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  1. jb007

    Glass (2019)

    Loved the movie. While it is not as good as Unbreakable, it is still very good. The buildup is great. McAvoy was great. I'm surprised at the negative reviews. A
  2. jb007

    Aquaman (2018)

    Btw I loved Amber Heard in the movie. I just cannot believe I said that.
  3. jb007

    Aquaman (2018)

    What a blast. Loved it. Real fun movie after a series of absolute stinkers from DC. Give the DC keys to James Wan. He shall resurrect their sorry asses. A
  4. Complete waste of time. D
  5. I liked the movie. While inferior to the original, it was still a lot of fun. Denzel is good. The action scenes are well staged. B+
  6. jb007

    Signs (2002)

    My second favorite Shyamalan movie. The movie is superbly made with tense situation, great humor and excellent performances. "People break down into two groups. When they experience something lucky......," Extremely rewatcheable. Love it. A
  7. Great action, thoroughly entertaining and fast paced movie. Tom Cruise is fantastic. The best part of the movie is that it makes you care about the characters. Loved it. The last 3 MI movies have been fantastic. Rating: A+
  8. It is The Lost World to Jurassic World. While not as good as JW, it is still an entertaining movie. The performances are decent, and the action is very good. Pacing is slow in bits but overall manages to keep one occupied. Indorapter is interesting. The fight between blue and indorapter is excellent. B+
  9. A thoroughly entertaining movie. The performances are uniformly good. The action sequences are very good. Last 20 minutes was excellent. Rating: A-
  10. @Proxima Olive, @firedeep, @POTUS I found this in boxofficeindia.com. Is this deal correct? This states the Chinese release cost for the producers of Bahubali 2 is $9M. I'm assuming the cost refers to dubbing etc.
  11. Last Friday was $83M. So the drop is around 55%. In places like UK, OW was a 4 day weekend, so the drop there may be be 65%

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