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  1. My point is that before the film was going to be released...almost no one wanted to like the film at all, because the fans felt that it was doing disservice to the original and the controversy. Maybe a half of you guys, were like "This is gonna be one of the worst, (if not THE worst) films of 2016. And for those who did hate it as expected.....fine to you. But those that were surprised in a good way....were surprised. So it's not like this one deserved more hate than love.
  2. Looks like we got newcomers to the $600M WW-club. Both Beauty and the Beast & Sing has gotten there now. 😄
  3. There are some people here treating this 2016 Ghostbusters reboot like a 20-40% received movie, when in actually the RT-Critic rating is at 73%. A lot better than people expected. I mean people were ready to hate the film, before release.
  4. Well, we do get some human characters in the Timon & Pumbaa show, but that was kinda it. We didn't get any humans in the animated TLK-movies. And if Disney do add in humans in the live action remake, i figured they would be Native Africans or some sort. The animated TLK don't specify exactly what timeline it is. We know it takes place in Africa....but when in Africa? Is it in the past or in modern time? Nobody knows exactly. Well, okay...."Timon & Pumbaa" does specify that it takes place in modern time. That's what makes it more interesting to see how the live action remake will turn out.
  5. Also....similar thing could be said for Alice in Wonderland. The 1951 animated version has a lifetime gross at around $5.2M DOM. And then the 2010 Tim Burton version managed to wipe out the 1951 version in one day with $40M OD.
  6. Yeah, adjusted has yet to come. Right now, counting the 1991's entire lifetime's at $392M adjusted now.
  7. It's funny that the 2017 live action BATB has surpassed the lifetime DOM-gross the original 1991 animated BATB, in a week. Wowsers!
  8. True.... but remember: just because Moana is the better-received movie....does not mean it's the only well-received movie. Sing & The Secret Life of Pets got good reception as well. 🙂 (P.S. Not counting Kubo. Although a very praised animated wasn't a $200M WW-box office smash, though.) Sing: 73% Pets: 74% And if Moana is the better-received movie....then how could Sing outgross it DOM, in the long run, despite a lower OW than Moana? Well, simple.....Christmas legs & and the fact that it was well received enough to sustain those legs. Moana: $248M ($56M OW) 🤑 Sing: $270M ($35M OW) 🤑 And again....if Moana is the better movie....why does it have a lower DOM & WW-gross than Pets? Well, because Pets had a bigger momentum & opening. And it even survived Dory. Heck, Pets even surpassed Zootopia, DOM-wise, WW is another story. I'll compare again: Moana: $248M DOM & $630-650M WW Pets: $368M DOM & $875M WW Zootopia: $341M & $1.023.8B WW And even a Non-Disney movie (not from Illumination, but from Dreamworks) like Kung Fu Panda 3, also got great reception. KFP3: 87% I'm just saying that the Disney animated films, shouldn't be the only ones to have great reception. There should be a more balanced way that shows how well an animated is received. And i don't buy the attitude of "Recent Disney animated movies are awesome.....fuck everything else!" Sorry. 😕 If there is an animated film that will be a huge box office hit...let's not it be only from Disney. Other films also deserves chances.
  9. What's wrong with a Non-Disney film breaking out in Japan? They deserves some coins as well, not just Disney, lol.
  10. Speaking of Disney films,...Kurt Russell was also in the 1981 animated film, "The Fox and the Hound" as the voice of Copper in that film. A very great childhood-film of mine.
  11. Still not gonna change the perspective of other people's feelings about the franchise. The films have their audiences. Oh, and not every acting has to be perfect, but they at least have to be natural. And the acting in the F&F-films, to natural. No way it's flopping, because you said so. That's biased.
  12. Uurggh! That still doesn't answer what i just said above. Way too short! I said that you're obviously wishfully thinking it to flop. But as i said: it doesn't work like that, and it never will. And seriously, what do you have against this franchise? And be more detailed, not just "because it sucks", it needs reasonings.