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  1. Is this film still in principal photography or is it in post?
  2. I saw the film this afternoon. It is not that it's bad, it is just very average. Grade: C The type of film you could lazily put on while you fold laundry and forget half of without affecting much really. The real crime, I suppose, is that you never start to care for H, M, T or C in any meaningful way you do the originals.
  3. I'm just awestruck the media keep calling it a re-release. That is not even categorically correct. It is an expansion of its initial run after a contraction. Really not any different than an expansion we always see when films hit the discount theaters and that is never called a re-release. A:EG hasn't even gone the discount theater route yet so this terminology mix up is mind boggling. Expansion of EG not re-release.
  4. There is only a $45m gap now anyway between Avatar and A:EG
  5. ^^^^ I'm not a go-to poster for those type things. I'm just watching it.
  6. Which means the film was shot closer to 3years ago circa 2016.
  7. While FB2 had issues, it wasn't horrid, just disjointed at times. I'm game for a course correction. Too many folks are so quick to bail.
  8. $56m to go Rank Title Studio Worldwide Domestic / % Overseas / % Year^ 1 Avatar Fox $2,788.0 $760.5 27.3% $2,027.5 72.7% 2009^ 2 Avengers: Endgame BV $2,732.0 $825.0 30.2% $1,907.0 69.8% 2019
  9. In small pockets. As of a USA Today piece last year about 330 exist and that number is probably down now.
  10. Him or his agent convincing him to fight for money was foolish. He's unproven outside the MCU. Being featured in a long standing sci-fi property like Star Trek is what his career needs. Doing MIB feels like plan B, still sci-fi, still big franchise but he now has to carry vs having Pine, Quinto etc to lean on. If it fails, it's likely to fall on him.
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