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  1. Cmasterclay

    Halloween (2018)

    It was entertaining enough in the reason with a quite good ensemble and some nice shots/scares, but this was really sorta bad for many of the reasons Rich outlined. Also his body count is like 40 people when it was 4 in the original Halloween. Disgustingly gory and senseless and cruel, Hostel like violence and gore. Gross. The kind of slasher movie that reminded me why I don't like slasher movies.
  2. Based on the fanbase of the franchise, this is probably heading towards slightly higher than the Nun OW. 55-60m on that number.
  3. Based on this horror + nostalgia craze, I could see Pet Sematary challenging 50m+ OW and Child's Play challenging 35m+ (I think the King brand is alot stronger than the Chucky brand) if they have half-decent reviews.
  4. Cmasterclay

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    It was in the Chucky scarezone. That would have been awesome! I went up on Wednesday because I thought "Well, Wednesday, much less crowded." I was so wrong!!
  5. Cmasterclay

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    Last night at Halloween Horror Nights a scareactor pointed at me and said "This guy is angsty and scared, I like it." Really hit the nail on the head there,
  6. I do agree with the iconic foil thing, but at the same time....even H20 only did 31.5m adjusted OW, and was number three on its opening weekend! That's a big time jump up. Horror being more of a mainstream money making machine than ever is a good reason, though. Well-reviewed horrors (or even poorly reviewed horrors like the Nun) are right behind superhero movies at this point in the "make tons of guaranteed money and establish a franchise" rankings.
  7. Halloween could possibly double up Friday the 13th remake and triple up Nightmare on Elm Street and Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake. That's insane. Michael Myers is an iconic character, but so are those other characters. Why does Halloween get an opening SO far above other horror icons? The adjusted numbers from past movies, H20, the remakes...the data doesn't show it as any bigger. Neither do merch sales or prominence in Halloween event marketing. Is it because it's a direct sequel? Is it because of reviews? Is it just a perfect conflation of release date/cast/character? Or is Michael Myers just intrinsically more iconic, even if it hasn't been measured empirically?
  8. I'll go with a very nice 69m opening weekend for Halloween. Much better than my original expectations, though I guess lower than alot of expectations. It just now pulling ahead of Venom despite a much lower crossover/kiddie audience to help build a weekend IM. Can definitely match the 10m Thursday of Venom, though.
  9. Cmasterclay

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    *peaks around corner, whispering, hoping to escape yelling* First Man was kind of boring guys. Technically excellent (including actors) but outside of last twenty minutes left me quite cold.
  10. My dude!! Same here, got an election to win and a country to save
  11. Aquaman and Fantastic Beasts weekends will both be toxic in their own way. Especially Fantastic Beasts, given some of the circumstances
  12. Kal was such a nutcase through most of my time at Mojo and then you had BKB and fishnets and a couple of others here, where these guys flat took over entire topics. We don't have that much anymore at all. Now we just have people with no avatars and 300 posts who repeat the same one sentence shit for whatever hill they're dying on until they fade away. The game has changed.
  13. I actually agree that the fanboy backlash to TLJ is definitely a factor. Alot of people leaving coincided with that for good reason. Shit was just absolutely unbearable. I almost quit everytime someone brings it up. What a bunch of obnoxious clowns.
  14. Any decline in BOT can be chalked up to defections more than thread quality. Tele is gone, Gopher is gone, TOG is gone, CJohn is gone, Chewy and baumer barely post, Water Bottle and AndyLL are more focused on being admins....we just need to get some of the old heads back for a weekend.

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