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  1. Wait, some people don't expect huge opening for this? I thought it was a foregone conclusion that multiverse was going to bring in the crowds.
  2. so are Tobey and Andrew confirmed or just a well sourced rumor which is as good as?
  3. 🙏 I'm all for more sci fi/SH/fantasy/horror/action representation in the Best Picture.
  4. SH movies make so much money for Hollywood, it's a nigh time one wins Picture. That said, BP couldn't wring AMPAS arm and not for the lack of trying, so I don't know if Eternals can. Nomination is possible, though Dune will be a massive rival for the sci fi/fantasy/blockbuster spot. And speaking of the devil, didn't Dune get a similar "masterpiece, wow, we are in disbelief" reaction from a test screening just 2-3 months ago? That said, Zhao is the real deal, and Stark&Snow are rumored to be the MVPs (in particular Snow) so looks like Chalamet&co have something to worry about.
  5. Watched #Alive on Netflix (I think Netflix just carried it but it was locally produced otherwise). Awesome zombie movie that isn't really about zombies.
  6. This looks like a fun stream. FL and ML look boring af but supporting cast is fun and Sub-Zero is a clear MVP. Surprisingly decent SFX.
  7. These previews make me wanna see big budget live action set entirely in Asia. Considering how much the world is gulping K and C dramas and US streaming companies making their own (Netflix's Kingdom and Sweet Home just to name a few), I think that big budget movies are inevitable down the line.
  8. That was also the reality in the middle of 2019. I never understood the point of dragging old posts from years ago to prove someone wrong. I mean, kudos to visionaries who were right from the get go but this is pointless IMO. Like, why are you so upset that someone didn't believe in this movie 2 years ago? It says more about you than me who wouldn't even visit this thread had it not been for notification that someone replied. :shrug: P.S. word is that Kit Harrington owns Eternals so fingers crossed he gets his life back of track.
  9. It's introducing the new BW (Yelena) so it isn't a filler by any means. She'll be an important part of MCU going forward. We just have to wait and see what ramifications are there and how she will be connected to the larger universe and characters who have powers. So yes, there's a reason why they would prefer to go theatrical with this movie like with all MCU movies. That said, they might be forced to release it on D+ if situation doesn't improve by spring.
  10. There are comebacks and there are comebacks. Everyone thought Zellweger was a write-off but here we are. Two time Oscar winner, Something that many actresses with consistently relevant careers haven't achieved yet. So who knows what happens with Depp? I maintain that getting off FB franchise is a good thing even if it wasn't his choice. Career dead-end.
  11. Sorry who are the people that are getting the spinoff? I don't remember them.
  12. Thanks. I meant more if anyone around here had personal experience with the quarantine after travelling (means they were covid-19 negative but still had to stay locked up) that can tell me about but thanks for the helpful link!
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