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Captain Craig

nuTrek, What characters do you hope appear under Abrams films?

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With the latest Star Trek trailer the speculation is still running amok over who the villain of the film will be. Regardless of who it is most are trying to pigeon hole it into being a reimagination or a classic TOS foe.

Essentially nuTrek is just one of the many alternate timelines out there, just one much closer to ours. It's not Mirror/Mirror but one of the many as demonstrated by the TNG episode Parallels.

So we are not really limited to just reimaginings of some characters. Like Spock who is from the Trek Prime time line would you like to see any crossover? If not who in this time line would you like to see reimagined here as long as Abrams is doing Trek?



Harry Mudd


Trek Prime crossover:

Shatner's Kirk, which would involve his resurrection of course

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cochran, the guy who made first contact ! one of my fav trek film btw...i just love the idea of how history portrays people in hindsight (slightly rewrites how things went down) and there they get to see him in real and he's not quite who they thought he was yet essentially he did make that flight that would change earth's history

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I felt this film STiD lost out on a chance to show us Andorians. In a few scenes around Starfleet we saw aliens, none that stood out, but an Andorian or two should've appeared imo. 


What about Gary 7? 


We did get a passing statement regarding "The Mudd Incident", left wondering if it's that Mudd though. 

No doubt it was, similar to the name drop of the Dystrom Institute. 

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