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  1. No idea but Maoyan is the most accurate.
  2. Journey To The West will be the clear winner over CNY...¥2B possible. Other three will duke it out for 2nd place. ¥1B each. Duckweed will start official presales Monday 10 am Beijing time.
  3. Good sign for this year: Lego Batman Movie has been approved for import. Release date TBD.
  4. There is no rhyme or reason to what gets released in China. It's not as simple as "NO VIOLENCE ALLOWED!" "NO GHOSTS ALLOWED!".. It's all about building relationships or guanxi. I think both Hacksaw and The Revenant had ins with local distribution companies who themselves had some pull in the industry. They were both "buy-out" films, meaning local companies get to handle marketing and distribution, which is very different than Hollywood studio blockbusters that come in as "revenue-sharing". The government will likely be more sensitive concerning those...also, most of the Hollywood studios don't know how to play the guanxi game or are unable to since they're outsiders. .
  5. Not so unfortunate. Dude is a prick outside of box office tracking.
  6. THURSDAY ESTIMATES Rogue One - ¥20.9M /301M Some Like It Hot - ¥15.4M/430M Railroad Tigers - ¥7.2M/630M The Great Wall - ¥5.0M/¥1123M Hacksaw Ridge - ¥2.05M/¥400M See You Tomorrow - ¥1.48M/473M Nerve - ¥0.85M/11.23M Moana - ¥0.32M/224M
  7. Don't underestimate the power of Han Han...
  8. Local media is reporting that these minuscule weekday drops can be attributed to some schools finishing up exams and letting students out early for Winter Break. The entire market bumped 3% from Tuesday->Wednesday which is unheard of during a non-holiday week. The top 5 films -- excluding Rogue One -- actually increased their daily box office totals from Monday->Tuesday and Tuesday->Wednesday so in that light, R1s weekday holds aren't that impressive.
  9. Perhaps I'm showing my age, but I don't give a rat's ass who ends up with who and who looks like what. I just care about watching smart, well-made movies. Anyways...let's maybe get this forum back to a box office discussion...Star Wars fanboys and girls/non fanboys and girls, take your qualms elsewhere. So, thoughts on the better-than-TFA weekday holds despite what appears to be weaker WOM? Is this related to the pollution some reports were talking about? Maybe, there's still some pent up demand because people couldn't get out of their homes this weekend? I personally think the pollution excuse is bullshit, but curious to hear others thoughts. Or is this playing more like a local movie because of Donnie Yen and Jiang Wen? Hollywood blockbusters tend to drop hard on the weekends compared to local movies so maybe this is what we're seeing?
  10. Both Hacksaw Ridge and Some Like It Hot will end the weekend with higher average moviegoer per screening rates than Rogue One. Yikes.
  11. Completely agree, but perhaps this is the kind of thinking that pervades the Chinese market and other fan driven film industries. Maybe the OP can elaborate on his/her perspective?
  12. Estimates come ~10:30 pm Beijing time, actually won't be out until the next day.