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  1. Fedaykin, we can't stop winning! Up 1M and 0.01! 41.01M! I really appreciates 1 and 1!
  2. Well, I'm sure that the creators of parodies such as Scary Movie and Meet the Spartans will keep him in mind. So Dune weekend not only went up by 1M but also 0.01k! 41.01M!
  3. Yes, agreed about plotting. But they are not cold and neither is DV's Dune. Characters don't have to go mushy every 5 min for a movie to be warm.
  4. Average is still 6.2 cause the new batch of reviews are 3/5 like most of them. I think it will continue the trend of middling positivity so no fear of going rotten.
  5. Dune was as cold as Nolan's TDK movies. Which is not at all. Yet Nolan is often called a cold film-maker. Oh well. Different strokes and all that.
  6. Ha ha this. "best movie of ______ (insert director)'s career". "Best performance of _________(insert actor)'s career"...oh wait, the actor is in 3 movies? lets just say each performance is the best of actor's career!
  7. To me the biggest compliment to the cast was that I didn't feel distracted by "that's Thanos, that's Aquaman, that's Bond villain, etc". Most actors didn't have much to do but they blended in well, didn't stick out like a stunt casting.
  8. And I say it doesn't have merit because the same critics weren't too male and too white when they were praising movies that supposedly weren't made for them. AWIT was a turd in the wind. Defense on the grounds of social justice wasn't convincing. It was desperate. Fair enough about OT will comment no more.
  9. @exomassey don't think so. They are in transition. Obviously, multiverse is going to be a big theme and we are yet to see how that is received in movies. SC was really well received both critically and by the audience but it was also a breezy adventure fantasy that the studio didn't hype as the second coming. Eternals stumble (in comparison to other movies and expectations) isn't an indication of reception going forward. It's one case, and as such insufficient to draw any broader conclusions.
  10. @Ipickthiswhiterose Great points and amen to It Chapter 2 reviews. The movie was a chore. Overlong, boring, not scary, choppy, etc just didn't come together on any level and even performances were uneven. Hader and Skarsgaard were good. The rest barely had anything to do but look bug eyed. But it got a pass not to drag the really good Chapter 1 down.
  11. To be fair, critics are inclined to be more polite to director's slump right after the career highlight. They go off on repeat offenders but when someone they hold in high esteem doesn't deliver they tend to pull punches. For example, a good number thought that Us script was complete nonsense and bit more than it could chew. But reviews were still highly positive cause they focused on the good - terrific performances and GOAT editing in fight/dance scene. So instead of trashing Peele's wring, they highlighted Lupita, the cast, editor, score. You can work around it if a movie gives you enough m
  12. No it wasn't. AWIT was a bad movie period. Disney tried the Ghostbusters spin (blame men - using social justice to defend a movie that cannot be defended on film-making grounds) and it didn't work including cause the same male critics were more than welcome when they were (over)praising BP just a month earlier. So massive double standard there. It's very easy to open RT and check who is giving Eternals negative reviews: 3 Hispanic Men 3 women 1 Asian man So 7 out of 12 rotten reviews weren't written by white men. Among po
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