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  1. Generally speaking, films usually trend downwards in gross. Lets say the sequel makes 2b WW and the third movie makes 1.5b. By the time the fourth one comes out, the headlines will be like a game of limbo - how low can avatar go. And mind you there will still be another one after that... General audiences will absolutely abandon a sinking ship if they know they are the last ones watching. Look what's happening to divergent right now...
  2. A literary adaption with a built in fanbase like Harry Potter cannot be compared to avatar the one film wonder.
  3. Seriously 4 more? What happened to trilogies being enough? Is there even a film franchise that ended on a high note after 5 films? The only one I can think of is twilight.
  4. 29) The Martian O/U 220 m DOM (bet 100 points) (CEDAR over) (misafeco under) No no no... I thought Misafeco was betting over that number, I don't want that bet lol.
  5. I like the title. Looking forward to this, just hoping it isn't a musical.
  6. To be honest, common sense should be used. Once previews start, opening weekend bets are closed as far as I'm concerned... Unless otherwise stated.
  7. First season 2 promo http://hollywoodlife.com/2015/07/22/empire-season-2-trailer-cookie-lucious-jail-video/
  8. 100 points mi5 under ghost protocol ww 3 people 100 points mi5 under ghost protocol domestic 3 people 100 points vacation over 80m domestic 3 people 75 points vacation over 90m domestic 3 people 50 points vacation over 100m domestic 3 people 100 points pixels under 150m domestic 3 people 50 points pixels under 135m domestic 3 people 100 points trainwreck over 100m domestic 3 people
  9. Way to put me on blast... I don't like this whole saying who lost the most points for the week. It's like this week's biggest moron is CEDAR lol.
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