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  1. Great news for you guys. It should really help get closer to flock immunity. Everyone should still make their own choice though. Do children really need it or is it just for the greater good?
  2. I don`t think we have that choice im affraid. They want every jab to be the same. Even the ones that got J&J. They will get a 2nd with that vaccine
  3. All danes will be offered a booster 6,5 months after their 2nd jab. Maybe before
  4. Okay. But you`re still under 60% of population right? Still pretty low. You`re going to have a tough winter
  5. We are Denmark. I agree that Portugal is impressive but here only 4-5% over 50 are unvaccinated and 98,9% of all healthcare workers are vaccinated. I think thats pretty good. We must be a pretty “young country”. Of course countries with alot of elderly have a higher % of the entire population.
  6. 77% is entire population. We are 95-96 % for 50 years old and up plus entire healtcare system..
  7. Daily cases has doubled here in a few days eventhough 77% are vaccinated. We are currently boosting with a 3rd to sick and elderly but everyone will be offered a jab 6,5 months after their 2nd shot Covid is very much still alive
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