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  1. 160-165 mill IMO depending on exchangerate
  2. Aqua needs around 7 mill after today to hit 2B BB increases a bit again today. Tomorrow looks good also with only 35-40% screenloss. Should continue to stay strong until CNY
  3. Aquaman back on Maoyan after friday 2B confirmed
  4. I know. Thats why i wrote AFTER friday 😉
  5. It crosses 1,99B today but i cant find Aqua anywhere after friday Looks like its out of theaters this weekend eventhough Maoyan predicts 2,01B
  6. Why would CD hold a gun as it looks? With her powers?
  7. BB looks to have an increase today 😯 Its holding fantastic this week and will no doubt win the coming weekend eventough there will be 6 new wide releases 1B is locked
  8. Midpoint went back to 4,30 and BB was flat from monday White Snake increased again. We have a leggy run to watch here the next 3 weeks
  9. Standart Midpoint for BB suggests 23 mill today. But yesterday suggested 25 and only did 22,3. Midpoint has been steady around 4,30 pm for a very long time. I have no idea why it should move to 3,45pm suddenly So im going with 20,5-21 mill
  10. It looks amazing for 50 mill. Only the 2nd chinese action movie to catch my intrest
  11. If it gets 9,2-9,4 on maoyan then 500 mill+ $ confirmed.. A chinese action movie that looks fantastic for once. Budget?

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