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  1. Wouldn’t be a surprise if Incredibles legged it out to £40-50m across the next 6 weeks, people were even cheering and clapping in my Sunday 20:45 screening. Never seen anything like it in the UK, other than maybe Force Awakens opening night.
  2. I expected stupidity, Jurassic World was stupid but it was fun and had a charm, but this was just... kind of really dull. I nearly predicted the outcome of every scene as it happened. Just became a ticklist of trope after trope. Not terrible but just a whole lot of nothing. Ian Malcolm was wasted as expected, to add insult to injury.
  3. Infinity War breakdown so far: Thu - £6.28m Fri - £6.27m Sat - £9.24m Sun - £7.44m Mon - £2.73m Tue - £2.55m Wed - £2.25m Thu - £1.74m Cume - £38.97m
  4. It'll go understandably under the radar, but Black Panther also passed £50m this weekend. Amazing result!
  5. Basing this on one site, but I'd be surprised if this missed £8m today. We were completely manic daytime and our evening business was even better than last night.
  6. If you don't like Civil War, oh boy There is a lot of everything in this movie. And then some more everything. It starts off at a thousand miles an hour and carries on. You will leave a set of characters doing something and then literally not see them for like an hour. Considering how much was going on and how many plot strands have to interconnect, they've done a pretty damn good job with it. Some of the character interactions are simple yet brilliantly satisfying... "I am Groot!" "I am Steve Rogers." I do like Iike how much they've tried to make Thanos a real, three-dimensional character. I don't think he quite had enough fleshed out backstory to completely shake that 'yeah but he's clearly fucking insane' attitude a lot will have, but I enjoyed it and found him a more interesting screen presence for it. Scarlet Witch also deserves a shout out for being a genuine scene-stealer. Also I wasn't expecting Tyrion Lannister to show up so that's always a plus. Oh and some of the character entrances are marvellous. That Scotland train station scene (eh?!) was next level.
  7. A Quiet Place looking strong this weekend, sold out a lot of previews over Monday and Thursday.
  8. I think this year will be quality dependant for once - if Poppins is a well received movie I reckon that will take the crown. If not, it opens up for FB2, Avengers, Incredibles etc
  9. Black Panther only dropped 46%... amazing what that drop could have been without the snow Red Sparrow with a £1.84m opening including Thursday previews.
  10. We normally have 1000-1500 people per day weekdays at my site, yesterday we had just over 100...
  11. Really great, just not quite the superhero masterpiece it could have been. But definitely a top tier MCU film for a variety of reasons. Maybe the best? It feels important and you can clearly see the love and care that's been put into every scene. It feels purposeful and what the escapism of cinema is all about. Some of the the visuals are stunning, the sound of the film is immense, the characters are diverse and interesting with their intentions and motives clear and understandable, the story itself is great. And I could listen to Chadwick Boseman do that voice for daysssss. Things I wish were better, because it got so close to being fantastic: - The development of Black Panther as a character is slightly minimal. I think it would have been nicer to see him face more dilemma's and suffer a little more. In the end his arc is laid out a little too neatly for him. - The plot gets going at a yomping pace and I think could have benefitted from a little more character/relationship building in the mid-stages. - The action towards the end didn't feel physical enough, an issue with many superhero films. Black Panther is a very physical character and that could have put forward so much more. - Lots of cuts and edits in the end battle, which is par for the course, again took me out of the action. It all just seems to blur together which is a shame. I'd still give it an A because I had such a good time with it and I loved being in Wakanda and with the characters, but ARGHHHHH it was so close to being something even more.
  12. Black Panther sold out all its evening showings for us (just east of London) but we did have the same capacity issue with it not being in big enough screens. It's been bumped up and given an extra screen for Friday onwards but until then isn't quite reaching the potential it could have done. Even so, should be a big run coming up.
  13. Early Man only #5, wow... 1 Darkest Hour £2.64m 2 Coco £2.33m 3 Maze Runner £2.24m 4 Greatest Showman £2.04m 5 Early Man £2.02m 6 The Post £1.6m 7 Three Billboards £1.25m 8 Jumanji £1.2m 9 Downsizing £1.13m (inc 239k previews) 10 Padmaavat £0.73m
  14. At my cinema Coco more than doubled what it did last Saturday. Greatest Showman and Jumanji were almost flat as well, insane legs starting to show.
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