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  1. Ok. Good. That makes sense. Then how about at least respecting some of the other’s enjoyments for this film instead of constantly trashing the studio with new films they release?
  2. You know, i’m starting to get really tired of ”Mr. Anti-Disney” Hades there. Hating Disney for no other reason, despite the Disney villain name.
  3. MrFanaticGuy34

    Long Live The King: Godzilla KOTM over Aladdin DOM and WW

    That might not be that easy for Aladdin to be the lowest of all Disney live action remakes to animated films (not counting sequels and films that had no animated film to remake of, like Oz for example). Since the lowest grossing straight Disney remake even to this day (though not a flop by any means) is 101 Dalmatians from 1996.
  4. MrFanaticGuy34

    China Box Office: General Discussion Thread

    If Aquaman does great...it might get an extended run in China, i hope.
  5. As someone who have seen (and still sees) Black Panther countless of times, i honestly don’t have any problems with the CGI & VFX. I mean, it’s not that different from other MCU-films before & after this movie, even the most visually stunning MCU-film ”Doctor Strange”. I can see why some would have nitpicks with the CGI in this movie, but i myself don’t mind it.
  6. Well, considering it’s a sequel to a family-film released 22 years prior, Jumanji 2’s $962M WW is one of the most surprising runs of the decade.
  7. Hope this doesn’t go into the ”rotten” rating like FB2 did. Warner Bros really needs another well-received blockbuster.
  8. MrFanaticGuy34

    China Box Office: General Discussion Thread

    And an anti-DC guy for that matter. Though not the brightest one either.
  9. Hmm. So far on BOM for ”Once Upon a Deadpool”, i don’t see any OS-markets listed there....yet. Which is strange since DP2’s currently at $415.8M OS. $4.2M less than it’s predecessor. Weird for a Marvel-superhero sequel to be lower than the first one.
  10. Yeah, that too. Hope it doesn’t do an upsetting gross compared to the last films. How much does anyone think Bumblebee will do in China? Considering that the TF-franchise is big over there.
  11. I can see both this & Mary Poppins Returns, coexist together depending on how highe their receptions are.
  12. MrFanaticGuy34

    Bohemian Rhapsody OS: $423M OS | $596,5M WW

    Well, if it does get a China release, it would get extra cash to push it among the top 100 WW-grossing films of all time. And think about it: It’s not the typhical blockbuster genre that we normally see every year, since this is a biopic. A rare genre to get a $600-700M+ WW like horror-films & religious films.
  13. It’s not that often that we see $600-700M+ WW-grossers that aren’t your typhical blockbusters like CGI-spectacles, animated films, disaster-films, creature-feature, superhero-films, spy-films, adventures, sci-fi, fantasies and such. There’s some rare genres like horror with The Sixth Sense & It, religious films like The Da Vinci Code & The Passion of the Christ, and musicals like the first Mamma Mia. And now, we got a biopic (Bohemian Rhapsody). So far, the only type of genre that has no $600M-700M+ WW-grossers yet...are straight comedies (with little to no CGI-use). And the highest grossing full-on comedy is Hangover 2 with $586M WW (which is really close). Wonder when will we ever get a $600-700M+ grossing comedy?

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