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  1. One of the best pure entertainers. I watched it with no prior information. I loved it. Paul Hogan was perfect. This has tremendous repeat value. Must have watched it over 50 times in the last 30 years. A true classic in its own right. Its run was spectacular to say the least. Agree with others that this was a true phenomenon.
  2. Fantastic movie. A fitting send off to Hugh Jackman. One of the best SH movies there is though it hardly feels like a SH movie. Great performance by Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart. Daphne Keen is superb. Perfect end to an awesome character. A
  3. Loved it. It is an all out action extravaganza. Exactly what a monster movie needs to be. Nothing more, nothing less. A-
  4. This looks like The Fifth Element sans the fun parts. It will probably do The Fifth Element's unadjusted number. No Multi Pass for this one. Out.
  5. They had preview shows on Thursday only at select locations. They did not have those in Waterloo, Iowa.
  6. I watched it Waterloo, Iowa Crossroads 10 theater on June 12, 1993. What a ride it was. The audience reaction was phenomenal. I watched it 11 times in the theater during its original run. The interesting part was it was a full house all 11 times. Most of my visits were in the weekend. I will always equate Jurassic Park to a sold out show. The lines for this movie even in the 4th and 5th weekends were spectacular. This was a pre-internet movie though AOL, Compuserve and Prodigy had started offering services at about the same time. The run was phenomenal to say the least and personally most memorable for me since it was my first experience of a $300m+ grosser in the US. During 1977 Star Wars and E.T., I used to live in India. In terms of crowds i have personally witnessed, only The Phantom Menace comes close. I watched it for the 12th time in the theater during its 3D rerelease.
  7. I loved the movie. It knocked a rampaging Jurassic Park out of first place over the 4th of July weekend. It had a superb run. I used to live in Iowa when this was released. 1993 summer was quite good.
  8. The indian box office sites rarely update Hollywood movie box office collections. It has to come from the Hollywood studios themselves for the most part.
  9. Thanks, Gavin Feng. That makes sense.
  10. Pretty interesting. Are they moving money from other movies to these movies?