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  1. LOGAN LUCKY | 08.18.17 | trailer on page 2

    @Barnack I understand now. Thanks. So-called experts indeed.
  2. LOGAN LUCKY | 08.18.17 | trailer on page 2

    @Barnack I read quite a few write-ups that Indies are copying AMPAS within their "low budget movie" frame. It isn't my observation cause I don't follow small movies, but I read about it from supposed experts.
  3. LOGAN LUCKY | 08.18.17 | trailer on page 2

    No chance. Indie Spirits are now totally adjusting their nominations to Oscars. So it's less indie and more what they expect to be nominated by AMPAS. sell-outs.
  4. TIFF detailed synopsis! I put it in tags just in case: https://www.tiff.net/tiff/film.html?v=mother
  5. depends on the movie, though. if MM is some hipster revisionist thing or anti-religious like The Exodus, religious crowd is very good at figuring out what isn't for them and abandoning the ship.
  6. I hope that WB appreciates what they've got and integrates the winning team into decision making. Money shouldn't be a problem. Better pay them what they ask (it's still affordable to studios that rake in billions through merch) than lose them. fans are attached to Jenkins and DCEU hasn't been good at building relationship with their fandom in a way MCU did with theirs. So that would be a step forward.
  7. Praetorian Guard. There are 5 of them. They guard Snoke. This info is official.
  8. Best Picture predictions-2017!

    Especially if sinking one movie props another. Or sinking one actor/director/etc props another.
  9. Epic win and so well deserved. WB took the risk with the newcomer foreign actress and the female director without a blockbuster or anything remote to her name and got an epic win out of it. Fingers crossed they keep quality so we get 1b and other important milestones out of the sequel.

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