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  1. Holy shit, Avatar made 1b on its 19th day and then went on to make 1.7b more. Truly stunning.
  2. That was a tough role to pull off, lots of mood swings within one scene. She was great. I didn't like the movie at all, though.
  3. cause Internet goes crazy over every change no matter how small.
  4. This looks fantastic. Fingers crossed critical reception is good.
  5. Much clearer look at Rey and Kylo Ren's really epic new clothes that have Internet abuzz:
  6. He's actually 7 ft according to MSW. There's a Snoke puppet on the set that's that size. @Orestes I guess that's good enough.
  7. Nope. Rey does have the Luke of the trilogy role but that's all. None of the other 2 characters fit any OT role. None of them is nearly as well written. Poe's barely a character.
  8. heh, blowing up Falcon doesn't have to kill those aboard.
  9. Awesome and better look at Rey and Kylo Ren in TLJ (new costumes):
  10. Awesome to hear! I hope Part 6 is a go cause that could give more screen time to the character that Japanese trailer spoiled.
  11. Thank you so much! Peter&Gamora and Yondu stuff sounds really good. Based on spoilers, I don't understand why reviews are less enthusiastic albeit still positive. Sounds like a lot of good character work.
  12. Yondu said in the first movie that Peter's father was an asshole so it was hinted that a) he could be the villain and Yondu's reason for keeping him was compassionate. I'm bummed that Yondu's been killed but if the death is well done and he and Peter have good scenes, I guess it's OK. Cancer giving is just wack. Wow, what a twist! Do Peter and Gamora become a couple or are still will they/won't they? Also, do they show Warlock's face or they are yet to cast the actor? At what point in the movie Groot grows up into a teenager?
  13. Hey, now, GoT is also killing off characters left and right and is the greatest thing ever made.