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  1. Justice League (2017)

    Disaster. The script is pathetic. The big 3 superheroes have been reduced to a parody of themselves. The color/look of the movie is godawful. The Villain is terrible and so are the heroes. If the only hook for this was it is better than BVS and SS, it is sad. This is slightly better than BvS in its tone due to some forced humor. Batman was a non-entity. Gone are the heady days of Nolan's Batman. This Batman is just pathetic and wasn't even needed in the movie given that he does very little other than putting the team together. One cannot serve garbage on a consistent basis for the most part and expect it to be accepted all the time. MOS, BVS and SS pretty much killed JL. D-
  2. Different times of the year. Plus BVS had a holiday on Friday. JL should get slightly better IM for the weekend.
  3. So per DHD Friday Night Update 38.5M Friday for JL 9.5M for Wonder The rest seems to be not updated yet.
  4. 2ND UPDATE, Friday night: Justice League‘s Friday, coming off a solid $13 million Thursday, is coming in at the high end from where we saw it around midday Friday with $38.5M, however, there’s still concern that Warner Bros. DC supehero ensemble may not even crack $100M with industry estimates sitting at $97M over three-days, well below the $110M-$120M on tracking. http://deadline.com/2017/11/justice-league-opening-weekend-box-office-lower-thor-ragnarok-wonder-the-star-1202211094/
  5. Usually, the final week especially from Monday thru Thursday before release sees a huge uptick in pre-sales. It seems like that did not happen for JL.
  6. It that were to happen, "Meltdown" would be a tame word around here.
  7. Thor Ragnarok (2017)

    One word, brilliant. It is one thing to develop characters a certain way from the beginning, it is entirely something to redefine characters in the 3rd movie to an absolute del8ght. The interaction between Hulk, Banner and thor is nothing short of phenomenal. Loved it way more than I thought I would. On par with The Avengers and Iron Man. Taika Waititi is an awesome director. Hemsworth, Hiddleston, Blanchet and Goldblum are superb. Rating: A
  8. OM has been re-released more times than any other movie in history. For eg. In Mysore, Sangam - 16 times Saraswathi - 9 times Ranjith, Laxmi - 8 times It has been re-released on every single theater of Mysore and multiple times all over Karnataka. It is a unique movie in terms of playing for 21 years. Every year it was generating about Rs. 2 crores revenue to the producers. So it was a regular cash cow like no other. After a statewide re-release on 2015, Om satellite rights were sold in 2016 for a whopping price of Rs. 10.5 crores, the most ever for a Kannada movie. It is even more amazing the satellite rights were sold 21 years after its initial release in 1995. Now it is available on Home video.
  9. Not true, baumer. I see Razzies in its future.
  10. IT over Get Out ($175m)

    I'm on the fence. $175M likely not happening in the first week.
  11. IT (2017)

    It is very good. Plenty of scares and good performances from the young actors. The constant swearing by the teens was a negative and took away from the enjoyment of the movie. The pacing could have been crisper. Was a big fan of the TV mini series. Enjoyed the movie quite a bit. B+
  12. A seemingly unknown superhero (at least to non comic book fans) in early 2008 has moved to the top of superhero universe boxofficewise. Amazing.

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