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  1. It appears, based on the trailers, that money has been well spent on costumes and sets. The trailers look really good but then the ones for Lone Ranger looked ok as well. I get a Narnia meets Alice in Wonderland type of vibe off the film. That is enough to make me curious. For me time to see this is tough.
  2. Haha....no. Not unless you consider a sequel that significantly goes up over the initial entry and itself has nearly a 3 multiplier a sign of fatigue. So, no, just, just no. We aren't real sure how they are going to handle that symbiote. In the comics that symbiote is spawned from Venom itself. The mid credits set up the host. The scientist lady that betrayed the Life Foundation and was killed by a symbiote was Riot I thought. Riot traveled and drained a few hosts to get to that point though.
  3. The end, end credits for CA: TFA had the 1:30 teaser trailer for Avengers. They've done what you are describing already and when they did there were many more months to go for the film. Captain Marvel would only be about 60 days so that is a poor strategy.
  4. Seems like after that first week of ill informed doom/gloom by some that AM&TW is going to end up with a 2.9x It just doesn't have enough in the tank for a full 3 multiplier sadly. Big success on this sequel for Marvel & Disney to feel good about. I'm very curious where the sequel will go post Avengers 4. Probably be 2022 for Ant-Man 3 I'd guess, unless they move it up to accommodate the GotG vol.3 delay.
  5. With Tuesday receipts accounted for CR is at $98.3m domestic. Getting closer all the time!
  6. Iron Man 2 is a solidly entertaining and enjoyable film that builds not only a franchise but a universe. One of the biggest fallacies to take root is that it is a bad film to be included with these others.
  7. I'm well aware of the finer points so that isn't an issue I had to consider. I've been around awhile.
  8. So....time to start thinking about that sequel it seems. The mid-credits can now become a reality.
  9. The trailer does look promising. I just didn't have a solid enough hook, yet, to make me line this up for a theatrical viewing. Could change but Dec has a lot of draws.
  10. The film was fun. Glad I saw it but sadly it succumbed to online sabotage. It wasn't perfect but it was a good time. The set up for follow up films easily be done now but we'll never know. The followups likely would/could be even better. Learn from the minor missteps here and improve.
  11. Now that Venom is behind me Creed II is my next anticipated film. Well, it has been. I wasn't anticipating Venom so much as just wanting to get past it but it didn't suck like they say. Creed II looks like it's going to be great!
  12. This film will come out about the same time that the 4th and final film in the Divergent series hits the big screen. At least it's looking that way.
  13. Poster looks great. Bummed we never got a full Pearlman trilogy but I welcome the characters return to cinema!
  14. So Alita blinked and blinked hard. As something should've. I still don't have an interest in the film but this is a great new location with films I don't see as direct competition to it(or any of those crowded Dec films). Now it really has a chance to shine. Granted it's still going to be a hard sell but Feb has seen some good openers the past decade or so.

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