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  1. Thanks guys! This is very much in line with what people predicted after the second weekend tumble. Impressive accuracy.
  2. No one expected GK to do better than it did so "beheaded" line is hilarious. It performed in line with expectations, didn't overperform, and it certainly didn't behead considering at least 2 movies ranking higher. But Exhibitor Relations wanted to use "behead" word even if it didn't apply because cheap headlines do such wordplay. Oh well we got some hearty laughs. Personally, I'm miffed they didn't use "stillborn" for Stillwater. Like, c'mon, it would be perfect.
  3. LMAO! I understand that post-pandemic boxoffice isn't back to normal yet but 6.7M isn't "beheaded the boxoffice" even by pandemic standards, it's "got beheaded at the boxoffice" by any standard ever.
  4. Speaking of emotions, 2001 A Space Odyssey audience didn't feel sad when HAL 9000 died? Those heartless humans.
  5. Dune is not 2001 A Space Odyssey type of a movie. It's a family story. I will repeat again - Herbert writing style is cold but the story is not. For example, he highlights parts of relationships that aren't warm, such as Jessica and Paul as mentor and Chosen One, or Leto and Paul as Duke and his heir. But that doesn't change the fact that they are loving parents and son and if the movie wants to emphasize that, it can, and going by the trailer, it does. So you will get emotion. There's also romance (Paul/Chani, Leto/Jessica), friendship (Atreides household, Stilgar, Kynes), sacrifices, so ever
  6. Heh I still remember when that guy was announced and everyone was, like, he looks like Thanos! Well, look what happened.
  7. I agree with you but there's no denying that sudden release of streaming number did smack of damage control, which the title of that weekend thread promptly lampooned.
  8. Perception: you don't want your long running franchise to appear fallible. You want it to look strong which includes beating the odds. When that doesn't happen, you look weak and excuses even if they make sense make you weaker. That's all that is. Jungle Cruise may have been a franchise starter (or killer now more likely) but nobody cares about that. Everyone's eyes are on Marvel performance that should've been miraculous (no, not really but we are talking about perception remember?) yet it's the opposite of it, and hasty release of streaming numbers resulted in attention being drawn to the di
  9. Supposedly "and" and "with" mean that the biggest name in the cast isn't the star of the movie/show. Not that screen time is small just that he or she isn't the lead.
  10. Green Knight is getting evicerated in RT Audience reviews. Already down to 62% probably will hit rotten Audience Score. People expected an action movie but got bored to death. It's on A24 for cutting a misleading trailer.
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