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  1. The trailer did not wow me liked I'd hoped. If you had told me I was watching a trailer for RDJs Holmes 3 I might've even believed it for a bit. I know another trailer that gives more is forthcoming but this initial first teaser trailer was weak.
  2. ^^^^^ Well Professionals disagree with you. After the 2008 Crash/BUST we had no where to go but up. The rise was depressed for a few years but finally took off the last several. Indicators are GDP for one.
  3. Not true. These things are cyclical. Some use the rule of 9 but other factors can prolong a crash or depression a few years. They roughly are or have been 10-12 years apart regardless of politics. The 80s was a boom that saw an early 90s crash. With a respite we then had the "Dot.com" or "Tech" Boom which was shorter and ended after Clinton left office/Bush W started. Bad policy had a Housing Boom but prognosticators warned how the Fannie/Freddie lending policies were headed for trouble but that was ignored---BOOM, 2008 out Bush/in Obama. (I lost my job in that one). We've been without a serious Boom for some time due to the depressed nature for most of the Obama years but here we are 11 years since the 2008 and its very likely a Depression or full on Crash is coming. It's just a matter of trends and history.
  4. So Renner must be part of that super minority of Liberals in Hollywood who don't oppose owning guns. If this report is true though...red flag right here for you.
  5. Rambo is at $42.9m US domestic. Concluding a month at first run cinema. I expect some theater drop so if it's not too large will hit $45m by next weekend. Discount theaters will be in play by end of October I'd imagine.
  6. Online petition....HaHaHaHa Those aren't with the URL link they are taking up space with.
  7. ^^^^ Not really a big deal. It was never the cursing that made the movie funny, it was the situations majority of the time.
  8. I don't see how that's an accurate statement. It's hardly unusual for an American centric franchise to skew higher Domestically. A 60/40 split is not at all unusual. My take is this movie is doing as expected, especially based on the projections the studio gave and how it just missed the low end of tracking($20m). Currently at $40m Dom and barring some wide theater loss should hit $50m in 3-4 weeks with International still opening in more markets and existing adding to the totals.
  9. I'm all for Hobgoblin, just not Ned Leeds. Kraven is a no-brainer maybe with Calypso in tow. Chameleon could be set up there due to lineage ties. Jackal is huge as well and not been done. Might be a good sight gag to have Garfield show up as a clone?! Carrion should be in tow if Warren/Jackal is used as well. Small time "stooge" bad guys like Shocker hardly count as having been done imo. Scorpion is still out there, Jack O'Lantern or Mad Jack, Tarantula and Beetle as well. Hydro Man, Molten Man, Silvermane, Swarm, Hammerhead are all second tier guys that grouped properly could be used. What about The Rose, he's the Kingpin's son, I wonder if he could be used?? Newer foes like Mr. Negative, Morlun or Screwball(3rd tier newer foe imo). Then there are support players yet to be used: Prowler, Rocket Racer, Puma, Cardiac, Black Cat, Silver Sable, Morbius(I know solo film) and a visual favorite...Man-Wolf! Does Speedball count? He was intro'd in a Spidey Annual iirc. So much variety still not properly utilized.
  10. That was underwhelming. I say that as one who gave Suicide Squad a chance. As a fan of CBM's in general. I'm hoping they are saving some costuming shots for a second trailer cause no one but Harley "looked the part".
  11. The cast will not be complete until General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross is added. Awaiting confirmation any week now!! 😉
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