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  1. Now that you mention it, it's a very good sign that he's got another $100M hit after being done with Wolverine. Studios will continue to trust his public appeal.
  2. I think they wanted to have a superhero film for 2019 since we all know Gambit is not going to make it. And for some reason it made more sense for them to delay New Mutants and add more horror content than Dark Phoenix.
  3. Basically, the performance of D2, New Mutants, and Dark Phoenix next year will determine the future of their respective series.
  4. Depending on how they work things out creatively, a post-credits Avengers cameo on Deadpool 2 or Dark Phoenix would make the Internet explode.
  5. Perhaps the first sign will be seeing The Simpsons merchandise on Disney Stores.
  6. If this deal ends up going through, and with Disney launching its own exclusive streaming service...will the Netflix productions (Defenders and all the indivial series) become the new X-Men? In terms of lacking support through new comic series and merchandise, simply because Disney doesn't get all the money from them.
  7. I really love this picture. It fits so well with the 80s horror style without being too on the nose.
  8. If they are really going that route, the logical step is to take the 'Alien' off the title again. And probably slash the budget. To be honest, that's the way it always should have been. Scott wanted to focus on the pure sci-fi aspect of Prometheus, and only shoe-horned the Alien stuff after the fan reaction. So now just stay true on that vision and at least make something that makes more sense.
  9. I didn't know what to expect, since I never read the comics, but it looks really great. Maybe even too scary for me to watch in a theater (I just don't like to get that immersed in a horror film). I love the current trend of expanding the creative horizons of the SH genre. This might not gross as much as a regular blockbuster, but it can carve a nice niche among the horror audience.
  10. Nice result overall then. Much less than Dawn, but on par with Rise. I was expecting much worse before the China numbers. It remains a solid franchise for Fox.
  11. The premise has potential to provide some very funny performances, but the rest of the footage seems terribly generic, which is made worse by comparing it to a film with such a strong identity as Jumanji.
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