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  1. Stop comparing huge differences in release dates, they are incomparable. By this logic every movie in today should be making twice the amount on average, which is obviously not happening. There is way more movie competition and other entertainment today.
  2. eXtacy

    The Anime Thread- Summer 2015

    Cells at Work is the one to watch from this season.
  3. There are parts which make go OH THAT LOOKS GOOD and other parts which are just look like more of the same issues JL had. Still decent trailer for sure.
  4. This looks great. Its awesome to see DC out of its moody-verse
  5. According to John Campea there is no social embargo for this and some critics will start seeing it before this weekend. So expect reactions soon.
  6. Ooooo cant believe I am saying this but this trailer does excite me. Its a welcome change from the over the top CGI fest Bay brings.
  7. Its barely dropped in IMDB's top 250. Sitting pretty at #19 with its theatre run finishing up. Incredibly impressive and the highest a film has been in years. Whats really surprising is Guardians of the Galaxy has re-entered the top 250, the only other MCU film.
  8. Not crazy at all given the first one did close to a billion worldwide back in 93!
  9. Just siphon a few million from Incredibles 2
  10. Possibly the lowest debut I have seen in box office history for a high profile brand.
  11. Well this puts the debate to rest. Marvel is hands down the king of box office. Releasing a Star Wars film just 5 months after a previous one was too much (among other reasons). I did just get back from seeing it and there was only 7 people in the theatre. I enjoyed it though!
  12. That Deadpool 2 drop though is unbelievably rough! If thats true its actually going to make a huge loss.

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