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  1. you know what i find frustrating people who think their opinion is fact , you're welcome to yours but clearly a majority of academy members didn't feel the same and thinking emotions don't play a role in how you appreciate the quality of a movie is just weird to me . Do they sometimes get it wrong again between their technical knowledge and opinion /feeling sure but we have to deal with what is given to us not what we wished to have seen nominated that time is behind us now , sometimes we have to just agree to disagree and move along . I was shocked ASIB didn't get a best director nom as I truly believe he deserved to be nominated at the very least but I also raised my eyebrow at it getting a nom in cinematography . I'm not blind to each movies shortcomings I've seen (again based on my personal appreciation and i will gladly defer to the expert in each categories).
  2. i havent seen Roma ,The Favourite or Vice.... and out of that bunch i'm only already interested in the favourite because i love period set films ( personally don't think roma should be in best picture if also in best foreign film) out of those I've seen in order of emotional impact on me 1 A Star Is Born (tearjerker) 2 Black Panther ( for once not the token black representation ,proud hopeful message of being black) 3 Green Book ( great acting showing transition of ignorance/ racism to acceptance based on experience) 4 Bohemian Rhapsody ( i like rami rendering , but apart from that its a bit light , a lot of it was like watching music videos -great btw- not a drama unfolding ) 5 Blackkklansman (my babe was gorgeous in it as usual lol , funny concept that thread line betwee serious subject and comedy of situation )
  3. no discussion on the oscars noms ? oh well i guess its still early in the usa
  4. so i'm happy with at least 3 potential nominees in this category bradley cooper - I've been ambivalent on him his whole career , liking and disliking him on a personal level and professional level (doesn't hurt he speaks french it always pulls me back in how down to earth he comes off in that language and oozing sexy ) , sometimes i didn't feel like he earned a nomination but for a star is born it is absolutely well deserved ( i walked into that movie with reservations and set ideas about gaga and cooper and the movie and walked out of there in tears , heartbroken and overwhelmed total whammy pack punched ). so yeah i would be super happy if he won for best actor but i can see where votes might be split if they also have to seriously consider him for best director . Also worth mentionning i hadn't seen previous versions of ASIB or trailers for this one so i had no clue what it was about it was just the big movie of the week coming out with recognizable names . rami malek- loved bohemian rhapsody , thought he did a really good job , but the film is a bit light not that i minded but compared to the other musically theme film it just doesn't feel like the density is the same . still if he wins i'll be very happy for him , after all actor better than the film getting BP. ( i still have to check out mr robot i started watching a couple episodes then dunno got distracted and never caught up because i would have to rewatch from the start ) viggo mortensen - here is my other coup de coeur , i was privileged enough to assist to a sneak peak showing of green book in paris with him presenting the film . it was quite the sensation seeing one of your fav actors in person and i was so close to him right up in front where he came to talk in french aww , it was surreal aragorn from lotr within hands reach ( this close to someone who touched orlando bloom arrrghhh excuse the girly girl in me ). Anyway the movie was beautifully done also didnt know anything about it . Some actors will get me to watch anything they're in , he's on that shortlist . Afterwards they were interviewing people coming out and i answered a couple questions and said yes i believe his performance is going to get him an oscar nomination and even the win . SO who knows maybe i will be right in the end !
  5. as a potter fan its with great regret I give this a B- and I'm being generous , my affection stopped me from giving it a C . So sure I missed the beginning up until the title but as I was looking for a seat my attention wasn't there . At the end I went all that for that surely there's more right ? I also suffered from having not rewatched the previous movie before so I was a bit fuzzy on characters; I agree previous was better / Newt has a brother whyyyy love triangle + 1 chick from NY WHYYYYY NOT ENOUGH DUMBLEDORE and trailer had me thinking we'd be seeing his sassy ass left and center By the by the highlight of this movie was having planted idea in my head that DUMBY AND GRINDY were A THING THING like KISSING under a wand tree ! I don't care if its not true I believe there is a tragic love story there we did not get and for which I would pay $$$ to see. ABOUT QUEENY even though I got she was upset about not being able to marry her regular joe from there to take a leap and espouse grindy's pov , I didn't think she was that loopy , more the loveable harmless loopy type . why kill leta lestrange ? I'm so confuse I wondered is she bellatrix but then she did a MJ noo maybe her mom who got married to a Black? guess not ...but bruh her "I love you" and camera pans to both brothers bwahaha... this movie was a mess not as much as a hot mess as HIGH LIFE I just came back from (a snoozefest and I love pattinson from twilight days when most people shitted on him as oppose to praising his work now but I digress...) PS/NAGINI OMG THAT WAS NAGINI , yikes her neck oh well still ways to go keeping it lol but she wasn't hot on grindy but something happened for her to be ok with doing voldy's bidding hmmm . PS2 / for a movie called the crimes of grindelwald I was still wondering what crime he committed , they gloss over that ,was it a rating thing (Depp was pretty good all considered what little space he got for being title character pfff please let them recenter 3rd movie on dumby & grundy a forbidden star wars love story PLEASE I am so here for that ! I will go back to see it just to be sure I feel same way or if blurry impressions from high expectations goes away ! i even went with my deathly hallows pendant and gryffindor scarf i got at the studio tour visit in london boo...
  6. i enjoyed it very much , malek did a great job , the music was great , i loved the band interactions and the creative process of making their songs/ album . i feel the way they showed him being gay and not showing it kinda reflects the times when it was very much a hush hush backdoor alley /hidden corners and to see it through our modern lense isnt fair. for the most part i've been a generic Queen fan , like most i know the big anthem , i know freddy mercury died of aids , probably caught a behind the music episode on him or some documentary when i was young but for the most part i knew one song particularly well probably saw it on a throwback videos compilation show from vh1 " i want to break free" its very personal to me and i listen to it often at least once or twice a week . haven't read any critics , don't care for critics anymore. Everything these days is just a stream of negativity so anything that negates that negativity and makes me feel a heartwarming sensation and that there is still beauty in this world gets an A + from me . PS: it even brought me back to comment on this site , ok i meant to but hearing avatar sequels are done done push me to click open that chrome window .
  7. just came back from my 2nd BP viewing , it was sold out and heartfelt applause at the end again , get a feeling a lot of people haven't seen it yet because its so hard to get a ticket , remember last weekend it took me 3 tries to get mine . it holds up really well on repeat , even though i had already seen it i was just as engrossed as the first time plus noticing more stuff .
  8. hope to see this a couple more time at no cost thanks to my cinema card , damn if i had to pay 11.50euros each time i saw a movie i'd cry ....luckiy at 20 euros per month i can see as much as i want and will watch black panther to my heart's content
  9. hey you watching the expanse season 2? and the magicians i still have last 2 episodes of that to watch though but i finished the expanse and as usual i will start rereading the books 

    1. Fullbuster


      Ahaha hi :) I didn't start it yet, I need to watch season's 1 last episode again because I forgot what happened, apart from Julie and what happened to her.

  10. so i saw la la land dunno what the la la is all about around it , its cute sweet novel but not in a "you blew my mind away" way It was no tearjerker or awww OHmyGOD BEST MOVIE EVAHHH either . ads in france raving about it but ehh , i haven't given the movie a thought since i saw it I guess i just didn't connect with characters for most of the movie then the ending just had me really , you invest in another person dream, help them become their best version and some other guy/girl gets to reap the rewards wtf , guess its about perspective you could also espouse view showed in film that its ok to just know you mattered and impacted someone life in a selfless way with being ok their future doesn't include you . this being hollywoood though you can imagine her marriage breaks down like overwhelming majority and they find their way back to each other eventually , i think what bothers me is that she's married with kid and he's clearly still very much alone still very much in love with her and yet she got away or he let her go and it didn't pay off ehhh my real life romance status is bleaker than bleak ville so this didn't exactly cheer me up or make me hope! mehhhhhhhhh B
  11. SO FAR I'VE SEEN movies i like: manchester by the sea ; moonlight ; hacksaw ridge ; Arrival movies i'm meh it was ok about so far : la la land , hell or high water
  12. saw it but missed the beginning and had to sit up front so who knows , i plan on seeing it again to see if it was circumstances or movie experience that warrants my B anyhoo it was ok i thought story was pretty straighforward point was to get those plans that princess leia has in beginning of original trilogy , so pretty tight from there as to execution i'm also going to wait to see how i feel on second viewing .*** TBD...
  13. the realism was a little too much for me but that is a positive , and surprisingly reigned in on the pathos not easy feat given subject and plot ! gibson is def up there with great directors ! best of luck to him if they can separate polanski the man from the director then they can do the same for him and judge his film on its on merits , one of the best pictures of the year !
  14. seen it twice already! benedict cumberbae is like chris pratt a T-bone eye candy, who cares about the plot ? story was ok , people love the beyonce reference and timeloop sequence at the end also i don't feel like romance was front center or that pivotal (comic-free ) they had a thing but is it still the case ehhh but who cares benedict with a cape oggling worthy i repeat!!! kkkk the fight scenes were cooollll and the inception special effects would have been worth 3D an A+ for me on strength of main character i'm too sexy for the screen vibe and i'm looking forward to him and thor association ,great idea!
  15. loved it , had to wait forever for it to come out in france so stayed away from here just in case someone spoiled me which i kinda did on tumblr about spock and uhura but luckily thats resolved somewhat by end of the movie ! Destruction of ship was cool gotta say as a trek fan this has to be one of the best enterprise destruction scenes ! i like the new character , but unlike some here , 1 i didnt know elba was in this movie 2 the video of the franklin crew was in passing so i didn't pay attention so the reveal was a surprise to me and i love how it showed off uhura unparelleled hearing skills . also spock and bones is comedy gold , and the necklace slash tracking device spock you sly devil hmmm i wonder if uhura will ever find out ha ha ha .... A+ for me .... i love the reboot cast so much that i can't imagine disliking any of the movies its like slipping into my comfy shoes for a well worth 2hrs of TLC ( ps: i read a lot of star trek 09 fanfic) oh my i nearly forgot about sulu and his husband and daughter , love they didnt make a big deal out of it
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