4 has really disappointed, the X-Men are not so strong as they used to be and the Justice League could be a money loser. In the last years only American Sniper is succesful and something not established (not that I look forward to a wave of American patriotic movies!)
  9. The question is neither the absolute number of movies made nor the attetntion they get, but the money studios spend on them. Resources are allways limited. If studios think that SH movies are sure wins and even SH, the broad public never heard of (Guardians of the Galaxy,Antman) will do unbelievable numbers, they will allocate almost evrything they can muster to this genre. Avengers 2 did not disappoint in any way, but at least it showed, that the BO of Marvel will not win every year no matter what. So studios will look for new ventures to explore as possible new money makers in the future.
  10. I concede that the BO of Avengers 2 shows the still enormous love of Americans for SHs, but I at least am satistified that it performed in line with other great sequels. Last year I was afraid, that Marvel will dominate the BO for years to come. I don't see that danger so much now. That SH-movies are less loved in Europe may have many different reasons. In 1978 I was not that much set against them, because I knew Superman and Batman since my childhood. Now these ever increasing number of new Superheroes is just too much for me and I hope other genres still have a chance. The costumes worn in a SH movie are funtamentally different from the ones worn a fantasy movie.
  11. As someone, who is not so much into SH-movies (although I watched the the first Superman with my little sister in a theater then), I am happy the Americans do not fall totally into the comic frenzy. (Last year it looked like that was about to happen) now when you compare adjusted BO-values from other sequels of the real big block busters, you see that Avengers: age of Ultron is about in line with the other big players there: Star Wars:episode II 449m Lord of the Rings 2 460m Transformers 2 452m Spiderman 2 505m HungerGames 2 429m Jurasic Park II 419m Dark Knight Rises 483m Indiana Jones 2 449m so there is hope that Americans won't totally fall for men flying around in colourful costumes
  12. 2015: Top 12 Worldwide

    chances are that it will be only No.4 movie of 2015 nobody predicted that - funny
  13. the Despicable Me/Minions - franchise is the new Ice Age for the International market The progression is awe inspiring : 300 - 600 - 800 compare this to other top-franchises: Shrek: 220 - 480 - 480 - 510 - 400 Toy Story: 170 - 240 - 650 Madagascar: 340 - 420 - 530 - 290
  14. Ant-Man under 50 Shades WW club

    in Germany for instance 50shades has almost twice as many tickets sold as Avengers2 (Antman has no chance)
  15. BO Germany/Austria: Mediocre Coco stays on top

    All 3 Hobbitses had 6mill. Germans are true.

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