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  1. Weird policy if you ask me. This could definitely use a bit more buzz/promotion.
  2. When are the first wave of reviews coming. Still have not heard a thing about this films quality. Would of thought there be whispers here and there. Can't find any info on a premiere either.
  3. I love all good super hero films. Its not restricted to Marvel. But you are a WW fanatic
  4. Would of opened to 130m+ if DC had shat the bed three previous films. And would of finished 20-30m less with stronger competition in summer
  5. This years IMDB ratings 8.2 Logan 7.9 Guardians 2 7.9 Homecoming 7.7 Wonder Woman So far Wonder Woman is the worst received CBM of the year
  6. Sorry but this seems like a 50% on RT. She does not suit Lara Croft at all. Theres a lot of homage to the new video games. Just hoping for a passable popcorn film.
  7. knowing china this will probably be a runway hit looooooool
  8. The Anime Thread- Summer 2015

    Apparently it gets worse, the brutality from here. Last episode is going to be an hour long, yay!
  9. No, but it is an R rated horror so drop should still be good.
  10. Wow. Thats two weeks before international release and even more for that domestic.
  11. I was looking forward to rewatching this. It did not hold up well on repeat viewing at home. Matter of fact I could not even be bothered to finish it. I really did like it a lot first time around so not sure what happened. Some movies are just better on the big screen.
  12. Thor 3 > Beauty and the Beast views so 180m OW incoming confirmed!
  13. Thats actually pretty close to how i pictured you looking baumer given your avatar and general demeanor
  14. Just occured to me this is going have a bigger opening than SM:Homecoming LOL

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