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  1. I think the situation would be much, much worse if the DC film universe didn't have had the success of Wonder Woman already. Warner knows that some part of it works, so that should just be their stepping stone to rebuild the brand. JL is just something they have to endure, a way to close this phase. Moving forward, just recast whoever you want, cancel any movie you need, and just be more careful with the planning.
  2. I think if word of mouth didn't stop BvS and SS from having huge debuts, and didn't hurt the opening of WW, they can easily rebound with the right film and the right marketing. They can engage their audience very easily, so they just need to back it up with the actual product. Actually, this reminds me of the Sonic cycle:
  3. Having to check an internet show or alternative apps to know the RT score of a film...
  4. I think that is a very common phenomenon in these fan-driven franchises.
  5. I didn't know what to expect, since I never read the comics, but it looks really great. Maybe even too scary for me to watch in a theater (I just don't like to get that immersed in a horror film). I love the current trend of expanding the creative horizons of the SH genre. This might not gross as much as a regular blockbuster, but it can carve a nice niche among the horror audience.
  6. Nice result overall then. Much less than Dawn, but on par with Rise. I was expecting much worse before the China numbers. It remains a solid franchise for Fox.
  7. This is why I won't be watching this in theaters. Dark World also looked great and I'm still waiting for them to get me those 2 hours of life back. That said, it does look fantastic, poster included.
  8. The premise has potential to provide some very funny performances, but the rest of the footage seems terribly generic, which is made worse by comparing it to a film with such a strong identity as Jumanji.
  9. Honestly, I'm a bit surprised with the RT % so far, since most of the reviews the I'm reading and watching are positive, but far from excellent.
  10. "Masterpiece" according to Chris Stuckmann. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=grcgqJvQeKI

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