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  1. 400 mill+ if nothing else breaks out big
  2. I doubt thats the only reason..
  3. At least. 3 days makes no sense unless it had huge presales those 3 days. But it did`ent. Was some CM money transfered on sunday and monday? Cant rule it out
  4. Can someone explain how MTB can look like an outbreak sat,sun and monday and then drop like a rock.. Are there some fudge going on here?
  5. Yep. Could also be 30 mill if reviews are poor and saturday does`ent pop
  6. Nope. Around 40 mill~ish yuan IMO
  7. Yeah. I just checked currency. Thought it was 6,89. Its around 6,71 150-155 mill
  8. No. Around 145ish IDK 🤷‍♂️
  9. No doubt. Just look at Thursday number in the US
  10. Looks to do more than 38 mill today
  11. Much more. Strong friday increase. First positive day this week

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