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  1. Excited for this film. Hope it avoids the sophomore slump.
  2. Given that in any calendar year there are 6-10 CBM between Marvel(Disney)/DC(Warners)/Fox/Sony it makes sense that there would be at minimum 1 per film. Then as folks make clubs that number doubles. Add in Star Wars a Fantastic Beast and sure the first page can indeed look very topic specific. I don't deny that and to some one who sees CBM largely as an anathema that has to annoy you. I don't discount your feelings on that. However, that is the state of the current market ergo, the threads are justified. I imagine there will be a span in 2020/2021 where the front page has A2 and A3 threads of various discussion. Your time is coming.
  3. With that understanding if there were a few rabid fanboys of any film their contribution by that definition goes into this thread. Correct? I've go to think even the most marginal films out there have their groupies.
  4. Therein lies the problem I feel. The Mods to their credit wanted to create a thread where under discussed films, with fandoms, could pop in and compare/contrast/speculate on those franchises. However, due to the current environment of the industry only a few franchises are really making real headlines thus drowning out what I think was the purpose of the thread. I feel the thread goes days without getting bumped cause it's become a bad satire on re-run. As I stated, prior to today I've not visited the thread for days for just that reason.
  5. I only needed the first click. Get back to me when there is a COLLECTION of related AVATAR films.
  6. Media Franchise - A media franchise is a collection of related media in which several derivative works have been produced from an original creative work, such as a film, a work of literature, a television program or a video game. Re: Film - a series where a central character(s) is often explored in various ways This board is about Films. I can objectively agree that Avatar fits to some degree the term franchise in that it has ONE movie, One circus themed play, book series(I lost track those come out yet?), and at least one video game. As a property it has been represented in various media forms not unlike Trek/Wars/Potter/CBM However, the important distinction on a FILM site discussing franchises is about just that FILMS. Avatar has one film, get back to us Dec 2020.
  7. I know exactly what it means. Your condescending tone is annoying and doesn't help further discussion. Yet you wonder where the exhaustion come from.
  8. That's all this deserves See my other post about more discussion of actual franchises. I know you two have made it Avatar vs CBM vs SW in your head and every other poster must be in one of those camps. The reality is a majority of us enjoy so many more films that this "battle" is exhausting.
  9. I wish the thread actually had more franchises discussed but that just doesn't seem to be in the cards. Trek, SW, Bond, Predators, Aliens/Prometheus, Transformers to even things like Pitch Perfect or Sherlock Holmes.
  10. This. It's not that anyone can't objectively look at Avatars numbers and say, yes, it's the #1 grossing film. It's that there isn't agreement to it's quality and what factor(s) got it there. Post-2020 we'll all know and Avatar will be a theatrical franchise. They have their playground thread. I hardly come in this thread anymore cause it's exhausting.
  11. Just slightly over on the OW(257m) and going to be over by a good bit on the final but @Warmaster506 should feel good about this predict overall. However, the likely bragging rights are going here to @Zakiyyah6 I wanted $700m so unless it finds better summer legs with schools out and other films underperforming this is looking about right.
  12. Deadpool 2 (2018)

    Re: Fridging I see some have properly credited the origin with Kyle Rayner Green Lantern from the 90s. Here are those panels.
  13. Deadpool 2 (2018)

    Background: I love comics(as longterm BOT users know). Deadpool is down the list of characters in print that I love. that being said.... Deadpool 1: A Deadpool 2: B+ For me the film is not bad, it's just a victim of the sophomore slump. The film is a result of what I call "80s script retread"(think any Rocky, Rambo, Karate Kid, Police Academy etc series). In that it takes elements the Producers know we liked and then ramps it more but with less originality and flare. Also, they re-use characters that aren't needed in the followup because....contracts? Pros: Reynolds/Deadpool - he does a spot on job once again even if some jokes felt forced this time around. This sequel for sure doesn't have the same type of "lightning in a bottle" feel for me as say GotG did to GotGv.2 Cable - I thought this was a very solid first ever turn at showcasing Nathan on the big screen. Colossus - enjoying the time line corrected big guy more and more. Negasonic/Yukio - good reuse and addition here Domino - Also a really good first appearance at showcasing Neena on the big screen. Nothing but good things. Juggernaut - So glad I didn't follow the rumor mill or read reviews before hand because I got to guess and guess correctly that he was in play during the initial Icebox scenes. Meh: Weasel - good enough reason to be in sequel, didn't find inclusion distracting Firefist - got to be honest, I had to do a Wiki, this had been a total castaway type mutant for me. Totally forgot about him. The kid did a good job holding his own among in this cast but he didn't "wow" me. He served his plot purpose just good enough. Peter - could've served the Dopinder(DP1) role but so underused we'll never know. Cons: Dopinder - totally not necessary for this film. He was a great moment in the first film and feels forced here because "hey, you all loved him the first time". In the first film he serves as that 'normal' connection for the audience. Here not so much. Ever see RED(Bruce Willis) then the sequel? There the girlfriend, Sarah (Mary-Louise Parker) serves as the normal odd person out, Willis(Frank) is trying to be normal having retired from the CIA game but is dragged back in by peers. The sequel has her in tow but is annoying, untrained and actually a problem at times. She has no character growth and is used for gags. Dopinder is Sarah in Deapool 2. Blind Al - again, not needed and they just reused the "DP has to regrow" sequence for this characters appearance. Bedlam, Shatterstar, Vanisher, Zeitgeist - really, just killed them off? Their sole purpose was sight gags? Honestly I was only interested in pursing Bedlam and Shatterstar for future films so if you'd done your sight gags with Vanisher and Zeitgeist only I'd be less down. I mean really, two is all you'd have needed for that gag anyway. VANESSA - she was going to be a Pro, until her death was undone. Deadpool isn't a character that leads a normal life when not in costume. He's not Reed Richards going home to a wife and kid. Her inclusion felt just right in the first Act, then in the credits the whole thing is undone. Her death is what sets the whole film in motion so...did any of it really happen? Are all the deaths from earlier undone? Does Firefist become evil now and still kill Cable's family? I still give it a good enough grade I feel with a 'B+' it was just a step down with the Cons being just minor enough, sans Vanessa, but they piled up for me.
  14. Congrats to AIW for hitting $600m domestic in just 26 days! With $625m and $650m essentially locked a mini-milestones the real push will be to hit $700m. Can summer carry it there? Can it be carried there with the film coming to home video platforms so soon is probably the better question?

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