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  1. The Matrix Resurrections is closer to the original in tone compared to the sequels. The action sequences are good. Neo and Trinity story/connection is sweet and makes thr movie more personal. The score is decent. I liked it. A-
  2. I agree. I watched IW and EG several times. I watched NWH. Liked it. But I don't think I will watch it again.
  3. I have been Bond fan since I first watched Diamonds are forever as a kid. I watched the movie with great trepidation given that I did not like QOS, Skyfall and Spectre. I was worried that I would hate the movie. But I ended up loving the movie. While the pacing is uneven and the villain forgettable, the movie has an emotional core that appealed to me. There are a lot of moments that are really good. The action sequences are excellent. Loved the interaction between Bond and 007. Even Ana de Armas was fun in her short role. The last few minutes made me cr
  4. Loved the movie. Way better than Skyfall, Spectre and QOS. Almost on par with Casino Royale. May not be as rewatcheable as CR. Daniel Craig bond movies are bookended by two excellent movies with 3 utterly mediocre/boring movies in the middle.
  5. I loved Shrek and Shrek2. Watched it multiple times at the theater and many more times at home. I started watching more animated movies because of Shrek. This from someone who had rarely watched animated movies but for a few classics like The Jungle Book, The Lion King...
  6. I liked the movie. Chris Pratt and Yvonne Strahoski turned in good performances. Had a good emotional core. A-
  7. Action sequences are superb. Acting is serviceable. SFX is below average. Script is bad. Not a good movie for the Black Widow. She deserved a better movie. Very disappointing. C
  8. That was exactly my opinion. It was a complete waste of my time. I did not care for any of the characters and was not even invested in the protagonist character even a bit. The movie failed completely in entertaining me. Hope Nolan goes back to his 00s type of movies.
  9. Nolan has committed the ultimate cinematic sin. He has made an utterly boring movie. The characters are not interesting. The convoluted plot is an ego trip driven mess. The action scenes are tiring. The action scenes from both sides at the airport are exhausting to watch. Algorithm, inversion do not elicit interest. I was bored to the point of nodding off several times only to be woken up by the loud music. Washington is ok. Pattinson has a few decent moments. Branagh's role seems to be a continuation of his role in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit., Debiki is ta
  10. No, Charlie. In 1977, as a 12 year old, I used to read them at Mysore Central Library. 😎😎
  11. My box office interest started in 1977 from following the exploits of Star Wars in Indian weekly magazine "Screen". 1981 reports of box office performances of Superman 2 and Raiders of the Lost Ark made me a box office fanatic.
  12. Have watched every single bond movie since Diamonds are Forever in theaters in their original release. I started with Sean Connery Bond movies as a kid. Loved the campy Roger Moore movies. Loved Casino Royale since it felt like a gritty Sean Connery movie. Solace, Skyfall and Spectre were pathetic IMHO. The last three MI movies were more James Bondish in addition to being fantastic action movies than the last three James Bond movies.
  13. Being a lifelong James Bond fan, I have despised every Craig movie after Casino Royale, Hopefully, this will make me a James Bond fan again.
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