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  1. Good for Valerian. But I'm having serious issues logging into this new board.
  2. New interview with the director at comic con http://www.comingsoon.net/movies/features/870057-professor-marston-the-wonder-women-director-qa-from-comic-con#/slide/1
  3. I will admit the trailer wasn't great. But I will give it a chance. Luke Evans and Rebecca Hall usually don't disappoint.
  4. The trailer is coming tomorrow. The actors all posted about it on instagram. https://instagram.com/p/BWpgk0bD7yp/
  5. Wish Upon has no reviews on a Thursday...
  6. What are the predictions for Cars this weekend?
  7. Cars is now on movietickets at #5
  8. I don't understand their need to attack two of the biggest female led Disney films, Frozen and Beauty and the Beast.
  9. The Mummy (2017)

    Well they've failed twice now, so I hope they find some decent writers to do so in the future.

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