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  1. yeah the way things are going whole year may be a dead zone for movies and all these new dates get even newer dates. not to mention that many of these movies aren't even in production yet. it's easy to move a finished product but what about products that can't start?
  2. well, Woman's Day had 64% male attendance for CM so I guess that's when single guys are most likelye to watch movies. And single ladies least likely to show up (probably cause they know what "quality" of male singltons they can expect).
  3. yeah, it's a better date than November now that you mentioned it. Jon Snow romancing Astrid Young is gonna put a lot of Valentine dates in the seats.
  4. Nah, it'll move again. No reason to stream itcause early reactions are strong and the movie looks epic.
  5. well, that's settled. Novemeber now looks better with BW. Poor Zilla vs Kong. Has it moved yet?
  6. I only care for WW84 and Tenet. I didn't even bother with Maverick trailer and I'm not into animation though Jamie Foxx becoming a marshmellow after death looks cute.
  7. Dune is WB's Oscar play so when they move it it's gonna be fall/winter next year. Maybe they give it Joker/Gravity run. Fall2021 festival debut. october2021 release.
  8. well, that settles it. Scott has spoken and if he thinks Dune is gonna bomb than it's gonna bomb. Scott is never wrong. Right? Right? Bad joking aside, I get where he's coming from. WB would want to have at least 1 sure thing this year and Dune could go either way. I think it'll do great whenever it's released but I understand why WB would think that WW84 and/or Tenet are safer bets.
  9. This. Absolutely this. It's backtracking and crossing fingers that no one will remember. Also, she cites her Obi Wan show scoop as leverage for BW/Mulan scoop but that's not the same thing. Show production delay and claim that 2 mega blockbusters will go streaming, when they can easily be rescheduled, are 2 different things. When BW claims a date, movies around it will move. Simple. BW is the behemoth, that's how the system works. You move out of the way not to get stomped.
  10. All movies are going to streaming except New Mutants. NM is going to be the only theatrical release forever. 100 billion here we come.
  11. yeah if they set the date and it had to move again, it would become a meme like NM. So better wait and see. whatever will be will be but it's very likely that entertainment scoopers are now scrapping for any "news" cause the well got really really dry with entertainment industry paralyzed and waiting to see what happens next before they commit to dates, production, etc.
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