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  1. I think despite seeming absolutely DOA Men In Black might outopen Dark Phoenix, which FWIW is what I predicted in summer game. At least its a light comedy and it might have appeal to older sci-fi fans. It would be the movie someone like my dad would see this summer if he was still around, for example. Men in Black 3....surprisingly strong legs. Also the Men in Black ride line at Universal never slacking too much. I could see it opening to right around 40 and beating Dark Phoenix by a few mill OW and a decent amount total.
  2. Disney isn't the only thing succeeding in Hollywood. IT 2 is about to do 250m, Anabelle will challenge 100m easy after the success of the Nun, Us was huge no matter how you slice it, Doctor Sleep gonna breakout.....I'd say horror is in just as good of shape as Disney, on a relative scale. Horror has never been a better bet at the box office than right now.
  3. I think Doctor Sleep has good hit potential (135m or so DOM) if they straight out advertise it as a sequel to the Shining and it is as good as rumored. Downton Abbey is going to make some real money despite some chuckles here. If Gemini Man is good it can be a hit - Aladdin is proof (along with, like, Bright and Suicide Squad) that Will Smith can still bring the crowds, despite people acting like he died. From reading the book, Woman in the Window has some real breakout potential if reviews are good - could be a lot of elevated schlock fun ala Girl on Train/Gone Girl. I can definitely see a way that Good Day in the Neighborhood and Last Christmas breakout but I need to see more and I think it's more likely that they disappoint a bit. Once Upon a Time and Anabelle might disappoint expectations but should do well. And It and Joker seem like obvious hit potential. Jumanji gonna fall but even half of the original is 200m. Otherwise.....yea, fucking eek in terms of non-Disney box office.
  4. I'm not saying that this summer is pretty fucking wretched, but Shaft probably should not be like one of my top three most anticipated of the rest of the summer, right? Because I'm looking at that schedule and it might be?
  5. After coming back with some shocking positivity with Aladdin last week, it is with regret that I inform you that I found Godzilla to be shockingly, astonishingly bad. Like, worst of the Transformers bad. Wow.
  6. I'm back with a hot take: It's obscene how much better the live-action Aladdin is than Beauty and the Beast. It's absurd, really. Better acting, better singing, better directing, better everything. *whisper voice* I actually thought the new Aladdin was better than the new Jungle Book, too. I'm just saying, it's REALLY good to have fun Will Smith back in our lives. I hate when people bag on critics, and I hate it in this case too, but I will say that I think if Aladdin had come out before Beauty, it would be over 80 percent on RT and Beauty would be under 45. The general weariness of the Disney live action movies increasing (justifiably!) is the only possible reason I can imagine that Beauty would have a better score from critics, who I generally find to be rather smart and correct people!
  7. I thought she was just vaguely hippy, you know, make your own toothpaste sort of deal. But nope, reptilians.
  8. There's just too much oxygen sucked out of the room for Godzilla to really break out. The box office is still recovering from Avengers, and Aladdin ended up taking a big chunk of the recovering oxygen too. You have John Wick 3 breaking out huge among action oriented adults and Rocketman also competing for those same grown-up eyes that propelled Kong. Even Detective Pikachu is competition in its way. There's just not enough space for Godzilla. They should have opened this in February or something - it could have been much bigger then. Even that last weekend of June is much better.
  9. I'm back! I was never really gone and I'm now not really fully back, but It's been a while since I posted so I thought I'd say hello. In the past few months I've been elected President of Broward Young Democrats, turned BYD into the largest Young Dems chapter in America, had a hot girlfriend, broken up with that hot girlfriend because I found out she liked Alex Jones, had my car stolen by predatory towers, had my ceiling collapse, got a new roof, had a madcap affair with a woman 16 years my senior, worked 12 hours days every day for four months, and still turned out the same mildly self-loathing but secretly optimistic guy I always was. Hope all has been well!
  10. I mean I'm lukewarm on all these dumb remakes as artistic products, but I think shit i s gonna be huge.
  11. Hate to be the bearer of bad tidings but I have felt zippo real-life buzz for this at all. No one seems to be talking about it outside of this forum - I have had more people ask me about Rocketman, actually I am adjusting my prediction down to about 50m OW unless the reviews surprise me (I started around 70m OW for the summer game). Then again, I admittedly way underestimated the buzz for the Kong movie, and that ended up surprising me. It had good reviews, though.
  12. Aladdin is REALLY picking up some momentum around me - showings every 20 minutes all sold out except first two rows all the way into the evening. Pretty huge. 115 wouldn't stun me. Also, anyone taking Aladdin doing "only" 90 as a sign that Lion King might disappoint....let me tell you, among my generation, that Disney Renaissance generation, Aladdin is fucking chickenfeed compared to the Lion King. Not to mention that Aladdin did this in spite of divisive reviews, horribly received trailers, and only one major star. This makes me more confident than ever Lion King is doing 180+ OW.
  13. I thought Hateful Eight, for all its violence and intermissions, was Tarantino operating at probably his most rote and safe ever, so I'm glad he's back to controversy. I would rather kinda dislike this movie than be okay with it and forget it five minutes later like Hateful Eight.
  14. I appreciate the universe building and depth of John Wick 2 and 3 but I gotta say I still enjoy the first one by far the most - was a lot more fun when the literal entire plot was "Guy kills everyone because his dog died"
  15. My prediction for this is dropping by the minute, almost exclusively because Endgame and not as much with Pokémon. There's just no oxygen left. No one is even going to notice this came out. Nothing can break the news cycle until....Memorial Day, at least. Just strangling. Have gone from 90 to 65 OW on this over past month.
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