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  1. Yeah, and considering the OD & OW of all the other Halloween-movies...it’s a legendary record for the franchise.
  2. And not even the 2017 live-action Beauty and the Beast’s $1.263B either, in WW-terms. Emma Watson must be really happy both outside and inside for the Incredibles-sequel not entirely touching her movie, at the box office.
  3. Hey, dudiee-boy. Would you please stop being a douche to those who at least will enjoy this movie when it comes out? You’re being such a desperate joykiller with that ”Go ahead and live in your little fantasy world”, like you think you are the most mature user here in BOT.
  4. Says the same guy who didn’t think DWA would have a great future and that JW: FK wouldn’t do so great considering the reception. Yeah....you may act like the always mature know-it-all who knows exactly what will happen to film companies for the upcoming future for the worse, but it doesn’t work that way. Even for you.
  5. MrFanaticGuy34

    Hotel Transylvania 3 OS Thread

    Except Japan for some reason. Looks like it’s not currently making much OS anymore.
  6. Oh, snap! Good one. But in all seriousness...the only people who thinks this will bomb & suck are the same people who despise most Disney live action fantasies. What about other companies and their live action fantasies? Do they also have that same minor problem?
  7. MrFanaticGuy34

    Hotel Transylvania 3 OS Thread

    Hmm.... Are there any OS-countries left or has it opened in all of them?
  8. Is this a theatrical re-release but in PG-13, this time?
  9. Well, internet critics like Nostalgia Critic & Confused Matthew didn’t see it that way. Their opinions of the actor & the movies must be different, i think. Particularly the first one which had good but not overly spectacular reviews. I think maybe Sam Raimi’s SM3’s mixed reputation, kinda hurt the confidence of great future SM-films (which is maybe why Marc Webb’s TASM’s weren’t as big hits as the Raimi-films)...but then SM: Homecoming brought back the fun charm of what made people love the first two Raimi-Spidey movies. And now we have Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock/Venom. Which makes me wonder....how does he compare to Topher Grace’s Eddie Brock/Venom from SM3?
  10. MrFanaticGuy34

    China Box Office: General Discussion Thread

    Well, there was this year’s A Quiet Place with $34M in China.
  11. You mean YOU think it will be dead because YOU didn’t like it? Look, I’ve said it to some others before and now i’m saying it to ya. Not one person’s opinion will massively affect on what other people will think about Venom. I mean, no one was that stupid to assume a massively rejected drop for a $1.3B WW-grosser like JW:FK this year, because of the hatred from some folks here. And yet that film won as the #1 film WW of the summer (say what you will about IW, but that film came out in the Spring-slot in April, despite looking like a summer-movie).
  12. To be fair, Empire didn’t like Wonder Woman either, yet that film made $412M DOM & $821M WW, because everyone else thought the opposite. So we can’t really assume his opinions will absolutely reflect on what we will think about Venom & how much it will actually do. I mean, did he like any of the biggest movies of this year?
  13. As much as a loved Black Panther....there were some few things that were missing in the movie. Actual black panthers and more of them (Granted we see some black panthers during T’Challa’s meeting with his father T’Chaka, but they were just mostly spirits of past kings). And even some other animals. For a country like Wakanda, the Wakandans sure do have lack of tamed & loyal animals as support in case fiendish outsiders intrude. Even the Jabari Tribe have no real gorillas supporting them. 🤔 The only animals that were in the movie were those rhinos they used during the battle against Killmonger (but for some reason aren’t used in Infinity War against Thanos’s armies) and that’s it. 😐

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