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  1. Watched it yesterday. What a horrible bad movie that was. Stupid script and plot.. The twist at the end.... So obvious when final act began What a waste of time
  2. Theaters in Denmark are allowed to open next monday under certain restriktions. Very excited to see what happens. What movies will be avalible and will people come? There has to be 1 meter(3feet) between each person but thats not a huge problem here with so many theaters everywhere
  3. That is true. You can only get testet if show clear signs like fever and/or have trouble breathing 1/2 of country stateimployees have been send home with full salery next 2 weeks
  4. BOM already listed a 11,2 mill OW for Bloodshot
  5. 3 hours ago it was 514 when it was annouced that Denmark is shutting down for 2 weeks
  6. Tomorrow could be worse. Luckly only 2 are in critical condition atm
  7. Yep. Its fuck. People are cleaning out stores and there is panic I have to close my buisness for a while and im fucked if it takes to long. Its high season for me now life is great
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