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  1. Will Smith was the best part of the film. His character had the most emotional core. I'm not a Deadshot fan but would've gone to a solo Deadshot film, in large part due to Smith. I'm not a big fan of the first SS and this one looks worse.
  2. Finally sat down and watched the trailer yesterday. As a big Marvel fan I'm used to taking a wait and see approach. I thought when they announced GotG that they were overreaching too early. As much as comic reader me likes Ant-Man, I thought that might be too tough a sell. Then came the Eternals announcement. Comic reader me has a deficit with these characters. So how they fit into things or could be made to is one I leave up to Kevin Feige. When the first trailers for GotG and Ant-Man were released I got those "this is going to work vibe". This is the first
  3. Comments like this are proof to me that being selective in ones "unbelievable" moments within the series are why KotCS is just fine. Fridge scene and all. Outracing a giant boulder whose weight & density would mean it moves fast enough to overtake you, but doesn't. Totally fine. Falling out of a plane and safely landing in an inflatable raft. Totally fine. Mine carts jumping and landing back on track. Totally fine. Granted I don't want Indy in space either, concerning the rumor, but come one...stop with the "nuke the fridge" moment being some line in the
  4. Onward was a very fun film. Saw this on D+ not long after it debuted. My wife and I decided not to show it to our not quite 4yr old cause death is just not a topic she has had to deal with nor is she wholly ready to process the ramifications. Soul is also on the long list for films she will get to see. Grade: A-
  5. Late to the game. Finally saw the first Sonic via STARZ over the Holidays and really enjoyed it. Felt like it could've been too silly but it managed to stay grounded and be fantasy without being satire.
  6. Finally saw this on STARZ, thanks to Amazon Prime having a $.99 subscription offer. I was worried when it came out. Initial feedback before Covid shut down the world seemed audiences were loving it. Conclusion: Worth the hype! Grade: A- Now...Bad Boys 4???
  7. My enthusiasm for this series is waning. I didn't hate the trailer, just found myself going 'meh'. Lots of seen this, seen that showing up. Which this late in a series is something of a sideways compliment.
  8. Ready for the sequel. A great TV series that had a solid first film. Can't wait to see where they go with this!
  9. Exactly. Anyone that has followed Ford's career know that interviews and being extemporaneous is just not his strong suit. I'm a sad that this film has been delayed 3-4yrs from when it was initially announced. Still excited and just hoping for another great Indy film! Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is a fun film that became one of those "cool to hate on films" .... fight me.
  10. Grade: A I saw this on HBOMax and loved it, LOVED IT! This was the Avengers to this mini-cinematic Monsterverse for sure! Not sure where they go from here but these 4 films were amazing fun!
  11. I've been absent from the boards awhile. No movies to attend in person I just drifted away. Movies, in the theater, are coming back and last weekend so did I. I'm not remotely a Gamer. Haven't owned a console in 20yrs, but I did grow up in the age of Mortal Kombat so when a friend asked if the wife would let me go I wasn't letting the movie selection stop me if the wife wasn't. Grade: B I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Solid action scenes which is what I expected at the very least. A coherent and competent enough plot made for things to come together well.
  12. Now that Covid has forced studios to find alternatives, such as VOD, for film releases is this the beginning of a downward slide for theaters? Not that they go away mind you but people have for years been saying, "Let me just watch it at home". Too many rude people, phones, crying babies and talking children in films they shouldn't be at have irritated folks with the cinema experience for years, years now. Sure this has been discussed but not sure where. I've been off the boards for awhile do to theater experience down.
  13. I did get to Bloodshot Saturday of Opening weekend amid the expanding Covid19 scare. It was showing in a 400 seater. By my guess there were about 25 or so of us +/- I give the film a soft grade of: B The overall origin of Ray/Bloodshot is fairly on point to the comic so points there. PRS(Project Rising Spirit) as the bad guy also works and follows true to form as it relates to Bloodshot. I would've preferred that the soldier goons they had be comic adapted characters from H.A.R.D. Corps but that doesn't make this choice poor. Just a preference. The one big flaw fro
  14. Great! I like both series. The trailer did give off Vin in Toretto mode for Bloodshot though. Xander Cage is heavy on Toretto vibes also, but not Riddick. I'm going Saturday night with my date Ms.Purell
  15. Bummer, I'm just hearing of this. I'm still eager for more Ford as Indy but w/o Spielberg it'll be a more shallow reunion...at least at the moment. If the film is great from script to screen then this will have been tears shed for no reason.
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