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  1. it's funny when it comes to film critics cause their support propelled Moonlight, Black Panther, Lady Bird, etc to Oscar glory, for example, so saying that they don't get AWIT and that their opinion doesn't matter in that case is weird. It isn't like they are regressive bunch, quite the contrary. one might say that their progressiveness leads to overpraising some movies that weren't all that great. So that they are singled out is actually hilarious.
  2. I don't know why the heck they thought that they could Ghostbusters this movie. It's apples and oranges. GB was never a strong brand since it croaked after 2 movies. Only niche audience cared so ridiculous budget made no sense and then they did eevrything in their power to alienate those fans in pursuit of new fandom that never got hooked. It wasn't boycott that did it in but that nobody cared so boycotters just used that to create a narrative that they sunk it. It's the same thing with Solo. people didn't care but niche groups now claim it's their doing that it bombed. Sure, Jan. OTOH, CM is part of the most powerful movie brand. there was anticipation since the movie announcement. GA is interested. It's not the same. review-bombing has no impact on boxoffice anyway but they in for a rude awakening if they think this is GB 2.0.
  3. Valonqar

    Best Picture Predictions - 2018

    the only movies that could upset Roma are BP and GB. I'll stand with BP to the bitter end but Roma is pretty much as good as won.
  4. there will be tears anyway cause 1 billy is a lock and then some.
  5. two billie here we come! Ok, that was fuckin adorable.
  6. yeah, I love this tie in for what @terrestrial said.
  7. nice! real talent. that's a helluva spot that puts her on the same level of importance as the Big Three (Tony, Cap, Thor)
  8. illiterate, thick and pushing for narrative sounds right.
  9. @TalismanRing Speaking of M'baku, Duke was a revelation. he did so much with a nothing of a role, no wonder he's in such high demand. yeah, supporting cast was spot on (not denying regal presence of T'Challa but presence isn't enough when the character has nothing to work with).
  10. yes but that's because King Kumbaya is boring. he was interesting in CW cause one didn't know whether he would go through with his revenge or not. or maybe because he's more effective as a supporting character. there's no question that supporting cast is BP's biggest strength since the lead was just going through motions.
  11. true on all accounts. Marvel flop...what's that?
  12. 4chan /tv/'s reaction will be fun to watch for RT critical score and especially OW.
  13. yep because there has to be some time jump since Cap shaved his beard and Nat's red again and her hair is longer. So whenever Scott got out, it wasn't on the day of the snap.
  14. @aliadiere29 Brie is getting lots of notices which is more than Chadwick Bosman did when BP was shown and everyone was talking about Letitia/Danai/Michael. And one of those show stealers is a cat which is bound to steal the show. Kids and pets do that and it's totally normal.

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