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  1. Well, since this is the final Bond-film for Daniel Craig...does anyone think NTTD will end with a huge bang both quality-wise and box office-wise?
  2. Hmm. I want to ask this question. Would a ”Cats”-musical movie like this, look less creepy and more natural if there were actual cats rather than humanoid ones? Though probably with use of (good) CGI? Maybe those who are unfamiliar with Andrew Lloyd Webber’s original Cats-musical, are the ones feeling uncomfortable by how this most recent movie adaptation directed by Tom Hooper, looks in the trailers.
  3. After finally seeing Jon Favreau’s TLK...here is my reaction: 🙋🏻‍♀️😄👍🏻 Yeah, after so many others here who either hated it or just didn’t care for it....i’ll finally be the first really positive one in a long time. I think it really captured what made the original 2D-animated 1994 film a masterpiece. Even though that one will still be the untouched gem, Favreau’s version is a respectable & worthy successor. The characters are still memorable as always and like most said...the visuals and effects are gorgeous & stunning to look at. As a follow up to Favreau’s previous Disney remake, ”The Jungle Book”, he did do an admirable job with this one. Now, i can understand why some folks had some nitpicks with the characters not showing so much facial expressions or that the story might be too similar to the 1994-film...but for me, I have no problem. Sure, the animals in TLK (2019) didn’t show much emotions...but then again...(and it might be an odd comparison to some here) neither did the dinosaurs from the JP/JW-films. Granted those dinosaurs didn’t talk in those movies, but I do understand Favreau’s decisions to make it as realistic as he can, while still giving the characters some emotions to convey. Since animals rely more on animal instincts. So, Yeah....Jon Favreau’s TLK gets a defense from me. And i don’t think it deserved the lower than expected RT-rating from critics. It’s pretty much the ”Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” of this year’s summer. A huge billion-grossing box office smash that sadly ended up having mixed reception from critics and some moviegoers didn’t care much for. This one gets an A from me. A+
  4. A fun monster-movie which also serves as a fun Godzilla-film, IMO. Really liked it and it’s a considerate step up from the already good & grounded first film. Don’t get why critics rated it less than G14. A
  5. Here are the films that i’ve seen so far from this year: A: Aladdin The Lion King Spider-Man: Far from Home Detective Pikachu Godzilla: King of the Monsters How to Train Your Dragon 3 Avengers Endgame Films i have yet to see: Toy Story 4 Frozen 2 Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Joker Hobbs & Shaw
  6. Unlikely, to be honest. It might maybe beat Furious 7 & The Avengers. But i’m not sure if F2 gets close to TLK or JW. Both Jumanji 3 & SW: ROS are opening soon.
  7. Well, if Disney really cares to push Frozen 2 over $500M DOM, let alone over Beauty and the Beast’s $504M...then i don’t see why it wouldn’t.
  8. Kyle Chandler is the actor’s name. He was in Peter Jackson’s King Kong.
  9. Will ”No Time To Die” join CR & Skyfall with the tradition of odd-numbered Craig-Bond films, where it’s considered among one of the Best Bond-films in general, rather than being just ok/decent even-numbered films like QoS & Spectre?
  10. True. Though TS4 is not the lowest animated grosser of the year in an embarrassing way for Disney. It’s $434M DOM & $1.073B WW is still a huge number for an animated movie. 💁🏻‍♀️
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