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  1. Btw, Maoyan's iPhone app -- which updates numbers in realtime as opposed to every 30 mins on the web -- has an option to show grosses either before or after ticket surcharges. Pretty spiffy app. Copy and paste 猫眼专业版 into App Store and download. Then look for "分账 (before surcharges)->综合 (after)" toggle in upper right corner.
  2. Are this week's imports revenue-sharing or buy-out films? Anyone know the local distribs for Final Fantasy and Genius?
  3. I read Constantin (the German producer) got the better deal based on their buy-out agreement. Can you elaborate on this rumor?
  4. Maoyan predicting Dog to overtake Wolf at box office today. Pretty close with few hours to go so if not today, def tomorrow. Hachi is huuuge over there and cute animals are universal. Makes sense why china is lapping (sorry!) this up.
  5. So in other words, it will be a bomb in China. @Gavin Feng"Bomb" means 不叫座 not 火爆
  6. Resident Evil is a "buy-out film" 买断片, right? Anyone in the forums here happen to know which company bought the rights and is distributing in China?
  7. Chinese moviegoers probably think some of the weirdest films breakout in the States... To each his/her own
  8. Logan and Lego Batman Movie
  9. Historical comparisons should be made without service fees included since Mojin's gross was reported before the system was changed. Therefore, Kung Fu Yoga hasn't surpassed Mojin yet.
  10. Increase for Sing... Xxx decrease to 63M
  11. 100M maybe but others here probably have a better idea. It's a weird release date as it's going head to head against Assassin's Creed.
  12. ¥13.2M total through Saturday