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  1. Valonqar

    Best Picture Predictions - 2018

    well, SAG noms are currently trashed as too populist so... And I have faith they'll do the right thing and award BP. Whether BP+ Coogler or BP+ other.
  2. Valonqar

    Best Picture Predictions - 2018

    BR went for emotion and considering reports of people crying buckets it passed the test with flying colors. Plus that insane boxoffice. Repeat business if out of this world. The more inclusive AMPAS and Guilds get, the more their taste will reflect GA. It's inevitable. They used to be criticized as out of touch with GA cause too old, and now they are too populist cause too young? You can't have it both ways. I prefer the latter.
  3. Valonqar

    Best Picture Predictions - 2018

    Nominate BlacKKKlansman and Black Panther. Have both win steadily through the night. "And the Oscar goes to Black..." The suspense, people, the suspense. I know you want it.
  4. Valonqar

    SAG 2018 thread

    I hope so! Banner year, versatile actress who was due for a nom, peaking at the right time. make it so! @titanic2187 she was always dead except to Awards Watch. they like to stick for dead causes to bitter end (that little girl from that Florida movie, that little boy from that Idris Elba boy soldier movie, that Hungarian guy from that Holocaust movie...and Joy ).
  5. Valonqar

    SAG 2018 thread

    They don't have to go nuts for the movie and still award Ali. I'm plotting BP's path to victory so if DGA snubs Farrelly and includes Coogler, we are in. BP needs director + script noms to pull a win even if it doesn't win more than techs.
  6. Valonqar

    SAG 2018 thread

    The win is between Grant and Ali by the look of how critics voted so far. everyone else is in it for a nom unless GG/SAG/BAFTA hand wins out to other nominees and turn the tide around. But yes, my money's on Ali too.
  7. Valonqar

    SAG 2018 thread

    OMG, good point! If GB won it would be like the repeat of that year.
  8. Valonqar

    SAG 2018 thread

    I'm rooting for this. Also, it's peaking at the right time without the frontrunner backlash baggage that's gone the Green Book way. Plus, it is time for an African American director to win so who better than Legend Spike?
  9. Valonqar

    SAG 2018 thread

    I'm super happy that my AM&TW got recognition. But biggest question - will Tom Cruise appear with the stunt team when Fallout wins since he did his own stunts and is practically a stuntman himself?
  10. Valonqar

    SAG 2018 thread

    The age of SAG Winner Martin Freeman is upon us.
  11. Valonqar

    SAG 2018 thread

    I think she's the odd duck that SAG likes to nominate from time to time. But if she hits BAFTA...
  12. Valonqar

    SAG 2018 thread

    Because BR made people feel. Widows may be technically better acted and have bigger names but BR strike the chord. Plus, actors love to nominate the small guys, unassuming actors who have no shot in individual categories. That was a big thing with Argo. All those Clea DuValle's who never have a chance with roles that put you on the map, the background players, were voting for those background players to get recognition. BP wins this, though.

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