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  1. Oh yes! Saw GOTG as well, that actually might be my fav marvel film. Can’t believe I forgot that one. Well if we did won’t be soon. He’s in bulgaria now for a year and a half 😕
  2. Naw, really the only marvel films I’ve seen are Iron man 1, avengers 1, thor 3, black panther, captain america civil war, avengers infinity war, and then this one. My bf who loves marvel didn’t see captain marvel and after endgame probably won’t.
  3. I’m not a huge Marvel fan really. So this film was eh for me. However I’m rooting for this to beat Avatar for two reasons: 1. For numbers sake; 2. Because I’ve always viewed Avatar so over-rated it’s not even funny. Marvel at least deserves to reign over it after the years they’ve spent building up to it.
  4. I HAD to come here after seeing these numbers. A shame I wasn’t able to be here more for it like I used too. However I had to literally work three straight doubles in a row: friday 16 hours, sat 14 hours, and sunday 11.5 hours 😭😭😭 It feels great to be here though. Sorry for lack of posts, I got busy with life for both work but also good reasons. 🙂
  5. I’ve been away from this site for awhile due to life reasons, but I agree with these sentiments. We’re like....witnessing fucking history of box office here guys. Take it all in.
  6. It shows you how insane this is. Wasn’t long ago where 200+M OW was the big thing. Then it was 250M, but 300 was always the “impossible”. This film just destroyed all logic.
  7. I’m not a sith, so I never deal in absolutes. However, with that said.... This OW record will never be beat. We won’t see anything like this again (at least not in our lifetime).
  8. Just getting out of theater. Overall a pretty solid movie, woukdn’t say it’s scary but def has some good creepy moment. I think the only drawback I’d have is that it does tend to do a bit too many jump scares which are annoying. Other than that I had a great time, liked the ending better here than other film. A-, 8.8/10
  9. I acutally liked this one waaaaay more than the first one. The first one I watched and really thought it was eh, way overrated. I gave it a C+. The second one I thought was way more funny and a better overall cooler concept. I loved the imagination of how they tackled to represent the internet. Sure, the "bad guy" at the end was dumb in my opinion, waaaaay over the top. But before that it was a really fun movie to watch. I absolutely loved the princesses every time they appeared. A-
  10. Damn. i just realized how long it’s been since I’ve been on here. The holiday season were brutal. what’s up everyone?
  11. Saw this yesterday with my mom. I thought the cinematography was phenomenal, an absolutely gorgeous film to see. The actors/actresses I thought were very well acted, you really felt the mother's disgust for Rachel, and you empathized with Rachel. I really bought the relationship between Nick and Rachel, thought both had very good chemistry. The pacing was good, was never bored or felt parts dragged. Has some good flares of humor as well. This isn't really my type of movie I go see, but I came out feeling very pleasantly pleased and glad that I did go see it. I'd give this a solid 9/10, A- .
  12. See, I as well liked JP3, not sure why it gets so much hate from other. Lost world was a piece of shit.
  13. So, I saw this Saturday......gave a few days to process it all in.... All the bullshit, to be exact. My god.......I mean seriously. Where has this franchise gone? After the first Jurassic Park movie this series has fallen into shit repeatedly over and over. Studios have ruined this franchise for me, it's getting to the point where it's now Transformers level of stupid. This is coming from someone that wasn't a fan of the first Jurassic World and felt it was more of a Mercedes commercial than a movie, but was hoping with a new director that they could somewhat right the ship and get back to being at least, a decent flick. Nope. The start up to the movie was probably the best part of the film, with Goldblum's character once again for what seems like the billionth time that these dinosaurs should go extinct (I mean for real, how many times do people need to see a park go down in order to get this message? How many deaths do we need?) I mean if I were Goldblum I'd just throw my hands up in the air and just say "Whatever fuck it", cause no one ever seems to listen to this guy. What makes matters worse are our protagonists, Claire and Owen, and that they WANT to save the dino because.......because they're alive......and don't want kids to live in a world with no dinosaurs cause it would be to cruel..... Um.....well, then I guess myself and billions of others have had "cruel" upbringings because there were no dino's in my lifetime. I mean.....what? That logic makes zero sense. We're not talking about saving a litter of puppies or kittens. We're talking about a species that at a time was above all else, they were the top of the food chain. It clearly goes against logic and nature for the two to ever co exist, dino to man. Claire's logic is just such a huge plot failure that it was hard for me to watch the film. That was until the film decided to make a plot twist......and have these so called 'villains' have a dino auction in this estate for military benefits and.......oh what the fuck is this shit? I can't even type this shit out because it's so fucking dumb. I mean.......what? Why? Just why, could someone please tell me why anyone in their goddamn minds would ever think this would be even a good plot for a 5 year old's movie? I just don't get it. And seriously, I'm so glad I wasn't the only one who caught this, Christ Stuckman on Youtube echoed my same exact thoughts during the auctioning scene. The total price they got for the whatever amount of dinos, 9-11 I believe, was somewhere around 125M total....... 125M..... I literally looked at my boyfriend and was like: This movie legit cost 170M to make....... He just laughs....because I mean, what else was there to say? So let me get this straight: It costs more money to make a movie ABOUT dinosaurs........but buying ACTUAL REAL dinosaurs, and oh no, not just one but 9-11 REAL dinosaurs doesn't even make the amount of money that it costs to simply make a MOVIE about dinosaurs......What in the actual fuck......I mean for real, 125M wouldn't even have been enough for even just 1 of the doctor's annual salary that MADE the fucking dinosaurs. This shit just.......I just can't. I could go on and on about this movie, but there's really no point. The only redeeming quality this movie has is that the effects on the dinosaurs was good......that's about it (because that effect on the lava was pure shit). That's really the only reason why I'm not giving this movie an F, I'll give it a D- (if there's such a thing).....but man I really do want to give this movie an F..... D- rating, 4.5/10
  14. I side with Baumer on the whole daughter death thing. When it happened it shocked me and my boyfriend as we weren't expecting it, but then after when he just goes home and then to bed......I'm legit sitting there like "Um.........what?". It also didn't feel realistic to me. I get it, that people go through denial/shock. I just can't imagine myself or anyone I know being able to do that. And also what Baumer said, it just felt like a lazy way for the movie to just gross over it (no police involvement, no dramatic discoveries by anyone, they don't even show anyone questioning the son). Of course this all was started by the stupidest decision by the mom to make her high school aged son bring his 10 year old sister to his friends party.........um......what? The more I think about the film, the more I think I kind of less like it. I might put it down as a C+
  15. As much as I love how this director filmed this movie (no cheesy cliche horror tropes like jump scares and such), I can’t say this movie is really all that scary or even had me on edge. For most of this movie I was either laughing (the characters and their actions just seem hilarious to me) or just sitting their confused.....waiting for the film to actually get going. Minus a few shocking scenes (when the daughter died in the car me andboyfriend just literally sat there with our mouths dropped). It’s by no means a terrible movie, but it really doesn’t deserve all this hype it’s getting. I’d give it a B-, 7/10
  16. Saw this before I saw Action Dump, and wow......see this is why I love going in blind for movies. You just never know what kind of film will either make you sleep....or blow your expectations out of the way. Don’t get me wrong, this film isn’t like a magical masterpiece. It’s a solid film, and that’s what makes it perfect for me. So many films reach and try to make it more than what it is (which I’m not against, as long as it’s done right) but fail. This film tip toes the line within the main character between being a badass yet also vulnerable at the same time. The acting I thought was spot on, the film’s pacing was great. And for once in a great while, a film actually utilizes gore the right way and doesn’t just throw it in your face repeatedly. The ending I thought I had pegged about 2/3rds of the act in, until the very end. I didn’t see the twist but more inportantly how the director chose how to end the flick. I’m glad the director didn’t take the cliche happy ending route. This film I can’t believe right now is my top of the year, 96/100, 9.5/10, A+ rating.
  17. Just got out of this, and honestly would of left halfway through the movie had my boyfriend not been at work all day. Was honestly a complete waste of time.....it’s one thing for a film to be dumb and know it, but even if you’re going for that you still have to land some jokes. It couldn’t even do that. 3/100, F overall
  18. Saw this Sunday with my boyfriend, overall I guess the best thing I can say about this is that it does maintain some level of fun. There are parts where it drags, kind of took me out of the film, but overall it was satisfying enough to keep me entertained. I love the meeting between Han and Chewy, very well done. The acting in this was pretty good. I kind of got annoyed with yet, another cliche sassy robot Star Wars lately seems to always put in. I think my biggest problem with the movie is that although it wasn’t bad by any means, I just didn’t really see any purpose to this movie. In fact, it didn’t really explain why Han is the way he is when we first meet him in A New Hope, as at the end of this movie he gave the “rebels” all the wealth vs himself (I mean really? You’d think he’d take half of it). It just seemed like a very not Soloish thing to do as the Solo we meet in ANH is all about himself. I think the film would of benefited from Han being screwed over and his heart destroyed by Kira. That way we would see why Han is so cold and distant and all for himself. This film went the safe and cliche happy ending route, which doesn’t make sense. Overall, I’d give this a 6.7/10, C rating overall.
  19. So....... My boyfriend just got me to watch Interstellar for the first time.....
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