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  1. Venom looks to have a standart 30-32% drop today Beasts a bit higher
  2. Yep. And still sticking to it
  3. I was wrong yes. Like most here. It happens sometimes
  4. Yes it will cross 200 mill $ in an hour or two. It looks to have a standart sunday drop today 250 mill is locked. 300 is nearly impossible. Somewhere in between is where its headed
  5. Wait. Did previews drop to 7,3 for Beasts. Not 9,1??
  6. Friday was more Venom 85 Beasts 80 Not even close🤣 Venom doing great today again. 150+ should happen Beasts will have a okay increase
  7. Ofcourse. Venom was miles better IMO
  8. It really deserves to beat JW2. Just streamed it today. What a disapointing movie. I hated it
  9. Looks like Venom 84,5 Beasts 81,5
  10. It has a chance if the next one is really good IMO. But it will never be huge in China
  11. Ouuuchhhhhh I think it could bump a bit tomorrow but 40 mill OW seems impossible with ratings and a bad PS multiplier on friday
  12. Friday 29 mill at 2,30pm Up 32% Thursday ended at 62 mill. Today should be in the 85-90 mill area with a little stronger evening.
  13. Sony will be rushing to get a sequel out in 2 years with numbers like this Still 9,4 on Maoyan
  14. Venom will have a great hold today
  15. To my defence i also wrote a little increase 🤤

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