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  1. I’m always intrigued to find out which Australian State supported the FX/Post production. Victoria had a strong run there for a while.
  2. Yeah, for some reason everyone will sit to the end of the credits. Who do these people think they are? Credits are cleaning time.
  3. The news of Myspace’s deletion has prompted comparisons with other early internet communities that closed down, deleting huge swaths of online history in the process, from the website maker Geocities to the failed social network Google Plus. But those sites managed to give enough warning for archivists to capture the heart of their communities for posterity. In 2016, the Internet Archive launched a searchable collection of every GIF ever posted to Geocities, after mirroring the entire network in 2009, shortly before it closed down. At the weekend, a group of volunteers announced they were working to preserve Google Plus posts on the Internet Archive before the site closes in April. The archive estimates it costs about $2 to permanently archive 1 gigabyte of data. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2019/mar/18/myspace-loses-all-content-uploaded-before-2016 Aren't they forgetting something? BOM forums. Shocking lapse.
  4. DeeCee

    Not Cool Reaction | N.I.R.D.

    As an outgrowth of adding the “Not Cool” reaction N.I.R.D was born. It’s a simple to remember acronym to describe the best first response upon reading a post you find disagreeable. Not Cool Ignore Report Don’t Quote (This post will grow)
  5. There's clearly always been a direct correlation between BOT thread size and box office gross. An inverse correlation.
  6. This will be the spoiler thread. It will be unlocked later today. Probably around 4-6 hours from now.
  7. Moderation I searched and there aren't actually many Endgame clubs. Although unlikely this has to be considered a possibility. However, @shayhiri please tread very carefully in how you respond to others arguments. Regards BOT Staff
  8. It works so much better in the original Japanese.
  9. A lot of things could have happened between CM and GOTG. The video I linked earlier suggested and interesting idea. In GOTG Quill says that a Kree girl gave him one of his scars. Could Peter Quill be in CM2 while he's still a Ravager?
  10. Fury had used the pager to tell his boss (Mendelsohn) where they were. That's why he turned up.
  11. Oops. I was forgetting IM2 was made before Captain America. They obviously further fleshed out how they would use the Tessaract by the time they made CA. So the new element would have come out of Tesseract research.
  12. ”Is Barry going to be in trouble with me?” Barry plays the security guard in Captain Marvel. He’s actually the head of security onset for all of the Marvel films. His character’s comment about there being another guy who looks after the movie theatre actually has a deeper meaning.
  13. OK I watched the Tesseract YouTube video, checked IM2 and Captain America. Unless there’s something external from IM2 I’m unaware of it’s unclear as to whether the new element has anything to do with the Tesseract. It’s called the Tesseract in CA and since Zola was captured Howard Stark would have known it as the Tesseract. His notes in IM2 have a cube like image which he calls the hypercube. Is this or is it not the Tesseract? I don’t know. Other then that the YouTube video is pretty much word for word my original post. Edit:I’m guessing it’s a link lifted from the comics but never explicitly spelled out in the MCU.

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