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  1. I swear that Patrick Kirkpatrick (sp?) blurb for every movie is "Well worth the wait". I love the first movie and am a sucker for apocalyptic genre so I'm seeing this for sure. Looks good. I'm happy that they are continuing the story. So where are the reviews? Since blurbs are attached?
  2. So? Powers shmowers. It's who uses them and how not the power itself. I'll take tried and true powers over try-hard attempts to be different (I'm looking at you grass-growing crap from Logan!) any day. Kal-El,Tony Stark, WASP even Ant Man on Anthony/other ant, etc fly but they are very different characters and have a different way of using the flight.
  3. I think that the problem is that those people don't know how to read leaks. They aren't a movie and they aren't even actual recaps. They are literally this happens and that happens. No performances, no dynamic between characters, no jokes, etc. None of things that make movies why we love them. So they think dry leak = dry movie. But it's not. It just tells you what happens including that it may warn you about unpleasant stuff (who dies, for example). A movie is likely bad if the story described in the leak doesn't flow well. You could easily see that TROS was going to be a dumpster fire, so I didn't bother to pay for it, but that absolutely isn't the case with Eternals nor it was with IW and Endgame.
  4. As we all know, this means absolutely nothing. Denials about a secret role/appearance/etc are nothing new. This anyone?
  5. Not really. It's Marvel. Their movies are entertaining. Zhao isn't making Nomadland in spandex. Half of Eternals cast are actors with good comic timing or mostly comedy role experience. So there's going to be humor and levity, it won't be a humorless dour movie.
  6. It's not bizarre at all. I like them. They help me understand the story and who is who before I see the movie. They alert me if there's animal cruelty and that sort of thing than I won't watch or will know when to fast-forward (Red Dot for example, the spoiler was massively helpful in that regard). I find it useful. I also don't take them as gospel cause they have a very specific function which is show how the movie goes from A to B and what twists are if any, they are not meant to bring movie magic. The best leaks are the ones that only stick to the text of the movie and don't post their (false) impressions as text. I'll never forget the first TFA leak where the leaker claimed that movie ended with a reveal that Rey was Luke's daughter. So people were, like, do they actually say it in the movie, and he's like no but it's so obvious. That was a shitty leak cause it did what leaks are not supposed to do - speculate.
  7. In that case, Shuri's most likely cause she's the Princess and the heir apparent unless T'Challa had a secret child.
  8. I did not care for this until I read the leak and thought the movie sounded really good. I really like the themes of the movie. But now that the teaser confirmed the leak, I'm very excited. I know that reddit hated the leak but they hated Infinity War and Endgame leaks too and I said right away that Infinity was going to be great because it was easy to follow all those characters in different locations. Likewise, Endgame. So as someone whose hobby is studying leaks, if a movie themes manage to shine through a dry leak than the movie is going to be good.
  9. Killmonger is definitely an asset. I did not like it that he died because he strike me as an antagonist who has potential for longer arc like Magneto rather than someone who is a one-off. IMO, the movie really got going when he came to Wakanda to claim the throne and his reign was more dynamic than the good guy's standard kumbaya rule til an outside source stirred shit up.
  10. Thank you! @VenomXXR My bad. I thought that they were told when he was diagnosed.
  11. I understood it but I agree that it's written in a generic way like all leaks. They all feel super dry and expository. That said, Thena and Ikaris come off as the most interesting to me based on what they do in the leak.
  12. They knew about CB's illness in 2016 so they could have left Killmonger alive just in case if they wanted. My guess is that they didn't which means that they had a different plan for BP successor if the worst came to pass. So existing character (example, Shuri, Okoye, Nakia, M'baku) or brand new one (whether existing in the comic but never seen and mentioned in the first movie or totally original). We'll see what happens.
  13. Since this is the most active of Marvel threads and there isn't a Marvel thread for anything Marvel, is 4 that ends the show reel for Phase 4 or for Fantastic 4? I see conflicting speculation online.
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