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  1. I got a ticket for Friday. Any suggestions???
  2. Moved to San Diego in June. Thought I could score some tickets then realized they've been sold out since Feb. There's always next year I guess. maybe I'll still go down to the convention center area and hang out. I'm sure there will be stuff going on outside the area.
  3. Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)

    ^ I think the action sequence were very similar to Ant-Man, which fit the smaller scale of both movies.
  4. Ive been jealous of Billy Zane ever since he judged the Hansel/Zoolander walk-off.
  5. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (2017)

    I could have done without all the Viking scenes, but I guess they were trying to set up possible sequels.
  6. Im proud to say I actually watched Black Dynamite 3 times the short time it was out in theaters. Still one of my favorite scenes of all time: https://youtu.be/6E44jeO1c-k the "I threw that..." line still gets me every time!
  7. Ahh, the good ol' days when your family had a 27" tv and everyone thought you were rich as fuck!
  8. If they set the next one in China, F9 could make $150m Dom and still crack $1B.
  9. I think everyone that wanted to see Gifted saw it for free 3 weeks ago at free screenings.
  10. Ghost in the Shell (2017)

    I felt like I was watching ScarJo channel Lucy at 60%.
  11. Thursday #s: Beauty and the Beast - $6.1M

    Which begs the question, how much would BatB have made if it was released in June/July or mid/late December?

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