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  1. We shouldn't deny & ignore the fact that DM3 is now the 5th biggest animated grosser, WW-wise right now. MinaTakla is just giving new & important updates for the film.
  2. Says another one who thinks this film has nothing going for it, will flop completely and be a terrible film.
  3. Yeah, right....because "you" didn't like the first one, that's why. You want it to fail, and you want it to bomb. Obvious wishful thinking much, John Marston. 🙄
  4. Uuggh.... A lot of negativity surrounding this film....to the point where some people are wantfully wishing PR2 to bomb rather than be a WW-hit. I hope it doesn't bomb....just to shut a lot of the nay-sayers up.
  5. I guess you do have a point, though.
  6. Not for all movies released in a same year, though. With some exceptions.
  7. But there are some things that are pretty weird. 🤔 Two animated films from 1995, Toy Story & Pocahontas. Their adjusted numbers are way far away from each other. This is how much they made unadjusted: Toy Story = $191M DOM Pocahontas = $141M DOM ($50M DOM-gap from each other) Now look at how they made, DOM adjusted wise: Toy Story = $389M Pocahontas = $289M ($100M DOM-gap from each other. Seems a bit too far away) If anything....Pocahontas's adjusted gross should be a bit higher, honestly.
  8. Great news, everybody! Box Office Mojo has just a recent update: Now the "Adjusted for Inflation"-list has been expanded from 200 movies to 300 movies. 😃 Cool, right? 😁
  9. No....there's no way that this would the OW-number unless it was frontloaded like...say....a horror movie not called "It".
  10. But....on the other hand, in terms of top grossing animated films overall. Gru's reaction when DM3 outgrossed/will outgross Zootopia, WW-Wise: Judy's reaction when Zootopia was/will be outgrossed by DM3, WW-wise: Well, at least Finding Dory is still untouched by DM3 for now:
  11. Pretty great for DM3. But it's still second to Toy Story 3, in terms of biggest grossing animated threequels, WW-wise. Gru's reaction when DM3 is still second: Woody's reaction when DM3 couldn't top TS3, despite a higher OS-gross:
  12. BOM recently did an late update....and Fifty Shades Darker is up to $381M WW.
  13. SING | 364.0 M overseas ● 634.3 M worldwide

    Looks like BOM did a "later than never" update on Sing's OS-gross. It's now at $364M OS....which add it's WW-total to $634M WW...outgrossing Pixar's The Incredibles's $633M WW-gross.
  14. Boss Baby (2017)

    You're not alone on this, dude. I also really liked it/loved it very much. 😊 I finally bought The Boss Baby on DVD......and i can clearly see how and why it as well as it did. It's a charming cute movie about two brothers trying to bond with each other. And also, Alec Baldwin as the Boss Baby himself....he pretty much nails it. You can clearly tell it's the same guy who brought other 2 Dreamworks animated characters to life, like Santa Claus himself: Nicholas St. North from Rise of the Guardians & the Lion Makunga from Madagascar 2. Think about it. A lion, the santa, and a baby. 3 Dreamworks-movie roles for Alec! Also, i liked the character of Tim Templeton. He's pretty much up there with Hiccup from "HTTYD", Guy from "The Croods" and surprise, surprise....Sherman from "Mr. Peabody & Sherman"....as one of my favorite male Dreamworks protagonists of this decade. He's also a relatable character for the boys and girls. We had little baby brothers/sisters before, and while one may not like the other at first....in time though, you start to warm up to your younger sibling. As expected, since it surprisingly pleased me....I'll give this a definite A. It gave me a similar surprise like what "Home" gave me back in 2015. Dreamworks! You made a big hit with this film....and i applaude you for that. Although I'm sad that Captain Underpants underperformed box offfice-wise. But still....I'm excited for the sequel.
  15. Yeah. Yet, there was no reason for this one to underperform, box office-wise.

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