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  1. Now that Covid has forced studios to find alternatives, such as VOD, for film releases is this the beginning of a downward slide for theaters? Not that they go away mind you but people have for years been saying, "Let me just watch it at home". Too many rude people, phones, crying babies and talking children in films they shouldn't be at have irritated folks with the cinema experience for years, years now. Sure this has been discussed but not sure where. I've been off the boards for awhile do to theater experience down.
  2. I did get to Bloodshot Saturday of Opening weekend amid the expanding Covid19 scare. It was showing in a 400 seater. By my guess there were about 25 or so of us +/- I give the film a soft grade of: B The overall origin of Ray/Bloodshot is fairly on point to the comic so points there. PRS(Project Rising Spirit) as the bad guy also works and follows true to form as it relates to Bloodshot. I would've preferred that the soldier goons they had be comic adapted characters from H.A.R.D. Corps but that doesn't make this choice poor. Just a preference. The one big flaw from a visual standpoint is the lacking of true Bloodshot visuals. The pale skin and shirtless red dot chest appearance. I could go for another installment. Guess we shall see how this all shakes out. I noticed that the film has just managed to cross $10m US domestic amid all the theater closings. Double Digits, yeah!
  3. Great! I like both series. The trailer did give off Vin in Toretto mode for Bloodshot though. Xander Cage is heavy on Toretto vibes also, but not Riddick. I'm going Saturday night with my date Ms.Purell
  4. Both, why not. Just decent B.O. for it's budget will suffice imo.
  5. I'm sure I'm among the minority who are eager to see this with cautiously optimistic hopes. VALIANT is my 3rd favorite interconnected super hero universe(yes there is more of those than just Marvel&DC to the uninitiated). This will be the first in theater film I've seen since SWep9.
  6. Will there be one more trailer for this? I so want to see this but not sure I'll be able to with a new baby due this summer around its release date.
  7. Salvation was highly enjoyable vs Genysis. I'll see this DF soon enough but I don't wholly like what I hear. Salvation falls into that camp of IJ:KotCS and SW:LJ where the haters clearly saw a different movie than I did. A few script or directorial choices aside none of these deserve the hate they get. No, if you wanted Future War films Terminator fans you should've seen Salvation. Shit, Bale as John Connor finally being THE promised Resistance Leader the saga has foretold for the next film after proving himself here but no, you threw all that away "fans". Not to mention Anton Yeltin...oh, what could've been.
  8. I just started Stranger Things(yes, I know I'm behind) and due to Black Widow I took an extra interest in David Harbor with that first episode. Looking forward to seeing him more as I get into the show and gauge how, beyond the trailers, he may be in Black Widow. Can't wait for May to get here to see this! It may be one of few movies I see before my second daughter is born in June.
  9. Someone asked and I'm still no closer to knowing what you kids are talking about with this new made up term: filmtwitter It has the word twitter in it, and that place is a hive mind of deplorable trash from all walks. From time to time I lift the cans lid to check out the situation and 2020 is going to be a shit show on that site.
  10. I get that. However at the time, late 90s early 00s, it felt a bit more important to support them in hopes there would be more Raimi Spider-man and Singer X-Men type adaptions. Now I don't think supporting a comic film I see as potentially bad is necessary. Hence Birds of Prey is not one I'm going to make time for, it looks laughably bad.
  11. As someone who has been reading comics since the mid-80s I can't relate to the fanwars that seem to enthrall so many. I just enjoy good product and a variety of publishers at any given time will have their products output flux. I try to get to most comic book movies and TV shows. At one time that was very attainable. The last 5yrs the boom has made that nearly impossible, especially on the TV side. I'd go and see films that looked questionable and likely to be bad just to see characters/situations brought to life. Show some support for the action sub-genre of 'comic book movies'. I saw Catwoman, Steel, Elektra, Jonah Hex and Tank Girl. I was bummed the recent Hellboy was lackluster if entertaining. I like how Kingman has found a niche. I am a huge VALIANT comics fan and hope Bloodshot can have success. If it could be the Iron Man for VALIANT I'd be super pumped. Seeing X-O Manowar on the big screen done right would be epic. Ninjak has so much potential. The most discerning thing in the comic book movie threads is that if you have reservations or feel based on what you're seeing that the film looks spotty the labeling that happens. Too many try to dismiss you as a "________ zombie fan" whose biased. I'm aware there are some that is a legit label for but it gets tossed out when it shouldn't or there isn't basis for the tag. Worse if its a female led film you'll just get called a sexist cause you dared to have an opposite opinion.
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