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  1. Golden costume is kinda awkward. Otherwise looks rather spectacular. Is that Empire image shopped? Head is too big and body looks like a sack of potatoes. WTF is that?
  2. Not really. GOT had a budget to rival movies and looked more epic than any movie since LOTR, and that was a TV show. TV screens are now the size of a wall. So home cinema is a reality. They'll just have to improve the way they make money of VOD. That's all.
  3. It's a standard "I was in SW too" name drop rather than comparison between these movies.
  4. Dumb decision to get this ready for the Oscars. Climate favors different kind of movies. They should post-pone for 2021 and Oscars 2022.
  5. that sounds right. the book has several logical cut off points where you feel there's a conclusion but that the story still has places to go if it wants.
  6. This didn't bomb cause of fuckin Grace Randolph scoop but because GA thought it looked like garbage. Scoops don't reach enough people to create a damage, not even if some fans bail out. Also, Cosmic Books News, The Express, We Got This Covered, Moviepilot, MovieWeb are garbage-tier rumor mongers. Also without a massive reach. BoP flopped because of bad marketing and lots of Literal Who level characters and actresses. I personally liked colorful posters but they obviously didn't do the job and that means marketing failed. Rejection was severe around the globe.
  7. JDW is going to be a big star. I guess Marvel or DCEU will grab him for something next.
  8. All I care is Blue. No Blue, no deal. However, they are wrong if they think that side actors can carry this without Chris and Bryce. Even if dionos are the main draw, human characters still matter as does star power.
  9. great title. catchy and fun. Got into this series thanks to corona and love it. It's perfect for binge like Furious franchise that I also got into via sick days binge.
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