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  1. So ballpark this film is going to see about a 20% increase over the first one Domestically then? Seems a nice size increase for such a smaller franchise in the bullpen.
  2. Can AM&TW hit $220m now? Enough left in the tank domestically?
  3. Captain Craig

    Wednesday Numbers: Crazy Rich Asians 5M

    The final stretch to $600m is now within sight!
  4. Supergirl is not a spinoff from Arrow. The show was acquired from CBS. Yes, the networks did a ratings stunt crossover with Flash but that doesn't make the show a spinoff from Arrow. As to Agent Carter, I to hated to see how the audience abandoned it in such a way as to not get a S3. The show could've easily worked it's way through the 50s and along the way really begun the ground work for SHIELD. I even hoped we might see a few Golden/Silver Age Atlas/Timely characters reimagined for the show. An Agent Carter S3 would've been a far better move than the Inhumans. Worse Marvel TV show that I've seen. I say that cause I've not gotten to Runaways, Gifted and Cloak&Dagger as yet.
  5. Captain Craig

    Wednesday Numbers: Crazy Rich Asians 5M

    Its PC because it only started being used some 20-25+ years ago when groups cited the use of "spouse". In context spouse had always been associated as a heterosexual opposite so "significant other" came into being. Allegedly spouse was somehow exclusive to the heterosexuals.
  6. Captain Craig

    Wednesday Numbers: Crazy Rich Asians 5M

    Yes, yes you are. But please explain what about this longstanding PC phrase is triggering you.
  7. I am a bit concerned about using 3 foes, 2 of them Arthur's biggest, in the first film. It's not like the first Thor had Loki, Amora and Hela. Thor and Aquaman share thematic similarities hence the comparison. Now it could all work seamlessly, we shall see. I'm holding out hope. When the project was unfolding I imagined Orm, the Ocean Master, being the main foe. Meanwhile Black Manta is luring about in the background getting exposure but isn't really in play. The inclusion of the Trench surprises me. I'm guessing this is a 2nd act conflict that is dispatched with to prove a point or establish Arthur's power.
  8. Captain Craig

    Moviepass and its Impact on the Box Office

    Same here. Why can I suddenly not see MI:F when I could the last two days?
  9. Captain Craig

    Monday's Numbers

    We finish(school) before Labor Day. This is old hat around here for about 15yrs or so now.
  10. This thread is just spinning it's wheels waiting on $600m I see.
  11. Captain Craig

    Moviepass and its Impact on the Box Office

    Same. The theater has 27 screens, even accounting for a few movies being shown a few times that is crazy. I'll be curious to see what it looks like on the 15th when alleged changes go into affect making it more like it used to be with the 3 film/month rule. Edit: I just checked 4 other theater in my local area, it's MI:F or nothing!!
  12. Ya'll are crazy. Idris Elba is never going to be BOND. He's too old. Daniel Craig has one more film. By the time that is made and released Elba will be pushing 50. EON films isn't hiring a 50yr old to start a Bond tenure.
  13. Captain Craig

    Monday's Numbers

    Middle TN area this is the second full week of school for numerous counties.
  14. Liberal "Progressives" now eating their own. I guess it's like not being black enough(which they mentioned in one episode of Black Lightning actually).
  15. $600m WW certainly makes the Alita over AM&TW WW club harder. I'm not seeing too much for Alita domestic and that means the global numbers will have to come in stronger.

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