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  1. I do want to see this. Really enjoyed the series. I'll have to see it after my wife has her ladies night viewing though. I have bargained for Rambo: Last Blood though with a friend. Yes, one can like both Downton and Rambo.
  2. So a sequel with a lower budget could very well happen it sounds like. They could/should realize they need to pull back from the more outlandish("superman") and tone it down stunt wise but just have a stronger character driven script.
  3. I'm no fan of Avatar but I do know Avatar 2 will not bomb. The rest is up in the air till we see how 2 does. I've no doubt that at this point it'll get some nostalgia dollars(people who can't recall anything but the effects), new dollars from folks born around/just after the original who've probably never seen it and think it looks great as well as actual fan dollars from those who actually liked/loved the original.
  4. After 3 weeks the movie is still the #2 film in the land with $133m US Domestic in the register. Will this movie survive due to lack of competition? It'll be at/near $150m next weekend, Labor Day is coming up. Are we looking at a near break even vs budget scenario?
  5. What? What exactly is a "pedophile symbol"? Is this like the hand sign for "OK" suddenly being called a White Power sign post Trump election? I'm 43 and no one, ever, EVER has said that OK =White Power Now suddenly there are also Pedophile symbols....people just be making shit up and sheep on social media run with it like it's The Blair Witch Project.
  6. I'd wager the closest spy franchise that has any clout is the Tom Cruise Mission Impossible series. Even considering that I agree with you assessment "none have come close to toppling Bond", Bond is still top dog and shall remain that way for some time. Now, it'll be curious to see what life, if any Mission Impossible and a recast Ethan Hunt can do. Will audiences take to that as they did say Roger Moore. If that happens then I think it is fair to say MI is a strong second contender. Till then though MI is just a solid spy franchise. I'd like another Damon Bourne film. To me that is the distant top third spy franchise. I found it interesting that the third XxX entry brought Vin back as well as Ice Cube in an expanded role and established that the XxX Program was growing and has had more agents. That franchise will never financially beat Bond or MI. However, I'd like to see what that goes. A fourth film has been rumored. A third Kingsman could right the ship. That franchise has potential. Can Disney/Fox correct course though??
  7. I love the news of this addition!!! I wonder if the crook played by SLJ might get a bit part? He's now part of an "On the right path" group for reform or something.
  8. ^^^ That's fine. We just have different expectation levels is all for success status.
  9. What.Happend.Here? #1 Movie of all time. Discussion on that or you know more movie talk. This weird shipping stuff...take it to Tumblr you freaks.
  10. Wow the social media back/forth on this movie is something to see. I've only spoken to one person who actually saw it and he really liked it by and large. He gave it 4.5/5 stars
  11. Incel, MRA type...speak english please. The word you're looking for is asshole. Quit inventing new shit to say the same thing....also, stay off my lawn.
  12. I see XxX and Riddick myself of which I'd see future installments if/when they get off the ground. I'm very, very, very curious and excited about Bloodshot. I'm waiting on trailers myself.
  13. I've wanted a Black Widow movie since Phase 2, needless to say I'm excited for this. I'm keeping my expectations in check. Thinking that should the film do $200-$225m Dom it'll be a solid hit, like the Ant-Man films.
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