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  1. yeah, why the fuck are they dragging MCU and other Disney stuff into it? Disney isn't infallible as we see with their attempts at originality (Tomorrowland), YA (AWIT) and POTC is far from its peak from over a decade ago. But they still have Pixar, MCU and live action Princess movies, and SW did well until Solow collapse (not that signs weren't there and fandom discontent brewing since TFA but peaking with TLJ and this). The studio is more than fine. BTW, guys, please educate me. I understand Solow (so low) but WTF is Soylo? I see that a lot on social media.

    Maybe there are no numbers to report cause nobody showed up? @Cookson PRU's shitty China performance is still responsible for 100M out of 229M which shows that SW's complete failure to penetrate that markets is now biting them in the ass big time. As pathetic as PRU global, dom and OS performance is, even shit China number will take its OS total over Solow from arguably much stronger global brand. Ouch of the highest order.
  3. You are right, it shouldn't be nostalgia driven especially not this late into the game. First movie, fine, understandable. After that, lazy. I wished he tried something new but he didn't. He just flipped old shit on its head and that's not new. Like moving ROTJ Throne Room into the second movie, or Hoth battle from Act 1 to Act 3, or that Rey and Luke never got along and he barely trained her, etc. It's old shit with a twist but old nonetheless. It's still retreading the beaten path.
  4. It just shows that other movies are achieving higher heights. It isn't much but it shows the weakening of the brand.
  5. For SW to come back with the vengeance, they need to brutally cut what doesn't work (including characters, timelines, designs, etc), keep what works and develop completely new slate, but this time well thought-out cause laziness riding on nostalgia is not working anymore. I admire MCU for not being afraid to background characters that they don't need to tell the story at hand until they need them if they need them. That way we don't get Canto Bight and such filler that everyone complains about.
  6. LOL @ bad news for SW. First Solow and now AIW is passing TLJ on the same weekend.
  7. Deadline bias shows. They act like shills. There's no way this unnecessary movie gets a must-see WOM. @GraceRandolph Emilia is no worse actress than any GoT actress. The praise for Lena "Snarl and wine sip" Heady is laughable as is the praise for Sophie "Keanu Emotes Better" Turner and Maisie "Loony Stare" Williams. They all play these characters as caricatures of what they have been in early seasons, which is still entertaining but far from good.
  8. Proof that star system is dead no matter how hard Hollywood still tries to make some people stars. One can like a song and still stir clear of uninteresting concept because concept is stronger draw than whoever is in the movie. Even actors who are more reliable than other can't open everything (The Rock in Baywatch, Leo in J Edgar, Sandra in I forgot what that bomb name was).
  9. Thank you! Hollywood is trying to make him happen but Solo defo didn't benefit from him. Right now, it's all hype no delivery.
  10. New original SW movies, if done right (means have appealing characters), will attract new audience, something that Disney Wars is trying while simultaneously alienating old fans due to bad treatment of old favorites and bland new characters. TFA attracted everyone due to perfect storm of nostalgia/SW is back and RO benefited but the shine fell off TLJ and Solo. IMO, the problem is exactly in that these movies neither satisfy old fans nor new ones, once the hype of the franchise revival died down. Original SW wouldn't piss off old fans cause there's no pre-existing character in danger of character assassination. Now, they will be pissed only if the movies are set in the particular era with the particular popular characters without using those characters (lets say KOTOR era w/o Revan). But that's why originality is the key. Avoid EU overlap if you don't want to bring in those favorites. It's a huge universe with as many timelines as you want to create.
  11. @Mango You nailed it. Spin-offs feel like a filler and filler isn't a must-see. RO had a benefit of XMas spot and coming off TFA heels (and ramping up Vader in promos) but that was one time when people were curious. Next filler (Solo) didn't fare well and fillers coming after it won't either.
  12. I wished I had "only" that in my bank account. Solo A Star Wars Bomb Childish Bombino Alden Floppenreich
  13. Ep 9 is bound to drop OS. No amount of returned old favorites is saving that one. Dom may get fooled but OS won't be. Funny thing about new SW is that when they drop, they fall off the cliff. TLJ lost $700M on TFA WW (I don't care whether that's the same percentage AOTC lost, the number is staggering itself and that's that) and now Solo is poised to lose between $400-500M on RO WW (although it isn't a sequel but it shows the level of rejection of this particular spin-off).

    This is a surprise only because we all believed in strength of SW brand in traditional markets. otherwise, nobody asked for Solo story, Alden is a turn-off (there's no point comparing this to franchises without recast members), Gambino is not a star OS (I'm not even sure his song is helping dom boxoffice), TLJ soured everyone, so this had nothing going for it.

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