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  1. While TLK 2019 looks to be a mega blockbuster, it will still be a soul less cash grab. I have no interest in this rehash even though I'm a huge fan of 1994 version. Watched the original 6 times in the theater in 1994.
  2. The same with Titanic overtaking ET after 15 years and A New Hope After 20 years. Inflation.
  3. The drop for EG is higher at 45% and the percentage hold of Thursday vs opening Friday is worse for EG. That eliminates the day to day variations. Even with ridiculously bigger craze and better wom, EG legs are slightly worse albeit with much bigger numbers. Anyway, the drop is slightly worse than normal. The Friday to Thursday drop highlights the fact.
  4. Nope. IW dropped 42% on May 2nd. So it is neither normal or better even though EG has bigger numbers than IW. But again EG WOM is better than IW and I was hoping for a better hold. Still the performance is incredible.
  5. Yes. Despite IW having better exchange rates 67.44 vs 69.1 for EG. Further the GST rates for IW was 28% (Over rs.100) and 18% (Up to rs. 100) for IW while it is 18% and 12% for EG. So EG performance is phenomenal whichever way you look at.
  6. The Thursday drop was bigger than I thought it would be. Looks like now EG will stall at about Rs. 365 Crores Nett. I was hoping for Rs. 400 crore+
  7. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.ibtimes.co.in/baahubali-2-fetches-record-rs-17-crore-tax-karnataka-government-rs-13-5-crore-bengaluru-alone-728050 "The Karnataka government levies 30 percent as entertainment tax for non-Kannada movies. Baahubali 2 has fetched over Rs 17 crore as tax to the Siddaramaiah government. However, the trade reports claim that the flick has minted over Rs 100 crore, which means the government should be getting Rs 30 crore as tax, which is leading to a lot of confusion." Bahubali 2 gross in Karnataka is no more than 60 crores. The 120 number is somebody's wet dream.
  8. Entertainment tax in Karnataka was 30%. A 120 crores gross would have resulted in ET of about 30 crores. Either way, my ex partner was the distributor of BB. The numbers were completely bogus. I have reviewed every single DCR of BB and BB2.
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