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  1. MrFanaticGuy34

    China Box Office: General Discussion Thread

    How does the numbers for HT3 compare to its predecessors?
  2. So it has finally surpassed Frozen’s WW-gross. 😎🤩 Congratulations for the dinos.
  3. I hope it surprises and legs it’s way to over $200M+ in China. The quality of this movie is extremely high. In fact, this is the most acclaimed MI-film in terms of RT. And it’s coming off two highly regarded predecessors. Better not disappoint just for it to miss $700M+ WW.
  4. It depends on how the budget will be for NT3, and how good it can turn out. That and Nicholas Cage returning. If it’s a really good & well-recieved sequel, it could be one of Nick Cage’s biggest hits, WW-wise. Since the last one made $457M WW (second only to the DW-animated film ”The Croods)”.
  5. Yeah, i’ve seen it. It’s an emotionally strong movie in it’s own merits and the CGI Visuals & motion-capture on the ape-characters looks believably & stunning. Especially Andy Serkis as Caesar. But...maybe the ”Planet of the Apes”-franchise brandname wasn’t as large and as well known as the JP-franchise, despite higher critical praise for the Caesar-trilogy.
  6. MrFanaticGuy34

    Jurassic World II OS Thread

    I think OS actuals will unsurprisingly go up for JW2. And then tomorrow it will have beaten Frozen’s WW-gross, pushing that film to 13th place.
  7. Well. Looks like TS3’s crown as the highest grossing Pixar-film WW-wise...has eventually been taken. You had good 8 years with keeping the record. Sorry, Woody.
  8. Yeah. I hope so too. Sadly some creature feature/animal-focused movies didn’t/may not overperform as they should have. Case in point: ”War for the Planet of the Apes”, last year. That film should have done much better at the box office, considering the quality of it’s predecessors. But for some weird reason, it didn’t happen.
  9. Actually, yes. They are in the movie. Their original voice celebrities are casted here.
  10. I just hope Isabela Moner can deliver a better performance here than what she did in TF5. She can actually emote here. 🐵
  11. Well, Dora looked more prettier as a teen. So i’m not surprised that Isabela Moner’s take on the character, looks more closer in age to the animated Teen Dora. Hope the movie’s quality surprises me in a good way. It can’t be any worse than how Paramount treated the Transformers-franchise.
  12. Mackenzie Foy looks very cute & lovely here. ☺️😉 Shame she isn’t talked about as much as other actresses. I consider her an underrated actress. 👍🏻
  13. Now, will the film be bad? We can’t really judge exactly what the quality of the film will be. Either it could be better than expected....or it’s PR2 all over again?
  14. MrFanaticGuy34

    Tuesday's Numbers: MI6 - $5.66M

    One thing worth noting is that JW:FK has already outgrossed the live action BATB from last year, in terms of WW-grosses and is now at 13th place. Frozen. You’re next.

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