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  1. Gonna take me a solid two or three hours to do this but I will actually be doing this list! Woo!
  2. Everything Sasha Stone posts on Twitter is bad. She's apparently a Democrat and Biden supporter but is rabid anti Black Lives Matter and anti Me Too.
  3. Hm so not only is he a poor actor with very little drawing power and an obnoxious public persona, but he also is credibly accused of sexual assault. Seems like the next guy that Hollywood should keep trying to make a star for sure!
  4. How are critics supposed to review this one, especially since most of them are scared to go to the theater? "Great movie, but for god's sake stay home?"
  5. Silence of the Lambs is so fucking good it's unbelievable. It's up there with the first Godfather as my favorite winner ever. Top 20 movie for ole Clay.
  6. If New Mutants is the first movie back then it will be one of the funniest things in box office or movie business history
  7. I stopped downtown last Saturday and not only were people out, it looked like New Year's Eve. The lines here are literally out the doors of stores every day. I'm not saying this is a good thing, at all. But I am just saying it is a thing. People are really ready to be out there and doing stuff, and yes, I think that applies to movies too. I think this movie's bigger problem is that outside of the internet crowd it's just not something that's gonna jazz the public as this huge event worth being the first one out - and I say that as a Nolan fan. I was predicting about 50/150 before all of this, so I don't think this is going to be sudden breakout. But if something like WW84 was the first movie out.....I think people absolutely would be there in droves.
  8. Hillbilly Elegy is a dumb ass book for people that want stupid ass takes on politics, and its a cheesy adaptation of it directed by Ron Howard. SO it will probably win. Trial of the Chicago 7 has the cast and the subject matter but no reason to believe Sorkin has it in him. I think Da 5 Bloods might actually do it. Just way too early.
  9. Based on the speed of reopening at the local level and the amount of people who I have seen out (in major metro area in Florida, a high case number state)....I'm not convinced this is moving. By mid-July we're well on pace to be fully reopened. My bigger concern is that due to the protests and the fight for justice, movies just don't fucking matter right now.
  10. If nothing else were to move then it would be Quiet Place 2, Candyman (breakout was incoming before COVID-19), and Halloween Kills in the same six week corridor. Move this shit to MLK weekend or even that first weekend of the New Year slot which has been a hot spot for horror lately.
  11. Footage is good but something about that trailer was, how do I frame this delicately.....bad? That was not a good trailer at all. Made it look like a boring spy flick. That shit had Bourne Legacy energy.
  12. There's just something about it. First off, and this is a me thing, but I've had a series of cars where finding the correct station to tune in to is always a problem. And once I find it, there's always interference, and its hard to find a good angle to park, and......just alot. I am a high-strung person with OCD, so I like the structure of regular movies OR the comfort and familiarity of home. Drive-in provides neither.
  13. Usually I complain that these boards make me feel old, but the nostalgia for drive-in theaters lately has made me feel young. Just not my bag at all. I have more chance concentrating watching on a cell phone than that, even.
  14. I've heard whispers they want to keep this relatively Oscar-season positioned.....
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