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  1. I did not see this film actually generating the hype I'm seeing. Spider-man or not, still felt like something that would start strong and fizzle but now...ok, let's see what happens.
  2. Captain Craig

    Lowest grossing 2018 release you’ve seen

    Wide Domestic Release: Tomb Raider back in March is my guess without looking. So I got too curious and looked at a yearly chart. Death Wish starring Bruce Willis at $34m usd I really enjoyed it, could go for another myself.
  3. I really loved this film. Both Creed I & II flow organically from things we know of Apollo in the Rocky saga. Short of there being some vague mention of 'x' thing to play off of I don't know what Creed III looks like. It'll have to stand on it's own and fully make its own path. Which ironically is where Donny was in Creed I.
  4. They are only updating it with weekend numbers. Being only 900K away I'd say lets see where it is at after the Thanksgiving weekend. Sharp % increase, still dedicated to pushing it, if not then they aren't.
  5. Apologies if this should be elsewhere or already discussed. Has anyone else had their Box Office Theory Forums bookmark take you to Box Office Pro? The url is pro.boxofficepro.com It happened on my work computer some six hours ago and just now on my home. Thanks
  6. A buddy and I are escaping to see this next Saturday. I can not wait!! Huge disconnect when I read "if Rocky IV was any good". If, IF...that's just nonsense.
  7. The BO has dropped hard over the last two TF films. Last Knight was a real blow. The push towards Generation One, aka OG TFs, style looks on the bots/cons is what has many excited. The "Bayformer" films lacked that....as well as a cohesive narrative over their 5 films. Hopefully this Bee film, having the look fans prefer means that a strong story also occurs. Now to me it looks like from the trailers they are at the core riffing on TF1s narrative, at the core. It may be too optimistic to hope someone has the main points of a trilogy mapped out. That is, aside from the aesthetics of the TFs, where the main series went wrong. It felt like they were making it up as they went along, not even attempting to have a cohesive story. That said, if WOM is strong I feel $200m USD could happen, even in the crowded Dec marketplace. Perhaps $500m+ WW
  8. Captain Craig

    Weekend Thread ~ The Grinch 67m+ per DHD

    Lisbeth Sander missed her window. She is a novel star and not destined for much more than that. See also Jack Reacher and Alex Cross
  9. By Captain Marvel they will be pushing N&t4R as far as it can go.😉
  10. I noticed that CR is now just over $99m USD Seeing as how Nutcracker is a bust are they going to hold this over till Ralph to push it?
  11. So this will need a 4x, going to be tough and it'll still be a disappointment even then.
  12. John Carter was a fun film that didn't get the proper attention it deserved. Not better than the Avengers though. I saw Avengers 7 times in the theater, JC the once.
  13. Captain Craig

    Spider-Man: Far From Home | July 5, 2019

    So who have we had since 2002: Spider-man 1: Green Goblin Spider-man 2: Doc Ock Spider-man 3: Sandman & Venom Amazing Spider-man: Lizard Amazing Spider-man 2: Electro, cameo Rhino Spider-man Homecoming: Vulture, cameo Shocker Spider-man Far From Home: Mysterio, cameo Chameleon(?) Indeed Kraven the Hunter is the one of the last of a noticeable legendary foe to not appear. Hobgoblin would be another to round out a "tops list" as I see it before going 2nd tier. I feel Jackal is right there at the top of any 'B' list of foes. Carnage is certainly being saved for Venom 2 so he's out. Scorpion(Mac Gargan) deserves to be used in costume as someones strong arm(Jackal maybe?) I always liked the look of the Tarantula. He could be updated even, made more menacing. Morlun is a newer foe I'd be up for seeing used. If they wanted to do an "old school" type film the mobster world has options. Sadly, Kingpin is off limits for obvious reason. Hammerhead Tombstone The Enforcers

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