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  1. Now that Tenet definitely won't make an awards play outside of techs, Dunc is WB's big tentpole candidate assuming it gets released (somehow) within the awards timeframe. otherwise, Oscars 2022.
  2. still, it's an encouraging number though it doesn't say anything about GA prospect. Fans of the book, Timmy, Jason, Zendaya checked this out.
  3. In short, Disney fucked up and is trying a positive spin but this is a crazy situation so what is really a good move? Tenet isn't doing hot either. So damn if you go theatrical, damn if you go streaming.
  4. So since all Harkonnens are bald so will be pretty boy Feyd. Wonder who will they cast? What young actor looks good with shaven head?
  5. Why is everyone complicating what's really simple? All these movies are not worthy of theatrical release. They are not the mega hit the critical darling the sure-fire wig-snatcher Cope!
  6. Just put it in May 2021. A year after intended release. Furious 9 looks really smart now for staking their slot a year later.
  7. I'm so confused. why release a trailer if they knew they would move it? But yeah, now that WW84 is a Xmas release, Dune will be delayed indefinitely.
  8. Agreed with this. I didn't associate it with YA because it isn't drivel ha ha but I was 15 when I read it for the first time and got obsessed. so after that I sat through Lynch movie several times actually even if I still find it boring af and hunted down the TV show which I liked much better. This is going to be the real deal, though.
  9. No that's fine. I like feedback. it isn't YA. Paul is annoying, though, because he gets less and less human as his powers grow and all older and wiser people step aside and let him lead them because they believe in him even though he's so annoying ha ha.
  10. but it isn't a SW style epic anyway so it shouldn't translate to it. I also don't know how it is an angsty YA thriller. Because the protagonist is a teenager? Because he has a love interest? Big chunk of the trailer is Mohiam's narration that his father will lose everything which is why he should learn how to rule so that he doesn't. I don't see much YA here. But fair enough, you do. I understand why but I also have book bias.
  11. Die hard fans will show up but I think that GA will too. It's an accessible trailer. Story is familiar but it also has tricks up its sleeves for GA not to feel like they are watching same old. And the cast is so good looking so it should attract different demos and do well OS. They love pretty + spectacular.
  12. It's going to be bigger than projections of doom. It looks great, it's clear what it's about without being too spoilery, looks pretty af, beautiful cast, should play well across demos.
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