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  1. I was hoping this would be a music biopic. Tuned out when I heard about the romantic comedy approach. I just saw the trailer and admit it looks fun....but wait for it at home fun, not spend $30 at the theater fun.
  2. Bumblebee is certainly a success, even if one wants to get pedantic and say minor success. It's lower budget and some tax incentives helped make that happen but those things can be said about a number of films. The fact it had better characters, a stronger and straightforward narrative without the choppy action edits and bloated sequences of the past few TF films is the real reason this won over a fading fan base. I feel those that passed out of spite may discover it later and those folks will show up for whatever is next most likely. Bumblebee has the chance to look like Fast & Furious 4 for this franchise, be the film that revives a franchise. That $125.7m domestic total was considered a no go by certain brain trusts around here who like to print obits in the early going.
  3. Perhaps Marvel isn't flying cause it isn't to her advantage in that situation. Maybe, I don't know wait to see what becomes..obvious before ad hoc ridicule of a single frame of film.
  4. Why doesn't Superman just hover over his enemies and blast them with heat vision or cold breath?
  5. @LaughingEvans seems you're feelings are hurt. @Lordmandeep you've been around long enough, your response seems knee jerk, you should know better.
  6. Its been done across the Net. I don't have the keystrokes to waste on those who've made up their minds that it is the franchise killer film. I've been on forums long enough to know when not to waste anymore time than necessary.
  7. Captain Craig

    Wednesday Numbers 1/30

    I'm disappointed that Affleck is gone. It wasn't his Batman that was bad, it was the writing he had endure as Batman. Shame on DC for letting a director derail the synergy these actors had begun to build. Marvel didn't allow for that. Vision, Warners lacks a solid vision.
  8. TLJ hate is still strong with so many. It is a solid movie on many fronts. I've never seen such tirades and cliches that make so many look like the parent living basement dwellers of the stereotype than over TLJ.
  9. ^^^ I'll avoid that one if she does. Too bad we can't just skip over February, nothing in those 28 days that has me interested.
  10. I'd wager that just about any of us could write some form of what JCS will write about the film. Heck, he probably already has a draft written up.
  11. I think at this point it is fair and accurate to call Bumblebee a success sitting at $438m WW, $122 of that Domestic. The question for Paramount is: Where does the franchise go? 'Bee seems to have gotten good will from those of us who didn't give up hope. I feel those who passed out of spite for Bay may realize on at home viewing that it is a pretty good film. Thus the likelhood a Bee sequel happens, and budget maintained in control again, they could see even better returns. There is also talk of an all animated Cybertronian War film as briefly seen in the Bee film.
  12. Captain Craig

    MORBIUS | July 31 2020 | Sony | Spider-Man spinoff

    ^^^^ I can't help but notice you aren't disputing that Hollywood has cranked out lots of vampire films from various studios over the decades. Just being contrary as to the pace at which recent vamp flicks has occurred. A vampire film is right up Hollywoods sweet spot. Thus doing one in the superhero genre is long overdue since Blade 3 has been some 15 or so years ago now.
  13. Captain Craig

    MORBIUS | July 31 2020 | Sony | Spider-Man spinoff

    A film about a vampiric character screams late Sept/early Oct release. Budget within reason, $75-100m, and you can have a modest hit at minimum with this. I recall when folks thought Blade was a questionable idea. Folks, if there is one genre that Hollywood has been cranking out longer than nearly any other, it's a vampire film. I'm curious, especially after Venom was better than I'd hoped.
  14. Captain Craig


    Bumblebee to land inside the $120m zone come Monday.

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