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  1. According to AwardsWatch, every fucking movie "isn't gonna be the one to win Best Picture." Something has to win Best Picture! Maybe it won't be this, but those dudes are just stans arguing about Lady Gaga vs. Jlaw.
  2. Cmasterclay

    Wednesday Numbers: Crazy Rich Asians 5M

    The conservative persecution complex is real. It's a syndrome where people that don't have to face systemic problems invent them because they are incapable of the conversation not being about them.
  3. Cmasterclay

    Wednesday Numbers: Crazy Rich Asians 5M

    I don't know about you guys, but after three weeks of dating I definitely like to start calling her my spouse!
  4. A version of Venom that was even fresh on RT would have a Suicide Squad OW. Huge buzz, popular character, good release date, right star. As it stands, I'm predicting about 65-70 OW with a score in the teens on RT and "worst movie of the year" kinda buzz.
  5. Cmasterclay

    Best Picture Predictions - 2018

    I love the Coen Brothers but like Marty with the Irishman, Buster Scruggs has about the most played concept/conceit I can imagine for a Coens Brothers movie. Need a misanthropic Coens western about as much as I need another Marty gangster movie. I'd say based on early buzz/festival prestige/concept Roma would be the early favorite, but since it is a Netflix release who really knows.
  6. I didn't think it would really hit that but frankly I did think 75m or so was doable. Has tons of buzz and has been selling tickets great in my area/DC. Disappointing.
  7. Very disappointing numbers for Black Klansman, considering the buzz and marketing campaign it had Hope it managers 10m
  8. I was told the expect THE MEG TO TOP POLITICALLY CORRECT STAR WARS SPONSORED BY DISNEY AND KATHLEEN KENNEDY...so by that standard, bad numbers here.
  9. Cmasterclay

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    Ahhhhhhhhh help
  10. Cmasterclay

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    Oh definitely clicking on this one
  11. They only give Oscars to blobs when they play a blob with a disability or some sort of accent
  12. This is an immature throwaway joke, but I love it and it summarizes why Denzel is the GOAT. Any other actor ever, it would have been juvenile, or awkward, or try-hard, or flat out creepy. But Denzel nails it- so much charisma and easy swag. Truly the GOAT baby.
  13. Inside Man one of the best adult thrillers of the 2000s what up! Criminally underrated movie. Also I think this is doing 100m domestic.

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