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  1. Teaser is great for what it is, an announcement. Definitely a bunch of sourpusses around here...
  2. The logo looks like it should be used for a spidey animated tv series. :|
  3. I said it a long time ago in this thread that they would have a young dumbledore in this. We don't know for sure if he's in it yet but just the fact that they mentioned him is enough for now. My anticipation for this just skyrocketed.
  4. I know a couple of people that are doing the same thing. I'll wait until they see it to see if they understand anything before I bite the bullet.
  5. I feel so left out. Thinking about watching these movies now... The theatre I go to has every showing sold out until tomorrow 11:45pm. I have never seen that before ever.
  6. Obviously women aren't capable of leading a major film without being sexy. Hollywood has taught you nothing.
  7. 29) The Martian O/U 220 m DOM (bet 100 points) (CEDAR over) (misafeco under) No no no... I thought Misafeco was betting over that number, I don't want that bet lol.
  8. And three years ago I stand by what I said.... I suppose you know exactly what movies will be hits in 2018?
  9. 1) Will SOC drop more than 45%? No 2) Will War Room open to more than 6.3 million? No 3) Will No Escape open to more than 12 million for the 5 day? No 4) Will No Escape decrease more than 30% on Thursday? No 5) Will SOC ever not have a day as the number one movie (Thurs-Sun)? No 6) Will We Are Your Friends make more than No Escape for the three day? Yes 7) Will Mission Impossible make more than any of the two openers? Yes 8) Will American Ultra fall more than 45%? Yes 9) Will Sinister fall less than 55%? No 10) Will Man from Uncle make more than Hitman? No 11) Will Fantastic Four fall more than 54%? Yes 12) Will any film increase more than 105% on Friday? Yes 13) Will any film increase less than 50% on Friday? Yes 14) Will any film increase more than 55% on Saturday? Yes 12/14 5000 13/14 7000 14/14 10,000 What films finish in spots: 3 we are your friends 5 no escape 8 hit man 9 antman 2000 each bonus of 5000 if all 4 correct Bonus 1: What does SOC make on Sunday? 5000 3.99m Bonus 2: What does Man From Uncle decrease by? (3% points please) 5000 39.85% Bonus 3: What does the cume for Minions, Ant-Man and The Gift add up to? 5000 7.000m 1) Will Terminator make more than 35 million in China for the three day (we will go by the Chinese thread)? Yes 2) Will Hitman fall more than 55%? Yes 3) Will Compton increase more than 45% Saturday? No 4) Will War Room have an OD of more than 2 million? Yes
  10. 1) Will any opener break 15 million? No 2) Will SOC fall less than 62%? Yes 3) Will Sinister be the largest grossing film of the openers? Yes 4) Will Man From UNCLE fall more than 45%? No 5) Will Hitman make more than American Ultra? No 6) Will Ant-Man and Minions both fall less than 40%? Yes 7) Will FF stay in the top 10? Yes 8) Will FF drop more than 60%? Yes 9) Will Rogue Nation gross more than at least two of the openers? Yes 10) Will any film increase more than 100% on Friday? Yes 11) Will any film increase more than 50% on Saturday? No 12) Will Vacation decrease more than 7% on Thursday? No 10/12 3000 11/12 5000 12/12 7000 What finishes in spots 2 sinister 3 mission impossible 4 American ultra 5 hit man 7 the gift 2000 each 5000 bonus if all 5 correct Bonus 1: What will Compton make on Saturday? 5000 12.9m Bonus 2: What will Minions drop % wise this weekend...3 decimal spots... 5000 30.11%
  11. I like the title. Looking forward to this, just hoping it isn't a musical.
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