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  1. Define old then. Bad Boys - 1995 Bad Boys 2 - 2003 Given that an entire generation has been born where no one has seen a BB film in the theater, define old for me, please.
  2. I feel a lot better about this first Morbius trailer than I did Venom, either of them. Curious to hear what the budget is to better gauge what a bar of success should be. Looking forward to the second trailer for more f/x, I feel we got some decent exposition in this first trailer.
  3. This may not lose money but I don't see this breaking out. It looks so laughably bad. As a big fan of Cassandra Cain, especially her Batgirl stint, it is embarrassing that this movie is going to be her first wide screen exposure. But, hey if Bane could overcome B&R(98) she can do like dad in her next outing hopefully.
  4. Reality check: Pre-release we are in full blown opinion mode My horseshit is as fair game as the "OMG it s an $800m WW hit" horseshit opinion. A- Really, there is already a posted budget. Ok fair enough if so. B- It looks like they only spent that. C-I recall hearing that Alita and T:DF were sure things so I'm in wait and see mode.
  5. *insert BvS or Justice League Same things were said. This however has a trailer that looks bad enough to suggest it underperforms at the least, flops most likely. The trailers for BvS and Justice League at least had promise while only hinting at problems.
  6. That ship sailed when GB2 was done in 1989, further out of port with the 2016 reboot. It has been a movie franchise for some time now.
  7. The comedy will be there. I suspect it will less due to the cast we've seen up till this point. Comedy legends v Paul Rudd & non-comedy teens is not a contest. Still, Rudd has the ability to play the straight man and the comedy man so I have to believe he was cast in order to utilize both sides of his talent. While the original 2 are certainly comedy action/supernatural thriller this official second sequel may be more supernatural/action comedy.
  8. That can be your take away but many are finding what we saw intriguing on various levels. If I had to wager a guess the footage we saw is largely from the first act. A second trailer is going to give more story, show more action elements and dive more into the lore. This may turn your opinion around...or not.
  9. I'm very intrigued by this trailer and not an OG GB in sight. The setup seems promising and this trailer is a giant tease with lots of promise. It had more character development than all of the 2016 film. Those who bashed the original fans for not liking GB16 cause...women look to lose that argument(if it ever had broad merit anyway). Afterlife literally has a teen girl as the emotional center of this film it seems.
  10. I liked what I saw from this initial trailer. Looking forward to one more that lays out a bit more narrative then I'll pass on any other fare till the May release. Seeing the usual hate from the usual suspects so I see status quo hasn't changed on that front.
  11. Batman Beyond is indeed greatness but it doesn't sit on that pedestal alone. I feel the Justice League from the 90s and Spectacular Spider-man are right there as well. Also, no CBM included for me would Transformers: Prime
  12. The year 2022 reads as a transition year. Three of the four releases are completing a trilogy. Hollands Spider-man will have wrapped the year before leaving 4 slots open for new characters/groups. I doubt more than one of those four IPs gets a Thor-esque 4th film. 2023 looks to fill at minimum 1 slot with a new IP, Fantastic Four. Falcon Cap is both new and a franchise extender but would still absorb a second of the 4 slots. X-Men and or Wolverine for 2024?
  13. I wasn't comparing, just making a statement of acquired losses. Not sure what part of my comment on that read like a comparison to you.
  14. This and Dark Phoenix are some tough losses by acquisition that Disney has had to absorb this year. Makes the Dumbo losses look like nothing.
  15. Rise of the Machines was never a "soft reboot". It was the fulfillment of one crucial aspect of the mythos to date. Judgement Day will come and it did. Salvation, true enough, was designed as part 1 of a Future War trilogy. It too though was a continuation of the 3 films that preceded it. T1-->Salvation + Sarah Connor Chronicles is one shared mostly in tact continuity(nit picks aside). Genisys and Dark Fate are failed orphaned entries in a saga that never materialized.
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