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  1. I would love for that to happen. 2 seasons of 10 * 45-60 min episodes could do the trick. But i doubt its realistic in the next few years after these 2 movies
  2. Totally agree. Very happy with the ambition of making a movie for the fans and in honor of the book. Yes the movie could have been better but all in all im satisfied. The movies was never going to be as good as the book anyway. That was impossible
  3. I doubt it im affraid. Smaller openings and worse/same legs are to be expected. The first one was a global Phenomenon and it never stood a chance reaching the same level IMO. 500+ mill WW is still awesome but ofcourse looks pale to the first which highly overperformed
  4. Im more 500-550. Still awesome. 230-250DOM and 250-300 mill OS Long runtime could scare people away from thursday and into the weekend
  5. Just saw it. IT was good. Time flew by for me. But im also a fanboy who read the book 2 times and i loved all the small stories.. Bill Hader kills it. The others are great to and the captured The Loosers club like i hoped they would. I feared it would suck so i were gladly surprised that i worked as good as it did 8/10
  6. Around 90 mill. Good number. over/under 72 mill tomorrow?
  7. Still feel 230-240 mill eventhough it looks like mission impossible. Walkups for a movie like this could be strong tonight
  8. Tomorrow looks flat as best case scenario. Needs around 5+ multiplier with 3,5 on OD Something like 95/160 could happen OW/Total
  9. FFH has cought up with HC again and could give SM1 competition for Number 1 SM movie DOM
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