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  1. Friday Showtimes Battle of Memories - 28% Shock Wave - 24% This Is Not What I Expected - 17% Love Off The Cuff - 15% Furious 8 - 11%
  2. I don't know of any other market which includes ticketing surcharges in its official grosses, and even if they did, the amount would pale in comparison to China where 80% of tickets are bought online now. Indeed it is rather alarming as a way to pad stats, yet local media have caught on and usually report both 综合 (including) and 分账 (not including) grosses. Unsurprisingly, Hollywood studios and western trades, excluding China Film Insider, report the 综合 grosses since it makes the numbers look larger for their films.
  3. In USD yes, but it will outgross F7 in RMB.
  4. Maoyan is predicting 110 million for tomorrow which would be a much softer 7% decline from today if 118 million holds up as accurate. Interestingly, they are still predicting a total of 3.148 billion despite Monday's larger-than-expected drop.
  5. Tuesday Estimates before service charges Fate of the Furious - 112.35m / 1.524b (-26% from Monday actuals of 150.9m) A Chinese Odyssey Part Two - 7.89m / 117.3m Kong: Skull Island - 0.71m / 1.092b Ghost in the Shell - 0.65m / 186.3m after service charges Fate of the Furious - 118m / 1.615b (-26% from Monday actuals of 158.6m) A Chinese Odyssey Part Two - 8.5m / 127.3m Kong: Skull Island - 0.75m / 1.156b Ghost in the Shell - 0.69m / 197.8m
  6. @ChinaBoxOffice FURIOUS 8 earned est. ¥118M/¥112M ($17.1M/$16.3M) on Tuesday incl/wo ticket fees. China's total is now ¥1.615B/¥1.524B ($234.6M/$221.4M)
  7. There's only one guy who think's it is disappointing @StephenN18 and dude, no offense, you clearly don't understand CBO.
  8. Not sure where you got that $180M number from. F7 opened on a Sunday so maybe that's the total from Monday through the following Sunday? $195M in 3 days for F8 is definitely not an underperformance.
  9. Maoyan was a little low on the midnight estimates. Their OD prediction is ¥427M ($62M)
  10. 猫眼 (Maoyan) posted its prediction: 51.5M Midnights 2.8B Total
  11. Ouch. Coldest market's been all year. Good thing F8 racing in to save the day tmrw!
  12. Initial Furious 8 projections from 一起拍电影, a very reliable WeChat account analyzing CBO... ¥375M ($~55M) OD ¥1.26B ($~180M) OW ¥2.7B (~$390M) Total
  13. Yes, it's the year of the cock in China which in Mandarin sounds a lot like the word for "box office", ergo people think it's lucky to go see movies this year...
  14. Btw, Maoyan's iPhone app -- which updates numbers in realtime as opposed to every 30 mins on the web -- has an option to show grosses either before or after ticket surcharges. Pretty spiffy app. Copy and paste 猫眼专业版 into App Store and download. Then look for "分账 (before surcharges)->综合 (after)" toggle in upper right corner.