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  1. MrFanaticGuy34

    Jurassic World II OS Thread

    Yeah. It becomes so laughable against the haters that it just backfires with their so called facts.
  2. You know what’s really petty & stupid at times? Folks who think they want a JP-blockbuster to do worse than expected because of their factual hatred......and they never learn because it mostly never works. Even some of the most hated sequels the 3 first sequels did respectively good....same thing with the POTC-sequels...even the 5th one’s $795M WW-gross, which while not as big as the other Pirates-sequels, was big nonetheless. I think folks are blindedly basing the mass underperformance out of their wishful wantings rather than accept their overperformances. Yes, i know the three first TF-sequels aren’t good films in the eyes of the audiences & critics, but you cannot deny that they were large box office hits with two of them hitting over $1B+ WW. It’s just nature sometimes. No matter how bad the films are....if they made billions of dollars, they’re billionaires. So you can’t blame the audience for giving money to wrong popcorn-flicks.
  3. Fair enough. BTW, what are your hopes for the next one? Since that is likely to come out in 2021? Surely that could be better, right?
  4. You hated it? And how does it compare to TLW & JP3?
  5. As long as JW3 doesn’t act like JP3 and becomes too underhyped, and with better reception, i could see it do larger at the box office WW-wise as well. If they up the ante, and not do the mistakes of JP3.
  6. Very true. Though, John Williams is still around. Wouldn’t it make more sense to have him score the next movie, if JW3 is the finale to get that magical & wonderful feeling again? One more JP-movie can’t hurt....right Williams? You did it for the two first ones.
  7. I might have confidence that RTH might have higher numbers tomorrow. Usually happens with most blockbusters recently.
  8. Not yet. But i will see it if i find the time. True. It’s kinda of a shame for the herbivores, since their appeal gets overshadowed by the ones who eat them.
  9. You mean Kelly Malcolm? She’s one of the more likeable kid characters in the JP-franchise. Also, she’s the one brave enough to kill of a raptor, by kicking it out the window, saving her dad and Sarah Harding (Julianne Moore’s character). That alone adds to her bravery & usefulness.
  10. Hmm. Aren’t there some herbivorous dinosaurs that we would love to see more of in the next JP-film? This franchise has been mostly reliant on the carnivores. How come? No love for dinosaurs like Triceratops, Ankylosaurus, Stegosaurus, Pachycephalosaurus, Parasaurolophus & Stygimoloch, Apatosaurus & Brachiosaurus?
  11. Well, just for fun.....Transformers 2 opened with $108M (Granted it opened on a Wednesday) and made $402M back in 2009....but with worse reception from critics. Then again, that film was critic-proof, and the negative reviews didn’t stop that movie.
  12. MrFanaticGuy34

    Wednesday Numbers | 06/21/2018

    And DMC was well liked by the audience who saw it.
  13. What i mean is: Disney should leave some breathing room for some other studios and their films to make tons of mass profits and hit records. Cause so far over a few years between 2016-2018....Disney has dominated the box office which they’ll do this year as well. The only year currently where they didn’t win was 2015 (even with TFA)..since that was Universal.

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