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  1. if you compare EG and TROS only disappointment you'll find. TROS is not going to make EG numbers dom (OS and WW are forgone conclusion) because it won't open as big as EG and as everyone pointed out, third week drop is gonna be brutal. Even with good hold during the holidays the way they fall is a hindrance.
  2. Jokah managed 3.8M! Lucy in the Sky saved Goldfinch from being the bomb of the year. Where is Parasite?
  3. now that they are confirmed, speculation is going to be peppered with them because more people are compelled to check them out to be included in conversation. Avoid YT, twitter (they don't give a shit) and places like any reddit sub (speculation is literally leaks with theories about leaks) or Forcenet where leaks are allowed in the whole TROS Forum, not just designated Spoiler thread. @Knights of Ren you're welcome but exercise caution all the way for twitter and YT don't care. they spoil without any attempt to warn.
  4. yeah, it's pointless to compare TROS to EG. Not the same level and that was perfectly predictable and is perfectly normal. ST maxed out with TFA. EG is a culmination of constant decade-long build-up. Simply 2 different trajectories. Also, SW didn't build up to ST. It ended with ROTJ. Then got prequels. Then sequels. there was never End of the Saga build up except in 1983.
  5. well, they are flop anyway. they are not iconic and they don't sell toys. They definitely didn't reach Marvel characters pop culture significance.
  6. Nice! @TheDarkKnightOfSteel Wow, Greece has good taste!
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