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  1. This is why I won't be watching this in theaters. Dark World also looked great and I'm still waiting for them to get me those 2 hours of life back. That said, it does look fantastic, poster included.
  2. For a movie that's meant to be a cinematic event, this doesn't even come near to feel exciting. And after a 4 minute preview, I can't even tell what the story is apart from "heroes come together from a worldwide menace." They showed plenty of action scenes, but nothing about the villains' story or the characters' motivations. Are we supposed to know all of that from previous films?
  3. The premise has potential to provide some very funny performances, but the rest of the footage seems terribly generic, which is made worse by comparing it to a film with such a strong identity as Jumanji.
  4. Honestly, I'm a bit surprised with the RT % so far, since most of the reviews the I'm reading and watching are positive, but far from excellent.
  5. "Masterpiece" according to Chris Stuckmann. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=grcgqJvQeKI
  6. Chris Stuckmann approves as well. Chris Stuckmann‏ @Chris_Stuckmann War for the Planet of the Apes is a stunning masterpiece. It's brutal, bleak and authentically moving. I'm floored. Bravo @mattreevesLA. https://twitter.com/Chris_Stuckmann/status/877703617167450113
  7. I haven't followed those movies closely, so I'm absolutely shocked at this.
  8. She's a real girl who keeps it real. It actually makes sense considering she considers her human image more like a "costume" and her blue appearance her true self.
  9. Maybe, especially for the original trilogy. It also fits much better with the type of cold character she was back then. Now they may just want to keep some coherence after the hairstyle in First Class wasn't great either.
  10. That was a teaser for Logan. The blood of the mutants was used to create the kids.
  11. That can't be possible. People here said she was absolutely forced to make the three previous films and she couldn't wait to get rid of the series. The thought of uninformed people being proved to be uninformed would be too much to handle.
  12. That miniseries was insanely good. Brilliant in all aspects.

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