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  1. Is the movie crossing $1 billion domestically? Does the movie have enough to become the biggest worldwide box office movie? That's all I care now. Fantastic start to the race.
  2. Nah. It's never going to be broken. Unless the industry change rules that movies can only be shown in the first four weeks at theaters or something. I just don't see another movie coming close to the actual of this monster humongous weekend. But hey, that's just my opinion
  3. Why are people surprise at $100 million Sunday? This doesnt shock me at all. I replied Baumer's thread that Disneys ridiculous low projection for Sunday was just bad. $15 million off projection for Sunday? That's chump change for this movie.
  4. This is a perfect example as to why I personally think the weekend record will never be broken ever. Just look how far ahead that line is for Endgame. Actuals will put it even farther away. Look the comparisons in the other movies when it out grossed the other movie question. A tiny increase, nothing out of this world. With Endgame is just mind boggling. My God In Heaven.
  5. I was going to say the same thing. But hey, $350 million is a fantastic Sunday headline. It would not shock me one bit now if this movie does the unthinkable and stay close or even cross triple digits on Sunday. Off by +$15 million in estimates? That's nothing for the movie.
  6. Just astonishing. It broke record by $100 million for now. This record will never be broken. They will never be another movie that will gross this much in a 3 day weekend. No inflation, no ticket prices will surpass this. If my calculations are correct, this is like Spider Man grossing $250 million in 2001 to come to this amount of money. First movie to break $100+ million in three day weekend.
  7. This movie is outperforming in such an humongous and shocking way, that we are witnessing the best opening three-day weekend of all time..... never broken again. The movie has cemented permanently that record once and for all. So, that's that.
  8. Nice. $60 million. I was beginning to think it would break Star Wars record by a few millions. Not the $64 million I was looking. But it's a start. Previews: $60 million Friday: $84 million Saturday: $84 million Sunday: $76.0 million $300 MILLION is coming.
  9. Thank you. This is not that difficult to calculate. Let's all assume this number is "accurate". That's 4pm in California. Previews had not even started in the pacific or other time zones. Obviously, the other logical approach is that they already counted the advanced ticket sales regardless of zone. But with all those showings in the East Coast about to begin and other time zones had not even begun, $65+ million is not out of the question here. I would guess a nice number of $64 million
  10. All right people, long time no see. It's the weekend we've been waiting. The movie has everything to absolute put a mark and cement the opening weekend for lifetime to come.
  11. Congratulations for crossing $700 million. But no way, this movie realistically grossed this amount this weekend. This money was deducted from another movie. But hey, it's only $35,000. Whichever movie Disney used to give it to Panther is not going to make a difference whatsoever.
  12. Don't want to start reading pages. What was Infinity's weekend in China? And was it a record?
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