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  1. Jumanji totally buzzless around me. Star Wars is obviously not "buzzless" but it certainly seems a significant drop, it is closer to Rogue One level than anything. It'll be fine though, probably a little better received than Last Jedi (among audiences etc) and leg it out to 550. Jumanji though.....think that might miss 200 at this point. Feels like a classic Alice in Wonderland/Ted type lightning in a bottle run for the first.
  2. Little Women needs to get something soon and boost momentum. Otherwise not too stunned by awards season so far - super early obviously.
  3. Gemini Man should get in. They made a person......out of another person
  4. Actually.....the first option. Can definitely see a world where Parasite gets the consensus votes to win Picture but Scorsese gets the number one votes to win Director. Can't really see a world where Irishman gets enough consensus love to win Picture but Marty still loses Director.
  5. Love seeing the usual suspects (suspect) doing the same ole rant against original film on the weekend Knives Out and Queen and Slim blow past expectations to become hits and Ford v Ferrari/Beautiful Day have great holds that will get them to 120+/60+ themselves. You love to see it.
  6. I think Two Popes has the best chance after the consensus top 7, the Darkest Hour crowd seems to be eating it up tbh. After that I have Joker, sad to say. After seeing Marriage Story I take back alot of what I say about it not being a potential winner. It has real passion + consensus possibility, it just suffers from not really being ABOUT anything big. (suffers in terms of Oscar prospects, not movie quality - the movie is the best of the year). Between that, Irishman, and 1917, I see three movies that would walk to a win if the Academy still voted like it did in 1995.
  7. Saw Marriage Story at a local arthouse. I expected to either hate it and find it self-pitying indie bullcrap or like it but with a firm ceiling on that like as a "yep, that's the kind of nice little indie drama I expected." I did NOT expect what I got, which was an absolute astonishing gutpunch of a movie, probably the best of the year and one of the best of the decade. So......yea. Check it out when it hits Netflix, folks.
  8. Nice lil day for Queen and Slim - should do about 10m five-day and end up around 30-35m, which is pretty good! Pretty excellent number for Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. Should be able to leg to about 60m or so.
  9. It could definitely use a hook - I just don't think Palpatine is enough to be it for casual fans. I think the D23 spot emphasizing it as the ultimate conclusion to all nine movies - more of that!
  10. On the one hand, the buzz for the trailers/poster releases for this are significantly less than TFA (expected) and TLJ, which is backed up by the lacking trailer views. On the other hand.....Mandolorian and Fallen Order both breaking records and generating all the buzz/memes that they are seems to be magnifying the Star Wars hype. Plus the new Disney rides....they are at least peaking the property at the right time.
  11. I have not stopped thinking about this movie since I saw it. Really, really has stuck with me.
  12. This was really, really a great time at the movies, though I was surprised how...basic it was. It wasn't really anything more than a well-done mystery romp, but it was REALLY well-done. I was both slightly overhyped but incredibly satisfied? If that makes any sense. Still, a blast!
  13. People that can tell the difference between the fabric used on each individual superhero costume think that every single war movie ever made is the same.
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