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  1. I don`t. A pretty good number IMO But with animated movies WOM is everything and PS is minimal so comparing PS gives is perfectly fine, but anything can happen after OD
  2. Wont break out. Its not a Chinese breakout type of movie.. Female stars and low on CG/Crazy action rarely do good in China My best guess atp is 15-20 mill $ total. And thats optimistic with 4,5 mill yuan PS on OD
  3. 4,5mill yuan in PS. Very low. If WOM is good it could do 3 mill$ OD at best. But around 2,5mill $ sounds more logic
  4. Midway is actully doing pretty good weekday numbers and drops are good. Could do 2,5+ multiplier
  5. I quite liked it. It did`ent deserve to crash this bad. But i do understand why though
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