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  1. That is fantastic news. Lets hops they can scale up production quick
  2. I agree with that. Protect the ones i most danger of death first. We do that here too. But im still not convinced that its apples to apples due to so much difference in doses in arms
  3. Can you really compare 2 countries where 1 has done 60 doses pr 100 people vs 20 doses pr 100? Also Italy has alot of elderly people in general
  4. Looks like Denmark now has 1 mill AZ doses in stock instead of 500.000😯
  5. Good to hear. We will get j&j in 2 weeks and CureVac in maybe 1,5 months time.. Approval means little if there are no supply
  6. We will see. Are you not having any problems with the E484K- mutation?
  7. Thats awesome. Congrats. We had zero deaths yesterday with only 14,9/7,6 vaccinated Tomorrow we will vaccinate 100.000 people in a big upscale try to see if we are ready when more vaccines start to roll in. Thats like 1.2 mill in the UK and 6 mill in the US. Wed/Thu it will be decided what we will do about AZ vaccines. I expect we will be the first EU country to suspend it and continue without. Its a tough choice. But with 1-2 deaths pr day i suspect its not worth the risk of creating more antivaxxers and creating more fearfull WOM in general. Around may 1st we will have 500.000 in stock Lets see what happens
  8. There will be some in Denmark. But not alot. Healty buisnesses will survive
  9. Most countries in EU have individiual relief packages. Here in Denmark we have a fantastic safety net where 99% of all people get full salery under lockdown just sitting on their ass doing nothing and buisnesses get 80-90% compensation. We actually have fewer buisness closings than other years
  10. Sounds great. But looks like they need an SA booster on hand. The fear is that we get a SA variant that spreads like the UK one
  11. EMA are now reporting about 4 cases of bloodclots in j&j vaccine. Must be USA cases since we don`t have it yet in europe. Also reports about Sputnik clots. I guess we just have to accept the risk and take a gamble. If we in Denmark remove J&J also it would push our finishline 2-3 months and take us into the fall
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