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  1. Movie was gripping from start to finish mainly because it keeps shifting the finish line every half hour so its very hard to predict. Probably most entertaining movie iv seen in a good while. Quite original
  2. Oooph. Maybe 240m more from domestic in the tank. 850-900m
  3. They are playing good asgard bad asgard, trying to break us
  4. I am not super surprised at this Thursday drop. Personally if I knew I was working next day, and next day was Friday, Ild say fuck it ill just see that 3 hour movie tomorrow.
  5. If it just averages modest 15m for the next 7 hours it hits 260m. Given last hour was 18m, seems reasonable.
  6. I would think maybe instead of going for sheer scope tell a different, smaller, more personal story. Something along the line of Civil War except instead of a political debate add in a villain which has some sort of mind powers, force our heroes to face their biggest fears, some fail, some get turned on each other, illusions/delusions, really warp them, etc. No need for a big CGI army, make it small and personal. Lots of interesting fights you can have between heroes as we saw in CW.
  7. Definitely a bigger reach. Already know 4 people seeing this movie who didnt have much interest in Marvel movies, all didnt see Infinity War, are going to see this movie. Main reason being that they didnt want to miss out because everyone else talking about it. Its just an event people want to be part of which might propel to higher heights than expected.
  8. So 130m OD minimum seems pretty damn nice to me. Everything else is beyond amazing. If it does reach 150m OD as Charlie suggests that would put 350m on the table.
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