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  1. you know what i find frustrating people who think their opinion is fact , you're welcome to yours but clearly a majority of academy members didn't feel the same and thinking emotions don't play a role in how you appreciate the quality of a movie is just weird to me . Do they sometimes get it wrong again between their technical knowledge and opinion /feeling sure but we have to deal with what is given to us not what we wished to have seen nominated that time is behind us now , sometimes we have to just agree to disagree and move along . I was shocked ASIB didn't get a be
  2. i havent seen Roma ,The Favourite or Vice.... and out of that bunch i'm only already interested in the favourite because i love period set films ( personally don't think roma should be in best picture if also in best foreign film) out of those I've seen in order of emotional impact on me 1 A Star Is Born (tearjerker) 2 Black Panther ( for once not the token black representation ,proud hopeful message of being black) 3 Green Book ( great acting showing transition of ignorance/ racism to acceptance based on experience) 4 Bohemian Rhapsody ( i like rami ren
  3. no discussion on the oscars noms ? oh well i guess its still early in the usa
  4. so i'm happy with at least 3 potential nominees in this category bradley cooper - I've been ambivalent on him his whole career , liking and disliking him on a personal level and professional level (doesn't hurt he speaks french it always pulls me back in how down to earth he comes off in that language and oozing sexy ) , sometimes i didn't feel like he earned a nomination but for a star is born it is absolutely well deserved ( i walked into that movie with reservations and set ideas about gaga and cooper and the movie and walked out of there in tears , heartbroken and overwhelmed t
  5. as a potter fan its with great regret I give this a B- and I'm being generous , my affection stopped me from giving it a C . So sure I missed the beginning up until the title but as I was looking for a seat my attention wasn't there . At the end I went all that for that surely there's more right ? I also suffered from having not rewatched the previous movie before so I was a bit fuzzy on characters; I agree previous was better / Newt has a brother whyyyy love triangle + 1 chick from NY WHYYYYY NOT ENOUGH DUMBLEDORE and trailer had me thinking we'd be seeing his s
  6. i enjoyed it very much , malek did a great job , the music was great , i loved the band interactions and the creative process of making their songs/ album . i feel the way they showed him being gay and not showing it kinda reflects the times when it was very much a hush hush backdoor alley /hidden corners and to see it through our modern lense isnt fair. for the most part i've been a generic Queen fan , like most i know the big anthem , i know freddy mercury died of aids , probably caught a behind the music episode on him or some documentary when i was young but for the most
  7. just came back from my 2nd BP viewing , it was sold out and heartfelt applause at the end again , get a feeling a lot of people haven't seen it yet because its so hard to get a ticket , remember last weekend it took me 3 tries to get mine . it holds up really well on repeat , even though i had already seen it i was just as engrossed as the first time plus noticing more stuff .
  8. hope to see this a couple more time at no cost thanks to my cinema card , damn if i had to pay 11.50euros each time i saw a movie i'd cry ....luckiy at 20 euros per month i can see as much as i want and will watch black panther to my heart's content
  9. well on bright side no starks die this season , for fans of house stark this is huge our babies are back in power even sansa whose head i want to shake (and if it falls off oh well but ehh family is family right so i guess she's ok and theon turncloak/ black sheep /reek too ) BOAT I remember reading the book the first time jaime/cersei coupled with throwing bran to his death and going WTF and had a moment of debate am i doing this am i actually doing this ???the reader in me went hell yeah we are holy fuck yes yes ten times yes , next big moment of doubt was red wedding w
  10. I don't hate her but I resent her shadiness which she has picked up from rubbing so long aside littlefinger and I know she wants to bang him nevermind her going about he's not to be trusted . Also her not supporting jon fully or showing as much fierce loyalty as arya has in the little space of time since she heard her brother was alive and KITN . To make it worse those shipping jonsa (sansa with jon) make me like her even less , in the battle of incest vs incest I prefer the one where the people involved don't know their related and didn't grow up having a familial bond of brother an
  11. i just realized been a while since i came to check this thread , its exactly the kind of comments i expected lol someone on tumblr wrote a very interesting piece about how if dany was a man many of the criticism toward her wouldn't happen and because she's a woman people expect her to behave a certain way when in contrast with male characters doing same shit or similar they get a pass . its a terrible thing as a girl to realise how insidious this approach to women is , and if she dares strays ay caray ouch ouch... anyhoo last episode until a long long time and i guess i'l
  12. best show ever !!!! mother of dragons making an entrance to westeros in style , what an episode !!!! you go dany do your thing be a dragon , haters to the left ! (those who go on about her titles , they're not just titles they tell her story her journey all the shit she went through to reach where she is now , there was a time all she had was stormborn targaryen she suffered in her bones to get where she is ok the worse cersei did was walk from the scept of baelor to the red keep naked and her reaction was off the scale and ain't nobody harping on about her being a mad queen
  13. hey you watching the expanse season 2? and the magicians i still have last 2 episodes of that to watch though but i finished the expanse and as usual i will start rereading the books 

    1. Fullbuster


      Ahaha hi :) I didn't start it yet, I need to watch season's 1 last episode again because I forgot what happened, apart from Julie and what happened to her.

  14. so i saw la la land dunno what the la la is all about around it , its cute sweet novel but not in a "you blew my mind away" way It was no tearjerker or awww OHmyGOD BEST MOVIE EVAHHH either . ads in france raving about it but ehh , i haven't given the movie a thought since i saw it I guess i just didn't connect with characters for most of the movie then the ending just had me really , you invest in another person dream, help them become their best version and some other guy/girl gets to reap the rewards wtf , guess its about perspective you could also espouse view showed in film t
  15. SO FAR I'VE SEEN movies i like: manchester by the sea ; moonlight ; hacksaw ridge ; Arrival movies i'm meh it was ok about so far : la la land , hell or high water
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