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  1. 7,5/10 BBFL It was pretty good. A BB movie like i expected. Funny and a little emotional at times..
  2. With a 90 mill budget this should be fine down the line 30 mill 4 day and 75 mill total. 210 mill WW
  3. Im not sure its going to be WAY less. This could break out many places and win some oscars at the right time to have amazing legs
  4. Agree. But to be fair. Alot of posters in here were`nt any better than Grace R is in this case here, when Jumajii 3 opend. IMO ofcourse Reacting quick on the keyboard with their head up their asses
  5. Yeah. Thats right. When i wrote it i was more thinking in 40% over Endgame OD. 43,5 mill is not that impressive
  6. Yep. Around 1,3% of the entire country saw it on OD..... Try doing the DOM math on that to compare 😯 its mindblowing
  7. F2 breaks OD record in Denmark. 40% over Endgame
  8. Loving that J3 more and more with every update
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