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  1. Valonqar

    Jurassic World II OS Thread

    I hope actual number takes it to at least 1,290B because 1289.9B is so annoying.
  2. Yep, WOM is great. Sequels are coming. I just need them to announce CRG officially. BK is shockingly a Saturday movie with good Sunday holds. I hope it doesn't go under 7M. Great mix of fun and importance. The Meg is a beast. That's all.
  3. This. How the fuck is DP2 a romcom? First one was (all about Wade and Vanessa) but the second one was about the awful fat Kiwi kid.
  4. Not much else to say. Great for CRA and not unexpected cause it's a total crowd pleaser. WOM should be strong. The Meg is holding really well for this type of the movie. They usually fall off the cliff but 54% is excellent.
  5. Hopefully CRA makes around 23M instead of 21M+ and BK manages 7M. I think that CRA WOM will spill over among non-fans. It's a movie that everyone can enjoy, not just book fans.
  6. So he's gonna plow the narco cartel? Now that's a high concept!
  7. Eh, he won the director, that's more personal. Also, there are so many directors who never won either and even more those who never got nominated but should have been. Nolan surely waited for his nom for too long and he isn't thirsty.
  8. Lel, why is he thirsty? he already has the Oscar. I guess it's Eddie Redmayne syndrome, one's never enough.
  9. RIP Black Panther Popular Oscar. Though maybe Panther AMPAS members are frantically voting for anything else just to avoid the embarrassment of having to receive the award that was clearly invented for their movie.
  10. I know but the tweet isn't from them. They were just reposting someone's. I agree that this kind of thing - reactions - can go either way. I remember all the enthusiastic buzz about Interstellar and then Tapley dropped the tweet that said "reviews are gonna be very interesting" and it was downhill from there for the movie.
  11. Clever! went through the cast list on IMDB and nobody in the cast is listed as anything similar to splinter group of Amazons. Incomplete list? secret casting yet to be announced?
  12. Supposedly this isn't good [enough for awards]. Someone posted a cryptic tweet that said more than a few people who saw it say it's not gonna be the Best Picture.
  13. please don't pass TA! Hit 600M but don't pass TA!

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