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  1. Pathetic 4,7 mill yuan OD for Death Wish
  2. fmpro


    Ehhh. I dont think so Fd.. not even close. Legs wont be pretty.
  3. MI6 breaks 1B yuan sometimes this afternoon. Congrats
  4. Ant2 crosses 800 mill yuan on sunday
  5. Looks like 90 mill+ for MI6 today
  6. No. 2 is between Warner Bros.’ Crazy Rich Asians in weekend 4 with $12M and STX’s Peppermint at $11.5M at this point in time. The latter is looking at a $4.5M Friday. Freestyle Releasing’s faith-based drama God Bless the Broken Road meanwhile needs prayers if business is going to get any better, filing in with a less than $2M weekend at 1,230 locations. The movie was directed by God’s Not Dead filmmaker Harold Cronk with a script by Cronk and Jennifer Dornbush.
  7. FRIDAY MIDDAY UPDATE: No prayers or miracles needed here: New Line’s The Nun is heading to the best opening yet for a Conjuring universe film with industry estimates at $46M for the weekend, $19.5M for Friday which includes that record preview take for the genre series last night of $5.4M.
  8. Around 59-60 mill for Cruise on monday
  9. My guesstimate for Ant2 today is 44 mill. 15% drop
  10. Ant2 should have a decent hold today
  11. Ohh. And Meg drops beutifull again today with 11+ mill and will cross 1B yuan tomorrow
  12. Evenings has been slow for Ant2 in general so around 64 mill Monday. 20% drop tomorrow to around 51-52 mill is my guess. Anything over 54 mill would be a succes
  13. Most likely 17-20% drops eventhough WOM is good 2* multiplier seems in serious danger

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