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  1. I remember that. They should lurk in China Boxoffice thread more often to learn something about the market and movies they produce.
  2. all of them are usual suspects.
  3. Excellent post. The more you are culturally specific, the less understandable you get to other cultures and therefore they'll lose interest. it's perfectly normal. that's why Hollywood blockbusters are as generic as they can be so that they are understandable to everyone (for they have to return 200M+ budget). anyone can project whatever they want into those characters. It doesn't matter what main lead's complexion is but whether he/she is an easy proxy for any movie goer in any country. be it Tom Cruise or Will Smith, their characters were non-specific and therefore anyone could relate to their generic problems ( how to stop a villain from taking over the world whether he's some made up evil spy organization or zombies or renegade robots, etc). Same goes for superheroes. they are big because they have generic stories that are easily understandable to anyone. Black Panther and Aquaman are retelling of Lion King which was retelling of Hamlet but with happy ending cause Disney duh. Everyone gets that. Rightful king is cheated of the throne by his nefarious relative, how is he going to bounce back? It doesn't matter whether he wears merman costume or tribal one, the story is as old as time and exists in every culture. OTOH, to understand Get Out you need to understand very specific American socio-political landscape and you can't expect foreigners to get it any more than you can expect Americans to get a specific foreign socio-politics.
  4. I can;t believe what I'm reading. So Patz at 33 is young and edgy as if he's a teenager but Bale at 31 (his age when he appeared in BB, I've just checked on Wiki) was a Methuselah or something? this thread is nuts.
  5. Frozen 2 run is great. it increased where it should which is OS markets especially expanding markets. It also increased dom though not as much as most expected but that's due to tougher competition. TROS took some audience away and I daresay LW took some women away. Those movies are non-entity in some foreign markets so F2 had less competition and more room for legs.
  6. Yeah, actors and writers and editors are trying to explain stuff that isn't obvious on the screen. Though as someone who is familiar with leaks, which include Lando's confession that his daughter was stolen by FO, I don't think that longer version would be an improvement. Sometimes longer scenes or more scenes explain things, sometimes they are just filler that shouldn't have been there in either longer or shorter form. I still see no point of creating another character with Finn's background instead of giving him an arc without her.
  7. His star power is summed up in 2 words: Tony Stark. and 2 more: Iron Man. That's basically star power today. Your franchise character. Means people won't follow you around if you don't play your franchise character. The only real star powers now are relics of the past eras such as Leo. Hollywood thought JLaw would be the new star power but that fizzled with the end of Hunger Games proving once again that franchise is everything. There are added values, though, actors who cannot open alone but power up as a group. Knives Out, for example.
  8. As others pointed out, LW number makes no sense. It didn't lose that many theaters to justify this drop and multi from Friday doesn't compute.
  9. Apparently some RDJ fans honestly believe Disney paid critics to sink this movie. "Dolittle is not a natural bomb". "Disney are paying shills to shit on Dolittle". Holy shit!
  10. RDJ, is that you? "The failure of this film is being connived at and manufactured, in order to cripple RDJ for having the strength to walk away from Marvel. Don't be fooled - and support Dolittle all you can." - 4chan /tv/ SAVE ME FEIGE thread
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