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  1. No more "adults are talking" on this forum I guess. Happy Birthday!
  2. 1. The Hunger Games 2. Silver Linings Playbook 3. Argo 4. The Intouchables 5. The Impossible 6. Les Miserables 7. Skyfall 8. 21 Jump Street 9. Pitch Perfect 10. Life of Pi 11. Django Unchained 12. Brave 13. The Avengers 14. Prometheus 15. Ted
  3. I'll take one.
  4. 4000 points! I'm coming!
  5. FYC: @A District 3 Engineer @angeldelmito @trifle @Mockingjay Raphael
  6. Another movie filmed in Budapest. Just move the whole Hollywood to Hungary.
  7. OK, here are the losers, AKA moral victors: bcf26 tribefan695 roberman2 Jeriosnal Ragi RandomJC Are you happy now?
  8. Congrats to the winners: ETHAN HUNT cannastop ecstacy Claudio trifle DAR Arlborn Hiccup23 I might not be a curse WrathOfHan Jayhawk Baumer Hangman JennaJ Tower Nutella of Arabia 75live A district 3 engineer Lordmandeep fracfar junkshop36 Kalo The Futurist kowhite Noctis John Rambo angeldelmito TalismanRing bladels HATEBOX IMojammer straggler
  9. I bet FF8 DOM will fall short from FF7 DOM by at least 15M. 100 points, just for you.
  10. I bet Beauty and the Beast final DOM is under 499.9M. 75 points, 3 people. I bet FF8 DOM is under FF7 DOM. 100 points, 3 people.
  11. The club doesn't state it has to do 100M without fudging. If you think a movie won't reach 100M, you basically think it won't even reach 99. A studio doesn't have to prove to anyone if they sold those tickets. It's not a criminal act or something. We can discuss if it's ethical or not, but in this case it doesn't really matter. They probably give hundreds or thousands of free tickets on OW and I think it's still part of the gross. Also do you remember Transformers 4's OW? They can easily manipulate the numbers if they want it. Not a big deal, only box office nerds like us care about it.
  12. How does it matter? Fudging is a completely valid method to reach a milestone. Will it reach 100M? Yes. Club failed.