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  1. I prefer Aquaman's poster to the general one, which is too...basic. And the music for the clip is a choice. I thought they would be going for a more epic direction after Suicide Squad.
  2. $175M is pretty insane considering the expectations even during the weekend.
  3. Highest grossing film in the series WW! $306.9M
  4. The thing is, there are just way too many X-related projects in development to add yet another one. They have the next X-Men film, New Mutants, Deadpool 2, X-Force...and Legion and another series on TV.
  5. I think it's the first time that I've seen Christ Stuckmann have an opinion so different to other critics.
  6. There were some bits of technology, like Logan's license being on a screen. And well, the villain's robot hand. I understand where you're coming from though.
  7. This is at $293,954,695 WW...$7 million more and it will take the crown from Afterlife.
  8. He could have easily got the adamantium back in his body thanks to Magneto after he meets with him at the end of The Wolverine. It just like Xavier's return: a preliminary script of DOFP stated that a mutant transformed his body from the end credits scene of The Last Stand into his own...but it was just not needed. They are mutants, some trickery like that fits the universe.
  9. Yeah, it's just the theme of the film: degeneration and death. Xavier's old age caused him to kill the X-Men, and with them it also ended an era. Logan himself is not just going through a depression that can be cured with an influx of hope, but his body will physically not last for much longer. It might be because I had read comments about the third act not being as strong as the rest of the film, but I just loved the whole thing. Jackman's performance is legendary, and the script really does things when they need to happen and has just the perfect amount of characters. A+ for me.
  10. I think this film massively benefits from being the one sequel with the task to develop an actual plot. If it wasn't for that and ended up being just the first 1/3 of the film extended into 90 minutes it would have been among the worst entries with Extiction and Retribution. But, after a really, really bad presentation with no plot, constant jumpscares and horrible editing, the film actually gets interesting and it does have some nice set pieces, like the idea of the trucks carrying the zombie army or the sequence when they have to defend the skyscraper. Then the movie moves onto the Hive and it keeps improving, making me think that Paul WS Anderson is just much more comfortable directing in small scenarios. The plot surprises are nice, it finally gives Umbrella an actual reason for unleashing the apocalypse, I was terribly wrong about the identity of the traitor, and Wesker's death didn't bother me as much as to other people. I liked the fight in the corridor from the first film, but it seems pointless when we know Isaacs just has to use the net-like ray to kill Alice. It wasn't the best way to end the series mainly due to the absolute lack of returning characters and the ugly production design, specially after Retribution had some really cool costumes, but it was also not the worst. C+
  11. Fox is in a very unique position in which they are getting excellent at the more unconventional productions like Deadpool, Logan and Legion. It's actually the more vanilla and mainstream stuff that it's harder for them to get right. It's just a matter of time, I guess.
  12. This is pretty crazy considering tracking pointed to a $65M debut. I'm so happy for Hugh Jackman. He really deserves to go out with a bang. And even the great reviews will hopefully help him to transition into more dramatic roles.
  13. So after a $94M OW in China, the worldwide cume is at $238M...if (when?) it passes $300M it will become the highest grossing film in the series!