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  1. If Fast 10 or 11 is treated and marketed as a true finale of the F&F-franchise (and a really satisfying one), then maybe it could do between F6 numbers. $230-$250M DOM (if it’s theater exclusive only) for the finale might be the most conservative numbers. Universal just needs to make the final movie, a “good & worth it” finale, without any anticlimactic moments that might ruin the WOM & quality.
  2. True. The blockbuster movies that usually are among the top 100 highest grossing films WW, are usually CGI-driven spectacle movies, animated movies, superhero movies, fantasy & adventure movies, sci-fi movies, epic movies, disaster movies, action movies, creature feature-movies and many more. But never or rarely pure comedies. So that makes Hi, Mom the only (pure) comedy so far among those top grossers. 🤷🏻‍♀️😲 What was the former top grossing comedy film WW, before “Hi, Mom”s box office records?
  3. Very true indeed. Also, “Hi, Mom” is as of 2021, the highest grossing comedy film (purely a comedy without being clashed with other genres) of all time in worldwide grosses. Which makes it the first comedy film to hit massive blockbuster numbers. Chinese movies are so unpredictable with their box office grosses and appeal.
  4. In terms of American distributed films of 2021, yes…Fast 9 is still the highest grosser WW, so far. In terms of 2021 films overall in general though, that 2021 Worldwide box office crown still goes to the Chinese comedy “Hi, Mom” with $822M WW (which that gross comes mostly from China alone). Just a side note, Hi, Mom is as of 2021, the highest grossing comedy film (that is purely a comedy film, and not clashed with other genres) of all time.
  5. Well, if critics & audiences like it more, then maybe. Since the first Venom has a 30% on the RT critic ratings, there is a chance the sequel is more better-received.
  6. Anyways, how does “Cruella” (the movie) compare to the 1996’s G-rated & family friendlier “101 Dalmatians”? (one of Disney first live action remakes) Especially since that movie was a big hit at the time and was Disney’s only truly big remake, before they would make more during the past decade (2010-onward).
  7. Good that you brought up one of my childhood favorite Disney films. 1961’s One Hundred and One Dalmatians is easily one of the most popular & beloved Disney animated films of not just the 60’s but also during Walt Disney’s (himself) lifetime. And it’s not surprising to see why. Box office wise, it’s among those older (pre-90’s) Disney animated films that got to over $100M+, thanks to re-releases. $144M DOM lifetime gross, to be exact for this film. Even today, “One Hundred and One Dalmatians” is still the second highest grossing animated film of all time when adjusted f
  8. Congratulations to Avatar 1 for taking back the throne as the highest grossing movie of all time again. James Cameron must be so proud and happy again. 🙋🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️😄
  9. How’s the WOM for the Avatar re-release in China? Do they enjoy the movie as much as they did back in 2009/2010 or more?
  10. I hope Avengers-fans & MCU-fans doesn’t get too heartbroken or upset if Avatar takes back the crown as the highest grossing film worldwide.
  11. James Cameron must be so happy with that extra gross for Titanic. 💁🏻‍♀️😁😄
  12. While it is true that no new movies this year got to $1B (no thanks to the virus), we can’t say that nothing hit that milestone this year at all. By default, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (a nearly twenty year old movie) hit to over $1B thanks to surprisingly strong enough numbers from a re-release in China and some few small countries, to increase it’s lifetime WW-gross despite the COVID-19, that was still going on.
  13. Here are some of my picks for sequels with sadly disappointing box office results: Just a warning, the post will be pretty long. Kung Fu Panda 2 & Kung Fu Panda 3 - As a huge fan of the entire franchise, I need to point this out: The first film was a surprise hit back in 2008, with $215M DOM & nearly $632M WW. It had also great reviews from critics with 87% on RT, praising it’s beautiful animation, emotional story and memorable characters. And the audience loved it as well. Kudos to the great performances, especially Jack Black as the main character, Po. And due
  14. You know what old movie I think deserves a re-release in China? The original “The Lion King” (1994). Since that one is one of the closer films to $1B but not really there yet (It’s at $968M WW). Big shame since it is a favorite among anyone or everyone who loved it. Do you guys think the original TLK deserves a China-release or something?
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