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  1. I hate Twitter. It is a big, big, big part of society's woes. The Mos Eisley of our time.
  2. Lucas long ago had his 9 episodes bullet pointed out and it was all about the journey of the Skywalkers. I'll be along for this installment, last one featuring a Skywalker, as I'm one who enjoyed TLJ and think the haters are whack. I'm ready for fully exploring the SW Universe beyond just Jedi. Let's get there.
  3. Captain Craig

    HELLBOY | April 12 2019 | David Harbour

    I had hoped for better. I know the film has some flaws but if RT convinces me frequently of why I just don't care about it, it's a 15% score. The mob mentality pile on is in full effect with this one. It was flawed fun, but fun and sets up a sequel I'd like to see(but very likely will not).
  4. **Pops in after an abscence What is going on right now?! **Leaving again till Endgame
  5. Too bad. I liked it. Admittedly I have a few issues but overall I enjoyed it and like what was being set up for the sequel.
  6. They are one of the few studios w/o a really solid variety of films that have franchise sustainability. There is Star Trek, of which the 4th film in the alt timeline is now on hold/cancelled. Then Mission Impossible, how many more does Tom have in him at 50+ yrs old. Finally Transformers, who knows if that is going to be fully salvageable post-Bumblebee They failed to navigate Jack Ryan correctly and Jack Reacher didn't really take off. Sad on both accounts as I like both characters. Never did get the often talked about Brazilian Job sequel to the Italian Job that could've been a type of Fast&Furious if they played it right, they didn't. We really should've had a proper Beverly Hills Cop 4 already. Doing the late 00s when Rocky 6, Rambo 4, Indy 4 were happening really would've made the most sense. Zoolander 2 failed to launch that into a proper comedy franchise. Oh, Paramount...I look forward to your announcement of Saturday Night Fever 2 and a Crocodile Dundee reboot with the Irwin kids, err, young adults now I guess.
  7. I think that possibly both are the real cat and the only thing fake is the collar on Goose.
  8. Could be close. The numbers for the final 4 games Saturday night were 14m + Championship game typically draws higher, even if it was no change one can't argue about almost 15m NOT choosing to make the theater a choice as a non-factor.
  9. The Olympics, pay per view Boxing and the Super Bowl are also legit deals that are cited for affecting box office. Yes, people love sports so the impact, family film or not, can be noticed.
  10. Since Disney started the Live Action adaptions of the animated fare something had to be the first disappointment. I was surprised that Dumbo was coming so soon frankly. Cinderella, BatB and Jungle Book all made sense to me, my feeling was they were at the top of the beloved in Disney circles. Dumbo...not so much. Aladdin....you are on the clock and that could go either way but it is a beloved animated film. I would've thought they might make Little Mermaid a higher priority. With Frozen going for an animated followup it'll be some time before that is done live action I'd wager. However, when they do...watch out!!
  11. Captain Craig

    HELLBOY | April 12 2019 | David Harbour

    I'm looking forward to this. It still lingers like a bad aftertaste that DelTorro didn't prioritize a Hell Boy 3 with Perlman and Selma Blair. That group deserved to go out better than being trounced by The Dark Knight 5 days after opening. Going Thursday night, 7pm

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