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  1. IT over Get Out ($175m)

    Deadline has IT tracking at $50m-$60m opening weekend http://deadline.com/2017/08/it-stephen-king-projected-box-office-opening-1202150870/
  2. My little cousin is over for the day and I'll give you one guess as to which Disney show she won't stop watching @Squadron Leader Tele
  3. SURV(IV)OR: Season 4 Finale

    Let me explain. I was halfway through predicting. I was ready to go, I really was. But an emergency came up and I ended up spending most of my time last night in a very different place than I expected. Really sorry that it ended this way, but please know I didn't not predict out of laziness. I just couldn't do anything about it. But I'll definitely be back next season to prove myself. Congrats @WrathOfHan! I'm happy a fellow Cougar won.
  4. SURV(IV)OR: Season 4 in Review

    We'll see if I manage to pull it off this time...regardless, I'm definitely playing again. Can't resist a little healthy competition. Favorite part was definitely how the Flying Cougars didn't lose ONCE (at least until the merge...) @Wrath @WrathOfHan @Arlborn @Goffe we are the og squad
  5. Out, btw. $900m-$1b seems like a good range
  6. How about we don't start this here
  7. I haven't even started yet. Gonna be up till 2 am at this rate. @Spaghetti of 1000 Planets @entire jury
  8. Worth noting that the "want to see" indicator on RT has gone from 64% to 60% since reviews started to hit. Shocking to think that some people thought the movie would be good.
  9. Literally the only good thing about the ad campaign is that Jacksfilms has become more relevant because of it
  10. The amount of work I have this summer is roughly equivalent to the amount of work I have during the year Plus I'm taking 4 AP classes next year which is fantastic
  11. Doesn't seem good for Emoji. Low to mid 20s, maybe? At this point I'm just hoping for a $15m weekend for Atomic Blonde and then $60m+ total. One thing's for sure: these openers doing so poorly is going to give Dunkirk and the rest crazy legs. Even Valerian could leg it to $50m

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