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  1. We have no idea if the curve is going to be bent, death rates, etc. It's not even fun to speculate. But if I was speculating, I would reopen the box office on July 10 with Soul and In The Heights, keep Tenet where it is, followed by Mulan and Spongebob as rescheduled, have Despicable Me 3 be August 7th and keep WW84 August 14th. As for the rest, it is starting to shake out, though Conjuring 3 obviously has to move now with AQP2 and Candyman in October. MLK Day 2021 makes sense for that. By god, something needs to go up against Godzilla vs. Kong, which is a fantastic date (in regular times) for such a nothing movie. Maybe Death on the Nile or Greyhound at least.
  2. We are living in two different countries. Broward County ERs are being overwhelmed while two counties north of us they think this is a crazy liberal scam that has shut their business down. This is completely unsustainable. Our country is about to rip apart at the seams.
  3. Bad Boys for Life winning Best Picture baby
  4. Probably correct. It's just been years since an obvious contender actually....won. Who knows what the surprise will be this year - or maybe, with soooo many powerhouse directors (especially if we get PTA/DOR/Del Toro/Coen!), it will just be a fairly conventional winner. Of the obvious contenders, Da Five Bloods and French Dispatch are jumping out as the strongest contenders at this insanely early junction.
  5. I don't know if any of Nightmare Alley/MacBeth/O Russell (probably not gonna be a hit there anyway) are coming this year, but if they do MacBeth certainly seems like the most viable and interesting contender. Hillbilly Elegy is going to be a dumb movie based on a stupid, insidious book, directed by Ron Howard and extremely overwrought - but will probably be absolutely beloved by the Green Book crowd, so idk. In the Heights is a much stronger contender than West Side Story but Coolio already made my point. Something like Nomadland or Ammotite could win it this year if nothing bigger comes along. Honestly think things like Trial of the Chicago Seven and News of the World seem like CAYOM contenders that don't do as well today. The Last Duel....that premise, YIKES. Don't think we are ready for the Twitter takes on that one. Anyway, even though its Netflix, I actually am going with an early prediction of Da Five Bloods for Best Picture. Everyone loves Spike and it feels like it is his time now. Plus, unlike the other movies, we have at least a sense so far that this one will be quite good.
  6. Probably not the place to be posting hot takes like this, but waiting to be convinced that coronavirus is remotely different than SARS, swine flu, or any of the other "this is the big one" scares of my lifetime. Like those, I can see this going away within a month or two time.
  7. Yeah yeah budget and all that but man that's GREAT for something like Raiders of the Lost Bark, a kid's movie for old people based on a 120 year old adventure book. Anything above 20 would be spectacular, I was expecting like 14. Shoutout to my middlenamesake Harrison.
  8. Between Sonic and Bad Boys, this year continues to overperform my expectations (never expected much from Birds of Prey, I'm serious). The lack of mega hits may have made us overlook the very solid number of hits in the 170-240 range that we have been missing for the last few years. Next up in a solid year would be Invisible Man breaking out to 28m+ OW.
  9. "wat" at that Sonic number. I have been a little bit out of the loop and all but I haven't heard anything about this movie since the whole design fiasco. Isn't that putting it on pace for a 60m three day??
  10. I thought John Cena was just a random heavy in this, dude is like the lead bad guy.
  11. 1. The Irishman 2. Marriage Story 3. Hollywood 4. Parasite 5. Little Women Those five would all be outstanding winners. 6. Ford v Ferrari 7. 1917 8. JoJo Rabbit These are all fun movies I enjoyed but then kind of forgot about. 9. Joker This is like an edgy 15 year old talking about how profound and arty something is.
  12. After further analysis of the schedule/released trailers, I've adjusted my predictions for this year from "terrible box office year" to "terrible box office year in terms of top-level, 400m hits, but more 150m range breakouts than the last few years."
  13. Yea its starting to feel like a move into lockdom now. This should have been Once Upon's to lose if it was gonna win.
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