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  1. yep, true female gaze. Not "we can't do this and that or we'll offend easily offended twitter group #24567869 that doesn't even watch our movies but stirs shit on social media and we can't have any bad PR." @NamakFiskKa It's a fantasy movie so whatever route they took it seems to work judging by positive reactions.
  2. IMO, there's a difference between actors who don't put butts in seats unless in the right project (Reynolds outside of Deadpool) and actors who are boxoffice poison meaning people actively run away from movies starring such an actor (Fassbender since a survey proved that interest in MacBeth and Steve Jobs collapsed when polled people were told he was in those movies). The first group cannot save a turd or uninteresting concept but can add value to something already appealing (Watson as Belle). The second group is a bust.
  3. the video is funny af and well edited. his advertising/production chops are showing.
  4. you replied before my edit. One leak (palaptine) was confirmed by the teaser. The other leak was confirmed by MSW (their reliable source, not the one that spread a certain recent rumor that MSW didn't believe in either but discussed it in their podcast which is the place for low level credibility rumors).
  5. IMO, Beasts problem are characters and that's hard to fix. The cast skews too old to be interesting to anyone who grew with HP movies, let alone potential new generation of fans. Actors just aren't appealing either. To me, they are like Narnia. That one had the problem with blah cast that never took off like HP kids. Marvel is a prime example that you can repeat the same unimaginative formula 100 time and it;s gonna work and feel fresh as long as it's carried by winning characters who differ from each other (and therefore make the same old feel new). FB doesn't have that advantage and it;s already saddled with too many characters to try to add potentially appealing newbies.
  6. Two of his 4 leaks got confirmed (one by teaser, one by MSW), jury's out on the other 2. Lawyers or no lawyers, he's either extremely lucky guesser who understands how storytelling works or he has heard something.
  7. @lorddemaxus and @ViewerAnon good points. I think that "stealing thunder" was most likely about which one grosses more. kind of like how TA stole TDKR's thunder, even though they co-existed fine, by making so much more.
  8. I wouldn't bet against Marvel. They turned CM into a bigger global hit even though WW had advantage of being an iconic SH, first solo female SH movie in a loooong time so technically more groundbreaking event than CM release and way better reviews. And yet. granted, BW won't have cross-promotion with Avengers but I'm just saying that it shouldn't be counted out as a threat to steal the thunder cause it legit is.
  9. Not saying this is 100% legit but panicking studios do stupid shit and this wouldn't surprise me. maybe they didn't expect he'd tweet about it. @Knights of Ren someone said in that thread that Jason Ward was visited over TFA leak from May 2015.
  10. I've been on Dora train since the beginning. my sisters and their friends are super hyped so watch out for this one, as it may be under-predicted here cause not the target audience.
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