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  1. Elite movie, the last five minutes of this broke me in half. I didn't love it as much as Once Upon a Time in Hollywood while watching it but I have thought about it more since, and more than most movies. Really excellent.
  2. Exceptional movie, the absolute best version of the "indie Sundance dramedy" that has usually looks like a film student project but in this case is really brilliant. What a cast too. Awkwafina really wasn't doing it for me in Ocean's 8 or CRA but she is exceptional in this with the schtick dropped. Zhao Shuzen deserves a really run for the Best Supporting Actress Oscar, she's that good.
  3. I usually don't post on here about my day job (50% privacy 50% you don't care) but in my legislative role for the County Commission we are going to be looking heavily at increasing film incentives and making a concentrated effort to attract the film industry down here in a response to what is happening in Georgia, so been doing alot of interesting briefs/research/talking points on that. A good progressive opportunity to bring in relatively high-paying, unionized jobs that benefit our arts and culture footprint. Pinewood Ft. Lauderdale here we come baby
  4. Goddddd I really don't want to get my hopes up for a Todd Phillips directed DC superhero movie but I saw the trailer on the big screen for the first time and this looks really really good. Don't be stupid Clay!
  5. The text in this trailer reads like they wrote it to input in Google Translate and cheat on a Spanish test. Super stoked though.
  6. Was pretty disappointed in this @MrPink @Chewy do I need to go to Family therapy?
  7. Tries too hard to be funny and ridiculous whereas the Fast movies are awesome because they are funny and ridiculous without trying too hard (except F8, which was also disappointing). The four stars are all in great form and its worth watching for that but it never finds another gear. Too much overly riffy wink-wink stuff for me from a Fast movie, right down to the insufferable Ryan Reynolds schtick that seems to wear off on the whole movie.
  8. John Cena is in Fast 9, and it's gonna be glorious. Guy is made for this franchise. As much as I love Charlize though not too hyped about her remaining the big bad - she was a wet noodle in the last one. The Statham tease was so amazing, and I don't even love Jason Statham. Imagine if they did that with like Keanu. Crowd would go nuts.
  9. The Futurist is pretty much the world's most pretentious performance art installation, that's what makes the snobbery complaints so funny.
  10. Of course they are high around us bro, the last Fast sold like Endgame around here lol. We must be the number one market in America for it.
  11. God, Hobbs and Shaw heading towards a flop too? Hollywood disappointing? I'm in this for the film festival hype, movie reviews, and awards season stuff now. What a dreadful time to follow box office. Making me sad, man.
  12. I'm not convinced either Irishman or 1917 is coming out this year, Irishman for obvious reasons and 1917 because shit started shooting in April/May. Parasite is a good look too and I can even see Clemency sneaking in if alot of fall films disappoint - I think the odds of things already seen getting in are higher than people think.
  13. Will Smith looks too good and young for this entire concept to have an impact. It's not like it's current Harrison Ford facing off against American Graffiti age Harrison Ford or something - Will Smith still looks 35.
  14. Django Unchained Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Inglorious Basterds Reservoir Dogs Jackie Brown Pulp Fiction massssssive gap after these six masterpieces to four that were mediocre to kinda bad Kill Bill 1 Kill Bill 2 Hateful Eight Death Proof
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