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4.2 "The Messenger"

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The second game will be going up tomorrow. Even though the results of The Challenge will not be published until Thursday, this will give you the opportunity (should you remain alive after The Challenge) to get a glimpse of this week's game.


Some things of note.


The current teams are:


The Legends




The Destroyers of Evil




The Earth Shakers




All other teams will be revealed Thursday.


In addition, there are Legends who have yet to be unveiled. The first legend still hidden will be uncovered this week and added to one of the teams...however, more than one may be added. Stay tuned for details.



And I will have the game back on pace now and it should be able to work on a weekly basis like it should have been.

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Season 4, Game 2


Deadline: Friday, April 12 at 5:00 P.M. Eastern (4:00 P.M. Central)


*Note: All players must submit answers via PM. The questions will be PMed to you. If you are already cast on a team, both players of the team must submit answers, but they can be the same answers. The "unidentified legends" must also submit answers to these questions via PM. If you are currently in The Challenge for Week 1 (if it has been PMed to you, then you are in it), I will still be sending you these questions as results for The Challenge will be published within 24 hours of the Friday deadline for this, so I will give you equal amount of time to ponder these questions, should you remain alive after the results of The Challenge. You can abstain from answering until after The Challenge results are posted should you wish, but you will have the same amount of time as everyone else to look over these questions in advance.





1. 42's opening weekend gross


2. Scary Movie IV made 40.22 million on its opening weekend in 2006. Predict the difference in opening weekend grosses between Scary Movie IV and Scary Movie V (2013). Take the higher and subtract the lower gross/prediction from it. Give me only the difference. (e.g. if Scary Movie V makes 30.22 million, you answer would be 10 million)


3. Evil Dead's percent drop from last weekend


4. The difference in weekend grosses between G.I. Joe: Retaliation and The Croods (e.g. if one makes 5 million and the other makes 4 million, your answer would be 1 million)


5. Jurassic Park 3D's per theater average on Saturday (only SATURDAY)

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The Challenge - Game 1


The Challenge results are finally in, and it's time to see who will be the first player (or players?) walking home. This was a big Challenge, with 6 contestants thrown in.  Only two of those contestants were new players to this season, and a third hadn't participated since a brief stay in Season 1. One more joined us last season, and the last two have participated in all seasons. But the real shocker here is one of those players is Totem...one of the most legendary players of the series, and now he may face elimination in the first week? Can Totem be the first to go? Totem has always been one of the greatest Challenge contestants, perhaps only rivaled by Fake (from Season 1). Outside of that, Totem has proven himself on the weekend games and always earns a spot in the top ten, although alliances pit up against him, out of fear, and he is always eliminated before the Final Five.


Totem is the first Legend to be revealed this season. He contains a reward (a bonus, perhaps...to be revealed in time). And yet, should he be eliminated, his bonus will be passed on to the player who caused his elimination, in this case, the highest scoring player in this Challenge. When all these prizes have been collected, they will be revealed...they are all carried by the unidentified Legends, those who fell last season in spectacular ways. Totem was the first to come out into the open, but this week, more will join him.


And now, on to The Challenge. I will reveal each contestant's score. Then, I will reveal the elimination process. Up first...the newbies:


Jay Salahi:

Jay scored in a middling range with an overall 72.04% score.



A bit more experienced than Jay, JohnnY posted a remarkable 90.37% score in this Challenge.


Now, the oldie from long ago...



Empire still has it. He scored 91.68% in this Challenge.


And for a glance at one of our longest lasting veterans, a player of all four seasons...



Tawasal missed the premiere episode this season...and unfortunately, he missed this Challenge also. He scored 0.00%. This means, Tawasal is the first player eliminated from Season 4 of Box Office Alliance. An unfortunate occurence, but Tawasal has been AWOL.


And of course, last season's second highest placing rookie player...



Better known as ChD, this week he posted a solid 88.02% score.




This leaves only our Legend, slain last season. This is his chance at redemption...his last chance. One of the series greatest competitors, fierce and hard to beat...



This is a truly shocking blow. Totem was unable to participate in The Challenge. Unfortunately, his absence cost him this time. Totem has the worst luck with these things, as each season his eliminations are caused by extraneous factors. And here, now Totem is eliminated for scoring 0.00% on this Challenge...the first Challenge of the season. All of you should be grateful, though, for if he had participated, he surely could have crushed you all.



So Tawasal and Totem are our first two contestants to be eliminated. But are any of these other contestants eliminated also? The answer is....no. Because you all managed to trump Totem, you're all going to continue on. So only Tawasal and Totem, two highly esteemed players, will be going home early. The remainder will now be grouped onto your new teams. And EmpireStrikesBack scored highest, so now he contains the special prize attached to Totem...it will be revealed later. But this makes Empire a star player, ripe for the picking, and on Legend status.




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Final Team Roster


Now we can truly divide all the players into their teams.


The players in The Challenge are matched based on rank. Here are the final teams:


The Legends




The Earth Shakers




The Destroyers of Evil




The Equation Sensation

4815162342 (Numbers)



The Imperials





The Gold Seekers


Jay Salahi


And the remainder of the players are cast as our unidentified legends...whose identities shall be revealed soon. Empire assumed the position that Totem sacrificied.

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4.2 "The Messenger"


Totem. Gone.


There are still 5 unidentified legends who must be resurrected before the big showdown can go down. EmpireStrikesBack has taken over Totem's position...but the other five are still needed.


And this week, we are joined by a messenger. This is an esteemed forum regular, someone who will assist in resurrecting one of these legends this week. This messenger is someone you all know (and most of you probably love him). He's someone who's never ventured into Box Office Alliance before, but he is an acclaimed forum member, and he's done well in The Olympiad. He's been a participant in the similarly themed Box Office War. He is...Jim Shorts!


All players, with the exception of the legends and now Jim, have been grouped into their teams. Now the teams will vie for the remaining legends, as each possesses a great bonus that cannot be used until they are acquired. As the legends are currently dormant (but still playing from behind the scenes), these bonuses cannot yet be used. Whichever team possesses them all will have the ultimate chance of winning.


So what is Jim Shorts' significance to this plot? Well, Jim comes alone, but he has the means of resurrecting (or destroying) one of two legends, as there were two legends this week who zeroed out. Jim Shorts gets the special honor of challenging one of them to a duel.


But, before we get carried away, let's look at this week's scores.


The Earth Shakers

24Lost: 86.72% +6 (+3 1st team, +2 85%+, +1 highest Question 1)

Schumacher FTW: 83.75% +4 (+3 1st team, +1 80%+)

Team average: 85.74% +10


The Equation Sensation

4815162342: 80.76% +1 (+1 80%+)

Iceroll: 78.09%

Team average: 79.43% +1


The Destroyers of Evil

Chasmmi: 90.24% +10 (+5 highest individual, +2 2nd team, +3 90%+)

Spaghetti: 80.84% +3 (+2 2nd team, +1 80%+)

Team average: 85.54% +13


The Gold Seekers

ChFloppit: 74.08% +1 (+1 3rd team)

Jay Salahi: 88.93%  +6 (+2 2nd individual, +1 3rd team, +2 85%+, +1 highest Question 2)

Team average: 81.51% +7


The Imperials

EmpireStrikesBack: 59.41% (placeholder) -1 (Strike 1)

Fakhir: 88.27% +3 (+2 85%+, +1 highest Question 4)

JohnnY: 75.13%

Team average: 74.27% +2


The Legends

Baumer: 64.41%

Riczhang: 68.34%  +1 (+1 highest Question 3)

Team average: 66.38% +1


Jim Shorts: 84.13% +1 (+1 80%+)


Unidentified Legends

Legend 1: N/A

Legend 2: N/A

Legend 3: 0.00%

Legend 4: N/A

Legend 5: 0.00%



The numbers next to the players' scores denote points rewarded. Points can be used to purchase immunities.

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This week, "The Earth Shakers" won. This means that Schumacher and 24Lost get to decide who will venture into The Challenge. But how will that be done? Well, only the top team is immune this season...so this week, only "The Earth Shakers" are immune. The winners will rank every other player, and players may purchase immunities. This week, immunities will be offered for 1 point a piece. You may wish to buy multiple immunities (although it won't be necessary this week). Immunities are purchased with points. If you have 1 point (or more) you may purchase an immunity. If your name does not come up first, second, third, etc. on the list before someone else gets in, but you declare that you will buy immunity, no points will be taken from you until your name is up for consideration. For example, if Player A buys immunity, but Players CBand C don't (and thus get sent into The Challenge), but Player D does buy immunity, the points won't be taken away from Player D because two players entered into contention before him. Bottom line, just tell me (via PM or here) if you wish to buy immunity and the number of them you'd be willing to buy this week (this week you'll only need 1 max as there are players who cannot afford immunity at all).


Only two players will be sent into The Challenge this week. It is up to "The Earth Shakers" to rank all elligible players (that being all except for the "unidentified legends") and then for players to sort out immunity purchases. We'll make swift work of this, though.



And now...the second part of The Challenge. This concerns Jim Shorts and his significance. Two of the legends zeroed out this week. They would both be vulnerable to The Challenge, but instead will face a different Challenge. Jim Shorts must choose either Legend 3 or Legend 5 (without knowing their identities yet) and will Challenge that one legend. Here are the stipulations. If that legend (either 3 or 5) wins, he will become Jim Shorts' partner (and Jim Shorts and he will both join "The Earth Shakers" as that is the winning team of the week, and then that team will have a special prize (like the one Empire posseses for "The Imperials"). If, however, Jim Shorts wins this Challenge, then that legend will be eliminated and Jim Shorts will be given the opportunity to compete against the other of the two legends (either 3 or 5).

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The Challenge - Week 2


To anyone who purchased immunities, no worries. No points will be deducted as the two contestants going in this week were the top 2 picks by "The Earth Shakers" and neither purchased immunities. So, without further ado, the two players entering The Challenge this week are...



Ready for it?



A surprise match up here, and it can go either way. This is much earlier than I would have expected for either of these two great players to be eliminated, but one will go. As it is, The Challenge is coming really late this week, so here's what I'm going to do, to make it easy for both of you.


Your Challenge will be the questions for this week's game. The one of you who scores higher on those will have his score counted and will move on. The one who scores lower will not have his score weighed in for the weekend results, and he will be eliminated.



Meanwhile, there is another Challenge this week. Jim Shorts picked the 3rd legend on the list...and that legend is




The stipulations of this Challenge are as follows.


1) If Jim Shorts wins, then DoctorWho will be eliminated, and Jim Shorts will acquire the bonus.


2) If DoctorWho wins, then both DoctorWho and Jim Shorts will be assimilated onto "The Earth Shakers" (the winning team) with the bonus shared among the players of that team.


So here is your Challenge.



1. Predict the Friday gross of 42


2. Predict The Croods' Friday per theater average


3. Predict Scary Movie V's Friday percent drop from last Friday.


DEADLINE: FRIDAY, APRIL 19 AT 5:00 P.M. EASTERN (4:00 P.M. CENTRAL) - the same time as the weekend game deadline.

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