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  1. Shit weekend. I only care whether FFH has a shot at 400M with Labor day expansion. C'mon Sony!
  2. Disney is lucky that the movie release is a good year or so away so things tend to blow over in such a long period. If this happened close to the release they'd be screwed, though. As others explained, it's a no win situation for them whichever side they support or try to be neutral.
  3. Eh, I don't think that spells the end of Netflix. right now, D+ content looks awfully alike. It's Marvel and SW and no other alternative. Quite boring, IMO. So I don't think that people who want different content will abandon Netflix. they may go down due to bad business but not because everyone wants only Marvel and SW and not what Netflix has to offer.
  4. ASIB story was never era-defined. it's timeless. You can't tell LW story in modern times because some barriers that characters face do not exist now. But you can modernize it like how Aladdin modernized itself without having to be a modern-era version.
  5. to me, getting cold feet over Obi Wan movie because Solo bombed never made sense. Obi Wan was much desired by fans and also has beloved actor returning. OTOH, not even die-hard fans wanted Solo and nobody wanted recast Solo. And then they completely miscast the recast. It was one decision disaster after another. Only Ansolo would have been able to save Solo but that ship has sailed.
  6. @Porthos I want your take on this rumor and related old scoop from Anthony Breznican if you are familiar with it.
  7. Sherlock. it was also massively popular in China and credited for STiD's good performance there.
  8. https://www.fanthatracks.com/news/film-music-tv/rumour-ewan-mcgregor-to-direct-episodes-of-live-action-obi-wan-kenobi-tv-series/ Fanta is reliable with marketing leaks, not sure about industry ones.
  9. Best thing that came out of Solo bomb is shutting down Boba Fett movie. What a waste that would have been.
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