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  1. I liked what I saw from this initial trailer. Looking forward to one more that lays out a bit more narrative then I'll pass on any other fare till the May release. Seeing the usual hate from the usual suspects so I see status quo hasn't changed on that front.
  2. Batman Beyond is indeed greatness but it doesn't sit on that pedestal alone. I feel the Justice League from the 90s and Spectacular Spider-man are right there as well. Also, no CBM included for me would Transformers: Prime
  3. The year 2022 reads as a transition year. Three of the four releases are completing a trilogy. Hollands Spider-man will have wrapped the year before leaving 4 slots open for new characters/groups. I doubt more than one of those four IPs gets a Thor-esque 4th film. 2023 looks to fill at minimum 1 slot with a new IP, Fantastic Four. Falcon Cap is both new and a franchise extender but would still absorb a second of the 4 slots. X-Men and or Wolverine for 2024?
  4. I wasn't comparing, just making a statement of acquired losses. Not sure what part of my comment on that read like a comparison to you.
  5. This and Dark Phoenix are some tough losses by acquisition that Disney has had to absorb this year. Makes the Dumbo losses look like nothing.
  6. Rise of the Machines was never a "soft reboot". It was the fulfillment of one crucial aspect of the mythos to date. Judgement Day will come and it did. Salvation, true enough, was designed as part 1 of a Future War trilogy. It too though was a continuation of the 3 films that preceded it. T1-->Salvation + Sarah Connor Chronicles is one shared mostly in tact continuity(nit picks aside). Genisys and Dark Fate are failed orphaned entries in a saga that never materialized.
  7. Sure, one one hand it is "just another Post-Apoc" film. However, in the confines of the Terminator world built over the preceding 3 films it was an establishment film. I like that you meet a John Connor who is a mid-ranking soldier with his own band of believers. He's more cult of personality at that point. By films end, with Resistance leaders dead and him leading the charge to turn the tide he rises to a position to make him THE John Connor we had been hearing about. A follow-up film to Salvation had things in motion to further and more fully the Future World and, and this is important....NOT be a rehash of the same story that here we are again with Dark Fate complaining about re-treading. Salvation was an overall good film with a few things I think we(not exclusively meaning you @dudalb) could agree on to be adjusted. The fans who abandoned it are to blame for the spiral into Genysis and apathy towards Dark Fate. We could've explored new narratives in the Terminator Future War but that didn't happen and even if it wasn't perfect at least it wouldn't be a rehash of T1's script with a modest bent.
  8. Which is really what so many of us had for Iron Man in 2008 and that all turned out pretty good.
  9. I knew this when I posted. Felt the "holier than thous" would chime in as expected and you didn't disappoint. Art is subjective which makes his and any others "critique" fair for them but not some blanket fact. Thanks for playing and taking the bait. I mean shit, I've been around since the BOM forum days. Knee jerk reactions like "ignorant"!! 😂
  10. Ken Loach...I remember his great films from...from...hold a second..that one film from....and that other one about....well you know the ones I mean. *looks at IMDB, yep nada zip zilch
  11. Trailer looked good. The setting, tone and visuals all felt right for this character....except, the pale white skin is missing. I'm going to assume they will have that in the film at some point and have an in-story reason for why he looks peachy skin tone. Yes, there is an answer in the comics they can use and perhaps to keep cost down have gone that route for f/x purposes on the bulk of the film.
  12. Re: Batman v Superman Can we all at the least, even if it is the only thing, agree that the ONE and may only good thing about BvS is that it gave us Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman? Would anyone agree with me that that is a near universal agreement point? If a second then Mamoa as Aquaman? Both those solo films were a lot of fun despite the film both characters were intro'd in.
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