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  1. hmm. well, including only feature films, here's my stats 18 from 1910s 46 from 1920s 53 from 1930s 54 from 1940s 100 from 1950s 155 from 1960s 128 from 1970s 124 from 1980s 171 from 1990s 377 from 2000s 162 from 2010s
  2. in terms of feature films, l'inferno from 1911 is my earliest. it's pretty poor though. the earliest feature i've actually enjoyed would be l'enfant de paris from 1913, which is a really fun mystery film.
  3. i really liked the first two thirds of red shoes, up to and including the ballet scene. the final act was pretty miserable though.
  4. lars von trier: melancholia, dancer in the dark, breaking the waves ingmar bergman: persona, cries and whispers, through a glass darkly david lynch: inland empire, mulholland drive, eraserhead incidentally, stanley kubrick and abbas kiarostami are the other two who would absolutely have three films in my top 85 (all the movies i've rated at least "incredible"). bela tarr, werner herzog, jacques rivette and robert bresson would all have a chance at rounding out the top 100 if i could be bothered constructing a list.
  5. F oh dear. i knew going up the best animated list was a bad idea.
  6. F i did laugh a few times in the first half but this is worthless feel good garbage. now an animated film with pirates just stealing shit and burning shit down might be worth watching.
  7. fuck it, i'm in an animation mood, i'll just watch everything i haven't seen from the bottom up until i'm bored. just saw nightmare before christmas (decent) and ernest and celestine (really good).
  8. B+ a capitalist society hellbent on endless production requires the division of labour into segregated classes, preventing the development of genuine intimacy. the maintenance of this "society" is sustained not only at the end of law's baton, but in the dissemination of ideas: one must believe in the Big Bad Bear. a truly surprising and funny film that is not at all reducible to a simplistic "prejudice is bad".
  9. C+ the bit with the child screaming while a giant snake was eating their christmas tree was hilarious. obviously the oogie boogie man should have been the protagonist.
  10. is there a list-to-date post somewhere? some of the films on the bottom half look interesting.
  11. was kinda shocked to see waking life on here, not that linklater is some unknown avant-gardist but it just doesn't seem to be talked about much. it's the only film of his that i've actually enjoyed to date lol. and yeah, still really need to see paprika/perfect blue/etc.
  12. wait, where am i? well, here are a bunch of random shorts that are totally worth watching: tale of tales (1979) cat soup (2001) dimensions of dialogue (1982) world of tomorrow (2015) glens falls sequence (1937) echogram (2003) my childhood mystery tree (2008) a country doctor (2007) rabbit (2005) begone dull care (1949) pixillation (1970) tower bawher (2006) pas de deux (1968) hedgehog in the fog (1975) fuji (1974) neighbours (1952) contrathemis (1941) and the actual list: 1. it's such a beautiful day (2012) 2. ghost in the shell (1995) 3. akira (1988) 4. the illusionist (2010) 5. spirited away (2001) 6. fantastic mr fox (2009) 7. a town called panic (2009) 8. princess mononoke (1997) 9. waking life (2001) 10. mary and max (2009) 11. persepolis (2007) 12. my neighbour totoro (1988) 13. the secret of kells (2009) 14. coraline (2009) 15. yellow submarine (1968) 16. the secret world of arrietty (2010) 17. the wind in the willows (1983) 18. wall-e (2008)
  13. ○○○○○ = horrible ●○○○○ = *shrug* ●●○○○ = i like it ●●●○○ = i love it ●●●●○ = masterpiece ●●●●● = best thing ever ●●●○○ world of tomorrow ●●○○○ bitter lake ●●○○○ ex machina ●●○○○ no no sleep ●●○○○ it follows ●○○○○ inside out ●○○○○ the gift ●○○○○ straight outta compton ●○○○○ mad max: fury road ●○○○○ junun ●○○○○ the case of hana and alice ●○○○○ the martian ●○○○○ tale of tales ●○○○○ shaun the sheep movie ●○○○○ bridge of spies ○○○○○ jurassic world ○○○○○ kung fury
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