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  1. It made another AUD2.09 on the preview weekend. Cume now AUD5.23.
  2. Moderation Reminder #583 that conspiracy theories should be taken to the conspiracy thread. Regards BOT Staff
  3. Just had my first Pfizer dose. I have slight sense of a headache but otherwise feel fine.
  4. Doesn’t look like preview numbers for Australia have been released. It had a lot of sessions on the weekend.
  5. It’s good. The opening is very well done. Probably my favourite part.
  6. Matt Damon live cross from the TAB area at his local pub. He's one of us now. (TAB is the betting area of the pub)
  7. That final bus scene in the trailer would have had the external shots in San Francisco and the internal shots in Sydney. Looks good.
  8. Bubble time. Unrestricted travel between Australia and New Zealand reopened today.
  9. School holiday bumps. Peter Rabbit 2 takes top spot for the week with a cume of $14.74m. Godzilla vs Kong up to $22.5m
  10. Also cinemas in south east Queensland were also shut Monday to Thursday before Easter. That removes about 15% or so.
  11. Event has 135 minutes. https://www.eventcinemas.com.au/Movie/Fast-And-Furious-9#date=2021-06-17
  12. Given the opening Domestic and the relative restrictions Domestic vs Australia this seems fairly accurate of what the opening could have been. Probably actually would have gone $90-100m. Looks like it will be the highest grossing Monsterverse film in Australia.
  13. Cume now $15.56m. What were the totals of the previous Monsterverse films? I don't think any of them cleared $20m so this should be #1 easily with $20m+. Probably $22.5-25m
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