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Boldly go and revisit Gene Roddenberry's classic sci-fi franchise, including J.J. Abrams' modernized reboots.
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  2. Star Trek Discovery recently wrapped up Season 2 that featured Captain Pike and Spock with cameos from 'Number One' and NCC-1701 herself this year!! I must say I wholly love how this season helped iron out story inconsistencies bridging this to TOS era. They have to give us a series with Pike and crew now! So curious to see where Discovery S3 goes after that ending! Surely others here are watching ST:Disco
  3. Last year's Beyond didn't really live up to the hype in my mind, please please please make this good.
  4. Ive seen lots of stuff from the show. I'm extremely impressed, should be fun. They are over spending though haha but the sets are gorgeous.
  5. Star Trek returns to the small screen this Fall courtesy of CBS All Access. Much like Star Trek Voyager launched UPN back in the mid-90s before it was absorbed into the CW Discovery will launch the CBS All Access subscription TV service. The 13 episode series is set to debut this Fall, being pushed back from a May summer show launch. It takes place after Star Trek Enterprise('01) but before Star Trek('66) with Kirk in command of the Enterprise. This means if the show is a hit not only will it explore the early 23rd century of the Federation reaching into deeper space but could allow for Enterprise('01) cameos and allow for exploring stories on the Enterprise under the command of Robert April and Christopher Pike. Discovery has a solid cast on paper. The official premise for the first season is below. Discovery Crew Jason Isaacs = Captain Lorca Doug Jones = Lt. Saru Sonequa Martin-Green = Lt.Cmdr Rainsford (ships #1) Maulik Punchily = Dr. Nambue Anthony Rapp = Lt. Stamets Terry Serpico = Admiral Anderson Sam Vartholomeos = Ensign Connor Mary Wiseman = Cadet Tilly Recurring roles Michelle Yeoh = Captain Georgiou (different Federation ship) Rainn Wilson = Harry Mudd (listed on 9 episodes) James Frain = Sarek Filming is underway now and I'm very much looking forward to this. What say you Trek fans?!
  6. Seems at least one answer is a return to Television! New Star Trek series set for Jan '17. Pretty excited about the opportunities. I'll need to hear more before getting too pumped up, like where/when it will take place. Will it be tied to the Beta-Timeline in the latest Trek films and if so in what century, what ship, make up of the cast. Cause if it is in the Beta-Timeline where Vulcan is destroyed then it will not be the crew of the Enterprise. Will it return to the Alpha-Timeline of all prior Trek films and the 4 series but skip ahead a century? That could then be a ship called Enterprise with a uniquely new crew.
  7. Besides ST:Beyond for next year what else can be/should be on the horizon for this franchise? IDW holds the comic book license, I expect some tie-ins along those lines. Some new novels perhaps? Some new action figures? Maybe With the franchise at it's highest since the 90's it would be nice to see a new TV project. Question is does that series take place in the Alpha timeline or Beta one, with the new movie series? Would anyone think a new TV project as viable? If so what outlet for it? Other ideas?
  8. One of my all time favourite cues. Whatever happened to Eidelman....
  9. I finally got around watching the final season of Enterprise, and now I have a much more complete vision of the show. I have very mixed feelings, to be honest. I guess I would describe it as a pile of wasted potential. In my opinion, the two biggest mistakes of the creators were not making an actual prequel of the franchise, and instead go for new, bland, uninteresting stories, and not renewing the narrative style of the direction. Enterprise doesn't look like it's a show from the 2000s. It still had the pace and the long, wide shots of the 90s shows. Voyager got away with it, but that style was too old fashioned when they got to make the fourth consecutive ST show. It's so painful to watch an episode of Battlestar Galactica and then one of Enterprise. So, when we finally get to a pack of episodes that do work as a prequel, we still have the issue that the show is just plain boring. They have good stories, but the narrative makes it all look too rigid and artificial. Add to that the terrible work they made with the characters, barely developing anyone outside of Archer, T'Pol or Shran. Phlox is saved because he was interesting from the very beginning, but the rest...are beyond vanilla. Even though Trip had a lot of screentime, I could barely tell if I like him. Which takes me to the biggest surprise of the fourth season and perhaps, the whole show: In a Mirror, Darkly! I waited to watch it after the finale, because I thought that if I was barely interested in the regular episodes, 80 minutes of characters that I didn't know would be even worse. But how wrong I was! The pace is faster and the characters finally show some emotions. That treacherous Hoshi! That T'Pol working towards the rights of her people! And my god, that Archer haunted by the achievements of his own version in the other universe! Amazing character work there. Not only was very engaging narratively, it also worked really well with the references to TOS, using them in a way that they made all sense as a standalone piece of work, not just as a "tribute" episode. Back to the normal episodes, I guess I enjoyed the Klingon and Terra Prime arcs the most. Demons-Terra Prime had the right storyline to close up the show. Just add a more emotional final scene and you would have got a decent finale. As for the real finale, 'These Are The Voyages...' I enjoyed it, but it doesn't mean it's not a big mess. I understand now why everyone said it felt more like a TNG episode, because it's right. If you take the Riker storyline out it would look like the dumbest choice of a story to finish the show. And everybody was right, just doesn't make any sense. Was it any other episode, they would have resolved the situation without any personal harm. The stakes weren't high enough. And it's nice that they end with a big homage to a crew that was very influential to the origin of the mythology of the show...but we just didn't get to see many of those events. They wasted three seasons with irrelevant stories and now they want to make us feel emotional about their "career". Still, would I have wanted a fifth season? After watching S4 I doubt it. They still could have had good stories, but they couldn't have eluded the fact that the characters were very weak, and the narrative was simply outdated. And it's a shame, because a prequel show sounds like an AMAZING idea. This is not something that you could fix with an additional TV movie, like fans wanted. The base of the whole show is just too weak.
  10. On hearing of the passing of Leonard Simon Nimoy(1931-2015), and learning also about his funeral on 1 March, I put together some of my writing about him and his Star-Trek fame to serve as a sort of quasi-eulogy. I have also integrated his life and my own since both he and I have had a keen interest in autobiography, and a find such synthesis and integration of lives provides an interesting, a heuristic, base for my personal and speculative writing. Some readers may find this personal synchronicity annoying, and for this I apologize before readers get going here with the following prose-poetic work. Readers who prefer short and pithy posts are simply advised to either skim or scan or stop reading now.-Ron Price, Australia ---------------- Go to this link, FYI, at: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=544124
  11. Here's THR's initial review of the first episode of Star Trek. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/star-trek-1966-first-aired-778275
  12. yes they were an amazing duo on fringe , he played in two of my favourite scifi series , lucky me!
  13. RIP Those brief moments of Leonard Nimoy and John Noble together we're great in Fringe.
  14. Leonard Nimoy passes away at age 83. Even though Discussion is likely to also be in the Star Trek 13( III ) thread it only felt right that in the Star Trek sub forum of the board there be one a well. Known mostly for portraying Spock on Star Trek in various iterations he got his start as a recurring regular on Mission Impossible. Was the voice of Galvatron in the 1986 animated Transformers: The Movie and later Michael Bay cast him as the voice of Sentinel Prime for Transformers Dark of the Moon. He played the rarely seen, 11 appearances, but crucial William Bell on tv's Fringe from '08-'12 and made a name for himself as a go-to narrator for documentaries. He also had quite the eye for photography with a modest but respected showing of his photography art. Mr. Nimoy for many of us you always were and forever shall be....our friend. Live Long dear sir.
  15. Well, I'm going to be the exception and vote for First Contact. That main theme is sublime.
  16. Well, the problem with Worf is that there is very little left to explore of him as a character, considering he's been a main member of a cast for eleven seasons (seven on TNG and four on DS9). On the bright side, he is the definition of charisma. And if there's a known character that could deal with the pressure of building a show around him it's Worf. And it's been a while since the events of Voyager/Nemesis. I'm sure they can develop the story enough to put him in a new exciting situation. Now that I think about it, I LOVE the idea. They can make something fresh, but also related to the stories of the three previous 24th Century shows. An alien perspective might be the fresh angle the franchise needs on TV. I do think the Klingon storylines tend to get tiresome when they run for a long time, but this doesn't have to be totally Klingon-centric.
  17. I remember my sisters or dad might catch an episode every now and then, but I really didn't pay any attention to it at all until J.J. Abrams Star Trek came out in 2009. was always more into star wars. but I loved the new star trek and have even seen the first 3 original movies. first was ok. second good. third mah
  18. My 'first contact' was probably with the TOS movies when I was a kid, but what I remember as my 'breakthrough' as a ST fan were the reruns of TNG on a Spanish cable TV network. They always aired an episode before dinner time, and those moments are one of my fondest childhood memories. I probably was about 11-12 years. I watched all the TOS, TNG stuff with my father, but then I kept growing as a fan, and I got into DS9 and VOY, that I watched on dvds at the public library.
  19. My Grandpa used to watch the old Star Trek show on reruns in the mid 90's. I would watch it with him. Then I saw him a few years ago watching the old reruns on TV. He said the pretty white guy and the man with pointy ears are bitter enemies and each episode they try to kill each other and fail. Instead of explaining how he got the show sooo wrong, I just let the old man be.
  20. My Dad used to watch Star Trek on TV (TNG new episodes and TOS reruns) all the time when I was growing up. I was not fan, thought it was geeky and boring. Now I love Star Trek. Though I'm more of a fan of the TV shows. One thing most of the movies miss, is the exploration, and seeking out new life the TV shows made famous.Though I guess that would be boring to movie goers.
  21. I watched TNG with more regularity, but I was first introduced through TOS back when I was just a kid.
  22. There has been talk on and off about them wanting to do a TV Series based on Worf. While I get that Klingons are popular, I admit that he's probably the TNG character I'd least like to see a spin-off about. Edit: with the obvious exception of Wesley.
  23. Given that they are shooting next year, the film should be ready for 2016. The article is from January and a lot of progress has been made since then. I imagine from next September to the actual anniversary, we are going to see a lot of stuff relating to the 50th anniversary from new memorabilia, new documentaries, cast interviews on every chat show or morning show and that will only boost the film because it's essentially free publicity. I would be up for a Star Trek behind the scenes drama similar to An Adventure in Space and Time but I imagine it would either air on CBS or Showtime. A TV series is more tricky because the franchise is owned by CBS, Paramount only has film rights and CBS have been reluctant to do a TV series despite creators approaching them and realistically if Star Trek does come to television, it'll either be on CBS, The CW or at a push Netflix but given how well Under the Dome has done for CBS and they have been ordering summer series like Extant and Zoo, I wouldn't rule out CBS considering a Star Trek series.
  24. I wouldn't rule out a television series. Hell, if they want to play it safe, they can make a low-budget mini-series and give it to Netflix.
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