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  1. Apologies, for some reason I thought we were talking about Best Picture. Looking back now at the conversation I do see it was just Oscar noms in general. So for that it's my mistake, sorry all. I suppose in something like Costuming or other Technical categories WW indeed could find some noms.
  2. WW is good, make no mistake, but an Oscar film it's not. If TDK doesn't get one I don't see the justification for WW as enjoyable a popcorn flick as it was.
  3. He should be more pissed about Dark Tower.
  4. With the next installment covering the last(?) of the book I think we all know future Pennywise Chapters will come regardless of remaining source material. They may not call Chapter 3, 4 etc IT but instead Pennywise. It would be a good demarcation point of adaptation vs creating new lore. Pennwise/IT just became this decades new horror franchise de jour!! EDIT: On the front end of Jaime Lee Curtis returning to the next Halloween reboot no less!! A legend returns! Will it be any good though?
  5. Stan Lee said nothing new or revealing that hasn't been stated by countless others. He made a general comment that we all know will one day likely be a reality. Either the contracts will lapse and the rights to X-Men & FF are back at Marvel OR Fox/Disney come to terms on a financial payout for their return.
  6. I'm excited for the reboot of this comic property franchise! Wish we'd have had a 3rd Perlman HB entry but I'm pleased the property is being revived! Hellboy Reboot first look!
  7. Tuesday Numbers: IT 11.4 M

    Too bad Dark Tower wasn't adapted more faithful. That film is an example of what happens when you cut corners and miscast.
  8. You're trolling game is weak. We can point to a number of movies this applies to if we wanted to really do it. High budget vs low budget but opened high. Get back to us when the interconnected Steven King Universe is a BILLION dollar machine. Congrats to IT for opening so well. Glad for the BO rebound and IT should have no trouble ruling for the rest of September.
  9. Has a movie ever been number one 3 weekends in a row and not crossed $100m domestically? It sure looks like that will be the case with Hitman's Bodyguard, does it not?
  10. This is not a wholly true statement. What is true is that Marvel has a concise planned structure for how the movies interconnect in places with their plot points. You can see director influence from the Russos', to Branagh with Thor 1 vs Thor 2, Joe Johnston on CA:TFA, Peyton Reed w/Ant-Man and of course Whedon on Avengers. The difference is that Feige and "central office" retains veto powers on suggestions that don't synch up with the master plan for which an individual director may not have the full picture of.
  11. I just want to be able to like Flash coming out of this movie in the same manner WW won us over in BvS. I accept the costume as bad as it is, just make the character good. I already feel good about Aquaman from the trailers so if that follows through I'm good on that front.
  12. @Kingp0va know when the battle you're fighting is lost. You messed up, admit it and move on.
  13. True. My wife and I really liked MBFGW2, sad to see more of the original films audience didn't come out for it. Some drop was expected, the bottom falling out, not so much.
  14. Monday #s

    K-12 schools are in week 3 in the largest parts of TN, some counties week 4.
  15. Everyone's order of most anticipated will be different and this one falls outside my top 5 but I'm very curious about it all the same. Seen everyone in the theater since 2000's X-Men. What films hold your #1 & 2 slot then?

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