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  1. Have watched every single bond movie since Diamonds are Forever in theaters in their original release. I started with Sean Connery Bond movies as a kid. Loved the campy Roger Moore movies. Loved Casino Royale since it felt like a gritty Sean Connery movie. Solace, Skyfall and Spectre were pathetic IMHO. The last three MI movies were more James Bondish in addition to being fantastic action movies than the last three James Bond movies.
  2. Being a lifelong James Bond fan, I have despised every Craig movie after Casino Royale, Hopefully, this will make me a James Bond fan again.
  3. Thanks @ZackM, @keysersoze123 your daily projections have been nothing short of fantastic. 👌👌👌
  4. You were absolutely fine with the snarky "give the 3 million from Endgame to TROS". If you want to act as a biased mod, fine. I have better things to do than deal with biased people.
  5. July, December doesn't really matter. Endgame surpassed a 10 Year Old Record. Endgame still needs all the pennies it can get to save face before Cameron throws Endgame aside.
  6. Adding extra footage ain't expansion. It was making peanuts before rerelease. Even after 10 years it needed extra footage and a rerelease to beat Avatar. Anyway it was termed a rerelease. https://www.google.com/amp/s/time.com/5617848/avengers-endgame-re-release-extra-scenes/%3famp=true
  7. Endgame needed all the help to beat avatar. It needs all the help it can get before JC rereleases Avatar to surpass Endgame and rightfully so. So keep the 3 mil. Endgame needs it bad.
  8. Didn't Endgame need a rerelease with some additional footage to surpass 10 year old Avatar's gross???
  9. After Endgame, even as a MCU fan, I have lost interest. I could not care any less about this and eternals. Time for me to move beyond the MCU.
  10. SW is not a popular franchise in China. I didn't realize IP man franchise is not that popular in China. It is quite popular with the English movie going crowd in India.
  11. It is not being smug. It is shocking. I don't know who the actors are in that movie or their popularity. But to see it perform the way it is against a known franchise movie like IP 4 is something else. The other interest in that movie is because I have watched the original tens of times. It is a perfect movie for multiple viewings.
  12. So a remake of an Indian movie/Japanese novel will bitchslap IP man 4? Am I right?
  13. I hate to disagree. I have been a life long Star Wars fan starting with Ep. 4 as a 12 year old. I consider TLJ the worst star wars movie made and it harmed the most successful movie franchise of all-time in terms of overall revenue. I have watched all episodes movies no less than 7 times, except TLJ. Only 2 times.
  14. Frigging losers like Salman , amir and shah rukh can go screw themselves, when do they not have the guts to stand up to tyranny. I'm glad that dabang 3 is a laughable failure. I will never support these frigging assholes.
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