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  1. I'm devastated but if that results in another great movie, even better than the first, why not?
  2. Goose is not a star Previews looked boring af niche interest GoT actor curse (same guy sunk JL, Red Sparrow, John Carter and countless other movies)
  3. maybe they don't want competition with CM and measuring who got better reviews/made more money. That's smart on their part.
  4. yeah, if that mo'cap wrap up is a spoiler, than Quaritch is a Na'vi now. which makes sense cause how else they would bring him back? Gotta be consciousness transfer. Maybe he didn't die, just went comatose at the end of Avatar. Also, he'll totally freak out that he can't be anything else!
  5. too bad if character roles allude him cause he has more talent than given credit for. he was excellent in little seen movies such as Rush and in small roles in some comedies. BTW, did Liam give up acting? (good!)
  6. so Episode IX is dodging the bullet if Jumanji sequel isn't ready for Dec 2019. Luck favors JJ.
  7. I'm so happy for Jonah! critics praised the movie, PTA is awesome and RT audience score is 96%!
  8. I hope so. I hope it makes more than Doctor strange WW since dom isn't going to happen.
  9. I don't think so. ASIB is a romance. yes, it has music but it's different from BR. Drop will likely be bigger but not catastrophic.
  10. nothing is over til actuals. some movies get underestimated by couple of millions. Also, fudge away. if no1curr AWIT could be fudged to 100M why not the OW of the movie people actually care about?
  11. well said. RE: bolded, looks like Brits forgot about that cause they now ban parents to cheer their children at the football game. they have to sit in silence like the Taliban cause supposedly cheering messes up with the psychology of kids who aren't cheered or whatever.
  12. I mean it in a positive way. "Mah deah boy. I put you in a grave dangah. Now I'm gonna put you in gravah dangah" That's dickish no? I love Dumbledore.
  13. I would like to check those movies out cause she did get raves for them and Fish Called Wanda is apparently a comedy classic? I'm not very familiar with comedy cause my second least favorite genre after animation. But it's supposedly really good and referenced in other movies. re: movie with Lohan. OK, so that one is playing on cable a lot but I missed it cause I thought it was something stupid. But it's actually good? You guys recommend? what's the name, Parent Trap?

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