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  1. It did quite well for a small movie. It was not a big blockbuster release but got headlines since it was produced by Aamir Khan as well as playing a minor role in it. It is a decent movie.
  2. Disney should be watching RE6, XXX3, JL to learn to make successful movies considering they were huge in China and yeah these will be way bigger than Jumanji also. So.......
  3. TLJ Thu. Dom: 1.7M Total 580.3 OS: 3.9M Total 655M WW: 1235.3M
  4. Certainly it will get close to it. I'm expecting around 680 OS-C. which would give it a 2.95 multiplier.
  5. Yep. Screen count for TLJ was 34.6% last Friday and 2.5% this Friday. The new movies took away the screens. Unless you have phenomenal WOM like Dangal, Zootopia and Coco, holding on to the screens determines the legs. With less competition, the legs would be better.
  6. Always great to read hilarious half-assed assessments just based on a few under performing markets. TLJ currently is at a multiplier of 2.69 (619.5/231) overseas-China and is likely to end up close to a multiplier of 3 overseas-China. TFA, by far the most successful Star Wars movie overseas had a Overseas-China multiplier of 3.55 Selectively, some markets like Germany are well over a multiplier of 3 and will end up with 3.6. So a final projected multiplier of 3 for TLJ vs 3.55 TFA indicates terrible WOM? Geez.
  7. That is very good considering it is a small movie. Aamir Khan only has a extended guest appearance.
  8. TLJ: Dom.Wed: 1.7 Overseas Wed. 5.1 M WW: $1229.7M
  9. Now You See Me (2013)

    High energy entertainment. Had a blast. Rating: A
  10. I second that. Theater experience is special and I feel cannot be duplicated at home.
  11. In France, weekend is Wednesday thru Sunday. Australia, Germany have Thu thru Sunday. So removing Wed and Thu grosses for France, Thu grosses for Australia, Germany and many other places from 573.5M and adding the weekend number will get you the 632.7M total.
  12. I hope you are kidding. 99.99% of the movies made will turn less profit than TFA. Let's get it out of the way. How does one know what the studio expectation was? If they went by TPM/AOTC or ANH/ESB drops, their realistic expectation would have been around a 30% drop from TFA. TLJ drop will be in that vicinity. OS grosses are exactly what most expected it to be specially with the ER hit to the biggest market, UK. China would have never a been a serious market when Rogue One under performed even with Donnie Yen and Jiang Wen in solid roles instead of roles to attract Chinese moviegoers. Personally, I feel TLJ left about $70M on the table Domestc and none OS. Even with that metric, the potential lost will be around 4 to 5%. That is based on my perception.
  13. Perception means jack. Studios run on profits. TLJ will be more profitable than any other movies in 2017. Further, the TLJ studio share is likely to be way bigger than JW, F7 and AOU (due to high China gross/low share) with only TA having a bigger studio share than TLJ.

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