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  1. 18,8 mill PS 40-45 mill OW is possible but saturday does not look all that good yep i think so
  2. 17 mill PS at 10pm. Looks tough
  3. fmpro

    Thank You CJohn, May Ghost Rider Bless You

    He was clearly fired from BOT God speed you special little boy
  4. I think 1B is possible. Its taking place in China and looks like a movie that goes well there.
  5. That scene was funny 🤣 I liked the film. Funny,sweet and great action 7,5/10
  6. More. DOM alone will deliver 7-9 mill more IMO.. Lets see if we get a boost this weekend from double features
  7. Close to flat on wed for Dino World I2 increases a tiny bit again
  8. Monday ended at 15,83 according to Maoyan. So it cant be +15%
  9. Nice increase for JW today I2 looks like 31 mill OD
  10. It could be in the breakout zone. We will know in a day or 2
  11. Maoyan has 13,9 mill MN

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