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  1. We will know in a couple of days But its likely to gain some legs and do more. We will see
  2. TLK should finish around 50 for monday. Standart. Nothing screams 3 multiplier
  3. Looking up have been stuck at 24,56 mill the last 3 hours
  4. I never saw a increase for TLK eventhough it looked strong earlier Looking up have added zero yuan the last 3 hours. And my question is. Are there no evening shows for it today?
  5. Looking up is all over the place. Havent added anything for 2 hours. No evening shows after KILLING it today??
  6. I certainly have been wrong before... But i dont see it going that high Lets wait for sunday results first. Evening could be weak. Who knows
  7. I know. It was 30% over friday when i wrote. Thats why i said : so far
  8. Looking up with strong sunday presales. Flat og increase on the way? FFH locked for 200 mill after a great sat increase IMO
  9. 99,99% sure you did a 200-300 mill a couple of weeks ago where i qouted you 150-200 max...
  10. It will show much earlier than next weekend 50-60 mill i guess. I havent done much looking at its numbers
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