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  1. Resident Evil is a "buy-out film" 买断片, right? Anyone in the forums here happen to know which company bought the rights and is distributing in China?
  2. Chinese moviegoers probably think some of the weirdest films breakout in the States... To each his/her own
  3. Historical comparisons should be made without service fees included since Mojin's gross was reported before the system was changed. Therefore, Kung Fu Yoga hasn't surpassed Mojin yet.
  4. Increase for Sing... Xxx decrease to 63M
  5. 100M maybe but others here probably have a better idea. It's a weird release date as it's going head to head against Assassin's Creed.
  6. ¥13.2M total through Saturday
  7. General audiences have very different standards than critics. It's the most family-friendly film released during a time when families go to the theater seeking entertainment over substance. Also, cultural stereotypes criticized by Indian and American critics would go unnoticed by most of the general Chinese public. Not saying the movie is good by any stretch of the imagination, but it makes sense why it's popular over there.
  8. All real-time apps from third party ticketing sites include service fees now. @Oliveany idea why or how 电影票房 is able to get numbers without service fees and how long that will continue? At some point, will they have to move over to the new system?
  9. Oops. People are actually back to work tomorrow Friday.
  10. 7 days. It'll slow down tomorrow since people have work the next day (Saturday).