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  1. You know it takes atleast 2 weeks after the first jab before immune system starts ramping up against the virus? If youre infected before that the vaccine does`ent help one bit
  2. I`m 46 and have a 17 year old son. So i`m allowed to make old people jokes 😏
  3. Its not specified. 13 of the 23 deaths will be investigated. In Denmark we have vaccinated 50.000 elderly in nursinghomes. Only 2 died a few days later. There is no way to say that they would not have died anyway. Around 95% have said yes to the vaccine in that group
  4. Pretty sure that Denmark will end up around 95% minimum in the end. We are getting some kind of Corona Passport where people who are vaccinated is allowed to do more things like travel,festivals,going to cinemas ect. So this will force most doubters and No sayers to do it anyhow. I dont know how long it will last but pretty sure it could be rest of 2021 atleast
  5. Correct. From what i`ve heard most of them were in their final days anyhow
  6. Around 33 people dies everyday in carehomes in Norway. Its impossible for these things not to meet
  7. First J&J should hit US in Feb if all goes well. Up to 10 mill before march. And thats only 1 jab
  8. In the danish plan as far as i can see, there a no J&J or Oxford vaccines included in february or march. Maybe not at all. Not even Modernas deliverys in Feb and March are included in that plan. So it could go even faster if those 2 get approved soon and spits out a large amount of dozes and Moderna speeds up production
  9. We have seen that here also after 1 doze 1 out of 10-20 will get infected. Maybe 1/10 of them will get sick and maybe 1/100 of them will die
  10. In Denmark were i live the goverment just annouced that all citizens that want the vaccines can be done with the 2nd shot by June 27th if everthing goes right.. 1,5-2% of the population are expected to be vaccinated every day in early summer where vaccine deliverys are at its highest
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