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  1. I'm a sucker for China, Russia and North Korea's involvement in rigging movie likes/dislikes, audience scores and, best of all, Sony leaks.
  2. I'm mocking comments thrown around since the movie was announced. This is a good day for us BW believers. people are now coming around cause views are huge but read not so many pages back and you'll see AMATW total projections, and claims that the movie's too late and that her death hurts the movie, etc.
  3. So BW is getting tons of buzz around the world? but but nobody cares for BW it's coming out 3-4 years too late is dead will do AMATW numbers. Oops.
  4. yep. Most people just want to see LM and hear the songs and that's all. They don't go into detail whether Harry Potter's eyes are green or blue in the movie.
  5. Bryan Singer didn't hurt BR boxoffice one bit. Brie Larson shitting on Collider Frosty types didn't hurt CM boxoffice one bit. Liu Yifei's statement won't hurt Mulan boxoffice one bit. You know why? Majority doesn't even know what they said/did and if they did they still wouldn't care to skip a movie that think looks good. Simple.
  6. That's hilarious cause Mando is high rated and they don't have other shows up yet for one to measure if they are above or below them. Oh well.
  7. wait, did they offer him Disney+ series and he turned it down or is he telling them not to bother with such offer? I'm confused. It sounds kind of like I'm too good for that.
  8. Chills. Sorry BW and Bond but this is wow. You are great too but I'm a sucker for epicness and this baby was shot at Colorful Mountains among other places????? Pure magic and doesn't look like a remake at all but it's own thing. Love Phoenix lady. Great story, great look, this is going to be the biggest of heroine movies (WW84, BW) I think.
  9. I don't get obsession with the script that never was. This is attracting so much attention but for what? It isn't in the movie so who cares?
  10. I think that their goal is to get rid of numbers. So TROS is basically the end of Episodes aka Numbered movies. They can make trilogies or just serialized movies with subtitles instead of Episode # prefix. That way, new markets that didn't catch up with 9 or more other movies can watch as if the movie's first ever. It's a good business move.
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