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  1. I have to ask, in terms of Sonic the Hedgehog. Has anyone here seen the Sonic-cartoon from the 2000’s called ”Sonic X”? You know, where Sonic (and his friends from the World he is from) gets transported into Earth (our World). That one is a charming & fun show.
  2. Hmm. Will Venom 2 be an improvement over it’s predecessor, reception-wise? You know, learn from the mistakes of the first film? Since the first one has a pretty low 29% on RT.
  3. That could be doable. It just needs to make more WW, than The Jungle Book, to get close to $1B. As long as this becomes one of the higher critically-praised Disney live action remakes along with Cinderella & even The Jungle Book, $1B could potentially happen.
  4. I’m sorry...but hoping for a blockbuster to tank doesn’t mean it WILL tank. That’s just a classical example of foolish wishful thinking. Have anyone not learned anything from the big movies last year? I’m saying it again: Hating on an individual movie or a movie-franchise won’t guarantee that the film will underperform. Even critically divisive movies last year like SW: TROS & TLK (2019) did $1B+ WW, taught that no matter the reception...if they get good legs enough, they’ll get legs.
  5. Agreed. I think next year, JW3 will easily do over $1B+ WW again. That and it has Laura Dern & Sam Neill returning...and hopefully more screentime for Jeff Goldblum.
  6. I think we need to keep in mind that...regardless of what receptions these types of blockbusters get, if that film has enough appeal for $1B+ WW, the moviegoers will see them on mass. Even blockbusters lately with mixed critical reception like JW:FK, Aquaman, Aladdin (2019), TLK (2019) & most recently SW: TROS...have all made over $1B+. So we need to learn something: Just because one individual doesn’t like a certain film or a film-franchise...doesn’t mean that A. Everyone agrees. B. you’ll foolishly wish for a certain blockbuster to underperform box office-wise. It’s only self-bias that leads to wishful thinking. Regardless, F9 will do good either way.
  7. I hope in Fast 10 or maybe future sequels (whether if Universal will consider the tenth film as a finale or not) they might give Cipher (the villain who Charlize Theron) a worthy death-defeat that both fans and general audience can enjoy and be pleased by, rather than half-ass her defeat to mildly anger those that are excited for the films. If Cipher is treated as THE current villain of the F&F-franchise, then surely she shouldn’t be a wasted opportunity in the upcoming films, right?
  8. Just to remind some of you, ”Box Office Mojo” has just recently updated the numbers of the WW-grosses on a lot of the older blockbuster-films to higher numbers, as of currently. https://www.boxofficemojo.com/chart/ww_top_lifetime_gross/?area=XWW&ref_=bo_cso_ac New numbers: Titanic - $2.194B (nm) LOTR: ROTK = $1.142B Jurassic Park = $1.032B HP: DH1 = $976M LOTR: TT = $951M HP: OOTP = $942M Shrek 2 = $928M Spider-Man 3 = $894M LOTR: FOTR = $887M SW EP3: ROTS = $868M Shrek the Third = $813M ET = $793M 2012 = $791M Indiana Jones 4: KOTCS = $790M Spider-Man 2 = $788M The Da Vinci Code = $760M SW EP2: AOTC = $653M Hancock = $629M Casino Royale = $616M Passion of the Christ = $612M War of the Worlds = $603M And many more films with WW-grosses changed recently. 👩🏻‍💼
  9. And the tradition of a potentially great odd-numbered Craig Bond-movie might continue if it’s as good as Casino Royale and Skyfall.
  10. No idea. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Though RT did put a Certified Fresh on Spies in Disguise (another film with Will Smith) later on and that’s at 75%. So maybe they’ll put certified fresh on Bad Boys 3 later.
  11. Agreed. There’s a lot more to talk about rather than focus way too much on only one movie...(which usually are box office flops. And doodie-boy just keeps talking about how Dolittle will bomb. And I’m just like “Yeah, yeah, we get it already. No need to constantly care so much about the negative aspects of the box office bomb, and instead move on to something better like a surprise hit like Bad Boys 3 now for example”.
  12. Fair enough. But it’s a rather unhealthy habit to think too much on movies that are failing rather than surprise hits. I agree with narnialadis, you’re repeating the exact same thing over and over with reality...way too much. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Move on and focus more on movies that...well, are more worth talking about, like the breakout-hits rather than those you constantly saying that will bomb. Cause let’s be honest: have you ever been wrong about certain movies that performed...way above expectations?
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