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  1. I was hoping AMC was gonna just fuck you to Universal regardless. Force Awakens and Endgame records would never be broken by another studio.
  2. A little over 600 Blu-ray’s and 96 4K and another 100 or so digital copies. Running out of space to store everything so I’m transitioning to digital copies now.
  3. Tried watching this again last night and barely got through the first 20 minutes before I walked out and caught the last half of Knives Out. As much as I liked Phoenix’s performance in this movie, I think seeing it once was good enough. It was just boring to watch a 2nd time.
  4. I’ve watched enough Scooby Doo episodes to know exactly what was going to happen at the end!
  5. Haven’t been much lately, but how have AMC A-list and it’s Regal counterpart effected your projections? More reservations (presales) and less walk up screwing with your projections?
  6. At first, I hated the last 2 shark attacks at the end, since they were both so unrealistic. Then I remembered blind great whites in an ancient cave. Not a bad movie overall, as far as recent shark movies though, doesn’t hold up as well as the original or The Shallows.
  7. Which is what threw me off about his character. I always thought Curtis was Indian from The Last Airbender and was wondering the whole time why they couldn’t cast someone else, until I looked it up and realized he was from NZ!
  8. I haven’t heard anyone mention that movie in years! I was 9 years old at the time that’s movie came out. I begged my dad to rent it when the video store finally got it in and ended up being too scared to watch it by myself.
  9. ^ I'm on board with this review. Up to the last scenes, I'm sure most of the people at my screening were wondering where the fuck is this movie going? Unfortunately, lot of Margot Robbie's scenes could have actually been cut and it wouldn't have affected the movie one bit.
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