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Ezen Baklattan

Survivor III - Week 10 - Tragical Mystery Tour!

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Week 10


And then there were 8, after the surprising elimination of DoctorWho last week. Also shocking were The Call's breakout and Burt Wonderstone's less than incredible gross. What tricks will I have up my sleeve this week?


Part 1: Predict the following grosses

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone (Friday) - $3.709m

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone (3-day) - $10.18m

The Call (Sunday) - $4.094m

The Call (3-day) - $17.12m

Spring Breakers (3-day PTA) - $87,667

Oz: The Great & Powerful (Saturday) - $18.22m

Oz: The Great & Powerful (3-day) - $41.25m

Dead Man Down (3-day) - $2.126m

Jack The Giant Slayer (3-day) - $6.315m

The Last Exorcism: Part II (3-day) - $1.276m

Snitch (3-day) - $3.505m

Quartet (3-day) - $0.9367m

Life Of Pi (3-day) - $1.225m

Silver Linings Playbook (3-day) - $2.526m

Emperor (3-day PTA) - $2,011


Part 2: Answer the following questions

1. Will The Call open to at least $10m? YEP

2. The last film that starred both Jim Carrey and Steve Carrel was Horton Hears A Who! - What is the highest grossing 3-day weekend of this film that TIBW will outgross in its OW? WEEKEND #4

3. What film will be ranked at #7? 21 & OVER

4. Will Oz: The Great & Powerful drop less than 50%? SURE

5. Where will The Call rank in Halle Berry's opening weekends? 9TH









59.72% (placeholder)


In a shocking twist, the scores have been posted, but they're not matched to the person who recieved that score. Hell, there's no names here at all! What sorcery is this! Oh well, we'll have to make do. Here's how elimination will work. As I try to find out which score is which, there will be no second immunity this week. Just vote someone off, although voting off the person with 79.51% will be in vain, as this person has secured immunity this week.



Send your votes in by Wednesday @ 7PM ET!

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Tribal Council


Hm....one of you guys had to recieve immunity, but who could that person be? Is it even worth mentioning if someone else is eliminated? Enough chatter, let's see...


Vote #1



Vote #2



Vote #3



Vote #4



Vote #5



Vote #6 and the next elimination is...



Did this person recieve immunity?

Alas, no. The immunity winner this week was Goffe with a score of 79.51%. Sorry to see you go, ChD.

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