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  1. Looks like Ape and SMH will stay flat or increase a bit from thursday THB and Apes are battling for 1st place but looks like Apes will win friday
  2. HEY DUDE! Why the fuck are you copying my thoughts
  3. I were way off with my early early estimates SMH 9+ Apes 40++
  4. Homecoming heading for 10.5-11 mill Apes heading for 33-35 mill projections. Lets see if Apes are strong around evening time Yeahhh.. Homecoming is going to be lower and Apes could be higher
  5. 10-15 mill yes. It will have lost almost all screens next friday
  6. 14 mill sounds about right atp. Should still land in the 115-120 mill area
  7. looks like 153-155 mill for Apes and 44-45 mill for SMH
  8. Very rare with such a low rating

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