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Ezen Baklattan

Survivor III - Week 12 - The Classic Quintet Of Heroes

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It's been a long many challenges, so let's see how well all of you did! You have done well to survive this boot camp so far, and it is now time to see if victory will shine its beautiful light upon you.


1. Predict Evil Dead’s Gross. $11.90m

2. Predict Jurassic Park’s Gross $7.011m

3. Predict The Place Beyond The Pines’s PTA $7,023

4. What film will be #7? OZ: THE GREAT & POWERFUL

5. What film will be #13? THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES


acsc1312 - 64.35%

CJohn - 80.11%

Goffe - 91.64%

Iceroll - 59.88%

Punishment - 51.42%


And now, let's look at predictions for the three day weekend.


Evil Dead - $25.78m

Jurassic Park - $18.62m

The Croods - $20.65m

G.I. Joe: Retaliation - $20.88m

The Host - $5.199m


acsc1312 - 85.22%

CJohn - 84.47% (placeholder)

Goffe - 84.48%

Iceroll - 87.88%

Punishment - 93.44%


1. Name the movie with the use of “quid pro quo” SILENCE OF THE LAMBS

2. Finish this Mean Girls quote: “That’s why her hair is so big, it’s…” FULL OF SECRETS

3. Name the film ranked as #71 in AFI’s all time favorites. SAVING PRIVATE RYAN (2007) or FORREST GUMP (1997)

4. Monsters University and Pacific Rim share a certain star who was on what FX sitcom? IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA (the star was Charlie Day)

5. How many times was Amy Adams nominated for an Oscar? FOUR


acsc1312 - 5/5

CJohn - 0/5

Goffe - 3/5

Iceroll - 4/5

Punishment - 4/5


Goffe, acsc1312, and Punishment recieve a 0.5% boost for each of their scores for the average scores. The trivia will not be counted, and it is only used to determine this moment.

And now, we have the moment of truth: the average scores for the week are...

acsc1312 - 78.93%
CJohn - 79.40%
Goffe - 82.37%
Iceroll - 82.75%
Punishment - 77.27%
Iceroll's domination has reached its centerpiece, and he has earned immunity for the week. This also benefits you, as he has an immunity to share with one of you? Iceroll, PM me with your choice of who to save and your vote for elimination (which gets doubled!) Here is your second immunity challenge.
Predict the Tuesday grosses
Evil Dead
Jurassic Park 3D
The Croods
G.I. Joe: Retaliation
Same deadlines as usual.

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Tribal Council - Week 12


At this moment, we will determine our top 4. You have all fought valiantly through this brutal week of survivor, and once again, you have been offered with the opportunity of second immunity. Let's see how the cards fell on this heated week.


Predict the Tuesday grosses
Evil Dead - $1.854m
Jurassic Park 3D - $1.316m
The Croods - $1.138m
Temptation - $0.7123m
G.I. Joe: Retaliation - $1.585m
Vote #1


Vote #2


Vote #3


Vote #4


Vote #5 and finishing Box Office Survivor in 5th place is....


Did this person recieve second immunity?

I'm afraid not. He didn't even send me a vote, let alone predictions for second immunity. It's a shame to see you depart from Survivor Island, Goffe.

As for the remaining 4, stay tuned. Your next competition will be coming up shortly.
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